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[O] Ruco Chan / 陳展鵬 [Actor] : What I discover about Ruco Chan ...[PART 2]

This is part 2 of my post listing my (sometimes very obvious) discovery about anything Ruco Chan. Part 1 was getting too long but is still an interesting read for new or old fans. That post is still very active in terms of comments. 

Not to be confused with Ruco Chan, in pictures and Ruco Chan, in his own words.

[O] The Journey Of Flower / Hua Qiangu / 花千骨 [2015][TV][China]

This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click Read More link.  I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. SPOILERS ALERT!

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花千骨 aka Hua Qiangu aka the name of the heroine aka errr... Flowers Of A Thousand Bones? Blossoming Thousand Bones? Like very morbid title?

54 episodes/ OMG.

See here. But seriously, this is a super tragic story of teaching us when to not fall in love. For example, never fall for the girl who is destined to destroy you or rather be your "broomstick". As the girl, never fall for a man in a position of being righteous and will destroy you being the demon incarnate. In short,  this is a tragedy but the writer wrote too many alternate endings. Sometimes, I suppose the author must learn to let go. Look at JK Rowling and how she lets her love go.


Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Bai Zihua (白子画) and Mo Bingxian (墨冰仙) 
Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) as Hua Qiangu (花千骨) 
Jiang Xin (蒋欣) as Xia Zixun (夏紫熏) 
Zhang Danfeng (张丹峰) as Dongfang Yuqing(东方彧卿) 
Ma Ke (马可) as Sha Qianmo (杀阡陌) 
Li Chun (李纯) as Ni Mantian (霓漫天) 
An Yuexi (安悦溪) as Tang Bao (糖宝) 
Dong Chunhui (董春辉) as Luo Shiyi (落十一) 
Bao Tianqi (鲍天琦) as Qingshui (轻水) 
Xu Haiqiao (徐海乔) as Meng Xuanlang (孟玄朗) 
 Jiang Yiming (蒋一铭) as Mo Yan (摩严) 
Miao Chi (苗驰) as Sheng Xiaomo (笙箫默) 
Jiang Yang(江洋) as Shuo Feng (朔风) 
Zhang Zhengyan (张正言) as Huoxi (火夕) 
Kang Lei (康磊) as Meng Xuancong (孟玄聪) 
Lu Jiyi (陆纪依) as Wu Qingluo (舞青萝) 
Gong Zhengnan (宫正楠) as Zhu Ran (竹染) 
Lu Ziyi (陆子艺) as You Ruo (幽若) 
Wang Xiuze (王修泽) as Kuangye Tian (旷野天) 
Ruan Weijing (阮伟旌) as Dan Chunqiu (单春秋) 
Li Xing (李星) asYun Duan (云端) 
Zhang Yunchen (张云晨) as Liu Yun (流云) 
Gao Hai (高海) as Yun Yin (云隐) 
Gao Jiang (高江) as Yun Yi (云翳) 
Zheng Yecheng (郑业成) as Na Moyue (南无月) 
Li Shanyu (李善玉) as Bo Ruohua (波若花)
Du Zheyu (杜哲宇) as Yin Shangpiao (尹上飘) 
Li Cheng (李珵) as Lu Qiao (绿鞘) 
Sun Gelu (孙歌璐) as Yun Ya (云牙) 
Li Qian (李茜) as Liu Xia (琉夏) 
Qian Yongchen (钱泳辰) as Donghua Shangxian (东华上仙) 
Yang Shuo (杨烁) as Tanfan Shangxian (檀梵上仙) 
Ceng Hongchang (曾虹畅) as Wugou Shangxian (无垢上仙)

In English? Join the Wallace Huo Fan Forum and check out the threads on this series. Also at SPCNET. Based on a Chinese book. Ongoing English translation of the book here

Showing 2 episodes per week, if you're in China, switch on the TV. But we are not in China, and so where do you watch this highly anticipated series? Not TVB! TVB is busy with bosoms. 

Plenty. Just google the name and voila!

Video quality is ok. This is a fan community subbing effort and from what I can see, decent effort, not bad for being so fast, usually accorded to K and J-dramas. But weird is ep 4 looks like ep 3 contents so frankly I am confused. (I got confused because in Youtube somehow ep 5 became ep 4!!). Watch here, Click Play Now, click the episode no. Another at youtube with same Eng sub. Better follow this because every week 2 episodes and so this one is consistent. 

Mandarin, dubbed for most actors with dubbing voice and NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES (not official subtitles) but has Chinese subtitles.

Airing every Sunday and Monday
As at : Ep 20 (Uncut) Ep 20 (cut - half hour difference)
Available for download : Eps 1 - 9,11, 10*, 12-19

* Subtitles not 100% completed and I will upload complete subtitle file as separate download. Why I post it first so that you won't miss too many episodes, and the subtitles are usually about 93% or more complete.


The most beautiful... fan art. I can't even begin to describe them so I will just repost and you will immediately recognise who is who. I got this from Facebook so I have no idea who is the artiste but these are just jaw droppingly beautiful.

And now the most heartbreaking.

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Follow "funnlim" at instagram

I am finally embracing instagram with open arms. I find it exceedingly useful posting food pictures and handsome men pictures all hq stuff of course with short comments and then have it reposted in twitter and facebook. If you are following me at twitter you will see such posts with links but why not join me at instagram and see the pictures posted? Search for me using the word "funnlim" and if you see pictures of food and some men, that's mu account. Been religiously taking pictures of food I eat. Not sure why but I suppose I finally am joining the food selfies!

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[O] Shin Sung Rok and the Shin Sung Roks of a series

I am in love with Shin Sung Rok. Not only is he photogenic, he is a darn good actor, the best supporting actor to grab or almost grab the lead actor's shine.

I have watched 3 of his series, gonna watch the 4th that is The King's Face and in each of the 3 series I've watched, You Who Came From Another Star, Liar Game and Trot Lovers/Lovers Of Music, he has given a different performance each time or in K-drama speak, a different good feeling each time. He may look somewhat same, depending on level of slimness, but his performance has been hugely different. From the all out socio-psychopath that is borderline comical and yet scary in You Who Came From Another Star to a disturbed man that you somewhat feel a sense of pity for in Liar Game to the all out forgetful, lovable but ultimately wise President of a music company in Trot Lovers, I have never quite seen an actor displayed such vast differences in 3 roles in the space of 4 to 5 years. I read in The King's Face he will be another villain and from the little I've seen, he will definitely bring his A game as he always did. He is one actor that you can't say is pigeonhold into a particular mold.

Thank you TVB!! And I do mean it!

I am watching Fan Bing Bing's Empress of China aka the boobies show. I've read some horror editing stories from the China version after some group complained about showing off women's natural assets even when I frankly didn't know some of them had it. So I was thinking what will TVB do? Well they will edit the show with fewer episodes (well, faster pace I guess) AND as I watched the 1st episode, intelligently and utilising every resources they have, digitally cover the boobies with some clever digitally added clothes which is colour matched and got folds and even shading which shows TVB at its best in digital stuff and unfortunately used on other productions than their own. Wow...gotta admit, no boobies but no horror editing does equal some nice enjoyment of the show thus far even if the story of a paedophile men and ultimately woman (well Wuzetian did fall for a guy young enough to be her son?) is scary and the fact Fan Bing Bing's plays a 14 year old with ample breasts and with so much make up and frozen expression is scary as well.

Kathy Chow and the other "older" actresses were more expressive. 

Anyway my ode to the boobies you SHALL NOT see in the show and frankly don't miss them. At least no too much close ups of those scary faces although the clothes were too high up for my taste. I did hope TVB would alter the OTT ugly fake hair. 

Next complain? Cover those man abs in K-drama please!!! How will TVB do it? Another layer of manly looking woolly bathrobes??

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The curse of never ending cough

I have been sick for the past 10 days  and it was because of a cough. It started with fever, cold and sore throat, the 3 combo. Seen the doctor, got rid of 2, but the cough remains. Seen doctor twice more and all I got was more antibiotics and cough syrup. By this time whenever I lay my head on the pillow the coughing was so bad I could only sleep when sitting upright. At work my coughs were like rumbling thunder culminating in volcanic eruptions. I lost my voice for 3 days, my voice is still very strained and I had to take days off work for what people will think "Just cough what!". Try my cough! I never had it this bad and in the end western medicine could help me no more. I had to go to chinese TCM doctor and right now after herbal concoction of medicine, I am sweating like hell. I can speak after some good drink recommended by a friend which you must try if you lost your voice but the cough, whilst not violent anymore, remains and my voice still strained. I have 2 more dosage to go and I  believe I will be able to sing my soprano again. I just want the coughing to end. 

Anyway if you're like me, when after all the antibiotics and cough syrup and all that remains is the pesky thunderous cough with or without phlegm, it is time to visit the old man in the TCM shop selling sundry goods AND TCM medicine. Let him "listen" to your heartbeats and what nots. It will help. But if you still feel your throat is tight because it is infected, finish the antibiotics first. TCM is only when all that remains is the heatiness in your body, that pesky continuous coughing that if you cough it hurts, if you don't you feel like that will be the last thing you will ever do. I suddenly understand what it means to "cough till you cough out your lungs".

It is no joke. I don't recommend this way of getting sick. 

Anyway if you lost your voice, the following might help. It helped me a little.

Manuka honey in ginger water
Boil water with some sliced ginger (not too many slices or it will be too hot). Once boiled and the ginger's essence is extracted into the water, take out the ginger,  and let the ginger water cool. Once cooled, as in not boiling but not too not hot, I mean a bit hot but not too much, add manuka honey. Maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons, to lessen the ginger hotness and also for taste. Whilst a bit warm, sip on it throughout the day or night or whatever. You will find your voice again.

Oh lord, I am sweating so much right now thanks to the TCM medicine. My body is fighting the heatiness but at least cough is getting better.

Remember, when all that remains is a strained throat caused by excessive coughing and nothing else, visit that TCM shop. That's your only remedy and it ain't too expensive. Mine is RM16-00 per packet which can boil 2 bowls. It is always 2 packets for 4 dosages. With weird instructions like boil 4 bowls of water into 1 bowl. Thankfully my mom understands the cryptic instruction.

To those who thinks "It is just cough, can still work ma..." certainly never had a coughing fit like the one I described. I'd rather my employee take a day off or 2 and show up 100% fit than a half fit employee who cough cough cough for the sake of just full attendance. Life is more than about work and when evaluating your employee, think about that. Oh, air condition made my condition worse and which is why sometimes even if you take sick leave for a few days in a month, sometimes it is for good reason. But what do bosses know eh? They just want perfect attendance on the sheet when all they got is an employee who was so busy coughing no work was done and spreading germs to the office.

I spent so much on doctors in 2 weeks. This coughing is really expensive and health shattering. I hate losing my voice which is why I am ok with the sweating right now. Because my body is doing its job to combat the bad virus inside my body.


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K stars and ballerinas

Korea must have a lot of ballerinas. Been reading a few stars dating ballerinas in Korea. I was thinking never heard in HK male actors dating
 ballerinas. Not even opera stars.