Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Korean folk song, 600 year old and an excellent interpretation below by Jang Sa Ik:-

I always thought the Korean culture and civilisation is young but apparently it is very very old. And it is sort of funny that everytime I read about its history, there is always inevitably a mention of Japanese destroying something of significant to them.

Anyway, the lyrics, taken from the youtube video above. However here posts a different version so frankly I don't know which is which but the version above is awesome. I suppose different region different Arirang. The following should be the one as sung above. Do correct me if I am wrong;

Verse 1
Arirang, Arirang, Arariyo...
Arirang gogaero neomeoganda.
Nareul beorigo gasineun nimeun
Simnido motgaseo balbyeongnanda

Arirang, Arirang, Arariyo...
I am crossing over Arirang Pass.
The man/woman who abandoned me
Will not walk even ten li before his/her feet hurt.

Verse 2
Cheongcheonghaneuren byeoldo manko
Urine gaseumen kkumdo manta

Just as there are many stars in the clear sky,
There are also many dreams in our heart.

Verse 3
Jeogi jeo sani Baekdusaniraji
Dongji seotdaredo kkonman pinda

There, over there that mountain is Baekdu Mountain,
Where, even in the middle of winter days, flowers bloom.


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