Monday, September 16, 2013

[Funn Stuff] A moment of kindness, a lifetime of gratitude

I was reading Mail Online when I came across this article about a moving Thai advert which is really about mobile phones. The comments were positive and so I watched, without sound but thankfully with English subtitles. I gotta admit, I was moved. It is like those pay it forward situation except to the man who did the act of kindness. Very nice advert and I love the tagline;

Giving is the best communication
For me, I summarise it as "A moment of kindness, a lifetime of gratitude". Does this happen in real life? I do think so. The thing about truly compassionate kind people is they do kind stuff they rarely publicise it. Those who repay rarely goes public about it. But I am sure it happens.

Anyway, the video featuring the phone company True Move H.


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