Monday, September 30, 2013

On K-dramas and C-dramas

I haven't been watching any proper K-drama for a long time. I depend on my TV for the K-dramas since they have great English subtitles. I heard of some great buzz on the series Good Doctor and it stars my favourite young actor (thanks to his endearing sweetness in 2 Days 1 Night), Joo Won. Unfortunately I read the synopsis which made no sense (low IQ autistic man becomes a peadetrician against all odds- imagine that... even a normal IQ person can't easily become a doctor no matter how he willed himself to be one so the synopsis is rather idiotic), but I watched, for 15 minutes and I had to switch it off. Joo Won on any day is a rising star with some good acting skills but his performance as that doctor is painful to watch. Just too painful.

So I ended up watching Cheong Damdong Alice. First out of curiosity due to the career damaging charges against the lead star, Park Shi Hoo. Second, I was bored stiff. It is only 16 episodes and 2 episodes per week. It is slow, very very slow but I find myself enjoying the series. In fact Park Shi Hoo was the life of the series with his cute antics like some teenage girl in love. It was an OTT performance but aptly OTT. His every piece of suit is just amazing. Love his interaction with his dad and such. But everytime I see him I will sigh because I kept mumbling "What a pity.. what a pity". Are the charges true? Only he and the girl involved will know. Too much mud has been slung against one another, I am not even sure. His fans are convinced the girl is an attention money grabbing slut who should be lucky he even wanted to touch her more so sleep with her. Critics say he did it because he was seen carrying the very drunk girl into the place and her evidence suggests that much. The way I see it, could it be a case where she may have flirted with him, he thought he had consent and so did the deed? I don't know. All I know is if tax evasion forces a star to go into hiding for a few years, if missing military duties kills a career, more so such a damaging allegation such as rape? Of course in his defense the girl withdrew charges. You decide. But it is undeniable he was the reason Cheong Damdong Alice was enjoyable to watch.

I think 1 K-drama at a time is more than enough.

As for C-drama, I am happy to announce General Yue Fei, that one starring Huang Xiaoming, Ruby Lin and Gallen Lo is coming to Ch 308 ASTRO! When? Don't know. No dates given. I think it could be taking over the NHK Asadora slot perhaps? I can't believe I am excited over a Huang Xiaoming series. But the trailer looks HDTV and looks epic.

At least something to look forward to.


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