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[Tech stuff] My Ipad with iOS7

This is not my Ipad Lock Screen. This is taken elsewhere.

UPDATES - 25.09.2013
Added a very important how-to at the bottom aka 12. Unable to connect to server to accept new iCloud terms and conditions

Yeah I just upgraded my Ipad with the new iOS7 and the first thing I noticed is my eyes hurt. So bloody bright!! But there are some great features such as the control centre. However I find myself having difficulty in swiping up to reveal the control centre but no difficulty in swiping down to reveal the notification centre. Why? I don't know. I was still learning the functions of iOS6 but good news for iOS7 is since I was still learning I can basically discard everything and start again. Closing apps is made easier ONLY if you know how. I didn't, so I had to google. Why can't Apple just make closing apps a special button somewhere very easy to access? If you don't know how, just double click the home button, scroll to the app you want closed, just touch the screenshot of the app (NOT the icon!) and swipe up gently. Closed. But to reach that stage I had to google. So far I can't add or delete buttons to control centre and with Apple's obsession with control over control buttons, I doubt they will add that feature soon. After all they must have considered the options! But the brightness is the worst. Just too bubblegum you know? And I notice a slight lag everytime I switch screen orientation and mine is Ipad 4! A bit slower, clunkier but not too terrible.

Frankly if you have older Ipads (not Retina Display) I will say don't upgrade. It will be a downgrade for you since you will find your system much much slower. The only change I can see is the look, the feel and yes overall stuff which frankly is aesthetic. Some may like the previous way to closing apps better and can live without the command centre feature. I can't turn back since I upgraded but I think I can get used to the changes. Except the brightness. Maybe I should try inverting the colour.

I have a few must-haves features in this new iOS 7 and you may like to know how to turn them on or off;

1. Close the apps
Like I described above, it used to be double click the home button, then hold onto any icon until you see the X appears and they're wiggling the click on the X to close the app. Now it it simply double click the home button, see that your home screen will become smaller which you can flick left and right to see the smaller home screen for the opened apps. Go to the app you want closed, touch the screencapture (not the icon!), swipe up gently and it will close as in disappear from the screen.

2. Opening the Control Centre
At the bottom, swipe up gently and it will open. If once nothing happens, do it again, but gently. Sometimes it just doesn't open.

3. Opening the notification centre
Same as before and same as no. 2 above except now at the top swipe downwards. This is somehow easier to open than the control centre.

4. Dynamic wallpapers
Which when you tilt your Ipad, the background wallpaper seems to move. Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness >  Choose Wallpapers > choose Dynamic and any of the designs in there. Apparently you can make your own.

5. Stop the tilting icons
I suppose this is new useless feature? where if in homescreen with icons you tilt your ipad left or right you will see a slight tilt of the icons as well. I hate this feature. I read it drains battery also. So to switch it off, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > turn to On. Note, this does not stop the tilting wallpapers.

6. Close access to Control Centre when in Lock Screen
I read there can be security breach. I don't like to add passcode to my device and I don't want anyone to be able to access my stuff through my Control Centre even with passcode which Apple is fixing. So until the bug is fixed, to close such access, go to Settings > Control Center > slide to left the button  Access on Lock Screen. However to be able to access Control Centre in home screen, slide the Access Within Apps button to right (which is by default that position anyway).

7. Missing Screen Orientation button in Control Centre
That was the first thing I noticed when I swiped upwards, opened my Control Centre, the middle there were 5 buttons where the last one on the right should be Lock Screen Oritentation button (Landscape or Portrait mode which you can do the same function using the right side top button of your device to lock or unlock your orientation). I panicked. Maybe my update was half done? Maybe this or that. Googled a lot and only ONE article mentioned this after like going through 6 articles.

So it is this. You can change the buttons in Control Centre but you CAN change this 5th button between Lock Screen Orientation button or Mute button. Mine was showing mute/unmute sound button. So what to do?

Go to Settings > scroll down to USE SIDE SWITCH TO : > if you choose Lock Rotation, then your Control Centre will show the mute button as 5th option (and your side switch button will be used for the Lock Rotation) and if you choose Mute, then like everyone's example in the articles, it is the switch orientation button (and your side switch button will be used for mute/unmute function). Personally I am used to side switch for orientation so I am using my control centre for mute/unmute. Kinda panicked because I felt kiasu I suppose. "Why everyone has it and I don't" sort of mentality.

8. Accessibility shortcut
This may be in the old iOS 6 but I never found out until now/ This is great feature. Triple lick your home button and a menu will pop up  and you cab choose Invert Colors, etc. Just choose any of the listed function (very limited)  in Settings > General > Accessibility Shortcut. Pity so limited choices.

9. Unlimited apps per folder
It used to be limited apps per folder. Meaning you can actually drag your icon to another icon and create a folder which you can name!! But in iOS 6 you can only add so much into one folder hence I got TWO Games folder. Now in this new one, you can drag unlimited icons into a folder and the folder itself has the page function much like your homescreen. Personally I love this feature more than Control Center because I rarely use those buttons anyway. If Control Center allows me to change the buttons, I will say awesome! Now not so much. Anyway this unlimited apps per folder is awesome! And good for organisation. I hate pages and pages of homescreen. This way is more organised. But beware, if you want to move an icon out of the folder, DO NOT use the X button because that means deleting your app. Just hold onto it long until you see the X, do not click it and just drag it out of the folder. Done!

10. Screen too bright!
Yeah, so tooooooo bright. So maybe invert the colours? If you have configured as per point 8 above, it is as simple as triple click Home button and choose invert colors. But after a while kinda too dark.

11. Where is the Search function?
Simplified as well, but only if you know how to find it. At homescreen, swipe downward anywhere and there it is, the search function and the keyboard.

12. Unable to connect to server to accept new iCloud terms and conditions
Oh a big headache. When you can't turn on iCloud you can't save and do whatever iCloud does for your Ipad. So how? I googled, found a solution where I am to download the Find My Friends app and then sign in and you can agree to iCloud new terms from there and all functionality resolved. Simple eh? NOT! Didn't work for me! Some said Reset Ipad. Didn't work. Agree to the terms via Facetime. Didn't work! The only thing that worked for me? Actually going to Settings > iCloud > Delete Account AND THEN sign in again and voila, all functionality back on! Try this!

I notice however battery life is going fast with some features turned on! Half an hour and 3% gone and I am not doing anything with it except Animated Background is turned on. Insane!

Now what new feature I want in the soon to be coming update to iOS 7? I mean it is inevitable! Well...

a. Ability to control what buttons I want for my control centre.

b. Ability to choose the folder background color in Home screen. I don't think I can do that right now.

c. A faster shortcut to close Apps, like all opened Apps. Like one button in Control Center which says  "Close all apps". That would be heaven sent, battery life saving and faster working device.

d. Video player can play ALL types of codecs/videos without having to BUY one that can.

e.  Every ipad preinstalled with "Guide to Ipad and iOS 7" in iBooks because frankly I am still discovering the functions. This is good because Ipad is extensive and bad because frustrating.

f. Ability to change the font type and colour of the font of anywhere in the device, like how I can do the same for my text in iBooks.

Anyway one best thing about my Ipad? I got myself a bluetooth keyboard and voila! Notebook! Laptop! Love that! More so I bought those sorta like keyboard cover looking keyboard so my Ipad is a laptop minus the ability to do what laptop does usually. But since I use my ipad to read, write, play games and watching movies (FULL HD!!) whilst lying on my bed, I don't care.

I don't care much for Apple products but I must say, Ipad with Retina Display is awesome. I love it for its elegance, simplicity and so many yet to be discovered functions. I hate it because I had to google for it.

By the way I have a feeling Steve Jobs would have hated the new update and the new iphones. If he wanted cheaper Iphones or pastel looking iphones, he would have done so. I think he will say "These... are!NOT!ELEGANT!AT!ALL!!!!! You have absolutely no taste!!".

If you're looking to buy an Ipad, take my advice;

1. Buy the one with Retina Display. It makes a huge difference!

2. If you have budget for 16GB, borrow money to get at least 32GB because honestly, you can't upgrade the space so save yourself some headache.

3. Buy the White colour. Very elegant!

4. Between Wifi and Wifi + Cellular, unless your place is full of Wifi and hotspots, always get the one with Cellular as well, buy a cheap data plan and be rest assured when you're at a no wifi place, you can still check your gmail.

5. Always download and install your apps via your computer/laptop via iTunes because you don't want to waste your data plan. This includes any upgrade in iOS and whatever.

6. Do NOT download Candy Crush. You will be so obsessed with it!

7. Get yourself a Big Card or Debit Card, use that for your itunes purchases. You can control how much you spend instead of using the Credit Card. Make sure you limit the amount in your Debit Card.

8. Set up a difficult to type password so that you won't be tempted to buy buy buy.

9. Buy National Geographic, download to your Ipad and be amazed by the interactive magazine. Felt like in Harry Potter and Hogwarts!

10. There are plenty of FREE apps but there are some worth buying and is cheap, some games also free or cheaper. Remember to subscribe to itunes Newsletter. Some great bargain apps almost every day!


11. I bought the expensive Ipad Smart Case which is great and protects my Ipad. I love it. But it is expensive. It is great if you like to read and watch videos because it is easy to grip and hold. But if you're into typing, maybe those cover with keyboard will  be better. Since I like holding the Ipad, the Smart Case is best suited for me.

Ok, that's about it. Any awesome feature in Ipad that you think I should know? Do share! Like I said, I am still discovering the functions.


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