Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Season 3 of Breaking Bad was super duper awesome bitch!! (Jesse talk). OMG, when Walter knocked down those 2 drug dealers, it was like fist pump in the air. And then of course he coerced Jesse into killing an innocent "cook", that was another piece of his humanity hacked off. But still, amazing Season 3!!

I was looking at theCHIVE (NSFW!!)  and I saw the following:-

I had  a good laugh.

I am watching Breaking Bad now, thanks to the fact that it has completed it's run of 5 seasons and so I can just watch them as and when I want to. Problem is once I began I can't stop watching. It gets better and better. I am at Season 3 now and the show is interestingly getting even better than last season! It is very addictive and I love to see the "man up" of Walter White. Of course he is getting evil soon so I like that too.

Funny conversation.

 I was recommending Breaking Bad to someone I know who is a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones, the series. I explained the storyline and she said;

Meth? Nahhh I don't want to watch a series about drugs

I asked why not?

Because they're drugs, I just don't feel like watching such an abhorrent series about drug dealers and all

I said "But it doesn't glamorise drugs. In fact that Walter can earn so much but no where to spend the money and fears for his life and in the end losses everything. That's how the series will end"

Still about drugs, not right to watch.

So I said "So it is ok to watch paedophilia, rape, graphic sex scenes, nudity, murders, executions, child kidnappings, betrayals, traitors ... all that in Game of Thrones but not about meth?"

But Game of Thrones is about the iron throne!

And I was thinking, Breaking Bad is about Blue Crystal Throne. Sigh... skewered morality I suppose.

Believe me, Breaking Bad does not glamorise Meth or drugs. It in fact makes meth as a vehicle since it is a popular drug which has very very bad consequences (1 year and you will lose all your good looks, age 30 years and have scars and wounds like you were punched every single day of your life) as well as drug cartels and what nots. Rather realistic sort of depiction if you ask me. And quite funny too even in dire circumstances, especially with regards to an old man who can't speak who is in a wheelchair with a bell (ding! ding! ding!) as his indicator of yes or no.

Anyway I am obsessed with Breaking Bad. I in a way sympathise Walter White but I suppose after a while a man can only make up so many excuses that whatever criminal activities he is doing, he is doing for his family. He had enough chance to stop but he didn't. The actor, Bryan Cranston actually changed in the way he stares and all. Season 1 was all doe eyed innocence, Season 2 was fear but Season 3 onwards, his eyes became still, quite scary looking whenever he stopped, he relaxed and he stared. Quite a performance.

Anyway I know I am late on the bandwagon. Before I end this post, one more picture to share (also from theCHIVE;

Cute eh? OMG that's a freaking Great White Sharkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

Fish are friends, not food.


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