Thursday, October 10, 2013

OMG to some upcoming new stuff on TV

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!!

The Patriot Yue Fei is finally here, in HD! Yeah! 

Wayne Lai and Moses Chan's new comedy about lawyers will be coming soon! Yeah! Maybe I will do an episodic thoughts or maybe I am too lazy.

I am downloading The Prince of Lan Ling and as I am downloading I am sorta going "Yeah right ha ha ha" at the idea of Feng Shaofeng as having a face so beautiful he had to wear a horrible mask when in battle (probably to mask the fact that being too beautiful no one will be scared of him). Funny how Ariel Lin is cast as his love interest and whilst I like Ariel, she is no beauty.

I am crying that Joo Won is leaving 2 Days 1 Night. Noooooo!!!!!!!

I may be watching a new K-drama starring Choi Ji Woo, I think. Or maybe not.

Am downloading Breaking Bad to watch, so far watched 2 episodes, quite interesting even if weird.

And am reading Percy Jackson's latest adventure, The House Of Hades and lamenting the fact that such  a book or books should be made into proper movies but the last one I saw, Sea of Monsters had me falling asleep!! A travesty of an adaptation of my favourite character, Percy Jackson so yeah, maybe I don't want them to touch my other favourite character, Nico.

I have also splurged a bit on movie watching where I will watch Gravity at some Imax 3D cinema where the ticket is double the normal ticket PLUS a few more Ringgit. Why? Because I read this is the only way to watch Gravity. Truth is I don't care for Gravity, I wanna see Imax 3D even if just once and reading how Gravity is the movie to see in such a format, I chose that movie. Me, alone. And at a cinema I'm not quite sure how to go also!!

By the way do you often watch movie alone? I used to have a companion but she is busy working on weekends now and frankly I don't think she likes to join me for movies anyway, and I don't have many friends and so I always end up watching alone which I am ok with. I even watched The Conjuring alone, scared the bejesus out of me. 

How about you? Do you watch movies alone?


  1. Funn,
    What did you think of The Conjuring?It actually had a storyline and plot compared to other horror flicks which the main purpose is to scare you shitless...

    1. I saw The Conjuring TWICE and was scared at both times. Quite a scary movie as in atmospheric and no cheap tricks. However it is not the scariest movie. Scariest was The Exorcist, new edition.

  2. Hi funn, out of curosity I want to ask you what you thought out after watching Beauty of War. I just want to see your opinion as I really liked your analysis from war and beauty. Sorry I known this is rather unrelated to your post but I am curious

    1. I didn't manage to get past I think 3 episodes. It was such a dull series and I find it exceedingly too dramatic with dialogue that is so laboriously difficult to understand with a plot that is actually very simplistic. Which is why I didn't bother. War And Beauty was much much much better.

  3. Hi Funn, since you mentioned downloading Prince of Lan Ling, I'm curious to know if you have watched it and if you have, what you think of it. I watched it and was kinda disappointed that it was more idol drama than historical drama.

    1. Tara,

      I downloaded all the episodes and then watched 1 minute and then deleted the whole thing. I deleted to save space, but now that I think about it, I won't be redownloading. Never liked Feng Shaofeng.