Thursday, October 31, 2013

Taiwan trip

I am going to predominantly Taipei, Taiwan at the end of the month. Am conflicted if the weather merits a jacket or something thicker or just umbrella or with umbrella. Hopefully not hot. Anyway I read there are some places to buy some awesome Taiwan-only souvenirs which are affordable. If I do come across those stuff, I will be sure to buy some back to share with my fellow readers (not from Taiwan but is there ever any Taiwanese reading my blog?). Anyway still about 20 plus more days to go so I am jumping the gun. 

To those who received my momentoes from my past trips (here and here), I hope you are or have enjoyed the items you received! I am still obsessed with those maps I got from Beijing and Xian.

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  1. Hi Funn. You will enjoy Taiwan I'm sure with the good food and place to visit.
    I remembered I went to Taiwan also during nov few years ago. And during that time its not really cold. We just bring a wind breaker. But you might want to bring along raincoat as the weather is unpredictable and the wind is too strong when it rains and no umbrella could withstand that. So its easier to walk with the raincoat.
    Also if you're going to Jiu Fen and Yeh Liu as its always rain at that part of Taiwan. I esp enjoy Jiu Fen as its has lots of good local food n pretty souvenirs too. Check out the weather forecasts nearer to dep date so you won't over or lesser packed.
    Also if you have the time do drop by at the Taiwan national museum ( not sure of the complete name though) . It's real worth to visit as you could see lots of antiques from old china dynasties which they claimed belong to their country besides other artifacts as well qhich changes every few mths.
    Enjoy! !