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[RIP] Paul Walker

This is so shocking! I woke up, switched on my computer and the first news I saw was this;

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker dead in fiery car wreck: Actor killed after Porsche GT driven by his friend crashed into pole [Source]

And I was like, he burnt to death in the car! And a Porsche GT can explode into a ball of fire so easily by hitting a tree? How fast was his friend who also died was going? And he was only 40. How fragile life is. He was attending a  charity event, hitched a ride and died so horribly. This is very very unsettling news and something very unexpected.

Rest in peace.
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Report from Taipei, Taiwan

Ok! Found the picture of my most favourite Taiwanese delicacy at TWD40 a rather medium sized tube for 1 person.

The Green Onion Kiddy Ice Cream and yes, it does taste like green onion. After 2 of these, your entire mouth is green onion and it was the single most delicious everything from Taiwan and a must try.

Worst meal was the following;

The chicken was ok, even had to pull them apart myself. But seriously, for all the hype, being ok is not ok. The worst meal and not worth it. Rather pay for 10 more tube of that wonderful green onion ice cream.

Most beautiful scenery was the unexpectedly beautiful blue Pacific Ocean;

Really looked like my Second Life home. Wow.

Anyway the wuxia like temple.

And finally my hotel room. 

Gorgeous eh?

I am back!! Very tired. Anyway how was my trip you asked? Frankly, and I am being totally honest here, unexpected. I didn't find Taipei city interesting at all. I find it lacking an identifiable something. In HK I see a building I know it's HK. Same with China, Singapore, etc. In Taipei, I find it rather bland. I don't find the people friendly either. The younger ones tend to be rude as well and I couldn't believe a shop assistant just told me "Look there, it is there" when she didn't have other customers to attend to. Food shops' owners were unhelpful either. Menus in Chinese so I wonder how westerners ever order anything? The older ones were more friendly, more helpful and quite often rather chatty. The taxi drivers were all competent and efficient. The city is clean, air is good but lacking dustbins for reasons I do not know why. The toilets were mostly very very clean and can be found everywhere.

There were many tourists, too many tourists from everywhere, especially bus loads from China. From what I can hear and see, Taiwanese do not like China tourists much. They have nothing good to say about them except they bring in money. I often heard other tourist guides saying "Tourists from China, please have manners. Please read the signboards. Please do not step on the grass! Have a bit of manners please!". I think I head this in every park I went to. And guess what?Everyone turned a deaf ear! I must admit, these tourists by the bus loads were exceedingly rude. I went to China 2 times and I can tell you, these are a different breed.

Anyway I went to many places and I can tell you, Taiwan is not disabled people friendly. Stairs after stairs, hills after hills, so darn tiring. The only good thing is the weather. It is not just merely cold, or chilly, it is (even right now) very very very windy. My skin got very bad because it was windy, chilly and wet. Not a good weather to be in but better than hot.

I disliked Jiufen. I cannot understand why at 6pm or so the shops all close when that is when tourists come to see Jiufen at night. The so called Spirited Away walkway is crowded, difficult to walk and like 10 flights of stairs. I gave up after 2 flights. I love the Taiwan's countryside. That was the shocking aspect. I can see cat tails blowing in the gentle breeze, beautiful waterfall, golden copper stones, big mountains, misty at the top. That ain't no pollution but true mist. Taiwan has beautiful countryside and the air is so very fresh. I also went to Taroko Gorge and that was what took my breath away. I was surrounded by tall tall talllllllllll mountains. In fact so tall I can't see over the mountain stones at all. Felt like I was surrounded, in a beautiful way. So very wuxia feel. The natural stones and stuff were great. I couldn't walk much so I didn't walk any trails but did do some tunnel walking and it rained so thanks to some useful advice by fellow reader, I got ready with raincoats. The Yehliu park is gorgeous but too many people. My main purpose was of course the National Palace Museum and the special exhibition was Emperor Qianlung. It was fantastic. I visited every room at every floor which was why my leg strength was gone on the very 1st day itself. I however hated the crowd. I had to line up just to go to 3rd floor to see the 2 most celebrated jade carvings, that vege thing and that pork thing. The front of me was a tourist guide for China and he took so long explaining things, I walked in front of him and I was accused of cue cutting! When I wanted to back up to see some piece again, even the palace customer service guy said I can't since I have walked in front. It was like 1 way ticket and I was so mad I said in my broken mandarin "I wasn't cue cutting. I did not want to stand for minutes to listen to that guide talk since I am not with them anyway". When the crowd was less, I backed up to see that same piece again but it was such a terrible fun killing experience to know I had to line up like some buffet line that I can only enjoy once. My sister told me 7 years ago the museum was quiet and elegant but now is like some wet market. I strongly feel the museum should be like Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan. Limit the entry per day so that everyone can enjoy the pieces in peace, quiet and without cue cutting. The quieter place was the Miniature Museum of Taiwan which was fun to go especially to those who love miniature stuff. Other than that I visited Taipei 101 (ugly building but exciting stuff - didn't go to the top because too many people) and funny, I didn't go to any night markets but I took their MRT, went through 18 stations to go to Tam Sui and it was one of the best trip ever. First, Tam Sui has a lot of local and other tourists BUT no bus loads of tourists from China and it was peaceful. The river is gorgeous, weather very chilly and windy and the food's great. Like that Ah Keg I think, some kind of tofu with fish paste filled with glass noodle in red sauce. It was amazingly delicious. So was the squid on charcoal. The people were friendly and if you an cycle, a lovely place to cycle. I was very impressed with Tam Sui and I had good feeling for it like how I had for Yonghe Palace in Beijing and Yuen Long in HK. A sense of peace, quiet and nothing rushed.

Frankly if you ever plan to go to Taiwan, do go to Tam Sui, Yehliu Park and Taroko Gorge. Don't be stingy; even if the taxi can go several places in one day, make your life easier and dedicate at least half a day to sayyyyy Yehliu park.

The food in Taiwan is at best average. The better food is the one NOT recommended by TV shows and all. I tried the Shiling Night Market's sausages and they were god awful. The better ones were out of Taipei. The best food for me was the ... "chung"? That green grass thing? I will add the english name later. The ice cream was epic. The rest of the food were only so-so. This ain't HK, land of great food.

Anyway I find Taiwan very Japanese. They may say Chinese, etc but I feel everything is very Japan-influenced in a subtle way. It is not weird since they were ruled by Japan for 50 years or so, they had have good and bad governors so I understand why Taiwanese are very Japan-oriented.

Anyway the trip was good for what it is worth. I won't rush to go back to Taiwan though. However I am still in awe of Taiwan's natural geography; the stones, the nature, the background and oh yes, the blue Pacific Ocean in different tones. I never knew Pacific Ocean was so beautiful until my 3rd day in Taiwan. I feel if you're into nature, Taiwan is the place to go.

Oh, I brought back some momentoes. Go join my contest and win some Taiwan stuff!

In TWD it may sound expensive. TWD100 for a keychain?! In Malaysia, delete 1 decimal point for an approximate sum and the keychain is only MYR10. Same with food. Most expensive was locally made nougat. The rest are fairly priced.

My entire energy spent on taroko gorge. Am really tired that When I saw the hilly Jiufen and I went NO! Lovely countryside. Have yet to try their famous mee suah. So far frankly Taiwanese food are so so only and  their TV is dead boring. But the awesomeness is in their natural geography, rocks, hill side, blue Pacific Ocean and their cold but not punishingly cold weather. Their people are a weird mix. The older generation is friendly but the younger generation is quite rude. Reminds me of HK. And they have very low opinion of China tourists. They also love stairs. Standard stairs is at least two flights down or Up. Not very disabled people or old people or lazy people friendly. But prices are ok. Will write more about my most favourite place and food later on. Anyone coming to Taiwan now, please take note it is cold and slight wind with possible rain in morning and very cold and very windy at night. Sun goes down at 5pm and by 6 it looks like midnight in Malaysia. Worse is like in Jiufen most shops close by 6pm or so. To me that is baffling since tourists do come for night views and it defies business sense to close so early. About food like I said not fantastic. To me their best is to me at most a good average except for one thing. Will reveal that later.

I have just 3 more days to go in Taiwan, having been here since last Friday. I am dead tired. Very dead tired. Not yet dead but very tired. I will write more when I am back in KL. However I have lots of gifts for you my fellow netizens and followers of my blog so be sure to come back end of the week on how to win those very special Taiwan only gifts. They sound super expensive in Taiwanese dollars but good quality, cute, quite rare and very Taiwan. I am sure if you love my previous momentoes you will love these too!

TVB awards 2013

The official list is out and I am reposting from Jaynestars.

Best Actor Nominees:
01. Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>
02. Lau Dan (劉丹) in Come Home Love <愛.回家>
03. Michael Miu (苗僑偉) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>
04. Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>
05. Roger Kwok (郭晉安) in Awfully Lawful <熟男有惑>
06. Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
07. Chilam Cheung (張智霖) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
08. Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) in Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>
09. Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
10. Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
11. Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) in Will Power <法外風雲>
12. Moses Chan (陳豪) in Will Power <法外風雲>
13. Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) in The Hippocratic Crush 2
14. Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in The Hippocratic Crush 2
15. Dayo Wong (黃子華) in Bounty Lady

Best Actress Nominees:
01. Ivana Wong (王菀之) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>
02. Niki Chow (周麗淇) in Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>
03. Louise Lee (李司棋) in Reality Check <心路GPS>
04. Ada Choi (蔡少芬) in Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>
05. Christine Ng (伍詠薇) in Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>
06. Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) in Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>
07. Joey Meng (萬綺雯) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>
08. Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
09. Fala Chen (陳法拉) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
10. Esther Kwan (關詠荷) in Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>
11. Kathy Chow (周海媚) in Sniper Standoff
12. Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
13. Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
14. Tavia Yeung (楊怡) in The Hippocratic Crush 2
15. Kate Tsui (徐子珊) in Bounty Lady

Most Popular Male Character Nominees:
01. Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>
02. Alex Fong (方中信) in A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II>
03. Raymond Wong (黃浩然) in Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>
04. Michael Miu (苗僑偉) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>
05. Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>
06. Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
07. Chilam Cheung (張智霖) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
08. Ron Ng (吴卓羲) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
09. Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
10. Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
11. Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) in Will Power <法外風雲>
12. Moses Chan (陳豪) in Will Power <法外風雲>
13. Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) in The Hippocratic Crush 2
14. Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in The Hippocratic Crush 2
15. Dayo Wong (黃子華) in Bounty Lady

Most Popular Female Character Nominees:
01. Sharon Chan (陳敏之) in Friendly Fire <法網狙擊>
02. Joey Meng (萬綺雯) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>
03. Ivana Wong (王菀之) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>
04. Louise Lee (李司棋) in Reality Check <心路GPS>
05. Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) in Reality Check <心路GPS>
06. Niki Chow (周麗淇) in Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>
07. Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) in Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>
08. Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
09. Fala Chen (陳法拉) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
10. Nancy Wu (胡定欣) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>
11. Esther Kwan (關詠荷) in Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>
12. Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
13. Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
14. Tavia Yeung (楊怡) in The Hippocratic Crush 2
15. Kate Tsui (徐子珊) in Bounty Lady

Best Supporting Actor Nominees:
01. Louis Cheung (張繼聰) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>
02. Bob Lam in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>
03. Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) in A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II>
04. Ram Chiang (蔣志光) in A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II>
05. Wai Kar Hung (韋家雄) in Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>
06. Elliot Ngok (岳華) in Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>
07. Ron Ng (吳卓羲) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
08. Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
09. Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) in Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>
10. Ben Wong (黃智賢) in Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>
11. Lau Kong (劉江) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
12. Louis Yuen (阮兆祥) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
13. Jason Chan (陳智燊) in Will Power <法外風雲>
14. Him Law (羅仲謙) in The Hippocratic Crush 2
15. Benz Hui (許紹雄) in Bounty Lady

Supporting Actress Nominees:
01. Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜) in Come Home Love <愛.回家>
02. Angela Tong (湯盈盈) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>
03. May Chan (小寶) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>
04. Rachel Kan (簡慕華) in Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>
05. Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) in Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>
06. Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>
07. Helen Law (羅蘭) in Karma Rider <師父.明白了>
08. Nancy Wu (胡定欣) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
09. Elena Kong (江美儀) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
10. Eliza Sam (岑麗香) in Sniper Standoff <神鎗狙擊>
11. Louise Lee (李司棋) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
12. Christine Ng (伍詠薇) in Will Power <法外風雲>
13. Sire Ma (馬賽) in Will Power <法外風雲>
14. Mandy Wong (黃智雯) in The Hippocratic Crush 2
15. Mary Hon (韓馬利) in The Hippocratic Crush 2

Most Improved Actor Nominees:
01. Vincent Wong (王浩信)- Friendly Fire < 法網狙擊>, Season of Love <戀愛季節>, Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>, A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, Will Power <法外風雲>

02. Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪)- A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, Karma Rider <師父.明白了>, Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>, The Hippocratic Crush 2

03. Jason Chan (陳智燊)- Missing You <幸福摩天輪>, Will Power <法外風雲>, Explore Hotels <蒲.酒店>, Dolce Vita <明珠生活>

04. Edwin Siu (蕭正楠)- A Great Way to Care 2  <仁心解碼II>, Bullet Brain <神探高倫布>, Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>
05. Him Law (羅仲謙)- Season of Love <戀愛季節>, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, The Hippocratic Crush 2

Most Improved Actress Nominees:
01. Grace Wong (王君馨)- Friendly Fire <法網狙擊>, Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>, Awfully Lawful <熟男有惑>, The Hippocratic Crush 2 , Bounty Lady

02. Oceane Zhu (朱璇)- Come Home Love <愛.回家>, Season of Love <變愛季節>, Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>, A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II>, Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>, A Change in Heart <好心作怪>, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>

03. Eliza Sam (岑麗香)- Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, Friendly Fire <神鎗狙擊>, The Hippocratic Crush 2

04. Priscilla Wong (黃翠如)- Reality Check <心路GPS>, Karma Rider <師父.明白了>, Pilgrimage of Wealth <走過浮華大地>, Explore Hotels <蒲.酒店>, Pilgrimage of Wealth 2 <走過浮華大地 亞洲篇>

05. Cilla Lok (樂瞳)- Missing You <幸福摩天輪>, The Day of Days <初五啟市錄>, Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>, Karma Rider <師父.明白了>

Best Host Nominees:
01. Johnson Lee (李思捷) in Office of Practical Jokes <玩嘢王>
02. Maria Cordero and Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明) in Good Cheap Eats <食平D>
03. Eric  Tsang (曾志偉), Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂), Jordan Chan (陳小春), Jerry Lamb (林曉峰), Lan Sai (蘭茜), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), King Kong (金剛), Elvina Kong (江欣燕) , and Otto (王志安) in Super Trio Maximus <超級無敵獎門人終極篇>
04. Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) and Amigo Chui (崔建邦) in The Voice: Stars’ Legend <星夢傳奇>
05. Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) and Tony Hung (洪永城)- Pilgrimage of Wealth 2 <走過浮華大地 亞洲篇>

Best Variety Program Nominees:
01. Office of Practical Jokes <玩嘢王>
02. Super Trio Maximus <超級無敵獎門人終極篇>
03. The Voice: Stars’ Legend <星夢傳奇>
04. Telling Maria 2 <最佳女主角>
05. Three Amigos Bon Voyage <三個小生去旅行>

Best Informative Program:
01. Sidewalk Scientist <學是學非>
02. Good Cheap Eats <食平D>
03. Xtreme Marathon <極地狂奔>
04. Pilgrimage of Wealth 2 <走過浮華大地 亞洲篇>
05. Passing Torch <代代接班人>
I disagree with some names, I disagree with some names' placement in certain categories. I am horrified to see Jason Chan in Most Improved and Best Supporting. Surely any blind person can see that is a serious mistake. That guy simply can't act.

What a horrible list.

For my own wish list, do click the read more button.

POSTED ON 26.11.2013
The TVB awards nominee list should be out soon. I haven't checked since I am not in Malaysia and I suppose there will be very few surprises. AOD awards may have a few surprises. Anyway I thought I should perhaps give my "winners wish list" like most bloggers of anything TVB would do. So ... here it is... my list of who or what I think should be the actual and eventual winner based solely on my personal opinion on who's and what's really good.

Best actor 
A tie between Roger Kwok for Inland Troubles and Ruco Chan for Reality Check

Best actress 
Esther Kwan for Always And Ever

Best actor in a supporting role 
Chilam in Triumph in the Skies 2

Best actress in a supporting role
Kristal Tin for Brother's Keeper

Best debut in TVB
Louis Cheung 

Most improved actor
A tie between Vincent Wong for a few career defining performances and 
Ron Ng for exceeding (very low) expectations

Most improved actress
Eliza Sum

Best chemistry
Roger Kwok and Joey Meng for Inland Troubles

Best theme song
Brother's Keeper

Best series (comedy)
Inland Troubles

Best series (drama)
Reality Check

And of course the obligatory awards as follows :

Worst performance by an actor
Jason Chan in everything in 2013

Worst performance by an actress
Fala Chen for Triumph in the Skies 2 

Most talentless actress
Proven by track record over the years and so this is why Jason Chan is not in here. Winner is Toby Leung who should thank her father for her current career.

Most drastic change in a performance 
Moses Chan in Will Power who was supposed to be funny but became dead serious some episodes into the series and never found his funny bone since.

Most overworked actor
Wayne Lai who is in a lot of series

Most overworked actress
Tavia Yeung. She needs a vacation and some Him time.

Most consistent performance 
Francis Ng in Triumph in the Skies 2. 10 years have passed and he manages to be so consistent as Sam.

Most overrated actor
Kenneth Ma. 

Most overrated actress
Mandy Wong, Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui in anything in 2013 .

Least Improved
Selena Li

Loudest actor
Cilla Kung who screams in every series. Girl is cute but lacking in finesse. 

Least chemistry between two actors
Fala Chen and Francis Ng in Triumph in the Skies 2. He looked pissed and she looked scared.

Worst written character
A tie between Sheila of Will Power and Rachel of Brother's Keeper

Most dreaded debut
Grace Chan

Oddest series for those with selective taste
Karma Rider

Best potential but worst executed series
Brother's Keeper

Best potential but least imaginative series
Will Power

Best series showcasing veterans and some virtual unknowns in TVB sphere
A tie between Inland Troubles and Will Power

Worst series
A three way tie between Triumph in the Skies 2, Bullet Brain and Slow Boat Home.

That's it. What's your list? Use Post A Comment to share with me your wish list and worst list.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[O] TVB 46th Anniversary Special 2013

As messy and as noisy as ever but with a slight difference; it is smaller stage, more intimate, less about what is done by the actors but more on giving away prizes. It felt at times like a very noisy and very long prize giving ceremony. And at almost 2 and a half hours (plus commercials), it was a tad long but I feel justified.

Many good moments this year but I can say the worst was Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui segment. I find it rather pointless. I love the Inbound Troubles segment, amazed at their rapport and chemistry and especially the dancing skills of 2 actors (one of whom that blonde girl) who was doing a campy version of Physical, like the 80s aerobics class. I had such a good laugh. But Louis Yuen will take the honours as the funniest with his segment. Poor guy was red all over after being slapped repeatedly. I am also very entertained by the magic show. Ruco was ever professional and he was convincing in creating the atmosphere but it was Myolie's trick of being cut into half, presented her top half on a table whilst her bottom half (supposed bottom half) was walking around. Done at such close proximity, I was thinking HOW HOW HOW?

It also seems like Moses will have his yearly humiliation, like he did this year with the weird magic-birthing show.

This year the big guns are not doing much but the less famous ones do a lot.

A lot of gifts this year. 1000 stocks (worth HKD50,000 I think) is won by Oscar Leung. The condominium by some westerner. Even Wayne won the HTC phone, etc. But the biggest surprise was 3 special awards, the best actor, best actress and the best of the best voted by their peers, their colleagues, fellow actors which perhaps best represent the spirit of the award that perhaps TVB awards should adopt. You may say this is like Miss Congeniality award but at least you know amongst peers, you got voted the most. That must count for something.

Linda and Kristal were both final 2 and when Eric I think teased Linda and Kristal was so happy for Linda, Kristal was declared eventual winner and I think she was so shocked, she started to cry. It is a huge honour to win this. For the guys, I was hoping Ruco, but it was between Wayne and shocking, Kenneth. Kenneth looked so shocked! And when he was pronounced the winner, he simply could not say much as he was in major major shock. I thought it was nice to give him the Mr Congeniality award. It shows how popular he is amongst colleagues but truth be told, for acting itself, he doesn't deserve it, yet. Neither does Linda. Neither does Kristal, frankly. For the best of the best or rather The Most Talented, I thought please not be Liza Wang but it was Law Lan which was a very nice gesture. Shocked but gracious, all she could say was thank you thank you thank you.

I really enjoyed that part of the show.

And more shocker! Alan Tam and friends came to perform! Everybody above 30 had fun. Those young ones look so sulky. 

By the way it was nice to see Kevin there even if he had no series for this year. He was his usual charming self. Raymond was there but poor guy seems to have lost his ability to remember because he just went through something and he can't answer a simple question a few minutes later. He was teased that he only remembers BB. A lot of veterans showed up, a lot of actors, a lot of people but the focus was never on them. It was like they had the memo to attend and so they must. I also have this feeling Ruco who I was hoping to get some recognition isn't that popular amongst colleagues. I am not complaining. Kenneth deserves the Mr Congeniality award. I am however baffled by those awards being presented here. Isn't TVB slapping themselves if Kristal or Kenneth don't win in the awards show itself and everyone will say "Yeah lor! Executive decisions vs peer voting!". I feel it is such a silly time to give such award. And peer voting should be left to the awards itself to give it credibility.

This show missed Bobby, Joey Meng, Tavia, Roger and many more but like I said, a lot of them attended and mostly secondary actors.

On the fashion front, I don't know who got the best dressed  but I have a few worst...

The flashiest belongs to Edwin Siu. Like accessories overload.

The worst for men had to be Bosco and a close second is Kenneth for not wearing socks.

The best for men could be stylish Wayne and his leather jacket, Ruco for once looking decent but still obsessed with weird patterned jacket but for me, it had to be Koo Ming Wah who looked absolutely stylish.

The worst for women had to be Linda Chung. This year a lot of them showing cleavage but she covered herself with a curtain looking dress but her hair was terrible, her make up was even more terrible. She looked pale, tired, old and just quite simply awful. Dodo a close second.

The best for women I can't decide.

The hosts were mostly ok since focus was not on then. However Astrid was awful. She rushed through everything, she interrupted people and was annoying. Amigo Chui did well and I can never understand why King Kong is a host when I can't understand half of what he said.

Now the absolute most awful had to be the Miss HKs, all of whom had terrible dress, bad makeup and terrible hair. They were all looking so hungry but none more than the host herself and Miss HK 2013 herself, Miss Grace Chan who looked so tiny, so short and so malnourished. But we all know she is thin. Her problem is the way she talked which was irritating and the worst was her posture. She has such terrible slouching posture. Just look at her and all who watched with me were asking how on earth she became Miss HK when she stood the way she did? Her stomach was out, her shoulder dropped, she was swinging side to side and she looked basically like a pole amongst giants. I don't know how she performed in Miss HK pageant but I can tell you I wouldn't have voted for her if she had been the same as she tonight. I don't think I can stand her acting if she is gonna stand that way. I feel like force feeding her a sandwich and then changing her clothes, make her wear a corset to treat her slouching and generally tell her to just go away until she is ready, at least looks wise.

Other than that small problem, the show was enjoyable.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

[Funn Stuff] The best ad thus far

For me the following Volvo ad is the best thus far. A lot of ads these days are not really effectively selling their products but this one, you've got to watch it to understand why I said what I said. After watching it I feel like buying the trucks because I was very very impressed. Impressed also with Jean Claude Van Damme who is famous for his very very 180 degrees perfect split but his ability is secondary; it is the trucks that tells me the fact he didn't even falter, didn't even fall, means the trucks were so stable, so precise. If you think it is camera tricks and all, it is not. This is like a real stunt. The article said it was filmed in 1 take and see the trucks driving in reverse! This ad is effective and is very very well made. The concept is top notch and the execution perfect. I know what it is selling, I know why people should buy and I know what's the selling point. Just wow.

And once more, that epic moment where Volvo and Jean Claude Van Damme prove their worth...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Expensive, overpriced but still a good purchase

Like how I was with buying the new Ipad (not Air but the one called Ipad with Retina Display), it took me months to decide. Yes, Ipad is expensive, overpriced but amongst its product, Ipad itself is quite reasonably priced. Now that I have it, I could do quite a lot with it. To me it is a good purchase since it is incredibly useful. Right now I am in the games phase. But I did use it for blogging, checking emails and internet stuff. But darn it, it is heavy. Suddenly now got the Air version but no regrets in buying the one I bought.

As with Ipad, it took me forever to ponder if I should get Benefit's Benetint. I have been using Face Shop's lip/cheek tint which is cheap (RM19-90 if I am not mistaken), quite a big mascara like bottle and the colour is good although not lasting. But the taste is terrible. Supposedly cherry but it tasted like cough syrup of the bad kind. The price itself makes it great. But I was reading so much about Benetint and since I lost my 2 bottles of Face Shop's lip/cheek tint and their shops ran out of the same lip/cheek tint, I took the plunge and bought Benetint. It is small bottle, it is super expensive (although not as expensive as I thought- my online research says in Malaysia it should be RM145-00 per bottle but the counter sells it for RM125-00) but I can see it lasting me a long long time. The colour is quite the same as Face Shop's, dark red colour like blood, a bit more watery than I expected but not as drying as the others I tried. In fact it smells of roses and doesn't taste awful at all. I tried it on my cheek and it give me a rosy cheek look which isn't difficult for me to achieve since I always have rosy cheek. The main purpose is for my pale lips and I applied one layer and it look good. My only complaint is it stains my fingers when applying and the applicator isn't the best there is. For me, it is also expensive, overpriced but still a good purchase.

At the same counter I was looking at something called High Beam where it is like a foundation that highlights the place you applied it on. RM100-00 per bottle, same size as Benetint, again I expected much more expensive. I was tempted but the sales girl is a total fail in selling product. When testing the product, she applied on her hand. We have different complexion so it doesn't tell me whether it will do me good. Compare that to Face Shop's sales girl. They are quite professional but depending on where you buy. As usual, they're pretty stingy with samples as opposed to the Face Shop I usually go where they give out samples of anything very very generously.

Anyway does Benetint make me gorgeous? Of course not. You know why? Because I am already gorgeous. It just enhances my gorgeousness. Yeah!

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[ER] Brother's Keeper / 巨輪 [TVB][2013]

This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. When this is done, I will move this to Reviews Database.

This series will broadcast over at AOD Malaysia starting 23.09.2013 with new episodes daily during the weekdays and repeats everyday including weekends.

Taken from Asianuniverse.

On the series
Chinese Title: 巨輪
Producer: Amy Wong (Burning Flames Trilogy, Under the Canopy of Love, No Good Either Way)
Theme Song: Big Wheel (巨輪) by Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu
Episodes: 32
Released in : 2013

Louise Lee - Mrs Law
Ruco Chan - Kiu Tin Sang
Edwin Siu - Law Wai Soon (?)
Linda Chung - Rachel
Kristal Tin - Ying
Louis Yuen
Susan Tse
Leanne Li - Emily (?)
Lau Kong - Mr Law
Joseph Lee - Kiu Sir
Stephen Wong - Kim Sir
Paul Chun
Louis Cheung
Angelina Lo
Becky Lee
Brian Chu Man Hon
Cheng Chi Seng - Wong Sir

Short Synopsis
The serial, set between the years 1980 and 2013, depicts the moral life struggles of two half-brothers Kiu Tin-sang (Ruco Chan) and Law Wai-shun (Edwin Siu) during the late and post-colonial periods of Hong Kong and Macau. Historical events that were set against this era, including Hong Kong's 1980 Touch Base Policy, Macau's relaxed immigration laws of 1982, the 1991 goldsmith robberies, the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong and Macau to China in the late 1990s, the 1998 Hong Kong financial crisis, the 1999 Manganese triad wars, the 2003 Hong Kong SARS outbreak, and the 2008 Hong Kong financial recession, serves as some of the key plot vehicles that drive the changing fates of the brothers and their families.

- Jaynestars 


Perhaps the title should be The Final Redemption Of Sam but the truth is I feel Sam need not redeem anything since he did no wrong to others, except maybe to the poor young girl in Episode 31. The last 2 episodes is more on the worth of Sam, how others view him and more importantly how he views himself.

I will say this at the very beginning of my commentary. I seriously doubted the series for the past 4 or 5 episodes, I disliked the change of characters and I definitely hated the whole tone and tune so to speak. But the last 2 episodes, especially the last 15 minutes or so of the last episode fully redeemed this series because to me that is the focus of this series; not Rachel, not Ying, not mom but Soon and Sam, which clearly illustrates the title "Brother's Keeper". Anyone who has lost faith in this series need only watch the last episode and enjoy the return of the Kiu Tin Sang we all know and his self worth. That is why to me the entire 2 episodes is all about the worth of Sam.

How much is he worth you ask? Plenty. Sam is a strong character, from episode 1, as a teenager he swam to HK and how he made his own way, stumbled and reemerged later as stronger, better and in a way, the Kiu Tin Sang who knows his true value. In Episode 31 you will see a dejected Sam. In fact you might even wonder why did he have to stick to those gangsters, why not find his own way, the proper way. So for me all those accusations of Sam losing his way, losing his worth and losing his self respect by turning into this... monster is only true in Episode 31. What he supposedly did wrong could never be compared to him quite almost losing his soul when in Episode 31 he witnessed a young teenager being viciously raped by his big boss and the girl subsequently killed herself that very night. That moment he acted in self preservation and in that lost his soul. So yes, Sam did turn into Vader, but like Darth Vader, in the end he found ways of redeeming himself. He became Mandy's informer, even declaring he will sacrifice himself to bring down that big bad boss who rapes, sells Ketamine to teenagers and is an all round bag guy. Mandy many times urged him to save himself first, but Sam with steely determination declared "If I have to die, I will drag them to hell with me". I know he will not die but for a moment I thought perhaps TVB might try to be funny.

At the same time Soon and Rachel both involved in the kidnapping did not emerge smelling like Roses.

At times I wonder does Soon believe his brother? Was Soon so naive to believe he could escape if Sam did not loosen the ropes used to tie Soon? For many episodes Soon has shown himself in very bad light, unintentionally. He'd rather listen to Ying than to fight for his brother's honour; he'd rather buy a new shop than to pay for Sam's defence; all in all he wanted to help Sam but he did not believe in Sam at all. He abandoned the very brother who never abandoned him. After the reconciliation at the hospital, Sam said it in a rather nice way "In your heart you knew I was trying to help you. How can you not? I am your big brother, I will always look out for you. In your heart you knew I will never bring harm to you". And Soon near tears held his brother's hand. Frankly I wasn't quite convinced Soon knew and for the longest of time I wondered if Soon ever had any faith in his own big brother. But Episode 31 and 32 redeemed Soon in a big way by Soon asking a very simple question Rachel never asked. When confronted with evidence of his brother mixing with the bad guys doing bad things, Soon suspected Sam's true intentions but did wondered aloud many times "But why? Why did brother do that? Why?". This simple question of WHY tells me Soon had doubts; he doubted the veracity of what he heard about his brother. This shows deep inside in his heart he knew his brother could not be so bad, or as bad as anyone tells him. But he never quite fully redeemed himself at the start of Episode 32 when he stood by and did nothing when Ying informed the police Soon's handphone number (the handphone was accidentally dropped into Sam's bag and so police can GPS Sam which led to the unfortunate almost sorry end of Sam) nor did he scolded Rachel for calling the cops on Sam when Sam appeared at his mom's birthday party. But then it fits doesn't it? Rachel his goddess can do no wrong. Whatever my criticism of Soon may be, one thing is clear. In his own way he is loyal to Sam. He never even thought about wooing Rachel, he never even entertained that idea because he knew this will destroy Sam and of course, a huge reason is because Rachel is still in love with Sam.

But is Rachel still in love with Sam? For many episodes she has demonstrated herself as someone who thought the worst of Sam; she never gave him a chance to explain, she never fully confronted him or their breakup and she never asked the question "Why". Whenever she heard something bad about Sam, her immediate reaction is "He can't be helped anymore!". Soon thinks she is still in love with Sam because she is not with anyone else. In the end when she found out about the truth of Sam, she regretted and stood by him, holding his hands as the ambulance took him to the hospital. When he was better, she clearly intimated that she wanted to go back with him, that her heart was his, especially when Sam said he wants to leave HK and with regret Rachel said "But you just came back, you have many people who still cares deeply for you". Sam knew who she meant, she knew he knew but he made up his mind. He had to go. Rachel in her own way promised to wait. At this point I am still pissed off with Rachel and that moment confirms one thing; Rachel is that sort that is in love with a  "hero". Well who doesn't? But when the "hero" lost his way, she was the first to abandon him. When the "hero" tried to explain, she didn't bother to listen. She was deeply prejudiced against Sam and the pinnacle of that prejudice was when Sam dropped by to see his mom at her birthday bash, seeing Soon he rushed off and Soon ran after Sam and faraway Ying and Rachel saw Soon and Sam struggling against one another and Ying remarked "Is he trying to hurt Sam?". Can't blame Ying, she hardly knew Sam but Rachel had a decade long relationship with Sam, she even knew it was Sam who hugged her when she was blindfolded and yet she can't see that it was Soon holding onto Sam who was struggling to get away. She immediately called the police. That to me was the pinnacle of her betrayal of Sam. When Sam found out she called the police, his stare was full of hurt and perhaps a little disbelief. At that point Sam should have realised Rachel will never stick by him. She is a "good time" girl. That is a person to have good times with but when bad time comes, she is the first to turn.

On paper Rachel sounds ideal. But on screen, Rachel has got to be one of the worst written and reasoned character of all time. She is a good girl but a terrible girlfriend at the worst of time. In her eyes Sam is worth zero. She is highly prejudiced, biased and uncompromising. All that because she sees Sam as a fallen hero. She is in love with the charming gallant brave and heroic Sam. When reality sets in, her love dissipates. When Sam returns as a hero that saved the day, her love returns. I will call that a conditional love; on the condition that Sam never disappoint her, remaining a hero is her eyes, her love still exists. The ending does nothing to dispel that sort of reasoning. It in fact reinforces it. So to me Rachel was never redeemed at all. She is as rainbow, unicorn, apple pies and all thing sweet and nice in her head as she was when Sam first met her.

So imagine my fear how the ending will be; how stupid it will be if Rachel so called accepts Sam again and Sam jumps into her embrace. Thank you the writers of TVB for giving Sam his last remnants of his worth in our eyes when it comes to Rachel. She clearly said she wants him back but Sam (thank you very much!!) rejected her in the most polite way with his own cryptic words that Rachel used to use on him. He said;

Perhaps timing is everything. Perhaps timing isn't right, not right now. I want to find my way again in this world, to seek out my own path again, and when I come back, when I have found my path, perhaps then the timing may be right.

YES! Yessssssssssss!!!! I was so happy Sam got his balls back. However disappointed Rachel was, in the end the final scene was Soon happily seeing that bracelet that Sam gave her many years ago which she refused to wear and seeing her wearing that bracelet again. It means Rachel made a promise; she will wait for Sam. This time it will be Rachel doing the wondering, the pining, the waiting whilst Sam finds his own way.

I am not sure where Sam will go, probably to do some volunteering work. In one of the last scene of the 2 brothers together, Sam told Soon he will be leaving. Soon asks Sam to stay but Sam reminds Soon of Sam's own promise when they first reached HK, that is to earn his first bar of gold or something like that. At that point Sam meant richness. But now, Sam meant his own path, his own true worth. I find that very encouraging. I find that sort of ends this series on a very positive note.

The positive note is Sam found his own true worth again. Of course he did it to redeem himself in the eyes of his family and of himself. But more importantly, for himself. He could hold his head up high and look into the eyes of his mother, Soon, Rachel and even his stepfather who he finally calls "Dad". I don't suppose he was a hard child to take care of, especially the old man himself isn't an easy man to be with. But that one word "Dad" sort of promises a positive beginning between stepfather and stepson. Again that is something very positive.

Maybe I would have wished Sam ends up with Mandy who seems to be the only one who never doubted Sam. I like Mandy. She stood by Sam, she encourages him and finally she has a hand in helping Sam to find his own true worth. One of the most harrowing scene was the final scene of Sam's redemption was when he was shot by the police who was investigating the kidnapping whilst Sam was busy punching that big bad gangster and Mandy ran forward and cried "Sammmmmmm! Stop! Stop! He is our own!!" and I am sure the police dude who shot Sam will be seriously traumatized because he shot a "colleague" as he cried "What... WHAT?!" That was such a scary and exciting scene, ruined only by Soon, Rachel and Ying arriving at the scene, they all knew Sam was shot, they were all fearful for his life and Rachel had to spoil it by again, what I call the final insult when she asked Mandy "Was he involved in some police shootout?". The question is sickening because she means to ask did Sam bring this to himself by getting involved with bad guys and shooting at the police? It was Mandy who explained everything, and I wished she had shouted at Rachel instead of calmly like in a reassuring way saying "Sam is my informer. He wanted to prove he is not some garbage of society, he is the same good Sam, Rachel, he never changed". It was said in a nice way but I wished Mandy had shook Rachel and shouted "RACHEL, SAM IS MY INFORMER! LISTEN! HE IS NOT SOME GARBAGE, HE IS A GOOD GUY! BITCH!". Something like that. Of course it was very satisfying to let all that sink in and see Rachel going OMG and saying "I... I called the police.. I did not believe him...". Yeah, the hero is back for Rachel but for me, Rachel is just a first class jerk. Which is why I was so happy when Sam rejected her, in the nicest possible way. It is time Sam prioritizes himself.

And that sums up up the entire series, Brother's Keeper. Sam knew his worth, lost it, regained it and in the end found his own true worth. The last 2 episodes perhaps is the true reflection of what Brother's Keeper is supposed to be, unfortunately the story is riddled with inconsistencies. The passage of time was supposed to show the change in characters, especially Sam but the only one who went through any change is truly Sam alone. The rest remained who they were with cynicism thrown in that made me quite simply hate them. The last episode gives to us the viewers a good closure for Sam. It is to me the perfect end, that Sam got his final say. But everyone else remains vague. Soon never married, no children and his character never did go through any big change. Rachel remains a character I hate the most in this series, even with that ending of her promise to wait for Sam because I feel she is in love with the idea of Sam the hero, not Sam the real person. There is no doubt Sam is brave and he finds his own path, he walks it and he admits it when he is wrong. He is at times heroic but Sam is not a hero. He is a human being, and Rachel has never been good with dealing with Sam the human being. To me Rachel remains an unconvincing good guy. Ying has a better ending in the sense she married Lung Fei and deeply in love although I would have wished for a bridge between the miscarriage scene and the reconciliation scene. And till the end no wedding and no children. How strange.

If you have not watched this series, I will recommend it for only one reason; Ruco Chan. Maybe you will dislike his Sam but I am sure somewhere towards the end you will feel the most sympathy for him. He faced total abandonment, total doubt, total everything but he fully redeemed his self worth in the end. It is quite a journey for this character even if in the middle it was badly written. If this was a tighter script, it would have been a classic of one man's journey to forgiveness and redemption. That seems to be the original basis except Sam's downfall was unconvincing until Episode 31. So many episodes wasted on what I couldn't even remember and the real action, real theme is towards the last 2 episodes. It could have been a classic, but for the most part it was a dud. Not a total dud, but disappointingly isn't as great as it could have been. The script for the most part is terrible. This is more so in the last scene, Rachel and Soon discussing the positivity of Sam going away, etc and Rachel and Soon remarked "He has lost everything now..." and I thought what a weird line to say at this point. If this was said in Episode 31, perhaps that is true. But to say it in the final scene is totally wrong and I can only surmise the writer got confused. Because everything that Sam has done prior to him leaving HK means he regained everything. He had his family back, he had Rachel again and also more importantly his self worth. So he may have lost everything THEN, but he has gained everything NOW. His going away is not to seek what he has lost but rather to seek a different path in life. What a weird line and shows both Soon and Rachel in a very bad light. Till the end, they never understood Sam.

Despite all these, I will say watch it for Ruco Chan's chameleon-like performance. It is not his best performance but look at it this way; such a lousy script but he managed to rise above all those inadequacies and give us a memorable performance of a man we all feel is a good character. Maybe it is Ruco's ability to retain the integrity of any character he plays but Sam to me never quite became as hopeless as Rachel declared him to be. This has a lot to do with the weak script and the unconvincing story about Sam and his downfall, the inability to fully make him a disgusting villain but perhaps, just perhaps it is also the actor's inability to be vilified. I felt the same way for Ruco's character in Three Kingdoms RPG.

When I was about to watch Episode 31, I have thought about how I will write my commentary. I had wanted to dedicate a song to Sam, a classic from Danny Chan that is the themesong from the best TVB modern day series ever, Looking Back In Anger. The chinese title is 一生何求 ( which I translate as "My heart's desire" but literally it means "All that I desire all my life".

It is hauntingly beautiful and fits the series. It is from the perspective of Felix Wong's character. In Sam's context, it fits him too, prior to Episode 32. This series has a much happier ending that Looking Back In Anger but at some point, I can imagine Sam saying the lyrics as follows:-

I did not expect the loss I have suffered...
Is my all ...

If you have never watched Looking Back In Anger  you must. Because Brother's Keeper is more like Looking Back In Anger's alternate title. The difference is Deric Wan's character was never redeemable from the beginning. He was always selfish, vain and he walked a very very wrong path destroying everything and even till the end his brother, Felix loved him even if he was disappointed in him and had to let Deric face the consequence of his actions. Brother's Keeper never had that same level of intensity and will never have that same level of classic that Looking Back In Anger enjoyed. Brother's Keeper had potential but was bulldozed by the lazy writing and the wrong emphasis. It didn't go the way it should have and in the end was half way from nowhere. Episodes 31 and 32 showed the potential it had but it was a little too late to give Brother's Keeper the credibility of a good series. It isn't that terrible but it is those that you watch once and you can put aside and never return to it. It has no rewatch value and it is exciting only for that little while. It will create discussions but it will never have that level of discussions that a much better series will generate for years to come. It can never be timeless, as timeless as Danny Chan's classic is or the series that it is a themesong to. But perhaps my expectation may be too high, after all Looking Back In Anger is the classic of classics.

Quite a pity because the performances were for the most of them wonderful. Actually, what a pity.


I am beyond frustrated with Episode 30. I am very angry at what they did to my Ying. This episode makes me hate her.

There was an ironic scene where Rachel and Soon remembered and narrated how Sam helped them through thick and thin and I was laughing because well when Sam was in deep shit, what did Rachel do? She told him to plead guilty. She has totally given up on him and yet when she told him to plead guilty she did not make a promise; "When you're out I will be there waiting for you". It was as if asking him to plead guilty will just close the chapter for her, to her convenience. As for Soon, he did wanted to help and hire the best lawyer. But he did so thinking his brother was totally and absolutely innocent. He has some serious problems I tell you. Yes Sam is clearly guilty of misconduct and tampering with evidence but he did not help to kill Dino, something no one made clear to Soon and Rachel so again they were shocked and thought the worst of him when own lawyer said perhaps Sam may be involved but not enough evidence to charge Sam. And this is where I got very angry.

Ying on hearing Soon wants to pay the lawyers to fight the case, Ying like everyone else said Sam is guilty so why waste a fortune on him? Ying even called Soon's mom and told her about Sam and his arrest, which she has absolutely no right to do so without consulting Soon. She did it anyway. She felt keeping the business is better than wasting money on a hopeless criminal like Sam. Soon listened to her and boy, was Sam disappointed, and angry. And so was I because minutes later Ying asked Soon when he can sign some new agreement on the purchase of a new shop.

Wait a minute! Did she say purchase a new shop? Money which they can use to help Sam fight the case? No, they rather throw Sam out to the dogs and let him find his own way.

Realistic? Perhaps. An act of a loving family? Nope. Why you may ask?

Well if Sam was some junkie hopeless gangster guy who spent his entire life in crime and never cared anything for the family but was a constant disappointment, who repeatedly cheated on his girlfriend and had no remorse, who is a cop killer or what not, then yes, I say give up on him. But Sam is not. What did he do wrong?

Evidence tampering, misconduct as a policeman. That's it. And to Soon and Rachel and even Ying, that means Sam is beyond redemption, let him rot in jail so he can learn his lesson, destroy his entire life with a conviction and use that money to buy another shop. I was at that point can't understand the logic of it all.

And let's analyze the case for Sam.

So called video, the so called irrefutable evidence. Yes they saw him retrieve a golden chain but can anyone tie the golden chain to the Blondie gangster and then to him murdering Dino? No. In fact they have evidence of Sam tampering with evidence but they have no evidence against Blondie for murdering Dino. Now if you're the police, will you want to convict your own guy the small fry or the retired big time gangster? If the former, then you're an idiot. If the latter, then you will need Sam's testimony; Sam will be the state prosecution's star witness, he will be given protection, even witness protection program, new identity and probably suspended jail term. Because him stealing the golden chain is small stuff compared to what they can get from Blondie. I doubt Blondie confessed anything. This series like so many series about HK legal system, it seems there is never any plea bargaining.

Remember Mandy? Appeared and then gone. Back into freezer since her job is done. No continuity at all. So Sam got 7 years, small stuff actually. But that 7 years is built on the fact that yes, he did do wrong but was it so wrong to have everyone abandon him and talking about him like he was the worst sort of black sheep in the family? I love it when the mother scolded Soon, that he had promised to help Sam but he didn't. Sam may be guilty but a case always have loopholes. In the end Sam thinking he was abandoned totally decided to admit guilt and he was depressed, refused to see anyone and lo and behold, Blondie and him in same prison. Now that is asking for trouble isn't it? Blondie stabbed him in the shower room with a toothbrush but Sam had a better idea; he made Blondie stab him in the stomach so that Blondie can be charged for Sam's murder. Shocked and afraid, I supposed Blondie from thereon left Sam alone. And Sam in a pool of blood remembered he wrote a letter to his family, saying he was ashamed to see them and hopes Soon will take care of mom and of all people, Rachel who didn't care for him in the way she should have cared. Even till the end, he is trying to shield Rachel who has done nothing to shield him. At that point I was angry, very angry. What have this series turned into? Sam didn't deserve all that. What did he do to deserve at one point total abandonment?

Cut to 7 years later he left prison without telling his family. Again everyone acts like here is a black sheep that has left prison, now it is time to take him home and all that stuff, as if he has repented. I feel it was most unfair for Sam to have only his mother by his side; the brother he protected didn't protect him. The woman he loved abandoned him. Everybody else sees him as a liability. He didn't deserve such treatment. His so called descent into hell is to me seems incomplete; not enough justification which makes him looked pitiful and everybody else plain selfish, Ying included.

About Ying, I feel she would have enough loyalty to stand by Soon but she was the one who singlehandedly decided Soon had done enough. She had no right to do so and I hated her rudeness, her way of handling this delicate matter. Next came the most stupid scene; Ying advising Soon to woo Rachel. Talk about kicking poor Sam into the gutter and jumping on top him as the same time! I feel like Ying has lost her marbles; the writer has destroyed everything decent about Ying and all is left is an angry dissatisfied woman who thinks her opinion matters the most. Ying was never like that. She wouldn't have asked Soon to do what she asked him to do. She knows Soon loves Sam, he did put Sam on the pedestal however a disappointment Sam turned into and so she knows Soon will never take Rachel away from Sam, even if Rachel wants Soon to do so. So why would such a stupid scene exist? To give Soon more dilemma, to tell us what we already know? That Soon has the hots for his ex-future sister in law? By not going after Rachel doesn't mean he has no guts, it means deep down there is a little bit of respect and love left for Sam and if he did go for Rachel, then the torture and cruelty towards Sam becomes absolutely complete. Soon can't be that cruel. He may emphasised on having another branch than spending the money on Sam's defence but he can't be as cruel as Ying advised him to be. I know the scene is to illustrate an advise of a dear friend to another dear friend, after all Ying always have Soon's best interest to heart. But this time she got it wrong; Sam is Soon's most loved, not Rachel even if he was drama queen about Rachel and Sam some episodes ago. I can't believe Ying is complete destroyed and turned into this raving mad woman daring to suggest the cruelest suggestion. You think Sam will take lightly Soon's betrayal of him going for Rachel? I doubt it.

What is missing in this episode to me is the humanising of Rachel. Soon has sort of redeemed himself. His eagerness to spend huge amount of money on Sam's defence is because innately he believed or wanted to believe in Sam's innocence, which was why when confronted with the evidence he with shocked said "He is guilty? He lied to me? Why would he lie to me?". Sam again disappointed his little brother who looked up to him but still he wanted to give his brother a chance of a decent defence. That to me is Soon's redeeming quality. Rachel however displayed none of those redeeming qualities. Yes she showed concern for Sam but for me, just on the surface. She knew what would make Sam turn around, what will give him hope, but she didn't give him her promise. And I suppose why promise something you can't give? It still didn't show Rachel in a good way. So a pivotal scene would have redeemed Rachel, or condemn her to hell in the eyes of fans of Sam. What would that be? When Sam sorta committed suicide (he clearly did not die), we get to see the reaction of mom and Soon and even Soon's father who turned into a better man by supporting his wife and even giving some sound advice. But what of Rachel? What did she think of that news? Did she cry? Did she feel guilty? Did she feel nothing? Well that missing scene would have given us more aspect of Rachel we can see and understand but alas, the scene being missing means there is no bridge between Sam and Rachel. So when earlier Sam held up Rachel's picture, all I can think of is "Come on man, forget that woman! She does you no good! She doesn't care about you!" which in a way is true. She cares but not enough. She wants to help but not enough. Some missing scenes would have helped answer the question; does Rachel still want to be part of Samchel? I don't know. She seems disinterested so why is she appearing before Sam and torture him by giving him false hope and yet be judgmental about him and told him to please plead guilty? How much more cruel can she be to poor poor Sam? Sam already in the gutter, Sam already abandoned, Sam now amongst enemies.. What more can be expected of Sam? Well ... death and that scene with the Blondie guy makes sense. His closing himself into his own world makes sense. His avoiding his family makes perfect sense. But Ying telling Soon to go for Rachel? That made no sense at all.

Talking about Ying, I thought she broke up with Lung Fei and yet this episode, there they are, in the same house, teasing one another, etc. The entire scene just made Ying looked so selfish when I expected maybe a bridge between breakup and makeup. Did they marry? I have no idea. All I know is I am confused.

And what happened to Kim Sir? What about his fate? For entire series we all expect Sam's father Kiu Sir as that irresponsible father but he was the one who actually helped Sam and even visited him and gave him some sound advice. It felt weird that at the start the fathers were douchebags but in the end each father sort of redeemed themselves; Rachel's father by buying Rachel the shop, Soon's father by being supportive of his wife and Sam's father by telling him he does not intend to use Sam to benefit his useless son, Kim Sir. Which is why I find it very sad when Sam thanked his father for being his father for the first time in his life and he sadly said "But... all is much too late".

2 more episodes till the end. How much more must Sam suffer before he gets his silver lining? Must he die? Go back to jail? Soon vowed to look for Sam in 2012 which to me redeemed Soon in my eyes. Rachel? What is Rachel's role in all this? Will she just sit back and judge? Or will there be this major reconciliation scene of Rachel going after Sam and to find Sam, to talk to him, to confront him? Because they never really properly break up. They never properly got back together. They never properly anything for any matter.

So for the next to episode I hope to see a proper closure. I hope to see Soon helping Sam. Sam dies or lives does not matter. One of them had to be the other's keeper, as per the title. Soon may die trying to save Sam for all I care. I want Sam to find his redemption and his hope again. I hope to see Rachel proactively do something instead of just standing there like a pretty little vase. If she loves Sam, I want her to find him, save him, give him a promise, a chance. I don't want Sam and Soon rescuing her any more. This woman needs to take action, not receive action. If not to me till the end Rachel will remain an annoying selfish uncaring cruel woman without actually being actively uncaring cruel and selfish. Some people can do more harm by doing nothing at all, some nice people with the best of intention actually helped to create a worse off environment, such is Rachel. I hope to see Ying marrying or already married Lung Fei. By my calculation, shouldn't they all now be in around 40s to even late 40s? For a series about passage of time, I see no movement of time. I want a good ending, for once I want a complete ending that benefits Sam. The fall of Sam to me is unconvincing, half done so I hope the redemption of Sam will be convincing and well done.

This episode is not bad. But it is one that has some parts that made you question whether the editing got in the way or the writer lost his mind when writing this episode. Well, whatever may be, what's done is done. I am Team Sam and so to me everyone else is just wrong. Everyone sees Sam as this hopeless creature but to me Sam was just dealt with a series of major blows of bad luck.

As for performances, I shall reserve my comments until the last episode and I shall write solely on performances and some memorable moments. I won't have much bad to say about the performances but even the best performances are somewhat destroyed by the inconsistencies, the inaccuracies, the stupidity of it all. Not the actors' fault but when it comes to taking sides in certain characters, these inconsistencies  will not help these characters. What on paper sounds good on screen sounds like the most selfish person ever. In this episode, Ying. In previous episodes, Rachel and Soon. I am sure that was never intended but somehow it will lead to that conclusion. Poor poor Sam.

What happened? Tonight's episode is like a crazy guy with caffeine overload.

Oh my heart hurts. Handsome Ruco in that handsome green-ish jacket (which is not related to the plot) got arrested (very related to the plot). Oh so sad!

Coming soon.

Things fall apart, in spectacular fashion for everyone. Like I am resigned to the fact that I will never ever see a wedding in this series because remember Ying, pregnant? Lost the baby after a fall and uncharacteristically, Fei blamed her. So they broke up.  Poor Ying. Unnecessary drama. I want at least 1 happy couple!

Then poor poor Sam. Remember he had cops as colleagues? Hard to remember since they never showed up for so many episodes or in Sam's time, 8 years or so since we are now 2005. Some police dude suddenly walked onto crazy Kim Sir's room and declared there was a peeping tom who recorded something interesting and very clearly too; Sam taking out the chain belonging to.. what's his name? That blonde gangster? When blondie killed a bad guy named Dino? Sam helped to clean up evidence? For Kim Sir it was like Christmas morning. He quickly investigated, etc and even went to Sam so that as if he was talking terms with Sam and showed that picture to the blondie gangster and said Sam turned state witness. Blondie met with Sam and was reassured Sam has no interest being state witness. And Blondie whose usual tagline with Sam is "Hey friend, we are friends, brothers, I will never harm you" put out a HKD1 million price tag on Sam's life. To Kim Sir, his 1st preferred ending is Sam dead or 2nd , caught. His father, Kiu Sir was horrified and went to warn Sam and we found out in the past he was the one who typed a letter and warned Sam that the internal affairs are investigating him which led to Sam quitting the police force. He urged Sam to surrender himself which I though like Sam did, NO WAY!


1. that means going to jail since in HK turning state witness does not guarantee free out of jail card

2. he's a cop or was a cop. If he goes to jail don't you think his enemies will beat him up every day? More so if he is same jail with blondie? HKD1 million or not, Sam is dead either in or out of jail

So Sam decided to escape to Taiwan, met with the Frog character who can arrange that but since news is heavy about the price of his head, he must go to Macau first and then to China. So he went, go chased around with knives and had to hide and I was thinking "Well don't go to Rachel, she will puke" and suddenly Rachel didn't matter because he went to Soon's warehouse and Soon saw him. In fact Soon knew Sam was in trouble because that Frog  guy went to him and threatened; "Pay me HKD500,000 and I will help your brother if not without me he is dead". Soon wanted to lecture Sam but Sam cut him off by being apologetic for what he did to Loh Soon Kei and said "No worries, I have always had to take care of myself, I know how" and Soon softened and told Sam he will get him the money. But before he could bunch of gangster dudes kidnapped him, beat him up pretty badly and rescued by Sam and Sam then ran away as Soon went to get the money only to be stopped by.. what's the name of Sam's best friend at the academy? The lady cop? She and Kim Sir were looking for Sam except for her, she will try to help him. Cut the long story short, Soon led the lady to where Sam was and Kim Sir arrived and had a gleeful time kicking the shit out of poor poor Sam and Sam wanted to kill Kim but was persuaded not to and he was arrested and he turned and looked at Soon with such hatred it will chill your heart.

So the cycle completes. Soon hated Sam for what he did, then Sam atoned himself and now Sam thought Soon betrayed him and now for Soon to try to atone himself when neither brothers were at fault. Soon did what he did to protect Sam but Sam didn't think so.

Anyway defense lawyers will have a very fantastic time arguing lots of conspiracy theories because no less than 4 people saw Kim Sir kicking the shit out of Sam and saying things like "So you think you can win? No! I won! *kick* how does that feel? *Kick*" and happily doing so. And in HK there's no plea bargaining I suppose? Everyone goes to jail when Sam is supposed to be the star witness. After all he can  help bring down a retired major gangster aka blondie. Oh yeah... Mandy! That's the name of the lady cop. Right? Ok she shall be Mandy. Anyway Mandy should arrest Sam first and I am sure there must be orders to ensure Sam's safety because he is a witness. But not to Kim Sir. He is insane. That guy remains unmarried, still living with his dad and still sporting the same 90s look. What a loser.

You will be quite overwhelmed by the contents of this episode because everything happens at once, together, non stop. All the episodes, 20 more episodes led to this which will explain why Ep 1 happened. But I do feel it was such a rush. Like realising they have 2 more episodes and they need to finish or something like that so better give Sam his downfall. But it was so unfair for Sam. He did not deserve all these. None of it.

By the way Ruco looked rather dashing in that jacket where he wore when he was chased by gangster, and then being confronted by Soon and being kicked by Kim Sir. I mean I should be crying for Sam but I can't help but feel "wow, so handsome". I do however like the whole being chased sequence. Exciting stuff and also because finally the old Sam the fighter is back. After some sissy-fied moments of him bowing to Princess "I wanna puke" Rachel, some unreasonable expectations from Soon's generosity and what nots, here is the old Sam we all know. The one who fights for his fate, the one who makes his own fate, the action packed Sam. But again how unfair this story has been to our Sam. For one, his downfall is way too convenient. Too clean. Too easy. Too fast and too soon. Or rather too late because 1 episode and that's it, his downfall. Kinda makes you think what about the other episodes? The pacing to me is terrible. It would have been quite a classic if more attention given to development of characters and the situations they're in, like slow boiling to the perfect broth instead of putting in instant broth to make a soup. It may be an edible soup but no one will talk about an ordinary edible soup.


And I am still annoyed by the fact that there will never ever be a wedding.


Major major stuff.

I know at the end of episode 28 I am supposed to dislike Sam (which I do) and feel sympathy for Rachel for having such a bad person as a boyfriend and for Soon for having such a terrible brother (which I don't). I feel episode 28 fails in all aspects; either in garnering pity, getting support, questioning why and all that matters in the eventual spectacular downfall of Sam. I mean from day 1 Sam is a stubborn guy who sticks to his principle. But in episode 28 it is supposed to be the very 1st sign of him going Vader, that is selling Lo Soon Kei's franchising right in Fushan, China without telling Soon and causing Lo Soon Kei's reputation to suffer due to substandard products AND pocketing some a whole lot of millions I think for himself to pay for his apartments since economy is bad instead of giving to Soon or selling his own condos. Soon angrily shouted at his brother and they had a shouting match and Sam nearly beat Soon when Soon screamed "You're such a bastard, you betray me, you betray Rachel and you betray yourself by being a gigolo for money and broke Rachel's heart". Mom came into the picture and suffered a heart attack. I mean all these are such dramatic stuff right? Wrong! Because questions start popping up;

    1. How can Sam ever sell the franchise since he doesn't have power of attorney or signatory right or whatever the legal stuff to having the right to sell something not yours to someone else?

    2. Soon did mention how the franchise will ruin his business but seriously, the thing about franchise is he can always terminate the contract if the franchise is not up to standards so Soon was such a drama queen. He can later publish a huge ad in papers to deny any ties with that shop in China apart from the things he planned to do.

    3. Sam pocketing the millions is akin to fraud so how come no one threaten to contact the police?

    4. Why is Soon bundling  Rachel into the argument with Sam?

For no. 4, I will tell you why.

This series doesn't say so but I can surmise that Soon is innately jealous of Sam because Rachel loved Sam and not Soon. Therefore he blamed Sam for hurting Rachel and so bundling Rachel into the argument to me is incredibly spiteful of Soon and to call Sam a gigolo is incredibly irresponsible for Soon. For me Soon is like faking his love and admiration for Sam ever since he knew Sam cheated on Rachel and I find Soon such a douchebag of a brother. But then Sam is also a douchebag of a brother for cheating Soon because I do believe if Sam were to tell Soon about his financial problems, Soon would have sold a shop to help him. And then Rachel is also a douchebag; she heard the brothers' arguing and immediately she thought the worst of Sam and giving him a lecture about changing into this hopeless beyond redemption bad guy and left him, again. Get what I mean? Everyone is being so judgmental of poor Sam, although Sam was wrong, you will feel for Sam. Yes Sam is bad. Yes he did wrong. Yes he didn't and refused to acknowledge he did Soon wrong as he proclaimed Soon should help him now since he helped Soon often in the past, 2 different things mind you. So yes, we are supposed to have like "Sam you douchebag!!" reaction. And frankly I do have that reaction. BUT I was very disgusted with Soon when he brought up Rachel when arguing with Sam. As if he knew all the facts, as if he is the guardian protector of fragile poor little pretty Rachel. What right has he to say what he said to Sam? So Sam was justified in being angry with Soon. What right does Rachel have to jump to conclusions and proclaim Sam as hopeless? What did he do to have her have the preformed misconception that he is hopeless? Yes he cheated on her, ONCE and that is because he wanted to have money to buy her a shop. Rachel's mom proclaimed to Sam to leave her daughter alone, since Rachel suffers when Sam is near her. I beg to differ madam! It is Rachel who causes Sam's downfall, even if she doesn't realise it. Rachel IS an expensive girlfriend to maintain, and Rachel does not understand Sam's pressure in trying to get on her family's good side, she doesn't even bother to see it from Sam's point of view. Which is why outside the hospital Sam pleaded with Rachel "Please don't see me from Soon's point of view". Well, Rachel is too judgmental to see beyond her own rainbows, unicorns, apple pie and whatever beautiful things she wants to see.

What I am trying to say is basically, everyone is a douchebag. Rachel is one for being too quick to judge and frankly this woman doesn't know how to love. Soon is a douchebag because even if he is right to be so drama queen about his shop (I mean he is right, of course but he can cut the drama please), he was such a mean spirited brother when it comes to Rachel. He innately hates Sam, that's how I see him, therefore making him a pretentious little git. Sam is a douchebag for what he did to Soon. I don't see his actions against Rachel as douchebag-ish since he already did enough to atone for his sins so to speak but his "it is my god given right" actions against Soon to me makes him a douchebag.

And yet I can find it in my heart to forgive Sam for one simple reason; this episode did not do enough to make me hate him. In fact I blame Soon and I blame Rachel and I feel Sam is in a desperate situation but not a villainous situation. At the hospital we see Sam crying by his mother's side. Sam is not a bad person, he is not even a mean or evil person, he is just pushed into a corner, in desperation he did what he did. If the writer wanted to make us dislike him, then he failed miserably. Sam is still not that terrible a person. Instead any dislike is towards Soon and Rachel and to me that is not the writer's intention, which kinda backfired in my humble opinion. Because if you can't hate the supposed villain, then everyone else who sees him as a villain is being too quick to judge and therefore unreasonable and unforgiving.

To me, these 3 jokers are all equally accountable. I don't like any of these 3 except I feel at least Sam isn't too quick to judge and isn't pretentious which is why I feel for him.

The writer should just kill off these 3 and concentrate on a pair that I like immensely; Ying and Lung Fei. How Fei stood up for Ying in front of his parents, how Ying wanted to sacrifice her career for Fei, all very very touching and to me is one of those rare moments in this series where I don't go face palming myself at the idiocy and hypocrisy I see in this episode. But however good these 2 did for this episode, the damage by those 3 is complete.

There was a way to salvage all that; if only the writer isn't too obsessed to jump to the meaty stuff, instead of just build up on the tension. Episode 27 we see Rachel and Sam tearfully reconciled but in episode 28 we discovered Rachel hasn't reconciled with Sam. What is the problem with Rachel and her "reconcile? not reconcile? I don't trust him? I love him?" confusion? I tell you what is the problem. It frustrates the hell out of me. I am tired of her will she or won't she reconcile with Sam. Either she does or she doesn't. This episode takes away the tenderness of episode 27, it doesn't show the effort done by Sam for Rachel, it doesn't show Rachel being grateful, it just jumped to perhaps weeks or months later where both recovered. It is so frustrating to watch a series where development of the characters is 2nd place to dramatic bursts of ... drama. So that is why I do not buy the fact that Sam has changed and everyone is now wary of him, disappointed in him. The development is terrible and the pacing is terrible and the emphasis is terrible. A potentially good storyline about 2 brothers is wasted on love relationships, on the indecision of Rachel and the fact that the brothers' are mostly apart than together. The only saving grace is Ying and Lung Fei who both demonstrated the steadfastness and loyalty and sincerity of friends, lovers and family. I can't stand Rachel. I can't stand everyone feeling for Rachel, even the bastard father of Soon. I can't stand everyone standing by Rachel when everyone abandons poor Sam (except his mom). Was his cheating on Rachel that terrible? Perhaps it is Rachel herself who can't see reality, who can't stand reality and therefore fails to appreciate reality. Did what he do to Soon terrible? Yes but Soon had no right to accuse Sam of other things so unfairly. Again Soon was too quick to blame Sam for everything. That's the trouble of this episode and this series. I feel nothing for the main 3 characters now, I feel something for one character but that is a misguided affection because clearly the writer doesn't intend it that way. And I feel the supporting characters are more worthy of my affection than those 3 main ones.

How terribly misguided this series is. Episode 30 will probably explain why Sam is driven to a life of crime, or maybe not. What I am sure is this series had potential but the direction is terrible. It is one of the better series this year but compared to better ones, this series has a long way to do. I pity the actors though; they were good but the characters they were saddled with were not.

Which brings me to Rachel's famous quote that is how I feel at the end of episode 28;

You make me wanna puke!

By the way, what will it take to have one bloody wedding in this series? Decades have passed, a baby is coming and no wedding in sight.

Again, to quote Rachel;

You make me wanna puke!

So frustrated!!

For a series about passage of time, I see no indication of time having passed except for the handphone models. One minute Kristal was usual Ying in her usual hair, etc, next minute her hair is shorter, slicker, in skinny pants. I thought time passed like a year but it seems only 3 days or so after she broke up with Edwin. Terribly confused for me, terribly lazy for TVB, absolutely inconsistent everywhere else.

Now talking about Kristal's Ying, last 2 episodes ago was her best. How she beat up the terrible wife of that friend of Edwin, how she ended up in jail and waited for 3 hours for Edwin to come and bail her out and he didn't (in fact it was funnily Louis Yuen who was also there in the cafe when the beating occurred and he even got knocked out and he was in hospital and woke up and in the end he rushed to the police station to bail her out) and her confrontation with Edwin about how disappointed she was with him an realising that bastard never loved her, at all. In fact for a decade of dating, he had never ever touched her (no sex!!), he refused to marry her, he was sulky when with her, he argued with her, etc etc etc. He didn't deserve her at all. Edwin's Soon was like a bastard in that episode. So the drama spilled over to the next episode with a final scene where Ying shouted that she and Shun is O-VER. I say GOOD!

And then what happened? 

That wardrobe and hairstyle change, that she is in HK, that she wants to be his friend when he went to see her to ask her to go home, she ended up as 20% owner of Lo Soon Kei and she suddenly feels attracted to Louis Yuen who knows her better than Soon ever bothered (in part thanks to her dead grandpa's prediction/reading of her fate). All within half hour or so in the last episode I saw and all ended so damn neatly, so pretty, all fits nicely into this nice little package.

How disappointing. I expected Ying to be angrier since she wasted, totally and absolutely wasted a decade of her life on that useless bastard. I didn't expect Ying to suddenly fall for Louis Yuen, so it was like if all of a sudden, after 10 years of not noticing that man, within minutes she noticed him. I expected her to snub Edwin longer, maybe for an episode or so, make him sweat, make him regret but poor Ying, even the writers' treated her like some disposable garbage. But I am happy she ends up with a guy who totally deserves her.

Now let's go to the other woman treated as this precious porcelein doll that is so expensive, she must be handled with utmost care and attention which frankly, to use her own line which she quoted at least twice; "You make me wanna puke!". Seriously, all these talks about how hurt Linda/Rachel was, how Ruco/Sam hurt her, how she is so fragile and nonsense, I felt sorry for Ying and most of all for Sam, especially for Sam when bastard brother said to him "What you can do for Rachel is to disappear from her sight, forever".

Woahhhhhh woahhhhhhh now now... what did he do that was so terrible he needed to disappear from her sight, forever?

1. he kissed another woman
2. he pimped himself to another woman
3. he slept with another woman, once
4. the other woman is exactly that; one woman

I feel not only did Soon not care to correct Rachel, he puts her on a pedestal, so much so he willingly sacrifices his own brother. That little snitch. Wake up! Rachel won't even  look at you! I was expecting Soon to confront Rachel and tell her "Talk to my brother, at least break up with him face to face, don't hide, don't make him suffer" but nooooooooooo. He told Sam to disappear. Now, Rachel didn't tell Sam to disappear. She just said "Get lost, you make me wanna puke" so who is Soon to embellish Rachel's request? I was liking Soon less and less and less.

Anyway no worries fans of Samchel! Because Rachel saw Ying in HK and Ying actually said "You know, Sam really treats you so well. He lets you win all the time, he prioritises you, can't you forgive him?" which is something Soon should have said. My feelimg about Ying is if Soon cheated on her and yet tells her he is sorry and that he loves her, she would have forgiven him. Rachel after seeing Ying sorta melted a bit about Sam. Then SARS happened and I hated this part. Why?

I was thinking Sam gets sick with SARS and quarantined and Rachel rushes to him and in the end forgives him when he is at death's door. Except it was the other way around, both got sick but Rachel was sicker and Sam was in same ward and expressed his regret and then Rachel forgave him. Sick! SICK! Remember Rachel and her line?

You make me wanna puke!!

Why? Why must it be Sam begging for forgiveness? Why can't it be Rachel who realises she can't live without Sam and realises perhaps she was too harsh on him? Why must all things flow to Saint Rachel and not from Saint Rachel to her subjects?

Sick!! The more this series goes, the worse it is. Most characters are half baked, those well baked like Ying has her story cut and now became like the supporting one. All along Ying was the leading lady, but now since she is with Louis' Lung Fei, she is back to being the supporting. The love stories are also half baked. After decades, still no wedding in sight. I like Soon less and less and I feel Sam was unjustifiably made the villain and thrown all sorts of shit at him. How much more must poor Sam suffer? This series did not, for the past 20 episodes more show Sam in any bad light. He is not greedy, crazy or both. So how is this series gonna justify his downfall without making him look like the most pitiful person, ever?

So far these episodes have flashes of brilliance but deep down, it is pretty shallow.

Again to those who misses Rachel's quote;

You make me wanna puke!!

EPISODE 25 (25.10.2013)
Rachel, I so wanna SLAP you!!!!

This series has officially descended into utter madness. How dumb down can it go with the Rachel story? I need to gather my thoughts because right now I feel Tin Sang should leave Rachel and got for Fabio. Why? Let me ask you one very important question; had Rachel ever done anything for Tin Sang? I mean did she ever help him in anyway? Did she ever not burden him and assist him in any way?

The answer is a big NO. Whilst I feel she is justified in being angry, I feel part of the blame is on her. I predicted loss of memory and voila, loss of memory. But only for a little while. Rachel is like a spoilt princess except she is not that terrible. But everybody is so afraid of her fragile condition, how they all pander to her every cries and needs that when poor Tin Sang was slapped like a min 2 times, I feel in the end like I wanted to shake Rachel and scream..

Leave Tin Sang alone! You lost your memory, so bloody lose your memory and yet you still get attracted to him and when you remember, you jilted him again! Everyone's crying for your fragile heart but what Tin Sang who gets blamed and jilted again and again and again? Rachel, you never fought for him. You never helped him. He was wrong but you pushed him to Fabio. I want him to be with Fabio who was "woman" enough to go for her man and then when she knew she was wrong was "woman" enough to say sorry whilst you scream bloody murder. Rachel, you're such a useless wreck of a woman. Leave Tin Sang alone!!!

Oh how I HATE Rachel!!

What have the writers done to my beautiful series? It is 10 episodes till the end and yet it feels like it has overstayed its welcome. It is becoming total and absolute nonsense.

EPISODE 24 (24.10.2013)

Ruco has quit his police force job because he doesn't want to be investigated and hounded by Kim Sir. At first I was baffled. Is that the Ruco I know? Because he never gave up. But then I thought he is being pragmatic and he was right. I really like this guy for being able to let go when he must let go. However disaster struck when he goes to work for that "fox demon" to be aka Miss Fabio, irresistable woman who has him on sight. Can't blame her. I mean did you see Ruco in that hotel chief security suit? My god, I also want him! So handsome! So desirable! And Tin Sang is that sort of man's man you know? Ok I digress. Anyway to get more info on her mother's share purchasing habit so to speak, he became a male escort on new year's eve with this Miss Fabio and they shared a kiss. On paper it is a passionate kiss but on screen, well Ruco, YOU CAN DO BETTER!! Anyway he regretted it, and when Miss Fabio became even more shall I say insistent, he quit his job and confessed to Rachel what he did.

Now what was Rachel's reaction? Standard textbook reaction in accordance to HK TV series; she dumped him, big time over "loss of trust, I can't trust him anymore for his affair". Oi! Woman! ONE KISS! ONE BLOODY KISS! And he confessed and you dumped him? Well her mother Susan did one better. She confronted Miss Fabio, insulted and warned her and left.

Now if this is K-drama, believe me, Rachel would have walked right up to Miss Fabio and say;

You leave my guy alone, you understand you bitch? Leave him alone!

But this ain't K-drama and so Rachel's reaction is to me what is totally wrong with this episode and totally so bloody boring. Someone should tell Rachel that he had to turn male escort for the night so that he can earn money to buy her her bloody boutique shop. Because Rachel is so helpless and stupid to earn her own cash and had to depend on her boyfriend. Ruco shouldn't have helped the ungrateful git because she will be his downfall. In fact last episode of Hanzawa Naoki, our superhero Banker confronted the villain Owada who was in such dire strait because he cheated money to pay into his wife's failing boutique business and Hanzawa said to Owada;

Sorry if I am being truthful but your wife... is an awful businesswoman.

So is Rachel. And I demand Ruco to demand back his money and the shop from bloody idiot Rachel!

Come on TVB! Can't we have a more confrontational storyline? Give Rachel a backbone?

And guess what? In the end Ruco was so drunk he slept with Miss Fabio. See? SEE!! And that scene wasn't sexy at all by the way. It was horror show because I kept mumbling "die lar die lar die lar". Poor Ruco, this was his first step towards his sorry end. Rachel will marry him but in the end it was she said "loss of trust" but she probably wouldn't know it.

Poor poor Ruco. But honestly, he did say to Edwin "What did I do wrong? Any other man would have slept with her, I didn't, I controlled myself!!"

Ahhhhh that means he actually wanted to bed Miss Fabio! Oh Ruco, naughty naughty. Can't blame you. She is sexy. Frankly if I were Ruco I would have dumped Rachel and hit it off with Fabio. Why?

1. Maybe there is something sexy about a woman who looks a tad like Sonija but younger and sounds like Bernice.

2. She is a true businesswoman, not like some helpless "My business is going under!" Rachel

3. She is probably more fun in bed

4. At least she doesn't speak English like "Oh my gawddddddddddddd" accent

5. I like a woman who knows what she wants and gets it. Yes a total bitch but look at her competition; Rachel upon knowing her boyfriend kissed that woman who she knew was seducing him, what did she do? Nothing. But what did Fabio did? She went to him and got what she wanted. For a man who wants success, Fabio is that sort of woman he should marry.

Rachel, you disappoint me. Perhaps Linda when reading that part probably said "Oh my gawddddddddd! Can't she like you know, fight for himmmmmmmmm instead of dumping himmmmmmmmmmm?"

And by the way, a little comment on Ruco the actor. Oh my god. He is looking delicious. So bloody handsome. He can be Hanzawa Naoki in my opinion but will be too distracting. With his glasses he still look like a serial killer accountant but with now his bulked up body, he looks like a hot serial killer accountant.

Rachel, it is your loss.

By the way it has been like 10 years? When are we ever going to see a wedding, like ever?

EPISODE 21 (21.10.2013)

Kim Sir is insane. He wants to get Tin Sang (Ruco) and what does he do? Like any Internal Affairs officer do, check into his account and he finds, lo and behold HKD2 million paid for the shop for Linda and his skewered internal logic goes into overdrive and into something like this;

Linda is a rich man's daughter. Why would she need her BF to pay HKD2 million for her? I know! Money laundering!

I was like WTF was that?! What logic? Money laundering? Why would he need to launder money when he earned those money legitimately?! Even at the end Kwok Sir, who is Ruco's boss couldn't stand it and told Kim Sir to back off because everyone knows it is because Ruco once humiliated him and all that and no one trusts that crazy dude. Crazy. Anyway Ruco now wants to quit police force. Well it will be I think a decade before his downfall I think. I would love to watch Ruco hit back at Kim Sir but alas this series isn't Breaking Bad or Hanzawa Naoki in terms of "You hit me once, I will pay you back twice!" sort of philosophy.

Edwin is doing ok over at Macau because he has a super girlfriend. Nice couple.  Edwin now wants to buy a 2nd shop and surprise surprise his father was like a changed man; did not scream at him and say no but rather advised him soundly; work on the 1st shop first, wait awhile for the 2nd, much to the shock of both Edwin and Kristal.

Other than that nothing much else happened. Oh yeah, Miss Fabio clearly has the hots for Ruco. I have someone telling me the actress is pretty but guessed her age at 40. I think that is double fail don't you think?

I am however not pleased with the sudden change in personalities. Edwin was having  a hard time but big bro who looooooooves his little bro so much didn't even so much as show concern for little bro. I feel like too much emphasis has gone into individual storylines and then their love lives and yet these 2 brothers were kept mostly apart with distinct storyline without crossing path much. I find that very weird and very emotionally unemotional.

Other than that I feel the series has slowed down too much. The pacing is becoming a problem apart from the disconnected stories of the 2 brothers which is the highlight of this series.

EPISODE 20 (18.10.2013)

I am severely disappointed with Ruco!! Finally Edwin calls and what did he do? He sets up a peace dinner with that awful gangster as his way of helping Edwin! Angry Edwin quickly rushes to HK to give his brother a piece of his mind. He basically shouted "If I had wanted to settle it this way, I would have paid the protection money!" and Ruco pleads "Brother, this is the only way I can help you with your business. This is how you must do business in Macau!" but Edwin, with backbone of steels declares "I will fight to the end!! And brother, I have always respected you and admired you, I will listen to everything you say but not this time! I am so disappointed with you! Being friendly with these gangster will one day pull you down! You're a police! White is white, black is black!" and I was right Edwin you are absolutely right man! I was hoping for some gung ho drama with Ruco going to Macau to confront to arrogant bastards but not only did he fail to do that, he himself got caught in the 1st web of lies which I believe will assist Kim Sir who finally appears to bring him down! And he is nicer to his stupid clingy girlfriend than he does his own baby brother. Ruco, I am SEVERELY DEEPLY disappointed.

Sigh. So his downfall is his own doing. But then a man who does not hesitate to betray his mentor surely will not hesitate to preserve his own interest. Therefore there it is, the beginning of the downfall of Tin Sang of the Kiu clan.

EPISODE 19 (17.10.2013)

And so a few years later and it is 1997 prior to the historic handover. Sorry, after the handover. Not much in HK as Ruco is now Chief Inspector or something like that. Still not married to Linda, Linda still useless in the sense Ruco had to buy her a shop for HKD2 million which I am sure he earned by legitimate means.

Edwin however is having a very hard time. Macau has no visitors because is overrun with gangsters and business is terrible and since Edwin refuses to pay protection money, basically he got his cart trashed, called police and police said no evidence, got his shop trashed, called police and this time obviously police and gangster are of one "street", got beaten to a pulp, shop got burnt!!! So as we have a  very dramatic moment where Edwin got beaten to a pulp in slow mo no less and Kristal cries for them to stop, at the back of my mind I was thinking;

Edwin, you bro's a high ranking cop in HK. Surely he can advise you what to do?

And we have some more slow mo stuff when he rages against the gangster when he finds out shop's burnt down and at the back of mind..

Edwin, maybe ask Ruco to help?

And Edwin emotionally ran home and cried his entire career is over, now debt ridden, etc etc and bleeding he rushed to get money to buy a gun so that he can kill the gangsters as he screams "If they can ignore the law, why can't I?!?!?!" as Kristal hugs him and interestingly cries very heard BUT squeezes her eyes shut (why?) as she emotionally said "We can rise above this! We can start again! Together, we can! Your mother has high hopes for you, you can't disappoint her! You can't disappoint your brother too! (FINALLY MENTIONED THE BROTHER EH?!) Nothing can stop us, let the past success be past success, so what, we can always duplicate our success!!" and he cries very very hard and falls to the ground and my impatient mind goes;

Edwin, surely you can call your brother?

and FINALLY Kristal says "Why don't we ask your brother for help? He is a policeman after all, maybe .. maybe he has connections here with the police.."

and this time I said loudly in front of my family as we all watched this together;

Oh don't give me the BS that he doesn't want to burden his brother with his problems!

and right on cue (I SWEAR IT IS TRUE!!) Kristal says "I know you don't want to burden your brother with your problems, but this time we must"

and my entire family burst out laughing as they declared I wrote the TVB script. Funny moment for a very sad but predictable scene.

And so Edwin ponders and...


Ahhhh drama, so much drama but I kept thinking surely he must think of Ruco?!

By the way I wrote "I know you don't want to burden your brother with your problems, but this time we must" when in actual fact the words used were colder, harsher as in "I know you don't want to bother your brother with your problems but this time we must seek his help". Why I chose the former is because it is more in tune to the intentions of the scene, the latter which is almost accurate translation is baffling; as if he and Ruco are not close and yet he must bother Ruco which I know isn't the intention. I mean these 2 brothers are super duper close. He complained to Ruco about his stupid father immediately after they met, how their mother suffered, how he had no schooling and yet zoom to almost 7 years later or so, he is attacked by gangsters and his brother is a tough cop and yet he said not one word to his brother. NOT.ONE.WORD. I find that so baffling. You want drama? How about Supercop Ruco rushes to Macau with some baseball bats and starts cleaning up Macau in revenge for his baby brother whom he obviously loves?

Wait! That's for the next episode! So this episode we must have needless dramas like what happened. I am not talking about he got beaten and all, I am talking about Edwin raging against the police and said he has no help whatsoever and yet the brother's there! At least can't we have one scene where Edwin calls Ruco who is very busy and so Edwin decided not to bother Ruco with his problems? Already Edwin in Macau, Ruco in HK and we have so few scenes of them together! Come on! Reestablish the emotional connection between brothers! Pronto!!

But this episode does highlight one thing;

Kristal is the best girlfriend any guy can ever have. She tried to shield Edwin, she was fearless, she was optimistic, she held him back from committing stupid stuff and she actually said the most awaited and sensible dialogue; "Why don't we ask your brother for help?".

Compare that to Linda. How many years have she so called have her own fashion studio? Come crunch time she doesn't have HKD2 million for a shop, no problem, it happens. Daddy refuses to help and so it is boyfriend a cop who has not so high salary who dabbled in stock markets who bought her that stupid shop. I find her Rachel so needy, so useless, so burdensome, so princess, an unintentional gold digger by the standards of Cheongdam-dong Alice. Compare that to Kristal! Compare that!!

Now it makes me wonder. How can someone so good in everything like Ruco is could have fallen through whatever trap that made him into who he will be in Episode 1? What the hell happened?! TVB, TELL ME!!

God, this episode really really tested my patience with the obvious. I hated the slow mo Edwin got beaten scene, like my sis said, will that scene ever end?

But at its heart it is interesting and well written, except way too dramatic when I just want a few scenes to show connection with brothers instead of every credit given to Kristal for being the pillar in his life.

By the way, father is in hospital because of some stroke or whatever. Louise Lee is worried but guess what Louise? He will irritatingly survive that! I am so hoping for that archaic bully of a father who never helped his son to JUST!DIE! DIE! DIE!

And in this series no fathers ever help their children. Disgusting bunch.

And may I ask, where the heck is Kim Sir? Where?

Performances wise, no complains except why was Kristal closing her eyes or looks like she is crying so hard she was closing her eyes during the end scene as she held Edwin back from doing something stupid? I mean you may say great performance, in fact camera was very close to her face but sorry to say, I just feel a tad too close for comfort. She is not a pretty crier.

So, now is 1997 eh? All those news clippings are of no help since no connection except for news on gangsterism in Macau just to facilitate the story of Edwin got beaten to a pulp and having to start from fresh. In fact the starting from fresh was a by product. I suspect the writer/director just wanted to tug at our hearts at those punch punch kick kick cry cry blood blood scenes. Kinda worked but seriously went on for far too long. If this series is how each brother finds success, this series is not really showing it. They're too busy showing romance and what nots. Hopefully this series will properly tell Ruco's downfall and how Edwin helps him because right now, whilst this series is enjoyable, the story itself or narration is jumpy, is not coherent and is focusing in cheap stunts for making us notice the story but not proper storytelling for us to appreciate the brothers' ups and downs. That to me is the flaw of this series thus far. The storytelling is unbalanced.

P/S Something is not right. It is 1997 and...

1. Linda and Ruco still not married I think. Fine.

2. Her sister, considered the daughter to be married off to richer guys is still NOT married and that is the older sister. Not like she has a career or anything.

3. Edwin and Kristal still not married. Ok, maybe believable.

4. Louise Yuen still in same suit and hairstyle. 


EPISODE 18 (16.10.2013)

Maybe it is because of Ruco, but if it isn't Ruco, I will say Tin Sang is a supreme double crosser. He seems to have absolutely no problem in double crossing the man he calls his mentor, that is Wong Sir or KO (Cheng Chi Seng - great actor). I know he double crossed him because it is the right thing to do but you can't help but wonder, Ruco did benefit from the double crossing. And he is now in KO's position as in he now aligns himself with his so called best bud-informer (blonde hair dude whose name I didn't catch) and he on his way to be the next KO. His father, interestingly will be retiring in 3 months and hardly any scandal per se. So is his father the "clean" guy? Anyway KO killed himself in prison, he never quite blamed Ruco, he just thought he wrongly judged one person and led him to that end. But I kept thinking Ruco himself, isn't very noble. It seems noble on paper, maybe intended to be noble but in real life, you have gotta question his motives.

Meanwhile Edwin has moved from egg rolls to egg rolls with seaweeds. Yeah, major stuff huh? Like how in Kung Fu Panda, Po's dad was telling his son how he wanted to run away and learn how to make tofu but in the end decided to stay in family business and make noodles.

When will we see more from Edwin? As in more important stuff? Like kicking his dad out of the house?

EPISODE 17 (15.10.2013)

Skipped one episode and the rest didn't watch quite diligently. I am losing interest not because it is losing momentum but because I was busy with Hanzawa Naoki, the much more exciting thing to watch and much shorter too. Anyway not much have happened. Edwin gets his shop, he even gets a girlfriend whilst Ruco is errr... getting along fine with future father in law who kinda like him and is possibly liked by Miss Fabio.

Like I said, not much have happened.

Anyway I like how Ruco deals with future father in law; straight talk, no nonsense. When future father in law told him he is not good enough for his daughter, Ruco straight tells him "Sir, for someone as rich and successful as you, you really have no foresight". Wham! I thought wow, one sentence shows how great Ruco is and how stupid future papa is.

Back to Edwin and his girlfriend, that is Kristal. I know I read how he gets on with her because of pity. I disagree. He gets on with her because he appreciates how much she has done for him (quitting her job, begging for loan, working hard for his business, etc) and he likes her enough to want to be with her. Question is how come in the 1st episode they were more like boss-employee relationship? Ahh here comes the tricky part.  It was much too short for us to make a deduction isn't it? They could possibly have married for all I know! Anyway I do think he is with her because he likes her but I do agree he is not in love with her. Without her his business will most certainly fail. I hate how then the series focuses on rumours and gossips of Kristal throwing herself at Edwin and in the end Edwin announces they're dating. Poor Louise Yuen isn't happy until he hears they have yet to have sex with one another. He declares to his parents he still has a chance. He is delusional. Moreover Kristal made it abundantly clear she will never be with him so who she dates or sleeps with is really none of his business. Can we have Louise Yuen move on to another girl? This is getting tiring to watch.

Anyway.. and I am saying a lot of anyways in this write up of mine, Ruco seems to heading to a possible disaster career wise when Wong Sir requests he do something unpoliceman-like, that is look the other way. I will write more when the next episode reveals more.

Thus far I get every character's motive and intentions. I don't get the samseng who is now a movie producer and his obsession with Ruco. Is he in love with Ruco or what? What's all these "We are best buds bro" sort of talk?

By the way, Kim Sir is officially missing.

EPISODE 13 (09.10.2013)& EPISODE 14 (10.10.2013)

Kim Sir is  officially just a prop. Poor guy.

Anyway so far in these 2 episodes got some development, if you would call it development. Edwin goes back to Macau (after one big round) and goes back to his old life of making peanut candies except he now expands to sesame peanut candies, egg rolls and such. I wonder when he will add almond cakes? Portugese tarts? Open his shop? Ahhhh he WANTS to open a shop but as usual, his spineless vile father not only did not encourage him or support him, he in fact told his son straight in the face not to dream big! Father of the year I tell you! And after 3 years (1992 to 1995), same position; father said the same thing eventhough Edwin got good reviews and feedback and loyal customers. He even discouraged Edwin from hiring people. Edwin wants to open a shop, Kristal in fact said to his father "How can you talk like this to your son?" and of course standard answer is "This is my family, not yours, so it is none of your business". Louise though quietly supported him but quietly is my view very cowardly. Again I feel Edwin's mom does not give her son the support system he needs against such a vile father. Edwin sadly said to himself "Brother, if you were here, I know you will support me 100%" and truth is, he is right. Anyway Edwin wants to hire Kristal but like she said, he won't be able to afford her but she helps out after work and weekends. You may ask why and the reason is simple; she is in love with him.

In earlier scenes, Louise Yuen actually dressed up as Mrs Mat, Ah Chan's (Liu Wai Hung) celebrated female alter ego in his once very funny own sketch shows where as Mrs Mat (as in Mrs WHAT in Cantonese) where she will teach viewers to cook certain dishes, the one I remember vividly is the "Bou Lou Gau" meaning be a toyboy/having a relationship with an older and well off other half. Very very funny stuff if you get the Chinese puns and all. In a way I am very happy to see this series referencing that comedy sketches series, classic stuff. Anyway Louise Yuen dressed like that character in a bid to show Kristal how he wants to make soup or dish out of "hearts" etc, as in confessing his love. Kristal panicked and warned Louise she does not love him and she treats him as a friend. Louise pretends that it was just a practice for a talent show and when she leaves, he is all alone, crying his heart out. Rather sad scene and well acted by Louise Yuen. Kristal goes home and wonders to herself "Why can't we three just remains as friends? Why does he have to fall for me?". Well, poor poor Kristal could wonder why and yet 3 years later she suffers the very same mistake as Louise did by falling for Edwin who was gallant towards her but just as friends.

As for Ruco, like for him for the past 3 years was fantastic. Kim Sir was transferred out, Ruco got his position and is well liked by his subordinates and he thinks Wong Sir treats him fairly. He investigated and solved many cases and so was up for another promotion. Kiu Sir warned him Wong Sir only uses him and will ditch him when he is useless but to Ruco, whatever Kiu Sir says, he doesn't care. However he got some disturbances from the gangster who is now a movie producer (like how HK was back then) and he warned the gangster to leave him alone or else.. which I don't get, why the gangster persists in annoying Ruco by calling "BROTHERRRR". Why? What's in it for him? Is he in love with Ruco?

For Linda, life is ok. After 3 years still happily dating Ruco, not sure about her fashion empire or whatever. Her mom still looks down on Ruco who treats her with humour and advises Linda to bear it since that's her mom. However her mom's feelings for Ruco is thawing, from dislike to less dislike. But curiously I wonder, what about the father? How come he never go to Linda and look at Ruco to try and destroy him? Ruco definitely has yet to be introduced to daddy but he knows who is Linda's father as he walking somewhere, bumped into a suspicious person carrying suspicious stuff and heading towards where Linda's dad was walking to and I hope, Ruco will rescue dad and get dad's blessing in marriage to Linda, which I think should be unlikely as Linda's mom may be prejudiced but at least she loved her daughter enough to try and accept Ruco. Daddy doesn't even care about anyone but his own reputation and  a man as selfish as that can't have such a major change of heart of a pariah going for pedigree. I could be wrong though.

I am still enjoying this series very much but I feel the whole newspaper clippings and news broadcast to introduce that particular year or years the series is based on is becoming more window dressing and less connected to the contents of the series. There is a change in time but I don't feel it at all. After 3 years and Ruco is still wearing the same jacket, Linda the same hairstyle, etc. 3 years may not be a long time but if handphones can change, so can wardrobe and hairstyle and makeup. There's an Asus laptop which I am not sure if it belongs to 1995 but I think TVB probably paid more attention to the gadgets than hairstyles and wardrobe. But everyone seems to look the same, behave the same, is the same. Sometimes the dialogue is weird; 3 years before Edwin already told Kristal he wants to open a shop, 3 years later he said the same thing and she seems surprised. There is not much emphasis on consistency so frankly I find this series a bit messy at this point. And the whole selling point is the movement of time, from 80s to 90s to the new millenium or whatever but I don't see that at all. Interesting characters like Kim Sir are not developed, strange characters like that gangster is given time but not much explanation. Edwin's attitude to his father, after 3 years should be one of exasperation and doing whatever he wants whatever his father may object to. And yet 3 years later, same old same old, like back to square one. At this point I am frustrated. I want to see Edwin's character advance, change, mature and not just "Yes sir, No Sir" or looking pained. No one is moving forward and now Kristal is relegated to a love sick girl. What a travesty that would be!

But hey, it is still heaps better than TITS 2.

EPISODE 11 (07.10.2013)& EPISODE 12 (08.10.2013)

Finally, some nuclear explosion in terms of emotions in this episode! I love how the sons kick the arse of that useless vile father and even the mother, for once took a stand and said; "No".

Vile father of Edwin forced Louise to give him her entire retirement money given by previous employer and she refused and Edwin threatened the father he will fall the police. Vile father made a whole big noise by Edwin and Louise stood their ground and so he left. Leter, Ruco saw vile father of Edwin being used by gambling syndicate for something, frankly I lost track and Ruco arrested him (yeah!) amidst protest by vile father (like so what? Ruco doesn't even care for his own father), questioned him, refused to let him sleep, etc. But the biggest fish to fry? Not the vile father. Kiu Sir found out about Ruco's plan and when Ruco persuaded and arrested his fellow colleague (the one he was tailing), Kiu Sir appeared and said that cop was just an undercover and took him back where Kiu Sir beat him up to find out the ultimate illegal bookie boss which our guy didn't know.  Someone sent Ruco an anonymous tip which led to the arrest of the ultimate illegal bookie boss and won Wong Sir a "face" victory over Kiu Sir. The one who sent the tip was the gangster who Ruco met when he was younger and who wanted to give him the wrist watch. You may wonder why gangster helps Ruco? Well, he has everything to gain by eliminating competition doesn't he?

In the end vile father now wanted to return to Macau. I was like LOUISE DIVORCE HIM!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! but nope, she ran after him when  he got all upset. Ruco told Edwin perhaps vile father was right' HK is not Edwin's place. Edwin loved to make peanut candy and he can do that in Macau where he is on familar ground. Ruco decided to encourage Edwin to return to Macau and gave him enough money to open his own business and said; "Remember, use your own name, Law Soon Kei and no other name!" and Edwin cried tears of joy and I think he hugged Ruco.

I was like why can't the stupid mother leave that stupid husband?! Why stick with a guy who stole from you, who pushed you, who stood in the way of your son's future, who humiliate you and your children at every chance he got? Why?

Anyway good things for Ruco, Linda and the ever complaining mother, Susan. She seems to begin to sorta like him now, sorta. Ruco treated her with respect but also with a sense of sly humour that Linda finds rather cute.

And so Ruco is now in HK and Edwin will go back to Macau to forge his own business empire. I am sure Kristal and Louise Yuen will be of great help. But first, Kristal must solve her own problem with her wayward cousin. Greedy bugger. By the way she was rather mean to Louise Yuen when she found out he paid 50% of her legal feels in her case against the cousin, thanks to his very upset parents who called her a gold digger. But later when she saw how Louise was helping her sell insurance and all, she was moved and actually said thanks to him. But no, she doesn't love him. Her heart belongs to Edwin, except she doesn't know it yet.

Oh... Kim Sir, where the hell are you?!

EPISODE 10 (04.10.2013)

Kim Sir, where are you?!

Before I go into the serious stuff, let's talk about the not so serious stuff I have not been talking about, that is Louise Yuen and Kristal, their characters I mean. Seriously funny, how creepy Louise is sniffing her scent and stuff. We all know zoom 20 years later they are not together but where is Louise, I wonder? Whilst I find Kristal, the actress rather funny, I feel she is relegated to ONE expression only; that extreme sort. Come on, give her more to do. She can't just be the comic relief?? But I like how she (the character) knows she is 2nd to her baby brother and how she motivates him to take care of the motel so she can find work outside. She is quite a spunky girl I tell you. I do like her.

Now back to serious stuff. Investigation still ongoing for the cop bookie and frankly I lost track where it is heading to. What I do know is the creepy bad father (not Kiu Sir, that is absent father) of Edwin is suddenly in HK and what did mommy do? "Oh let him be", just because she doesn't want to argue. But that creep said "I have a god given right to stay in this apartment, since I did pay for that kid for the last decade", and the kid is of course Ruco. Ruco said nothing, Edwin said nothing, Mommy is happy. But why? WHY IS SHE TOLERATING THAT JERK? She did kick Kiu Sir out so why can't she kick this jerk out? Oh don't give me the rubbish that he was good to her, blah blah blah. For the good of her children's sanity AND MY SANITY please for the love of god, for the love of grayskull, KICK HIM OUT! Remember, BALLS OF STEEL! By the way this jerk husband, first thing sees wife and what does he do? Ask for money. And he is a gambler and Ruco in his stakeout sees the jerk with some questionable people he has been investigating. I hope that jerk learns a huge lesson and becomes at least bearable.

By the way on Ruco, he is one super-man. Why? Everyone says his cop salary is small, right? And yet he is paying for his own lodging, his brother's tuition and food, mom's food and lodging AND girlfriend's rental of a studio. How does he manage?!
Now even more serious stuff. Edwin really likes Linda but in the end he finds out Ruco is her boyfriend and poor boy, crushed beyond crushed!! He slapped himself to snap out of it. Compared to his more macho handsome big brother, who is he in her eyes? Well Edwin, you're a very resourceful young man. You may think of business in terms of peanut candies, which to Ruco is totally small and wrong and he wants you to think bigger because you can do bigger. You have that business thing in your blood, more so because I already seen episode 1 where you;ll be rich in Macau, if that helps.
As for Linda, poor girl. Her mother is a pretentious crybaby who cares more about herself and her own status than her daughters, she even put on a huge show of how 3rd wife bullies her and all to make Linda move back in until Linda sees 3rd wife who is a bitch but not as low as her mom describes her and realises her mom was pretending. And daddy finds out everything and poor poor Linda, Daddy is a first class jerk of all jerks, but rather on par with Edwin's dad. Daddy threatens mother and everything, scolds her and all and mother gets admitted into hospital and laments her sad sad plight and blames Linda for everything to the point Linda just got fed up and left.
And it is so strange that there you have a father who doesn't want his daughters to be independent on their own and maybe takeover the business and a mother who doesn't want her daughters to have an aim in life other than just sit, eat, wait to get married to richer family and die. Sickening family and all rich people should be offended  by this series. Seriously! There is not ONE positive family in this series, No, not even Kristal and her dad. Why? They're affectionate, but whatever and however much Kristal do, in the end the motel goes to her brother. She knows it, brother knows it, and dad certainly isn't changing his mind about it. How unfair!
Performances wife, no complaints whatsoever. Even Edwin is growing on me, as long as he doesn't go gwing on me. You know, like Myolie and her gwing face, well... Edwin is the male version of Myolie. He has a habit of pulling that sort of gwing face when he is sad or angry or questioning himself. Linda however is so strange. She is doing ok, she really looks 90s when everyone else is not 90s but some scenes where she has that blank look, where her mom Susan Tse was crying about how Linda was the cause of her downfall, and that look is supposed to be frustration with her unreasonable mom or rather "I have heard this excuse a million times mom" sort of look but what you can see is just this blank dumb look. I don't get it. She is a better actress than that look she pulled and I was disappointed. And as for Kristal, for a tomboy who doesn't even comb her hair, and always in the same sort of dress or whatever, she certainly defies logic by putting pretty lip gloss on her lips.
But the worst is that for several episodes, the last 2 or 3 episodes, the music is louder than the sound/dialogue. This could be the case for the prime time broadcast since I did not read such complaints elsewhere but it is so annoying when the music is so darn loud and the people are talking and I could hardly hear the dialogue.

EPISODE 10 (04.10.2013)

Frankly I don't remember much about this episode except...

a. Linda is sooooooo not for Edwin but poor Edwin is in love with Linda. He doesn't know she is not his for the taking. And if he knows? Like as if he will go for her!!

b. Edwin has no interest in studying although Ruco made all the plans. He has talent in cooking.

c. Brothers are so close, after a bad bad bad day at office, when at home, Ruco's eyes lights up when he sees his baby brother. Funny thing is Kim Sir is also his half baby brother and yet such different treatment.

d. Edwin is truly a "village boy" or in Malaysia we call "Kampung Boy". But then Macau isn't a small city, just a bit not as modern or hectic as HK.

e. Linda is a "yung" as Ruco I tell you! Balls of steel!!!

f. Susan Tse the actress is just sooooo dramatic in everything. Not a bad actress, just sooooo dramatic.

g. I seriously dislike Louise Lee's mommy character. I feel like slapping her for making excuses for her useless husband. But this episode she is at least in HK and doing something worthwhile. How they can survive on those god awful candies is the biggest mystery.

h. Kim Sir is one funny fella. He is under Wong Sir who clearly hates his dad Kiu Sir and so hates his son Kim Sir. Kim Sir is the 2nd in command of that unit and so stands on higher ground than Ruco and gang. Ruco and gang clearly hates Kim Sir. And yet Kim Sir on his first day back at work gives such bad attitude I wonder how can he except everyone but Wong Sir to listen to him? Because no one listens to him! so very weird fella, destined for fail and so damn stupid also. I had high hopes for Kim Sir as the ultimate villain BUT could  it be at some point he will be nice bro to his half big bro? Will he?

i. The final act points to a huge scandal but shows how inhuman Ruco is. So inconsistent. Why? He discovered the death of a policeman who committed suicide for no reason. Well he had a reason; because he was taking illegal bets for the police, like a bookie which is illegal. I think it is also illegal for policeman to play and bet with bookie? Anyway he lost a lot and so killed himself. Ruco discovered many policemen were involved, one of whom was Kiu Sir's own man. Of course Wong Sir was like YIPPEEEE!!!, finally something to push Kiu Sir down. Now here is the weird part; that Kiu Sir's own man is actually his friend!! Remember the starting when he was CID with a group and there was this group he was very friendly with? And the Kiu Sir became the new head and that dept became under Kiu Sir and so Ruco left for Wong Sir? Well... it was the same group. I don't get why Ruco can so easily ship off his friend who he had worked with many years in a dept simply because Kiu Sir tookover that dept. I thought it would be from Kiu Sir's previous dept. So it didn't make any sense at all and so it showed what an opportunist Ruco is. But I am sure that is just a coincidence like a lapse of good script sense. I blame the writer.

Performance wise, I like how carefree Edwin is. He toned down the whole "I am soooooo scared of my father" look and actually looks like a Kampung Boy who is happy go lucky. Ruco looks like the big brother in a whole lot of mess but doesn't want to worry his brother. Linda looks like Linda. Everybody else is ok except Stephen Wong as Kim Sir is quite different. His acting improved a lot, he looks villainous and I love his stare and look. Like he has grown up into a man. Except... EXCEPT ... his character is just so silly. If better writing this character would have shine like diamond... like diamond... so brighttttttttttttttttt... like a diamonddddddddddddddddddd............

EPISODE 8 (02.10.2013) & EPISODE 9 (03.10.2013)

"The robber's your brother? COOL!!"

I didn't realise I made a huge mistake as to the numberings! Very sorry! No wonder I was confused because I thought "Eh didn't I write for 01.10.2013's episode?? I corrected the mistake so now here is my writeup for episodes 8 and 9.

I think Episode 8 didn't have much to say except on Edwin's continuing struggle with his dad, Kristal's struggle with that useless cousin now suing for half the hotel and of course Louis' attention and Ruco's struggle with his dad. For Ruco he managed to change boss from his own father Kiu Sir to the more enigmatic but clearly corrupted in some ways Wong Sir. But Ruco is happy, gets along well with everybody.

Anyway to a more better aspect of these 2 episodes.

I love Ruco's Kiu Tin Sang! Why? Man, has this man got some balls, and I know I am like obsessed with the word balls but wow, he has some balls of steel man!! Steel!! Why? Linda's mom wrote a complaint letter to the police force about Ruco so called messing with Linda, and mind you, she is rich, then Wong Sir warned Ruco not to mess with Linda and guess what? He went ahead and PURSUED her and finally KISSED her! Man, this man is as Cantonese says; "gau yung!!" which means "He is so brave!!" but in the usual speak, "Man has he got balls of steel!!". Linda's daddy doesn't know yet but I suspect he will cause Ruco's career to stall and nosedive but knowing Ruco, he will stick by his guns with Linda. As for Linda, right now she argued with her mom, moved out, moved in with Ruco's lady best friend (so familiar... which series was she in? What name is she? How come Ruco not in love with her and so solve all problems?) and Ruco rented her a workplace/studio for her emerging fashion empire which was sweet and Linda thought so too and so they hugged. Very nice pair and did I mention Linda looked lovely? Maybe 90s look suits her more than modern looks. But I am still confused with her on point 90s look and everybody else's not on point 90s look. I know I know she got her mom's wardrobe and all but TVB has a HUGE wardrobe dept and with such budget and 90s references in their wide database of series and STILL they can't get the 90s look right (apart from the obvious gadget like phones but not much else), what hope is there for small budget productions and smaller production companies?

TVB, you lazy bugger!!

Now back to even better stuff!

Thanks to a legal letter, Kristal and Louise had to travel to HK to meet with Louise's lawyer relative for some advice and Edwin tagged along thanks to Louise's generosity. Once they arrived they went separate ways with Edwin going back to old house with another message to be inserted into the tree but was told the place will be bulldozed soon and Edwin left with a heavy heart. They all met again and what happened next will be as funny as it was heart warming even if sort of half baked.

The same time Ruco and gang stumbled upon the Yip Foon led band of merry robbers. You know HK back in 90s is a scary place; robbers robbing 4 or 5 gold shops a day and security was lax and they had AK47 which they will not hesitate to fire in random. That was what happened and the 3 stooges, Kristal, Louise and Edwin thought firecrackers but Kristal funnily said "But HK does not allow firecrackers!" and they thought "Oh must be filming a movie!" and they ran towards the sounds as everyone was running away!! But they saw the robbers and they knew they were in deep shit and tried to run but got separated and poor Edwin was cowering in a corner caught between the shootout when Ruco rushed to him, covered him and asked "Are you ok?" and Edwin said in a scared voice "I think so" and there I was, screaming at the top of my lungs at the TV "Edwin!! YOUR BROTHER!! YOUR BROTHER THERE!!!" but Ruco then rushed  off to shoot some more and I was like "OH NO!!" because they can't recognise one another which isn't wrong since Edwin was too little then and Ruco is now all grown up. Edwin then saw a piece of errrr.. amulet (??) which he gave Ruco when they reached HK and he looked confused and he said to himself "How come brother's amulet is here? That cop... it dropped out from him... that means... brother?" and Kristal and Louise joined him as Kristals angrily said she was so worried about him and noticed he looked confused and worried and what not and Kristal or Louise asked "What's wrong?" and the following is the funniest scene in this series thus far thanks to Louise which reminds me of a similar scene in Lion King about a certain meerkat, lion, pig, monkey and the lion's uncle.

Anyway it goes like this;

Edwin : I saw him...
Louise Yuen : You saw the robber?
Edwin : No, I saw my brother...
Louise Yuen : The robber's your brother? COOL!!
Edwin: No I saw the cop who is my brother.

I tell you I had  a good time laughing. Anyway Edwin rushed to the police and lied that he saw the robbers' and was taken back to the station and refused to answer anything until he saw Ruco and Ruco went to him and Edwin teary eyed showed him the amulet and said this was his brother's and he looked at the now almost teary eyed Ruco and said "Brother?" and well... reunion! I can't remember if there was any violent bear crushing hug so I will assume it didn't happen which I find rather cold. Nothing worse than Ruco going back to Macau, mom saw a decade long lost son and what did she do? No rushing to hug and cry like the sky's falling. But then she didn't have time because drunkard husband appeared and made a ruckus and went back home, made another ruckus and Ruco nearly wanted to do something but stopped by Edwin and Ruco said "What? You're afraid I will beat him?"

Back at Edwin's place at Kristal's place, Edwin told Ruco how he suffered and all. Ruco was shocked he didn't go to school. I bet if Ruco was still with him he would have fought hard to let Edwin go to school and beat the crap of that step dad of his. Edwin appreciated that sentiment and Ruco told Edwin "Why not follow me to HK? Remember our promise when we were at the top of the hill? That we will make our own way and become somebody. You can have that chance in HK. I will take care of you. Here, you can only sell peanut candies. Think bigger brother!" and Edwin wanted to but then he thought and he said no because "I can't leave mom here with dad. She will suffer more if I am away" and yes, stupid mother should have the balls to kick the drunkard husband.

Please don't tell me the BS story of him being very nice to them, he got drunk out of disappointment, deep down he loved them all etc etc etc. He is a bully! She is a weakling! Neither son deserve neither of them!

But Louise knew Edwin's heart and she came to him and happily said she was fired from her job which Edwin knew was a lie! They adored her! And she confessed; she wanted Edwin to join Ruco in HK and she will take care of the peanut candy shop and she will be Buddha to the errant father the Monkey King but Edwin said "No mom, you will end up like Sha Zhang and the monk being made to run around in circles!" but Louise for once did something a mother should; let her son fly free. And so Edwin knew his chance has come.

Wahhhhhhh love episode 9! The reunion scene was unexpected but lovely BUT a bit underwhelming! Was hoping for more tears and all, especially from mom. But well, done with subtlety. I don't get the dad though. What the hell is wrong with him? And I love the fact Ruco wanted to beat the shit out of him and refrained himself. Frankly he ain't scared of his policeman daddy, so why should he be afraid of that ignorant pig?

But I do love how Ruco didn't care and went for Linda! What a man!
By the way this series has a lot of English speaking women, such as the one who Linda made gown for. I think she will be having an affair with Ruco.

I will no longer talk about the fashion fail of this series or gadget fail. Why bother with the moniker 90s when it could be any time anyway?

Performance wise, no complaints. For once I am satisfied with Edwin especially that scene where he cowered there and Ruco flew by to cover him. Natural acting, natural reaction, natural everything. So I have no complaints.

I even like Linda and her sweet girly femininity and her kisses and hugs with Ruco. Both look as sweet. I just don't understand why she calls mom as MOM instead of MOMMY but dad is DADDY.

Now I am curious. If Susan Tse is 2nd wife, and we have seen 3rd wife that I am not familiar with, who is 1st wife? And there's a son also. So will we get to meet them?

EPISODE 7 (01.10.2013)

"I was so stupid! All those years working for a pittance, I saved nothing for myself and now I have no money to even open my own business"

FINALLY, someone grew balls!! Yeah!

But before that, the whole action sequence of how Ruco saved Linda was quite awesome really. I mean after all that, which girl won't fall for the heroic Ruco? I will say even a lesbian will feel her heart stirring. Linda did very well with her screaming in fright. She actually looked scared. Ruco looked brave and in the end .. well.. what an action packed scene. And did daddy asks "Son, are you alright?" NOPE. He just said "You called that Wong Sir first before me right?". Yeah, what a dad. And yet somehow I feel he is trying to protect Ruco in his own special way. Ruco got his wish to transfer to Wong Sir's team but the way the transfer was done shows Wong Sir will stoop low to get anything done whilst Kiu Sir has a reputation of taking care of his subordinates. Could Kiu Sir actually be a noble guy? Could he?

I do like how Linda has her girly fantasies and is excited meeting Ruco. She looks especially lovely in that interview scene in the room with her hair down and I believe pink top? I thought she looked ravishing. What I can't stand is why she is in 90s fashion and everyone else is not? Makes her look like some psycho lady stuck in the 90s when it IS the 90s. Also when between sisters, she stopped speaking English. Weird! But happy because I can't stand the English hereeeeeeee. Of course mommy disapproves but Ruco and Linda was already falling for one another.

Back to Macau and ball growing moment. Edwin, Kristal and her not so bright but not a bad guy brother saw an old lady selling peanut candy with the name Law Soon Kei, the same name plate that Edwin's crazy dad threw out. Edwin desperately wanted the name back but the old lady had a point; you threw it out, it is mine. He worried her bad candy will affect his name. Kristal tried to get back the name for him but failed. In the end it was Louis who helped, trying to impress Kristal where he bargained to buy the name for HKD300-00. Smart woman said why should she sell when she could earn more in long term with such a good name? Louis tried to grab and she grabbed a stick and knocked his head, he bled and she scared and he said he will forget everything if she takes the HKD300-00. So he got back the name for Edwin and Edwin in a rare moment of genuinely sincerely performance grabbed the name and hugged it without letting it go. He realised the importance of a good brand name which Kristal reminded him also and so he went to his father to have  a talk. Father flat out refused to let him sell using Law Soon Kei and in a fit of temper the father messed his bed and told him to get lost and Edwin ran away. Mother followed and spineless mother not only did not slap her useless husband, she asked Edwin to go back and in that heartbreaking scene, Edwin cried as he said "I was so stupid! All those years working for a pittance, I saved nothing for myself and now I have no money to even open my own business". Mom was of no help and he planned to sleep on the street but mom said NO and took him to Kristal who gladly took him in. In fact no water and she even volunteered to get water for him but Louis thought it was for her use and he paid 2 guys to get more buckets of water but when he found out it was for Edwin, he told Edwin to get the water himself. Rather funny moment.

I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Edwin does not need his dad to succeed, he can succeed on his own. He is rather smart, he knows a good brand is essential to long term business. He held on to his cart's name like it was diamond. The father has seriously jealous and control issue. I am waiting for Louise to move in with Edwin at Kristal's place.

So far this episode continues the momentum. Whilst HK is more fast paced and deception abound, Macau has more interesting characters even if inappropriately cutesy music at inappropriate time.

Like I said, I bet Kristal will get some new fans with her portrayal of the more interesting Bossy Ying. Edwin is still not serious enough in his portrayal. I find him rather not with reality. Ruco dominates with his heroic character soon to drop to earth with a loud thud. Once Edwin is on the way up, I believe Ruco is on the way down.
EPISODE 5 (27.09.2013) & EPISODE 6 (30.09.2013)

"You're just jealous of your son's success!"

I am fed up, or rather getting very fed up with the cutesy music every time Edwin's father appears to bully wife and son. I am sick of Louise's reaction every time the father scolds poor Edwin into submission and I am baffled by Edwin's reaction in a pained way but absolutely useless way when dealing with his jealous unreasonable chauvinistic controlling abusive useless father. I wished he quickly grow some balls like his brother Ruco did so that he could stand up against his father and tell his bully father to "back off!!". And guess what? 2 episodes later, 2 episodes of bullying and questions of can he or can he not make his own peanut candy to sell (which is such a tiring plot after a while because I can't understand why can't he just walk away and make his own cart to sell his own peanut candy!) and one violent push of his poor weak mother onto the ground and STILL he hasn't grow any balls at all! And guess who got the balls to stand up to that bully father? Oh yes, Ying aka Kristal who is nicknamed by Edwin's father as "Chan Kai Ying" meaning bossy Ying, with I feel a tinge of respect and awe. She saw what happened and she quickly confronted that father and said "You're just jealous of your son's success! You're a bully!! Back off or I will beat the crap out of you like how I did with that useless cousin of mine!!" and he ran away I think. Edwin should bury his head in the concrete pavement because not only did he fail to protect his own business or his own product or even himself, he even failed to protect his mom!!

And guess what? Travesty does not end there!

Next thing we know mom is urging him to say sorry to his father. Edwin rightfully says "Why should I?" but well, with his mom, apologising for everything, whatever and anything else to his father for all things done, undone, to be done and is doing is the way to go. I could've pitied Edwin except he is old enough to stand up for himself which he repeatedly didn't. The father acted as if he was wronged and in the end he allowed Edwin to sell his own peanut candy BUT using the name Law Kei instead of Law Soon Kei! And what did Edwin do? Mom gave him that stare that says Daddy IS always right! or rather let's not fight and Edwin swallowed the injustice and just agreed in a cutesy expression way WHICH IS WRONG!! Stop with the damn cutesy looks Edwin! For god's sake, ACT angry, and LOOK angry and BEHAVE angry! Is it that hard?

Compare this to Ruco. Oh the last 2 episodes, his every encounter with his dad is explosive to the core. Thinking his father impeded his chance at promotion for the sake of his own beloved boy Kim Sir, Ruco rushed to some function with his dad there and make a ruckus and said he is HIS dad! Wife heard and of course she go pissed. Kim says he will never admit he has such a brother. Father threatens Ruco that if he dares do anything out of line he will spend the rest of his career under his father's thumb. Ruco feels greater injustice.

And yet I can't help but feel maybe all those things his father told him to do and not to do may be his own way of protecting Ruco? After all Ruco has no chance in promotion since his English is terrible. He is hot headed and the way he handled his father's situation is clearly a man on boiling point. He is a ticking time bomb. I wished he could have sold his soul a little and just listen to his father but then that's not him right? And he is also upright in his own way. When Kim pressured Ruco's informer to jump to his death, Ruco immediately told the truth about Kim. Kim did not lie about Ruco's involvement but downplayed his own involvement. Kim didn't get burn at all. He in fact got his promotion. Ruco was sent to Macau for some seminar. He went, reluctantly, after some major threats by the father.

And if you expect Ruco to meet Edwin in Macau, you are wrong. Because Linda is also there to meet some famous celebrity to persuade her to wear her design and as I have predicted, Ruco and Edwin will individually meet the lovely Linda but it will be some time before brothers meet again and I suspect by then both are in love with Linda.

Now, Linda. Why is it her fashion is 90s so it is on point but everyone else's isn't and therefore making Linda look like a fool who is stuck in 90s' fashion when everyone else has moved on? Consistency is terrible. But you know what I hate most? I like Linda, she is sweet but can she STOP with the one sentence in English and the next in Cantonese? It is as if I am watching some Hindi films where...

"Hindi hindi hindi GET OUT!!"

If you watch Hindi films you will know what I mean.

And I can't stand how she talks. Canadian accent perhaps? Because Leanne Li doesn't speak that way. It is like...
"Oh my gawddddddddd... I can't believe itttttttttt ... what can I doooooooooooo?"
I am driven to madness listening to her speak English. Move on! Stop it!
Other than that, I can't stand the depiction of the parents in this series.

Edwin's father is abusive, Ruco's father is absent and Linda's father is controlling. Edwin's mother is weak and useless and Linda's mother is vain and selfish. Are there any good parents here?

I have been reading some great buzz about this series even if the ratings do not reflect that. Guess what? It is not the best written series ever. I feel the series again failed to slowly develop the characters and by jumping so soon into the 90s with such impatience, characterisations fail miserably. All I can see is a temperamental Ruco, cowardly Edwin and etc etc. A bit more on their background would have given this series more backstory.

As for performances, none are bad, all are competent but Edwin in particular should buck up. His sort of acting is wrong for that sort of situation. I feel no reality in his performance and I am sickened by his inability to stand up to his abusive father.

EPISODE 4 (26.09.2013)

"You wasn't exactly looking for me, have you? If not for your precious son I doubt you will even care I am alive"

I can see a pattern now. The series will always start with news clipping, original broadcast news of that particular year or decade. So that we know the important events even if it is not really related to the contents of that episode. Now time moves slower; 1 year at a time.

Whilst Ruco seems to have it cool and hip in HK, Edwin has it at a slower paced and smaller scale in Macau. Reading the article at Jaynestars, there are of course reports of inccuraccies in depiction of that era. Can't help it, I understand. But I feel this series failed to capture the 80s OR the 90s at all. I am sure TVB can just watch back those 90s series with their baggy jeans or rather baggy suits. The suits in here are too well cut, not too 90s at all. Even their hairstyle doesn't scream 90s to me. Some gym equipments were not in the 90s and cars, etc seems too modern. The make up also seems wrong. Hairstyles as well. But certain characters were on point; like Linda's or Stephen Wong, both looked quite like 90s. The rest seems too modern. Which makes me think perhaps you can say Linda and Stephen are more traditional in their dressing, that they're old fashioned and the rest were up to date. Of course that was not what TVB intended. Very very inconsistent. Oh and one mistake I can name; Ruco when meeting Linda wore one sunglasses (plastic rim) and the next scene when meeting his informer, same clothes, bags but now sunglasses is different (steel rim). Maybe Ruco likes to bring 2 sunglasses along.

As for the story itself, getting interesting even if the characters were not given time to properly develop. Suddenly one character here, suddenly that character there. This may be considered one of the better series lately but from the way it goes, it ain't gonna be as memorable as the classics.

Anyway I am very very irritated with the character of Edwin's father. Problem with this character and his story arc is Edwin's reaction. Too cute, as if so funny when I feel the father is such an abusive bastard, emotionally. Then there's Louise and again Edwin's reaction. Again too close, too cute when the mother is useless! She never once defended Edwin in front of her husband. There is no realism to this family and I feel exceedingly frustrated to watch their perspective of cuteness vs my perspective of abuse.

The more realistic depiction of father and son relationship is of course Ruco and his dad. Woahhhh! Explosive. Remember how Ruco avoided his dad for like 10 years? But Ruco actually has dealings with his half brother, Kim Sir played by Stephen Wong. I am still not sure if they're all corrupt cops but Ruco's dad is very powerful, best buds with the Chief Police who is a gwailo who is "Matthew" from TITS 2 and who strangely speaks with an Irish or Scottish accent, I can't decide. Maybe that real Chief Of Police had that accent back at that time. Anyway his father found Ruco when Kim Sir complained of a cop who gets in his way all the time and the person was Ruco. There was no love lost in the reunion. In fact the father seems to be expressing concern when Ruco drove home the point when he said "You wasn't exactly looking for me, have you? If not for your precious son I doubt you will even care I am alive". Which is true isn't it? Not like the father climbed mountains to find him. He never tried. When the old man tried to warn Ruco to stay out of his way or his son's way and to be more cooperative, the zinger from Ruco; "After all these years now you're trying to teach me? You missed the boat, I never had anyone teaching me any manners anyway, you're too late. And yes I will not get in your way. The only reason you show any concern is because you're afraid I will expose your double life but don't worry. I have no intention to do so, if I wanted to, I would have done it 10 years ago". YEAH! Give it to him!! Bastard father! I wish Edwin had that guts to tell his own abusive father the exact same dialogue!! Or his useless mother.

However the best scene came from to me the 2nd most irritating character; Kristal.

Kristal is a strong headed girl, she can protect herself. She can also be persistent and annoying all at the same time. One day a cousin appeared after some time in jail for cheating demanding to take half of the motel she is running with her father and brother. The father explained that cousin's father gave his half share to him when he had to pay off some debts or something. But no agreements. So that bastard cousin threatened, and all that stuff and believe me, you will cheer at the last scene of Kristal. She was so pissed off when that cousin insulted her dad, she basically kicked him into the gutter and bashed him up pretty good and told him to get lost. YEAH!! Best scene! Definitely best scene! My respect for her tripled. She may be annoying but she is one tough cookie. Like I said, Kristal will be a popular character in this series even if she nags nags nags every scene she is in. She has also her tender side. She may seem so tough and unreasonable but when Louis Yuen asked her to try to get back a family heirloom from that bastard cousin of hers, she actually remembered that. When she demanded Edwin to repay HKD900-00 for the feng shui beast he accidentally broken when he was running and hiding from his father, and he earned HKD100-00 with the new peanut candy he was selling and she took it, she never spent it because Edwin did say it was his first profit and he wrote his name on it. She may be tough but she is also a traditional girl with sensitive sentimentality and steadfast loyalty. I am beginning to like her a lot. Oh, she did give Edwin his shop's name; Law Shun Kei. I think that is his name. Still haven't quite get the names yet.

Linda appeared in this episode and whilst I find her 90s look rather good, I don't like how she was so OTT with her OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDD line in English. But Linda is a sweet girl and I like her and for that little time she appeared in, I like her. I can see why Ruco liked her from the first time he laid eyes on her. She and Leanne Li are sisters, speaks in English and predictably has Susan Tse as mother. Except for Linda, neither actresses look remotely in the 90s. Leanne looks conservative. I wonder why not let Leanne take on a more substantial role? I quite like her. She has improved a lot.

This episode is ok by any standards. Some great moments but again I just feel sorta cheated that the young stars had to leave so soon. I just hate the so called cutesy moments of Edwin and mom and dad when I don't feel it is cutesy at all.

Performances wise, all ok except Edwin. I just feel he is trying too hard. His character makes no sense. His reaction to things are annoyingly white washed. Instead of being so damn scared of his dad, I hope he grows some  balls and walk out of his dad and make his own peanut candy empire. Like how Rudo did.

A bit on Kristal Tin. A bit of negative news here at Jaynestars. Do I believe the news? Yes. Do I think she has less opportunity? No. As evidenced here, she is getting 2nd lead roles. Can she be a leading lady? As in first leading lady? I doubt it. The reason why you notice her is because she is not the leading lady. She supports her co-stars, making them look better. If she is leading then all eyes are on her. It is really not her lack of looks. She has the fairest flawless skin I have ever seen in a TVB artist. She is not stick thin. She is considered pretty. But she is also not young or rather too mature looking. Her acting is mostly those angry sort eventhough she had been in gentle roles before. But her looks are almost always pained look, she can't do more to her expressions. She is too restrictive. As first leading actress, everyone will notice those flaws. And I don't switch on TV just for her. I will not continue watching for her. Brother's Keeper is a perfect example where she will probably be the most popular character simply because the focus is not on her. Linda will definitely get the brunt of the criticisms.

As for Ruco, I know fans are happy for him, etc but so far he seems like more cocky than anything else. So we shall see. My question now is who is that actress who keeps exercising with Ruco?

Now a bit more on Stephen Wong. I am very surprised to see him here. I mean surprised as in how grown up he looked. Quite handsome and a hint of a suggestion that his character will be a villain or maybe hopefully a nice guy accused as a villain. I like this image of him. Suddenly he is not some young kid anymore.  I find him rather attractive. Acting wise, from what little I have seen, seems ok.

Are you watching this series? I won't say it is the best, evah! Nope! Far from it but at least it is enjoyable thus far.

EPISODE 3 (25.09.2013)

"If you strike it rich brother, please don't forget about me!"

After finished watching this episode, all I can think of how come all those senior citizens can come into HK or Macau SO easily? Episode 1, the mother strolls into HK whilst our young men had to swim to HK. This episode, the stepfather of Ruco (Tin Sang I think) just walked into Macau whilst everyone said they must hide from authorities! In fact Edwin and mom were warned not to be found by authorities BUT the mother can walk everywhere to buy stuff! What on earth is going on?

And wow, Macau people are so kind. HK people? Not so. This series tells me so. Maybe because life in Macau is less stressful.

Anyway this series is now falling into a pattern. As time goes, we are shown snippets of important news and events from the past with original broadcasting reels, voices and newspapers. I quite like this, since to show passage of time. What I don't like is this series basically showed first 3 or 4 years, briefly and then skipped the hell out of the 80s and zoom into 1990s and we see adult Ruco and adult Edwin. Like as if the series can't wait to go to the adults, when I was starting to get interested in the children.

For one, young Ruco was intriguing.  A man who is as stubborn as he is on honouring his own principle, he is not a bad guy. He refuses to partake in crime even with easy money which he needs because like he said, "If I want that watch I will buy it myself". No truer words said by a true man. But because he was dirt poor, he refused to take his dad's money, he in fact hid from his dad for several years, and he studied and worked part time, he was thinking of joining the police force, starting at the very lowest rank due to the fact he had only Form 3 education. He is a smart guy but he has no money to continue further. He could easily take his dad's money but he was disgusted with his dad. Later, we found out his dad is like a famous top cop in HK with a reputation for being hard to criminals and stern as well. I wonder is he corrupted too since he could live in expensive places or maybe he eats "slippers rice"? He has another young son, studying in England so I wonder will we see that son? He was even in more contempt of his dad. One day his father was raiding some place which he was staying and young Ruco heard his voice and jumped off the building and ran. The father didn't know who ran away. Ruco then knew he was some cop and the disgust he felt for his errant dad was obvious. That was I believe one of the last scene of young Ruco.

Meanwhile young Edwin is also intriguing. He is a smart boy too, he knows the importance of education and he has this ability to see opportunity. Unfortunately, his mom is a weakling and his father, a harsh uneducated brute who loves his family but refuses to allow poor young Edwin to continue his study so his education stopped at primary school. And the joke is? The mother can afford his education! But dad, nope, dad refused to allow him to study. Why? In part ignorance but like later on in a scene where adult Edwin was arguing with his dad, his dad did say "I am your father! I am also your employer! Try getting work elsewhere with your level of education! See who will hire you!" and Edwin shouted "And whose fault is that? Who stopped my education?" and father shouted "You depend on me!! With your stinking low education, you NEED ME!!!". That kinda answer his father philosophy in education perhaps? Anyway at that time young Edwin rushed out and cried his heart out as he said to his missing brother "What is the point I get my identity card when I can't go to school? Brother, if you were here, you will help me won't you?  Yes you will! You will! Brother... if you strike it rich brother, please don't forget about me!". Heart wrenching moment and the last we see of young Edwin.

Same time young Edwin also had an eventful life in Macau where he met the future Kristal Tin. Young Kristal was so called the boss' daughter when in fact her father who ran a motel/B&B preferred son more and so young Kristal did all the work. She too had to stop her education after secondary school. What the hell is wrong with these parents?

In fact I was pretty disgusted with Louise as a mother. Husband refused to let son study? Not one complain. Husband spends her money frivolously? Be more understanding to your father. B.S.

And then TVB took shortcut. Zoooooooooom wayyyyyy past the 80s and straight into 90s and I was pissed off. The kids can have more story to tell, we don't need Ruco so soon. Now you have 30 episodes of adulthood to fill and I think the momentum will suffer. The kids at least can have maybe 1 or 2 more episodes. So how did young Edwin cope? Don't know. How did  Ruco get into the academy? How much he suffered? Don't know. All we know the first scene with adult Ruco was he is a mole and all that. Which means remember he kidnapped Edwin? Maybe he was a mole in a big case?

It is so frustrating. And first scene with adult Kristal? Nag nag nag. That woman never stopped nagging.

I am very disappointed that this series just jumped an entire decade. But it is funny or ironic I suppose that the adult Ruco is considered better educated as he is in some open university doing a degree (even if his English is supposedly very bad which means he can never get promoted beyond the rank of Sargent) whilst poor adult Edwin is lowly educated but in a way quite enterprising. Both guys are smart though.  By the way, Ruco's dad is some big shot police now but Ruco is avoiding him. I think there bound to be some reunion scene later.

Anyway performance wise, Ruco is ok. Nothing much to do yet though I am sure his fans will love his "My name is Bond, James Bond" line as he winked at the camera because he was learning English. Frankly it was funny.

Edwin is too earnest; acting too... acting. I like the guy but I just feel something is off.

Kristal is actually competent in her role but I hate the nag nag nag.

Louis Yuen gave me a fright with his appearance. None of them look 1990s. NONE.

The younger actors deserve more credit than this series give them. I don't know their names so if you can help I will sure appreciate them. Young Edwin's performance in here is heart breaking, those tears, those sadness. Quite a great performance. Young Ruco had his great moments too, his stubbornness, his persistence, I quite respect the young guy for it. Which is why I wished there were 2 more episodes of them as they go through the 80s.

How lazy is the writer to just skip and skip and skip. Why can't the story slowly build the momentum and flesh out the characters? What's the hurry?

EPISODE 2 (24.09.2013)

"Mom, let's wait here for brother. I am sure he will be here. We will wait here every Sunday until he comes to us"

The 2nd episode is explosive, exciting and heart tugging all rolled into one and entire episode NOT one sign of Ruco or Edwin but rather their younger counterpart. Both talented actors, except the actor portraying Ruco has the acting style of Kenneth Ma with better acting skills and side profile DOES look like Ruco.  Anyway story starts in 1980 and they swam to HK literally from China and Ruco's younger self (hereinafter Ruco since I still haven't got his name, yet) whilst saving his brother was bitten by a dog and was now cold, shivering and not well. Edwin's younger self (hence Edwin) set up a fire to warm Ruco and suddenly an old man rushed in, put out the fire, whispered "Come with me!" and hid and there were immigration officers or whatever officers checking the place out. When they were gone, the old man who turned out to be the good guy said they could have been caught! He gave Ruco medicine, his address to them and told them to quickly go to town to register themselves for PR I think since HK will be closing the registration window. In fact start of series we see some change of policies to the II (illegal immigrants) which of course affected our 2 heroes. But Ruco needed to find his father first. I was quite shocked that these 2 brothers shared the same mother (Louise Lee) but not the same father, hence that explains why the father in episode 1 didn't quite care about looking for Ruco. Louis left his father a long time ago, tore up his birth certificate and moved to HK. Dumb huh? Yes, Ruco was actually HK born so he should be given an IC whilst Edwin was China born. Ruco couldn't find his father whom he had fond memories of and when they found out they had until midnight to register themselves, it was a rush from New Territories. Basically they walked all the way I think to Kowloon? Somewhere town.

Now that was where the chase and heart stopping moments started. This series showed some truth; there are always good people who help you and not so good people who hinder you. They saw the police and Ruco yelled RUNNNNN and they ran but was caught by a young policeman who refused to let them go no matter how they begged. An older policeman said to let them go since they passed some territorial line. That I am not quite sure the reason. But the older policeman said they have got to go to the Immigration dept somewhere farther away and advised them to take a taxi. With no money, they took a risk and boarded a taxi. Stupid young Edwin said something which triggered the taxi driver's suspicion and stopped the car and demanded for money. They begged, he threatened to call police and again  Ruco yelled RUNNNN and they separated, to meet at the immigration. Ruco escaped, waited and again a not so kind policeman told him to get in or get lost but he begged to wait there. Nearing midnight, Ruco had no choice but to walk in whilst we see Edwin caught by the taxi driver. Again bad guy taxi driver and in came another taxi driver who saw what happened and said to let the boy go since he reminded the taxi driver of their youth but bad taxi driver refused and nice taxi driver paid the bad one and Edwin ran to the place. Once there, it was all over. That scene had me nearly in tears as Ruco walked out and saw his crying brother, separated by a glass door and again he begged the police to let his brother in but policy is policy, once door opens, must let all in and that can't happen. In then brothers sat side by side outside the building, one a PR with a right to stay in HK and the other an illegal immigrant and neither knew what to do except HK is a land of opportunity. Ruco said his real dad will help so they went back to the old house except in walked their mother Louise.

Here I was very confused. I thought Louise was HK citizen but she wasn't; she was illegal immigrant. So answer me this; the 2 boys had to SWIM to HK in the middle of the night and their mother? Casually walked into the scene looking like she walked out of her own house. Go figure how she managed to get into HK.

Anyway mother and eldest son had  a huge fight, very realistic sort and Ruco walked off and Edwin decided he wanted to stay in HK but can't. So he followed the advice of the old man they met when they were in HK to go to Macau because Macau's easier. Hence Ruco in HK, Edwin in Macau. They did go to Macau, tried to find jobs, and all along I was thinking but what about her new husband? Should she tell him? She did! And he gave her a good scolding but the reason why she stayed in Macau is as Edwin said; to wait for Ruco to find them and so they can commute between Macau and HK easily. Problem is Ruco didn't know, he didn't see the note left by Edwin at the place Ruco always played with his father at the old home in HK so he was lost. He did go to find his father but couldn't find and ended up working as shampoo boy and met the nastiest woman ever who lo and behold, married to his father!!! So his father has his new family, richer, happier, one young son. Ruco unhappy threatened to blow his cover but father threatened him to not finance him, to tear up his birth certificate. Wife saw the argument but pretended not to know. Later father gave the birth certificate to Ruco and Ruco discovered his father's name was not on the certificate and he concluded his father never intended to marry Louise or be a father to him. More threats from father about cutting him off and towards the end Ruco vowed to make it on his own without his father's help. Young Edwin waited every Sunday at that Macau plaza place with his mom and when his mother had second thoughts, he vowed; "Mom, let's wait here for brother. I am sure he will be here. We will wait here every Sunday until he comes to us"

Will it be a long long wait? I am sure this is not the first and last separation since Ruco will know Linda and Linda knows Edwin so somewhere along the way brothers would be reunited.

What I love about this episode is its sincere approach to the plight of these 2 young men. It showed the ugly side of HK-ers and the good side of kind people. Even Macau people, like when Louise was looking for a job, husband of a store refused to hire her but the wife wanted to hire her out of kindness of her heart. I was feeling dreadful for them for all the harrowing experiences and cheered when someone came along and helped them. That scene where they were separated by a glass door was heart wrenching as was the argument with the mother and the discovery that his father was a douchebag. The promise of young Edwin was also touching as well. In fact entire episode is like dramatic and touching and all things sugar and spice and not all things nice.

All these are helped by fantastic performances by the 2 young actors. The one as Ruco looked a tad like Kenneth Ma, especially the glaring, the crying, the tears except a much better actor at that sort of raw intensity. But towards the end when he had that determined look, his side profile really looked like Ruco. The one as Edwin looked nothing like Edwin. He was much young, perhaps a good 5 years difference on screen I suppose and he acted very well with his idolising his big brother, doubting moments and his wise action towards the end. The brothers have a close relationship and helps one another, that is evident. So that makes me wonder, why Ruco, why did you turn bad in Episode 1?

You can't fault these 2 young men's performance. For the veterans, Louise Lee is usual Ho Ma sort of way. Lui San was despicable and so she is effective. I think the father is played by Lee Kwok Lun is I got the name right. A douchebag and so effective performance.

If you missed part 1, try not to miss part 2. Part 2 is the best thus far and some of the best stuff from TVB for a long long time.

However, as Always And Ever wisely taught me, never question too much, I shall not dwell too much as to how Louise Lee got to HK. If I do, I will go insane.

EPISODE 1 (23.09.2013)

"If he needed money, he could have just asked me. Why? Why brother? Why did you kidnap me?"

First episode in any TVB series is always rather pretty too eventful until it settles down all adrenaline by episode 3 but don't ever give up on the series until 5th episode where you can now safely decide to proceed or save your own sanity and abandon ship so to speak.

As usual, this 1st episode was very very eventful, with a younger brother on the lookout for his missing older brother, memories of their past, introduction of various characters and ending with an exciting car chase, kidnapping, scary stuff, instant recognition and then a huge question; Why Ruco, whyyyyyy? Why did you kidnap your own brother?!" In fact Edwin asked the question I was asking too; "If he needed money, he could have just asked me. Why? Why brother? Why did you kidnap me?" Same question asked by every member of my family watching this show and the answer is....after 32 episodes we shall know. After all Edwin says Ruco didn't mean to kidnap him; he in fact loosened the rope and to which allow Edwin to escape. Maybe Ruco was threatened? Could be!

I am still trying to learn their onscreen names so when I saw Edwin, Ruco, etc it is their characters I am referring to.

The story is quite intriguing. A younger brother who made it rich as pastry seller and an older brother who joined the wrong crowd. But from the flashbacks, the younger brother always credited older brother for saving his life, giving him capital, encouraging him, etc. I thought perhaps they were separated since childhood but since Edwin knows  Linda who is Ruco's ex wife or something, then it could have been quite recently. I am still confused over their age.

They first swam (literally swam!!) to HK in 1980. Series starts in 2013? Somewhere there. A total of almost 30 years has passed. Assuming Edwin was 12 or 13, Ruco was 16 or 17, that would make Ruco at least 47 now and Edwin 43. Neither actor look anything beyond 40. Neither actor look like siblings. Even with Edwin deliberately speaking slowly and dressed like China Ah Pek and Ruco looking rugged with some white hair on the sides, neither look convincingly that sort of age. So that is a big fail. I am also not sure how old Linda is, I assume late 30s. But then she is supposed to be a fashion designer so I suppose fashion people will take extra good care of themselves. The only one who looks normal is Kristal Tin who will look too mature when in flashback scenes.

Story so far is intriguing but it better have a damn good reason why Ruco became that way!

Performance wise, Ruco shines as the troubled brother with or maybe without an agenda. I don't know yet. I like the scene where he scarily looks at and sorta fondles lovingly the freaking out Linda whose eyes was blindfolded and whilst he exhibited the right amount of longing and creepiness, Linda exhibited the right amount of fear. There is some small indicator that Edwin may be in love with his sister in law. Maybe since he is so old and not married, and no children. Anyway Ruco was great.

Linda looks very very pretty in that short hair. Maybe she should have those type of hairstyle. I feel she looks sophisticated and elegant. Performance wise, she behaves nothing like an older woman but then how does an older woman behave eh? I love her performance. It is a different character and she always shines in different characters. Her terror seems real, her fear, her gratefulness. Hopefully story does her justice.

Kristal Tin surprises me. She looks very pretty in here with the right hairstyle. What I can't stand about her is from the time she appears until the end she nags Edwin's character. I felt like does this woman ever stop nagging? But as the series goes by, you will definitely like her for her intuition, her streetsmartness and her ability to think and act quick. In fact I have a favourite she will be a fan favourite as opposed to Linda who seems to be too gentle, needy and not too quick on her feet.

The disappointing one is Edwin Siu. I am sorry to say, he overacts from the get go. I find his performance to put on. For someone who probably has less hardship than Ruco's character, he behaves rather old. Come to think of it he is probably mid 40s so why is he walking, talking so slow, like he is near 60s? I also do not see the resemblance with Ruco so perhaps the rumour of the original choice of Moses Chan as one of the characters was a better choice if Moses is the older brother and Ruco the younger brother. I am not  a fan of Edwin and I do not think he is an undiscovered talent. He has pretty much shown what he has to show. He is not a bad actor, he is a competent actor but I feel he is also a very obvious and deliberate actor. His expression is just too much and his action calculated. Let's just say for now I am not a fan and I think he is a miscast because I don't think he can sustain my interest as one of the 2 leads. He can  be cute and funny but leading material? That will only highlight his lack of subtlety as an actor.

The rest I have no comment since it is only 1st episode. But I can say if you avoid reading spoilers, this will be an exciting series. But 32 episodes? It better have some major huge revelations.

I saw the trailers which you can see here and here.

Frankly, I am not impressed. The story sounds like some Tamil movie plot with opposing brothers, one good, one gone bad. The trailer(s) look tired but then this is a series spanning 20 years? 30 years? I hope the make up will age them well. I do look forward to all those 80s fashion which will be good for some laughs but I have a feeling we will spot some new cars here and there in the background. TVB is not known for consistency. I like that Ruco is given a challenging role which I know he will do well. He has always been given very badly written characters but manage to do well each time. I love that Linda is given a difficult role as well, which requires her to mature, age, emotional, etc. I am however not pleased with Edwin's casting. I think he is too soon to share the limelight with Ruco. I don't think he has enough star power to pull in audiences or ratings and neither do Ruco who has a dedicated fanbase but not much else. Edwin looks cute when he is acting cute but due to his exposure to Mainland China style of acting all these years, he has a tendency to overact. Luckily this is not HDTV but still, I find some scenes in the trailer a tad overdone thanks to the unrestrained Edwin. For me any good actor can play the nice guy made it good role. The female counterparts are well cast, starting with Linda who I feel always does well in those against type roles. However will she age well? Not sure. I am again shocked with Kristal Tin's appearance as the other female lead. First of all, she is too old and mature looking for a role that she is already reaching the halfway point in age. I don't think she is an expressive actress. She is a decent actress who tends to be on the good side but she is not jaw droppingly amazing and again Linda's fans will pull in the ratings but Kristal? I don't think so. I just feel she is a tad too mature for a role that requires such a huge change in terms of age and appearance. The side actors aka supporting actors look ok. But if the leads (male and female) do not do well, this series will tank. This is mainly because the story is sorta done before, seen before. Luckily, it is only 32 episodes so it might be fast paced and tight series, I hope.

Frankly, right now I am just hoping for consistency and good pacing in a series. And of course some good acting. The producer has given us some good series in the past. So I am quite excited but not as excited as I should be. Ratings wise, my feeling is it won't be a hit maker. It doesn't have the makings of a hit maker with actors who aren't exactly ratings puller.

I was seriously considering doing episodic thoughts for this but I want to enjoy the series rather than watching it with too much attention. So I decided to do what I will call Episodic Reviews which is Episodic Thoughts minus the detailed plot. More on reviewing each episode which should make my commentaries more rambling than usual.