Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Expensive, overpriced but still a good purchase

Like how I was with buying the new Ipad (not Air but the one called Ipad with Retina Display), it took me months to decide. Yes, Ipad is expensive, overpriced but amongst its product, Ipad itself is quite reasonably priced. Now that I have it, I could do quite a lot with it. To me it is a good purchase since it is incredibly useful. Right now I am in the games phase. But I did use it for blogging, checking emails and internet stuff. But darn it, it is heavy. Suddenly now got the Air version but no regrets in buying the one I bought.

As with Ipad, it took me forever to ponder if I should get Benefit's Benetint. I have been using Face Shop's lip/cheek tint which is cheap (RM19-90 if I am not mistaken), quite a big mascara like bottle and the colour is good although not lasting. But the taste is terrible. Supposedly cherry but it tasted like cough syrup of the bad kind. The price itself makes it great. But I was reading so much about Benetint and since I lost my 2 bottles of Face Shop's lip/cheek tint and their shops ran out of the same lip/cheek tint, I took the plunge and bought Benetint. It is small bottle, it is super expensive (although not as expensive as I thought- my online research says in Malaysia it should be RM145-00 per bottle but the counter sells it for RM125-00) but I can see it lasting me a long long time. The colour is quite the same as Face Shop's, dark red colour like blood, a bit more watery than I expected but not as drying as the others I tried. In fact it smells of roses and doesn't taste awful at all. I tried it on my cheek and it give me a rosy cheek look which isn't difficult for me to achieve since I always have rosy cheek. The main purpose is for my pale lips and I applied one layer and it look good. My only complaint is it stains my fingers when applying and the applicator isn't the best there is. For me, it is also expensive, overpriced but still a good purchase.

At the same counter I was looking at something called High Beam where it is like a foundation that highlights the place you applied it on. RM100-00 per bottle, same size as Benetint, again I expected much more expensive. I was tempted but the sales girl is a total fail in selling product. When testing the product, she applied on her hand. We have different complexion so it doesn't tell me whether it will do me good. Compare that to Face Shop's sales girl. They are quite professional but depending on where you buy. As usual, they're pretty stingy with samples as opposed to the Face Shop I usually go where they give out samples of anything very very generously.

Anyway does Benetint make me gorgeous? Of course not. You know why? Because I am already gorgeous. It just enhances my gorgeousness. Yeah!


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