Saturday, November 16, 2013

[Funn Stuff] The best ad thus far

For me the following Volvo ad is the best thus far. A lot of ads these days are not really effectively selling their products but this one, you've got to watch it to understand why I said what I said. After watching it I feel like buying the trucks because I was very very impressed. Impressed also with Jean Claude Van Damme who is famous for his very very 180 degrees perfect split but his ability is secondary; it is the trucks that tells me the fact he didn't even falter, didn't even fall, means the trucks were so stable, so precise. If you think it is camera tricks and all, it is not. This is like a real stunt. The article said it was filmed in 1 take and see the trucks driving in reverse! This ad is effective and is very very well made. The concept is top notch and the execution perfect. I know what it is selling, I know why people should buy and I know what's the selling point. Just wow.

And once more, that epic moment where Volvo and Jean Claude Van Damme prove their worth...


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