Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[O] TVB 46th Anniversary Special 2013

As messy and as noisy as ever but with a slight difference; it is smaller stage, more intimate, less about what is done by the actors but more on giving away prizes. It felt at times like a very noisy and very long prize giving ceremony. And at almost 2 and a half hours (plus commercials), it was a tad long but I feel justified.

Many good moments this year but I can say the worst was Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui segment. I find it rather pointless. I love the Inbound Troubles segment, amazed at their rapport and chemistry and especially the dancing skills of 2 actors (one of whom that blonde girl) who was doing a campy version of Physical, like the 80s aerobics class. I had such a good laugh. But Louis Yuen will take the honours as the funniest with his segment. Poor guy was red all over after being slapped repeatedly. I am also very entertained by the magic show. Ruco was ever professional and he was convincing in creating the atmosphere but it was Myolie's trick of being cut into half, presented her top half on a table whilst her bottom half (supposed bottom half) was walking around. Done at such close proximity, I was thinking HOW HOW HOW?

It also seems like Moses will have his yearly humiliation, like he did this year with the weird magic-birthing show.

This year the big guns are not doing much but the less famous ones do a lot.

A lot of gifts this year. 1000 stocks (worth HKD50,000 I think) is won by Oscar Leung. The condominium by some westerner. Even Wayne won the HTC phone, etc. But the biggest surprise was 3 special awards, the best actor, best actress and the best of the best voted by their peers, their colleagues, fellow actors which perhaps best represent the spirit of the award that perhaps TVB awards should adopt. You may say this is like Miss Congeniality award but at least you know amongst peers, you got voted the most. That must count for something.

Linda and Kristal were both final 2 and when Eric I think teased Linda and Kristal was so happy for Linda, Kristal was declared eventual winner and I think she was so shocked, she started to cry. It is a huge honour to win this. For the guys, I was hoping Ruco, but it was between Wayne and shocking, Kenneth. Kenneth looked so shocked! And when he was pronounced the winner, he simply could not say much as he was in major major shock. I thought it was nice to give him the Mr Congeniality award. It shows how popular he is amongst colleagues but truth be told, for acting itself, he doesn't deserve it, yet. Neither does Linda. Neither does Kristal, frankly. For the best of the best or rather The Most Talented, I thought please not be Liza Wang but it was Law Lan which was a very nice gesture. Shocked but gracious, all she could say was thank you thank you thank you.

I really enjoyed that part of the show.

And more shocker! Alan Tam and friends came to perform! Everybody above 30 had fun. Those young ones look so sulky. 

By the way it was nice to see Kevin there even if he had no series for this year. He was his usual charming self. Raymond was there but poor guy seems to have lost his ability to remember because he just went through something and he can't answer a simple question a few minutes later. He was teased that he only remembers BB. A lot of veterans showed up, a lot of actors, a lot of people but the focus was never on them. It was like they had the memo to attend and so they must. I also have this feeling Ruco who I was hoping to get some recognition isn't that popular amongst colleagues. I am not complaining. Kenneth deserves the Mr Congeniality award. I am however baffled by those awards being presented here. Isn't TVB slapping themselves if Kristal or Kenneth don't win in the awards show itself and everyone will say "Yeah lor! Executive decisions vs peer voting!". I feel it is such a silly time to give such award. And peer voting should be left to the awards itself to give it credibility.

This show missed Bobby, Joey Meng, Tavia, Roger and many more but like I said, a lot of them attended and mostly secondary actors.

On the fashion front, I don't know who got the best dressed  but I have a few worst...

The flashiest belongs to Edwin Siu. Like accessories overload.

The worst for men had to be Bosco and a close second is Kenneth for not wearing socks.

The best for men could be stylish Wayne and his leather jacket, Ruco for once looking decent but still obsessed with weird patterned jacket but for me, it had to be Koo Ming Wah who looked absolutely stylish.

The worst for women had to be Linda Chung. This year a lot of them showing cleavage but she covered herself with a curtain looking dress but her hair was terrible, her make up was even more terrible. She looked pale, tired, old and just quite simply awful. Dodo a close second.

The best for women I can't decide.

The hosts were mostly ok since focus was not on then. However Astrid was awful. She rushed through everything, she interrupted people and was annoying. Amigo Chui did well and I can never understand why King Kong is a host when I can't understand half of what he said.

Now the absolute most awful had to be the Miss HKs, all of whom had terrible dress, bad makeup and terrible hair. They were all looking so hungry but none more than the host herself and Miss HK 2013 herself, Miss Grace Chan who looked so tiny, so short and so malnourished. But we all know she is thin. Her problem is the way she talked which was irritating and the worst was her posture. She has such terrible slouching posture. Just look at her and all who watched with me were asking how on earth she became Miss HK when she stood the way she did? Her stomach was out, her shoulder dropped, she was swinging side to side and she looked basically like a pole amongst giants. I don't know how she performed in Miss HK pageant but I can tell you I wouldn't have voted for her if she had been the same as she tonight. I don't think I can stand her acting if she is gonna stand that way. I feel like force feeding her a sandwich and then changing her clothes, make her wear a corset to treat her slouching and generally tell her to just go away until she is ready, at least looks wise.

Other than that small problem, the show was enjoyable.


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