Monday, December 9, 2013

All about The Hobbit

I shouldn't have read the book. I shouldn't have read the wiki spoilers. No wonder Thorin was not mentioned in Lord Of The Rings. Or Fili or Kili. I mean he should be since in dwarve years he is young. But oh dear, I shouldn't have. I am gonna cry. More so when in Lord Of The Rings we know Balin died in Moria, and apparently so did Ori who was the skeleton holding that big book describing how Moria fell to the orcs!! How I know all these? Almost 9 hours of BTS. Totally awesome stuff. I digressed. Oh tissues will be my best friend for the 3rd film. I suspect for the 2nd film I will either quite dislike Thorin or Bilbo.

Anyway perfect casting of Martin Freeman as Bilbo. Loved the 1st movie, booked the 2nd movie and planned to watch also in Imax 3D.

So excited but oh so sad! I suspect 3rd film will win oscars for the sheer magnitude of it. I mean Smaug is just a small piece of the puzzle!

By the way I looooooove The Hobbit more than I did Lord Of The Rings the 1st time around. I appreciate Peter Jackson because I mean if not him, where can we ever find such fantasy films anymore? It is like a dying breed. I suspect Guillermo del Toro would have been fantastic as well. He could bring fantasy world like no other but maybe he would have differed too much from Peter Jackson's vision. I find Guillermo del Toro;s vision often this terrifying but whimsical fantasy. Pan's Labyrith is a good example. Even Pacific Rim is quite scary. Peter Jackson is more fantasy 1st, scary second. Either one would have done great justice to Tolkien's world.

Ohhhh so excited!


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