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[O] ASTRO AOD Awards 2013 aka TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013 [Contest-CLOSED]


I was there in 2012 with the awesommest seat. And on 01.12.2013, I was there also but with crappier seat. The venue was HUGE! HUGE! HUGEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! My seat wasn't terrible but it wasn't great so I didn't have a very good close view although I got to see what I wanted to see at the beginning of the show. Ahhhh I love the TVB mascot. I want to take the mascot home! Anyway I am reproducing what I posted at Jaynestars;

I do not wish to dispute the results, After all 100% fan voting so I will take it as it is even if I totally disagree with the choices. I was there tonight and Linda looked beautiful and sweet and just because she was so sweet I wanted her to win. After all this is popularity contest. Before the show started she was walking to the car she was supposed to emerge from. She was so nice to stop, wave wildly and happily for quite some time. She is very slim but she really is very pretty in a very sweet way. Love her make up and dress. Nancy Wu sat in the car directly in front of me. She kept looking our way. I told my friends lets wave at her the next time she looked our way. She did and we waved happily and she waved back, smiling sweetly. Edwin too stopped for a while. Hated his costume but he was quite friendly. I saw Chilam and he was at best aloof but he was very very very handsome. Eric Tsang was friendlier. Him Law seemed moody but Tavia was the usual smiles and waves even if I thought Linda was more spontaneous. One thing about Linda; you may dislike her but at the end of the show she was the only one who stayed behind, hold her 2 awards and posed for pictures for fans. Not for photographers but for fans. Fred Cheng was enthusiastic and he was very handsome in person. I was happy to see Hubert Hu(?) and I was hoping he would sing The Last Steep Ascent themesong. Alas... not to be. I didn't even know Mag Lam was there. Didn't notice.

Wong Cho Lam in person is more handsome than he is on TV. I know on TV we often laugh at how not pretty he is but in person, he really does look quite good looking even if very short.

Now my main target. I made no secret why I wanted to go to AOD awards (which by the way is no longer AOD awards but hijacked by TVB and now called TVB Star Awards  Malaysia 2013 - I shall wait for Mediacorp to sue TVB! the entire format became TVB-fied. Yes it was entertaining but a lot of head scratching moments like why was that even there in the first place like that interview with Ruco and Kenneth although I am happy for Ruco for any publicity he can get). I wanted to see Ruco in the flesh. My seat was not good and I fretted and I wondered why there were cars parked by the side. ANd then this sight of blue suit walked by slowly and it was Ruco and he was very near me and he stopped and he smiled and waved and all. Even in the car he smiled and waved whenever he saw fans waving at him or calling his names. He was also in deep discussion with Kenneth about something. Anyway he looked exactly like he was on TV, handsome, charming, with occasional smiles that sort of like flirting BUT my friends and I agree; he was smaller in person. I don't know what my friend expected; maybe muscle bound and all. Linda was same height with him, and also because Linda was wearing I believe at least 4 inch heel if not more. But I do agree; Ruco was smaller than expected because he was slimmer. However he looked like a million dollars. Even Kenneth in his silly flower suit looked great. Even Eric Tsang looked great. Everyone looked great even moody Ron Ng BUT why on earth Edwin dressed like how he described himself as some HDB flat as opposed to high end condo or luxury homes like Ruco and Kenneth? Why Edwin? WHY?!

Anyway I came away with a realisation. Ruco is popular but disappointingly he is NOT that popular. My friend said something quite interesting; "hmmm where are all the Jaynestars Ruco supporters? I expected more of Ruco's fans". I think I have said this before; Ruco has dedicated fanbase. Not the biggest idol like fan base but dedicated loyal fanbase, one of which you can't compare with Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Him Law or even Chilam.

Anyway loved seeing the stars in the flesh. By the way Myolie really outbling everyone. She looked fabulous. Kristal looks pretty. Mandy looked subdued. Didn't even know she was there, frankly. And it is a travesty Vincent Wong or Sammy Shum didn't win most improved or whatever.

Eliza was pretty and much slimmer in person. I was curious about her. I mean after seeing her I am convinced she is the female version of Kenneth Ma. Both as likeable, attractive and dizty. At the start she was escorted to the car. She seemed disoriented, like she was clueless where she was or rather she was knocked out and just woke up and didn't know where she was as she was steered to her place in the car. I was wondering what was going on.

Anyway so happy got to see Ruco in the flesh. He really is something like KEvin Cheng. These publicity does him some good to open him up a little. He isn't aloof; Chilam was. Did anyone see the murderous stare Chilam gave Cholam when Cholam was talking about his wife and son? Don't mess with him!

By the one one faux pass moment by Eric Tsang which wasn't funny; which was about the 1 second rape scene of Kate Tsui. I thought that was distasteful. But Cholam's joke about Fala was funny. In fact the funniest was Cholam acting as the 5 nominated actresses and that was seriously funny.

Also, Tavia said something very weird when she won the favourite couple. I remember she said she was hoping to win that award as in she wanted to win it since she didn't win before. In cantonese that is the context but my friend looked at me and I looked at her and we both knew she won last year where Kenneth made a dramatic entry. Did she forget?

Other than that I was disappointed how TVB hijacked this show to make it like their usual TVB show. I thought last year had more award feel. However there are plenty of singing this year and to give credit where credit is due, they all sang live and sound much better at the venue than on TV. Edwin and Ruco sang very well, especially Edwin. But I hated his hobo getup.

Anyone else was there and had better view and managed to take a better picture of Ruco singing?

I do need to talk about the results. I feel this year Malaysians got it ALL WRONG everywhere! Most Improved is some guy I don't even know, who trumps over Vincent Wong and Sammy Shum? At least it wasn't Jason Chan. Most TITS 2 cast members win and TITS 2 wins Most Favourite Drama which was a travesty. When Linda Chung won Best Actress which I totally disagree, I thought Ruco had a chance. But then of course if someone like Chilam is there, how can he not win? It is like Andy Lau there, surely Andy Lau trumps Chilam? The Most Favourite Couple is wrong. Best Song is wrong. Everything is wrong. I feel Malaysians this year totally got it all wrong. I am sorry; I am ashamed. Linda as Best Actress? But then like I said this is a popularity contest. Linda is a nice girl. She is also very popular. How can she not win? But what a travesty.

And I do feel Cholam overworked himself as a host to compensate for the lack of the other hosts. In front of the camera they all banter, etc. Once cut to commercials, they all looked away from one another. I thought it was so odd. I once had the privilege of seeing a live show at Genting Highlands with Onn Tak Jun as the host. When during commercials, he would walk out to the stage and banter with the audience. He made us get involved and he encouraged us to make noises, etc. That to me is the mark of a good host; someone who involves the live audiences. The hosts here, like Cholam are competent but not very good hosts as they do not know how to engage the audiences. I find that disappointing.

But let's talk about something positive. Every seat got a bag of goodies but not the nominations list. Rather a bottle of water, a packet of rolled cake, a packet of sweets (mint), paper fan, car windshield cover, recycle bag, 2 small thingy that I didn't know what it was until I squeezed it and it was those squeeze and light appears concert thingy (very hard to squeeze) and 1 plastic thing which is when you blow into it it becomes oblong shape and you hit the two together to make sounds/noises like in concert. If you watch the show, you will see some people hitting 2 oblong shaped yellow colour thing together; that's the thing and also a hardcover notebook.

Wow,  a lot of stuff.

Anyway since I took extra one bag and I wanna share this special stuff with a fellow Malaysian who wasn't there but could only watch on TV. I am giving the following away which contains everything EXCEPT the food, the water and the notebook. 

Who can enter
Those with an address in Malaysia and did not attend this award show.

How to enter
Simple. Answer 1 very simple question. WHO WAS MY MAIN REASON FOR GOING TO THIS AWARD SHOW? Give me his name using Post A Comment and please give me your valid email address. The FIRST to comment with correct answer and required information wins. I will email you for your delivery address. Delivery by POS LAJU but I will need some time to pack and send to post office due to work commitment. I will send you the tracking number by email. Your personal information will be completely P&C.

Contest deadline
Open until winner is found.

So what are you waiting for? I know these stuff is nothing but seriously, you can't BUY these.

Would ya believe it? The venue apparently is very very small so tickets are scarce. Also not glamorous place, which means ASTRO's budget for this event is lesser. I am not sure who or how many are coming to this event but I read and I hope Ruco Chan IS coming. Tell me he is confirmed!!

Anyway live event will be on TV. Last year I went and the seating was pure awesomeness. This year I cried that I won't have a chance to go. I told my same group of friends. Guess what?

My sister is awesome! She knows the same someone who is married to someone who gives the tickets!! So yes, I AM GOING! However I do believe even if the venue is smaller (which is good because more intimate and fans can see better), the ticket numbering will not be the jackpot like last year. Last year was 4th row, middle. This year is one row behind which is 5th row and I do believe at the extreme side looking at the numbers. But who cares! I gotta go! I shall write a report but frankly my friends and I have the same aim; to see Ruco Chan. If he cancels or is not coming, there will be some disappointed girls here!!

Mine are lousy except for a few which coincidentally all concern Ruco Chan. So I found some nice ones online.

Can you feel the love? Can you?

I don't get why Linda looks awful in this picture. She is not photogenic. In person she looks fair, very very slim and really lovely. Ruco basically smiled a lot and waved a lot and stood really straight and still and kinda reminds me of a politician meeting and greeting his constituency, in a good way. He didn't wear socks (WHY?! Is he allergic to socks?!) but I love his necktie which I just noticed.


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