Monday, December 16, 2013

[O] TVB 46th Anniversary Awards Presentation 2013

UPDATES - 17.12.2013
I have been reading many comments by netizens and most were happy with this year's result and the surprise win by Dayo Wong. I am still reeling with shock, in a good way. There were some comments about rigging but seriously, if there was rigging, why should Dayo be the winner? Should be Francis who will be filming the TITS movie or someone else. Dayo was the dark horse of all dark horses. I think the voting is fair. He must have his fans amongst the peers (writers, etc) who admires his talent and he wasn't last place with fans. I am just surprised Wayne who is usually very popular with both didn't get a place in top 5. As for the so called strange speech by Chilam bordering arrogant, frankly I do think he is a sore loser and he looked like he wasn't very happy but I also think he is not eloquent and his speech, whilst maybe quite truthful may have been misconstrued. Frankly I was quite surprised by what he said as well. Overall these are good results and will salvage TVB's image in terms of awards and so called rigging.

I am in shocked!! First the results for the main categories..

Most Improved
Eliza Shum and Vincent Wong

Best Supporting
Benz Hui and Elena Kong

Best Lead (TV King & TV Queen)
Kristal Tin and Dayo Wong

Most Favourites
Chilam and Kristal

Best Series 
Triumph In The Skies II

Lifetime Achievement Awards
Lau Siu Ming

Wow! Dayo Wong is TV king!! I was so shocked! He got 1st place with peers voting but 3rd with fans. The 2nd guy got 1st with fans but 3rd with peers. I suspect that is Chilam. The 3rd must be Kenneth. Chilam when he won Most Favourite to me said something I feel inappropriate; kinda bragging he won fans' voting. Dayo was so funny! He wasn't there; Dodo called him on her phone and some highlights...

1. Dodo? You haven't called for 1 or 2 years!
2. Is Best Actor same as TV king? How many can win TV king?
3. How did I win?... 50% peers and 50% fans? That's... very fair system!

I laughed my head off! The last person I expected to win was Dayo and you know what? I think he is a deserving TV King! I did hope he would win at some point! Poor Ruco... he never had the chance anyway. Francis Ng actually voted for Dayo! Now that's good taste!

I was already psyched when Vincent won. But the most moving had to be the 3 or was it 4 veterans given honorary awards. That was such an enjoyable moment.

The slight pimple is best series. Ridiculous that series won! Should be Inbound Troubles!

Anyway great results which I won't dispute. I feel the winners are fair and well chosen. I will like to say congrats to TV King, Dayo Wong and TV Queen, Kristal Tin who cried from the moment she opened her mouth until she finished talking!

Whilst Dodo seems a bit off today, I seriously enjoyed this show tonight. I think the winning list in some ways established the credibility TVB yearns and it is a small step but nonetheless a good one.

Fashion wise, it was like horror show. Bosco and Edwin the usual ugly fashionistas. Koo Ming WahKenneth Ma, Wayne Lai, NFrancis Ng for me were best dressed. Ruco looked literally like a cow. Why? WHY?! Girls' side, not one standout although plenty of skins.

By the way, Anthony Wong was a guest presenter. As usual he seems smug. My biggest surprise was seeing Cheung Tat Ming. Whilst he looked ill, he looked like he was recovering from being ill. His voice is strong and he was funny. So happy to see him well!!

Oh yeah, TVB actually showed the percentage, number of votes, etc except announcing 2nd and 3rd place. That to me is an improvement.


  1. Funn I am surely shocked as well! Dayo in my opinion really deserved it in terms of acting but I don't think he needs it because he doesn't seem like he cares or specially value the Best Actor Award. Nevertheless, congratulations to him. Kristal Tin... to me she is not leading material but congratulations to her Most Popular award as I did like her over Linda in terms of performance. I still think she should only take one and leave the Best Actress to somebody like Esther Kwan or even Kate Tsui or Linda Chung (its her time). Benz Hui was a surprise but worthy of the award and I am truly satisifed Elena Kong won it. I can't believe though Priscilla Wong and Tony both got best hosts as they are no way near dodo and amigo. Vincent and Eliza were expected and well deserving. I do like how this year they make the previous awards present the award but I don't like the tone of the ceremony how its so noisy and a lack of awards ceremony feel in comparison to 2012. Special praise to Dodo to improvise the phone call but I somehow think it looks a bit setup.

    1. I actually thought the tone was very sombre, like Golden horse awards and such. Too serious. I didn;'t think DODO did a great job. At first she seems absent minded.

      I think Dayo appreciated it but he himself was in total disbelief.

      "Special praise to Dodo to improvise the phone call but I somehow think it looks a bit setup."

      I don't think they expected Dayo to win. I think the phone call looks improvised. It is her own phone and Dayo's reaction was genuine. So I don't think it was setup. She does know him and know him well thanks to War Of Genders.

  2. Funn,
    What a fitting photo for celebrating Dayo Wong's win! I though Chilam Cheung would win based on his popularity wave! Maybe TVB is trying to do things differently to generate more discussion on their annual awards! As you said, it seemed to be a last minute decision to award Dayo.

  3. Maybe but my feeling is Kenneth. Ruco probably 4th place overall.

  4. The ugliest fashion belong to Ron, Niki and grandma Kate Tsui. What is Ron thinking? He also looks old and wrinkled, I'm surprised.

  5. It is like miracle happening in TVB....Christmas comes early in TVB!!! Really glad Linda didn't win because she might not survive the backlash.She will get her best actress in due time hopefully with a better character than Rachel in BK.Still can't really believe that TVB actually gave these awards to the unlike them!!!And Dayo Wong is a pleasure to watch with his style of acting or he is just being himself :)

  6. 1. Dayo
    2. Chilam
    3. MM
    4. Francis

    Those were the top 4. So Ruco is last.

  7. Is that your speculation or a fact?