Friday, December 13, 2013

TVB Calender for 2014

UPDATES - 14.12.2013
Wow it seems this year there are limited number of calendars to give out. As usual I got the table calendar but surprise surprise I got also the wall calendar which is much bigger. Love going through the front page and see who stands where. The rest inside is quite awful due to over photoshop!

The TVB calendar for 2014 is out, and you can view them all here at Casual TVB. Last year's theme was happy time so you saw very many levels of party going people, including party for old people, party for young people and that sort, except for one strange one which was a bunch of macho looking guys running from or away from something.

This year the theme seems to  be rather about balls and phallic symbols. Sorry, that's what I saw. Most obvious was the month of May with Charmaine being the only lady (umpire) holding a ball and the guys with the balls thrown at them. Like as if saying

Charmaine, crush the balls, crush them all!!

Either that or some impossible poses like the one in July 2014. Or a bunch of guys chasing after a ball in June 2014 except half the guys there are probably unfit to run half the field. Or horses. Which better to represent macho sex than horses?

Ok ok, joking. It is obviously sports theme and like every year, this year achieve a new high; photoshopped till death. For example, see January 2014 and see Linda's legs. Photoshopped.  So with so much photoshopping involved, the truly really good one which imparts the element of fantasy (thanks to photoshop) and the whole idea is actually December 2014 which is about equestrian but thanks to TVB now looks like prince charming rescuing some princess, something Disney will say "Looks good but no, we reject". Anyway Kenneth is there, the prince charming. He does look good. November 2014 seems badly edited because the perspective seems rather wrong, the girls look as big as the golfer at the forefront.  August 2014 is the worst in terms of perspective.

I do like October 2014, happy Bobby surrounded by beautiful women with Esther next to him and Wayne by the side. Does this mean Esther is back with TVB and active filming? I don't understand May 2014, as in I don't understand why Jason Chan got the focus? Is TVB really intent of unleashing him on us? Ruco is in June 2014, surrounded by veterans led by Eric Tsang which doesn't diminish Ruco's standing of course but I feel he should be in May 2014 and Jason Chan being the green one should be one of those running siu sangs. After all how many years must Ruco be a siu sang? He is a bona fide leading man now!

These calendars are important as you can see who is the main one in a specific month and the position of the rest. I think all are ok except again.. why is Jason Chan getting such prominence? Has TVB even watched his recent works? Shouldn't he be hidden somewhere? Look at him hold that prop. He really has no chemistry with props. 

By the way Kevin Cheng looks good but the pose is awkward.

Anyway sports theme... or glamorised sports theme but to me, balls, all men, all women, 1 woman surrounded by men, a man surrounded by a few women, horses and whips, this is like a sanitized version of 50 Shades Of Grey, except of course this is 50 Shades Of Photoshop. I am now wondering if they even had all of them in the same shot or just cut and paste.

Sorry but don't like most of them and I certainly do not like prominence given to some I feel is a torture to my viewing senses.

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  1. I've noticed that they left out some artists that I thought would be in the calendar. Like Pierre Ngo, Selena Li, Grace Wong, William Chak... Idk who else. And tavia looks misplaced too