Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New programming idea for TVB

Reading this article at Jaynestars made me brainstorm one type of show I wanna see. So I shall propose the following and I will use the format required by TVB;

detailed introduction of the idea
Ruco Chan, on a sofa, in a studio, alone with soft lightning and he can do whatever he wants as long as it is him alone for min 45 minutes and in 5 episodes each with different settings but same basic idea

its main subject matter
Ruco Chan

a summary of contents
Ruco Chan, a book, a sofa, a fluffy pillow, soft lightning

a message
You want him alone by himself with cameras on him and him alone? You got it!

a filming format
Camera on a tripod or whatever but not handheld, shooting straight

its feasibility
For all Ruco Chan fans or those fed up why whenever a series with Ruco Chan he is forever have to share the limelight or so many "flies" flying around occupying the scenes. This same idea can be adapted to any star. Perhaps create a poll for "Watch the star do nothing but get the 100% limelight for 45 minutes for 5 episodes for this week!".

an estimated production budget
Suject's salary - borne by TVB
one light plus one sofa plus one fluffy toy plus whatever props - donated by fans so it is free

Can work?


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