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[O] Coffee Cat Mama / 貓屎媽媽 [TVB][2013]

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I wrote a review for this series, kinda very little spoiler but then the ending you can see a mile away. Do have a read! Comments most welcomed.

I needed a few days to think over the ending, not because it was earth shattering or different but because the last 20 minutes with the 3 years later scenes undid everything good with this series. I still need time. I am befuddled, confused, angry, everything one fan of a badly ended series will and can feel. Whilst Return Of Silver Tongues were full of happily pregnant women, wayyyy too many pregnant women, this series ended so negatively I wonder what is so happy about miserable people? Let me think... I need time to... think...

Ep 16 (I think)
Is it 16? 17? All I know is the disappointing aspect is coming soon that is Yam Ka Ching going back to So Mei. Poor poor Fei Fei.

Ep  14 (I think)
Hmmm... Bobo doesn't sound so excited at hearing from Fan Fatt again. Strange. But funny scene how he actually smiled, a little.

Anyway entire episode I can remember the above scene and the scene where Fei Fei fainted after she told how Michelle said she was fat and so she tried to lose weight and all that and Vincent was very angry and as he held the fainted Fei Fei he said something like "I will never let you go hungry again" in English and I thought that was the single most romantic sentence ever uttered in TVB, ever. Seriously funny and yet darn romantic. I want to see more of Fei Fei and Yam Ka Ching together and whenever I doubted Yam Ka Ching's love for Fei Fei, a scene like this happened. Very lovely actually. I really like Yam Ka Ching as a person. He may seem so soft and house husband-ish, he is actually morally upright, strong in resolve and is a forthright person who is able to see right from wrong. He is like the moral guardian of this series. Vincent Wong played him to perfection; from the way he stands to talks to hold his cup. Perfection.

As for the final scene where Fan Fatt being very angry with Michelle for taking away his earphone when he was talking to Bobo told his guys to teach her a lesson and the trashed the entire cafe and I was like WTF just happened? Fan Fatt wouldn't do that! I thought it was so out of character so I am hoping he said teach her a lesson and his guys interpreted as trash the place.

Whilst I am still liking this series, all because of Vincent Wong who is simply excellent in here and Koo Ming Wah very very funny, I find the editing and pacing absolutely horrendous. It jumps here and there and the scenes aren't connected. Or if they were, they did not capitalise on the emotions. Like last episode's emotionally charged last scene and this episode the entire thing seem to be like some funny cutesy stuff with cutesy music when last episode it was dead serious.

Just absolutely inconsistent.

Ep  13
A better episode and a heart wrenching one. This is one episode that will divide the males from the females.

Vincent finds out Nancy knows all along since Form 7 that he was and probably still is madly in love with her. The fact that he could still be BFFs with her and function normally because he doesn't know she knows and so his pride is intact. Until she created a knitting game based on his infatuation with her and she doesn't realise how much she has betrayed his trust and is callous about his feelings until her own boss scolded her. Then even So Sick shouted abuse at her and finally she realised. Then Vincent finds out and in a long, very long scene at least 15 minutes long I think, it showcases the brilliance of Vincent the actor and explains quite adequately why she has hurt him so. Funnily, the females watching this with me said "What's the big deal?! He's the fool. I mean he knows she doesn't love him, he still does things for her, he will forgive her anyway. So why is he so upset?"

Well, why? Even Nancy asked herself should Vincent be upset if he knew? After all he will forgive her for anything.

Well, that scene explains why. And if you still can't see why, change the sex around. If you were Vincent and the guy you are in love with is Nancy. Can you now see why? No? Let me explain then.

It is not so much that she created a game based on his crush on her. It is also not so much that he knows she will never love him back. It is the fact that she has known since Form 7 that he is in love with her and despite  all that has continually disregard his feelings (rather like thinking how he feels is not important to her), went on double dates with him so that he can see how happy she is with other guys, said to him "You're not as good as Bean Chak!" which means she doesn't think highly of him that way when she married a much older man, broke up the friendship for 2 years for something he did which he meant well which she sees as betrayal, forgave him when he agreed to rent half the place for his bakery and yet made him swear that they will be BFFs forever and will never fall for one another and worse of all, created a game where even as he plays and wins points, the game's ultimate end is the guy in the game can never win the girl's heart no matter how hard he tries.

All these done in retrospect where she knew he was madly in love with her. He felt used, he felt like a fool and she knows it and that perhaps she has been laughing behind his back at how foolish he was. That was why he was so upset.

Of course Nancy didn't mean all that, she probably meant well but like someone asked me, what could she have done? As BFFs can't she be free to tell him anything?

Yes she can but she could have handled it with more sensitivity. She didn't give him that choice on what to do next. He could have left her and break up the friendship or continue to pretend she doesn't know. It should be his choice. She could have at least consider his feelings before saying certain hurtful words. I am sure if the situation is reversed many will scold the man as heartless. In this case it is the woman being heartless.

Brilliant confrontation scene and I really feel for Vincent. And damn fine performance.

Eps  11 & 12
I find the series beginning to become very very convulated in order perhaps to pave the way to the expected ending.

Suddenly this series has nothing to do with Mr & Mrs Bean anymore. Nancy is busy making games as she is still employed with her gaming company which I find curious because I thought she is doing freelance work, Michelle is poking into the day to day business operation of the coffee shop and so making it less of Nancy's vision and Nancy who doesn't know so stopped arguing with Michelle, Eliza is still not standing up to her bossy mom and curiously Bosco who wants to be a barista asked Eliza to be his mentor when the better person should be Fan Fatt. And Nancy is now staying with purely platonic but soon to be in love BFF Vincent whose girlfriend, May suddenly stops going to have dinner or hanging around the house and they stopped being seen as a couple. In fact I am quite sick of those Vincent-Nancy being nice to each other when what I want is a threesome interaction that is May, Vincent AND Nancy. The only good thing is Eliza's performance as she confesses to Bosco

I know I have difficulty in making decisions when confronted with choices. But like you said, I can be better if perhaps when making decisions I think of someone important, someone I love then I can surely make a decision. When I saw your hand hurt, all I can think was you and your hand. All I can think of if putting these handiplast on your hand. I can think of no other thing!

Ahhhh what a confession of love. She is really good with such scenes. But then the series with some terrible editing just move away and to where I do not know. Whilst I like Michelle's very bossy mother and boss portrayal, I find her story very jarring because one scene she is the strict boss bossing over her own daughter who is the other boss and the next we see them trying to be mother and daughter and cuteness stuff like how they had to suffer her competitiveness even when going for rides at Disneyland. There seems to be no connection, like 2 distinct thing. I also am so confused why Nancy suddenly stops talking about the cafe. Does this signify her love for her dead husband as being lesser in time? And poor May Chan. She is one of the reason to watch this series but now she has ZERO interaction with Vincent who by the way is still excellent. Another jarring character is So Sick, only because his scenes have the most sudden abrupt music, editing, continuation etc.

I really don't know why.

It is going downhill... sigh...

Eps 9 & 10
I am a bit off the actual episode but I believe the latest on 03.01.2014 is episode 10, where Bosco aka Tai Chi Pau goes berserk over who actually performed mouth to mouth resuscitation on him; Fan Fatt or Sister Lolita or Kwai Chi. Also the reconciliation between Nancy and Vincent where they swear they will be BFFs forever and will never fall for one another which means.. drum roll.... they will fall in love with one another. Poor Fei Fei.

Anyway I will ignore the existence of these 2 episodes. Why? Tai Chi Pau's OTT reaction over the supposed kiss; to be kissed by a man is scary (homophobic) and then to be kissed by an elderly woman is worse to him (not a pretty young thing) but to be kissed by Kwai Chi (and subsequently 2 more times in an obvious set up to have them kiss) is ok since she's young, she's female and she's pretty. I find the entire scene(s) very very insulting, petty, shallow and seriously flawed. It wasn't I even funny and to show him making such a huge fuss over a life saving procedure because of his prejudice and his shallowness made this episode pull down the entire series.

And then there's Michelle Yim who isn't funny and her character isn't with any useful purpose just yet. I find her character the weakest link in this series.

I will ignore these 2 episodes. Hopefully the next few ones will redeem the series.

Eps 7 & 8
Episode 7 slowed down on the laughs significantly due to the episode mostly about Bosco and Eliza. Not that I don't enjoy their hilarious antics but rather I feel they don't have much to tell, yet.

Episode 8 is almost back to the usual hilarious stuff, because it is mostly about Bosco and Jonathan and May Chan and Vincent. Everytime it is May Chan, I find the entire episode like sunlight shining down a not so gloomy but not terribly bright spot. She is really a very very nice girlfriend. At first there was a small debate as to whether Vincent really loves her because he seems to carry a torch for Nancy. But episode 7 explains why; he has known Nancy since kindergarten and over 20 years of friendship to which he had done a lot of things for and with her, he was heart broken to realise Nancy has forgotten all of their togetherness due to his one mistake 2 years ago of backstabbing her in front of her mother. Quite a heart breaking scene because he remembered so much, he placed so much importance in those memories and Nancy simply did not remember or care to remember. She is not mean but rather Vincent realised that he has been living in the past.

Talking about heartbreaking scene, I should have started a post about Return Of Silver Tongue. Jerry Lamb surprised me with his thoughtful and heart breaking performance of a deaf son. His crying scenes and those disappointment scenes were so genuine I didn't thought it could come from Jerry at all.  It felt so real. A definite breakthrough performance. Didn't see him much on TV so I can only compare him with his much younger self in Old Time Buddies. His looks hardly changed at all.

Anyway back to Coffee Cat Mama.

Vincent's girlfriend, aptly named Toffee for being such a sweet person played by the equally sweet and pretty and really talented May Chan overheard and not only did she not get angry, she even tried to get Leslie Cheung's commemorative concert tickets because she overheard Vincent wanted to take Nancy, a huge Leslie fan to go like some down memory lane sort of trip. The joke is she is the vice president of Alan Tam's fan club!! So she wasn't welcomed and poor girl had to dance and sing to Leslie's songs until her ringtone (Alan Tam song) exposed her and she had to run for dear life. Vincent was so touched by her gesture, more so because she was due to  be promoted to be the President of Alan Tam fan club, something she wanted for a long time and now destroyed since the forums were saying she was a secret Leslie fan. I love how he gently kissed her on her forehead, deep hugged her and seriously, any doubts as to whether he really loved her is banished; some said he liked her but I do believe he loved her as much as he is still in love with his first love. A huge pity if this series ended with Toffee leaving Vincent because she knew he loved Nancy more and Nancy and him ended up together. I feel Toffee is really a very very nice girlfriend. Notice also in that scene where So Sick came home being depressed over his lack of love life and the fact he was in love with a prostitute and he was complaining, crying, etc and May Chan and Vincent were both having dinner. I love the tiny details where they used their chopsticks to give each other some of the dishes, like very natural, nothing rehearsed.

I am seriously very very impressed with Vincent's performance in here. If he was a douchebag in Will Power, here he is the lovable friend, teacher and boyfriend. Totally 100% opposite. I am so happy for him because this performance proves his versatility. The way he walks, talks, holds his recycle bag and also the way he hugged May Chan who seems to be the apprehensive one (due to shyness I am sure) but he hugged and kissed her with such surety, my heart will break on the fact that he will not end up with May Chan. Not fair!!

Bosco and Jonathan's scenes are always very very funny to watch, more so with the whole gay vibe thing which Bosco is beginning to realise. I love how Jonathan's Fan Fatt could know what Bosco is thinking and is always prepared way ahead; like the tissue, like the glass of water to cool him down when Michelle Yim was insulting him being the coffee boy not good enough for her daughter Eliza, like carrying him up to reach the cup at the top shelves. Bosco thought nothing of it until Eliza told him about the case where Jonathan and 2 men were seen buying lip gloss for Bosco. I leave that to you to watch as to why, how, when, where and what was happening because it was funny!! I love also that Sister Lolita who seems so old and out of it is actually at the centre of everything; she has a connection with Fan Fatt and I was pretty amazed when I heard what she did for him. Again I leave that to you for you to find out.

By the way Jonathan Cheung aka Fan Fatt (in here) aka Fan Kang (Return Of Silver Tongue where he is rather impressive as well) aka Fan Kan (3 Kingdoms RPG) seems to excel in bromance sort of characters. Love him! And all the surnames Fan really is funny if you know his past roles.

Whilst the story editing is jumpy and sometimes incomprehensible, like why So Sick acted the way he did with Michelle and vice versa and I really didn't get the connection between 2 scenes and some were just abruptly cut, and I noticed that for the last 2 episodes, overall this series just feels so refreshing to watch. It has a positive message; a young father who for the love of his son decided to change his ways to be a role model (of course Bosco didn't know what role model meant and thought catwalk models!). A young woman trying to find her way and assert herself to her domineering mother. A young widow trying to fulfil her dead husband's wish. The brotherhood of 3 very very best friends. The love of a woman for her boyfriend that goes beyond any jealousy or even petty arguments. This series is filled with such positive moments so I can never understand why any criticism exists except of course such criticism is directed specifically at certain actors. Whilst I am enjoying this series immensely and laughing very very heartily each night, I am of course mindful this being TVB that Vincent will have his happy ending with Nancy and the possibility of Michelle and So Sick together. I hope I am wrong.

As for fans of Nancy Wu crying unfairness why Eliza is the first lead, Nancy has her moments so I don't see the legitimacy of such petty complaints. Let me tell you another actress who is equally if not a much better actress than Nancy, who looks ravishing even at her age now and but for the fact that she looks mature, she probably would have been highly promoted instead of being shifted to secondary roles which she always excel. Except life as an actress for her isn't that bad or unfulfiling but I do feel she had a worse off deal than oh poor Nancy. Who is that actress? Akina (if she is still Akina) Hong Wah whom you can see in Return Of Silver Tongue. I was so happy to see her again looking like she has never aged even a day, looking ravishingly beautiful and giving a fantastic performance. She should have been more promoted but Anne Heung got the promotion and she was pushed sideways. I feel she is even a better actress than Nancy and a lot of actresses out there. So please, please don't weep for Nancy. She is doing fine.

Meanwhile are you watching this series? Because if not, you're missing out one of the best series by TVB, thus far until maybe a few more episodes later the writer screws it up big time. So whilst it is still fantastic, do catch it.

Ep  6
Another hilarious episode but something different from the rest; this episode is quirky, weird and cute all at the same time! I love the whole Fan Fatt and that jerk coffee star, Norman doing kung fu stuff. Serious! Kung fu!! And the whole testing of each other's coffee knowledge was funny! Then there's Vincent who should win Best Supporting Actor next year for his fantastic portrayal in this series. Love his chemistry with May Chan who is so so so nice that she is kinda creepy. I love how he actually really do love Fei Fei, the way he touched her, rest his head on her shoulder, etc. Cute stuff. And then there's Bosco, Vincent, Koo Ming Wah and Landlord the son all interacting together where Landlord was trying top write an essay on his trips by planes which he never been on one and So Sick aka Koo Ming Wah just talks about red light cities, Thailand and all those prostitute/sex stuff. Seriously inappropriate and very funny. And this episode ends with literally golden shower thanks to Bosco to Eliza. Ewwwwwww! The jokes in this series is very very adult with references to sex, prostitutes, sanitary napkins and being peed on, all in one single episode. In fact very adult content! But seriously funny.

The writing is still tight. Cast chemistry is there. Even usually bland no direction characters like Michelle Yim now showing true purpose. And Chu Mimi is darn funny!

Excellent episode and if you're not watching, you are missing what is TVB's currently very very quirky and very very different series that is refreshing to me. Everyone is wonderful in their roles, even Bosco.

Now, I am sick of reading Nancy Wu's fans crying injustice why her role is so little, why she isn't the lead, why she is not dead centre in the poster, why she is not in Eliza's role. Well, WAKE UP PEOPLE! She is well cast as Mrs Bean. She is too mature looking to be the young perky 25 or 26 year old Kwai Chi. Yes Eliza is about 30 and Nancy is not THAT old BUT she looks way mature than the youthful looking Eliza who is well cast in her role. Nancy may not be 1st lead but like in tonight's episode, she has a huge role, a lot of role. I don't get why her fans are so hung up over the whole injustice thing. If Nancy is in Eliza's role, that is a total and absolute miscast. Because of such flimsy reason, fans are saying they are skipping this series. Well, look beyond the casting because the story is funny. The dialogue is funny. Vincent Wong is a reason to watch, and so is everyone else. In fact Nancy seems the odd one out in the otherwise quirky funny series but her role is essential. After all the alternate title is Mr & Mrs Bean.

Anyway I highly recommend this series but make sure you watch from episode 1. It started slow but now is picking up momentum. I am sure it will go downhill when everything is about love. I for one do not watch Vincent ending up with Nancy. I am MAY CHAN ALL THE WAY!!

Episode 5
In this episode tonight, there were 3 revelations;

1. Former gangster is so nice to Bosco and son is because he ditched his own girlfriend who sort of had a relationship with Bosco and had  a son with Bosco and then ran away because she still missed her first true love; gangster. Gangster decided he owed Bosco for taking care of his ex girlfriend who missed him so much that she went berserk if not for Bosco and ex girlfriend is very much alive.

2. Vincent's really really nice girlfriend is Fei Fei, played by the adorable and beautiful May Chan.  She really is really really nice girlfriend!

3. Vincent is a cake expert and all 3 guys in the household grabs his cake to eat. However one very funny scene where Vincent and Fei Fei asked the 3 of them (Bosco, Koo and the son) to eat the test cakes to the point they were so sick of it that the young boy screamed he wanted instant noddle with luncheon and egg, any meat for that matter. That was so hilarious.

Very funny episode; momentum still there and I love the whole subtext to the relationship between Jonathan and Bosco. Love May Chan and Vincent Wong, quite a cute pair. I am now hoping TVB might consider pairing May Chan with Ruco as joked by Wong Cholam!! That would be awesome. And May Chan has serious acting chops.

Koo Ming Wah literally shouts his way in every scene and therefore steals the limelight. However his best was with Chu Mimi who sadly is not in this episode. Oh the way they shout at one another! So so so hilarious.

Anyway love this episode. If this series keeps the momentum, it will be one of the finest.

I am however wondering how a cafe without Wifi can ever do business.

By the way the boy's name in this series is Pau Chou Kung = Landlord! Nice nickname!

By the way found out a bit about the actor playing the deceased Mr Bean Chak thanks to Kidd;

The actor's name is Du Yan Ge (杜燕歌). He was a the head of TVB's mandarin dubbing department. I think he only recently moved to acting. The first time I saw him is in Beauty At War. He was also in Karma Rider as the main villain. 

According to chinese wiki, he is Mary Hon's husband.

Also according to the same wiki entry, he was also Threshold of a Era, but, only as a nameless gangster boss. No more series in his filmography until 2012 where he acted in Witness Insecurity.

Mary Hon's husband? Serious?!?

Ep  4
If you are not watching this series, episode 4 is the reason why. From start till the end I laughed and laughed and laughed. I feel there is a change in the direction with TVB series, small change but it has a rippling effect. The script is tighter, the casting decision is questionable with unknowns but a welcomed relief to see new or rather not so familiar faces, there is a story with heart and is genuinely a situation comedy with very witty lines.

I laughed at how Bosco confesses his "love" to his former colleague, an innocent guy always taken advantage of and how this innocent guy asked ...

"If you had to choose between me and your son, who will you choose? I will never want to put you in that sort of position again!"

and Bosco replied, holding his hands and in gentlest manner ...

"I promise you, I will give you a good life from now on" and the pedestrians cheered "Kiss! Kiss! We HK are now an open society! We accept your sort of relationship, equality in love!" 

when they weren't confessing love but rather loyalty but sounded like love confession. I laughed so hard! Really reminded me of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's scene in Hot Fuzz!

Then there's Vincent Wong who is in top form in this series as the funny "house husband" type of guy who has a "really really really really nice girlfriend" we have yet to see. He was just hilarious. I mean nothing can top Episode 3's kissing scene with Chu Mimi but he can try! I am also so so so happy to see... what's that Fan Kan in Three Kingdoms RPG's name? He is now Fan Kang in Return Of Silver Tongue (another enjoyable show with a bit of brain as well), which is an obvious play on his name in Three Kingdoms RPG. His name.. his name ... oh yeah! Jonathan Cheong Wing Hong!! It IS him! Oh how I loved him in that series! His acting has improved and quite handsome too! In here he is a tough maybe-maybe not triad boss who happens to have a certificate of coffee brewing. Super serious, super manly with a deadly steely stare, somehow he is very very gentle with Bosco, like wiping the cake cream from his mouth, helping to tie his apron (and mind you from behind and not the front!!).. all very suggestive stuff much to Bosco's confusion. Had such a great time laughing. Even the veteran I believe her name is Ha Ping as Sister Lolita was very memorable.

And I do like the name Mr & Mrs Bean for the coffee shop.

So far this series at episode 4 is moving up in momentum and bringing in the laughs. You can see a subtle change from the previous crop of series, with Dayo Wong's Bounty Lady bringing in the small changes. It would seem Brother's Keeper seems to be somehow the old production feel and Bounty Lady being the newer breed. I don't know, if you have been following TVB series perhaps you may understand what I mean. My nights are now occupied by the entertaining Return Of The Silver Tongue which is rather slow in development but at least it has development and the super highly entertaining Coffee Cat Mama which is moving much faster. Can each keep with the momentum? I hope so because if they can at least do that, not screw it up, my faith in TVB series at least in the comedy genre is renewed.

If you are wondering should you watch this series? I will say yes. Yes for Koo Ming Wah's excellent So Sick, YES YES YES for Vincent Wong, even for Bosco and the ladies as well. Start from episode 1 because if you skip you will miss some really good scenes in each episode. Even Eliza was cute and perky and a joy to watch.

But then I may change my mind 10 episodes in. I hope not!

By the way anyone knows the name and any info on the dead father Mr Bean? Who is the actor who looks like a younger Elliot Ngok?

Ep 3
I laughed to much and so much with this episode. First there was the nun (Sister Lolita) with probably the funniest scene in this episode and the best ringtone ever (Halellujah!!) And then there's Vincent Wong and his repeated "I do have a very nice girlfriend, she is really really nice") but no one seems to have ever met her before. And of course Chu Mimi having the best scene ever, a chance to kiss a very very passionate (and drunk) Vincent Wong! Also kinda molested by him as well in a funny sort of way. I laughed like so so hard for that scene! I also love the frank and loud relationship between Chu Mimi and her onscreen son, Koo Ming Wah who instead of So Kei is now So Sik (aka So Sick! Manlier version). You know what? I really like this series and I hope it continues in this momentum. Don't miss this episode. That smooching scene between Chu Mimi and the excellent Vincent Wong is worth the watch!

Ep  1
I am watching this series out of boredom and to my surprise, it is actually rather funny. The whole settings is very J-drama for me, and I have never seen TVB series filmed with a deceased person narrating a story (at least not in recent memory and to my memory). I am waiting for some articles to perhaps enlighten me to which series this Coffee Cat Mama is Copy Cat Ya Ya from. For now, just let me enjoy the whimsical feel, the funny way how in a funeral the much older ex wife and the much younger current wife each tried to grab the mic to outdo one another in their speech to fellow attendees of their husband's funeral. It was almost funny except of course Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne did it first in Bridesmaid, in a movie about bridesmaid as opposed to funeral. But it was funny. I was amazed at Eliza's prowess of the cantonese language and such cute perky roles really suit her. Michelle Yim has aged, a lot but same old acting. Nancy Wu is the step mom, the more mature probably 30 ish step mom of Eliza who has a better relationship with her step daughters than them having any friendly relationship with their autocratic mom. Nancy Wu is believable in her role. Koo Ming Wah is also in here as some macho guy, there's Bosco with an 8 year old son (!!) and of course Vincent Wong as a Home Science teacher and he looks like one albeit a bit too handsome. I can see May Chan in the poster as well so I am looking forward to another great performance by her. I am very impressed with Vincent Wong who is good at both villainous roles and the nice guys role, as he is in here.

Anyway I have been reading fans not interested in this series as Nancy Wu is not the 1st lead. Some even argued she is equal lead with Eliza. May I just point out the obvious. Look at the poster. Who is in the middle of the poster? Eliza. The entire series is set around the youthfulness of Eliza. Not to diminish Nancy, but Nancy is supporting. Live with that and let's move on. Eliza is doing fine as the cute girl and I like her in such a character. Nancy is doing well as the nice step mom who is only showing any sign of bitchiness with the even more bitchy mother, Michelle Yim.

Why argue who is 1st lead or not? Because Nancy is never the 1st lead, always the bridesmaid. I find nothing wrong with that as long as she does her role well. She can't be in Eliza's role because she looks too mature and lacks the bubbliness.

Anyway I must say I am enjoying current crop of TVB series very much and am surprised by some very unexpected good performances from people I don't usually like. So far I am enjoying Return Of Silver Tongue and Kristal Tin's performance as well as Grace Wong. In fact I also like Priscilla Wong who has improved so much. One thing I love about Priscilla Wong is no matter how much make up you put on her, she always has that down to earth messiness, like she doesn't realise how pretty she is nor does she even care. 

Likewise with Coffee Cat Mama, albeit just 1st episode, it has made quite a good impression, at least to me so I am continuing. I am not a fan of Bosco but I think I will just watch it and see how it goes. Meanwhile, I shall continue to ponder which series this series plunder from.


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