Sunday, January 12, 2014

"27 Reasons Singapore Is The Most Delicious Place On Earth"? Seriously?

You MUST read the god awful list here for "27 Reasons Singapore Is The Most Delicious Place On Earth". And the fact the list has to name Milo lar, 100 Plus lar, etc is absolute nonsense. I can tell you for a FACT that HK is MORE delicious place on Earth than Singapore but NOT more delicious than Malaysia. Heck, even Singapore may not even trump Taiwan which isn't very delicious at all. Those 27 reasons minus the soft drinks and sweets are ALL Malaysian delicacy. I have had it with our food being hijacked. At least the writer did not have the balls to name Bak Kut Teh as most delicious there. Why I am so convinced that Singapore NOT the most delicious place on Earth? Come on! Chilli crab? Is that the ONLY style they know how to make? Come to Malaysia, we have so much varieties and all of them more delicious. Popiah? My mum makes the best and she is Malaysian. Look at the curry noodle. Looks bland. Worse! LOOK AT THE GOD AWFUL BLAND COLOURLESS HOKKIEN NOODLE!! Where got Hokkien noodle look like that? In fact you can only have Hokkien noddle in KL/Selangor region. Singapore, you're clean, efficient, basically great place to be in but why oh why must you embarrass yourself? Or rather why this writer embarrasses herself that way?

I wouldn't say Malaysia (which shoots itself on the legs if we have any for not promoting foods other than Malay food because our Chinese food is for me better than a lot of 100% Chinese ethnicity countries) is the most delicious place on Earth but I am sure Singapore is not higher ranked than Malaysia.

HK, Japan, everywhere else, how do you feel about this scandalous idiotic list and title?

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  1. The list is utter crap. I have a really long reaction to it, so read it if you're free. I just have an urge to do this after I read this 0-star article.

    First of all, WHERE ON EARTH IS THE FOOD DELICIOUS IN SINGAPORE?! I'm know its available everywhere, but there must be this specific place in Singapore where it's tasty. I've had Hainanese Chicken Rice in a food court, and the only thing good is that it's hygienic. IT WAS BAD! I wanted to run home to eat my childhood chicken rice back in Ipoh!

    Secondly, I HAVE NEVER SEEN A FOOD ARTICLE MENTIONING ABOUT STUFFS LIKE 100 Plus, White Rabbit Candy, Tiger Beer, CNY Pineapple Tarts, Mamee Monster, Milo and Seasons Ice Lemon Tea that are practically available EVERYWHERE (or at least where I live). Oh, and btw, White Rabbit Candy is from CHINA (shanghai if I'm not mistaken), Milo is from AUSTRALIA, and Mamee is from MALAYSIA. Did that guy even do some research?!

    Last but not least, most foods there are not from Singapore, but Malaysia and Indonesia. Yes, I know that it's arguable whether some food are from Singapore or Malaysia, since Singapore WAS Malaysia, but some are just.... to much. Rending and Satay are from Indonesia (some argue they're from Malaysia, but nobody said Singapore), Ais Kacang is Malaysia, and most importantly, NASI LEMAK IS LITERALLY THE NATIONAL DISH OF MALAYSIA! The curry laksa looks unappetizing, and the Nyonya Kuih Lapis...? (it wasn't spelled like that there I think) One look from it and I have a sudden urge to scream 'COLOURING!' Try the one in KL and Genting (they're from the same person and they sell many types of Nyonya Kuih, but I forgot what mall it is in KL, but it's in First World Genting too), and you know it's a million miles away. Kopi Ice? Available EVERYWHERE in Malaysia. They need something more specific, since there are many brands stalls use (Nestlé, etc), but there's this specific AWESOME coffee in Malaysia called IPOH OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE that's famous international. Char Kuey Teow? People usually say that the best is in Penang, but honestly I've ate the same here and there, but I don't think Singapore is better.

    One question though, why is the Chilli Crab ALWAYS in Singapore food list?

    (I could've made my reaction longer, but oh well. Not many will be reading this after all)