Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Comedy] Loga & Singam ; Malaysian sairists and comedian duo

These two, Loga & Singam of Comedy Court are the best. I've been to their live show twice I think and laughed my head off each time. Below is an example and this is seriously funny.  Because a long time ago Malaysian courts dictate that lawyers must use "Bahasa Kebangsaan" which is Malay and this video was from 1999 so it was around that time I suppose and most lawyers then (even now) graduated from overseas and spoke very very English sort of English and so now confronted with having to speak Malay, resulted in this very funny but not very far from truth sort of video. I will post more when I see some good ones. Enjoy!

In case you don't understand, the lawyer started speaking in very English accented Malay seeking judge's permission to conduct the case in English which is how lawyer do. However the judge said "Try conducting in Malay first" and there you see his shocked face. So he began by introducing himself and then introduced his opponent as "teman" which means "partner" in an intimate sense which the other side objects. From thereon they can't even stop arguing over the introduction and then they're speaking in very very bad Malay and whilst striving to speak well, in the end they gave up and for any supposedly Malay sentence, they add "men" then English word then end with "kan" which is how each Malay word is mostly structured. You will hear words like "memprofessionalkan" which is gibberish in Malay. Another word is plural like "sebab-sebab" which means meanings or in some words structured as "*-ke*an", so sort of like plural-ish I think. But in this video the lawyer said "meaning-kemeaningan" or even "meaning-meaning" which is really gibberish. Then there's "mendictionarykan". Then there's the other lawyer calling the judge "Tuhan" which is God when he clearly meant "Tuan" which is sir. Then he said "saya cakap sama lu" which is "I am talking to you" or "I am saying to you" which is in Malay is a very rude way of speaking or rather very colloquial way of speaking. In the end the judge couldn't stand it anymore and told them to proceed in English. It is seriously funny! Still very relevant today and still as funny.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Very true, unfortunately ...

Came across the following summary of our short time on earth. Very true, very very true. How great if we can reverse the process; born old and rich, die young and penniless and in the middle enjoy middle age full with money, energy, health and vigour.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[O] TVB series roundup for 2013

I checked out Wikipedia for all TVB series' releases in 2013 and frankly, I can't believe I have watched most of them and for the better portion, wrote reviews or opinions or episodic thoughts. Wow! Anyway I've listed down the full series' release 2013 and my top 5 picks after the jump link.

Missing You

Seen or not : Partially seen.
Reviewed or not : No.
Recommend or not :  Only if you want to see the worst chemistry between an actor (Jason Chan) and any bag in the history of TVB.

Inbound Troubles

Seen or not : Oh yes!
Reviewed or not : Interestingly no.
Recommend or not : Definitely. Best TVB series of 2013.

Season of Love

Seen or not : No.
Reviewed or not : No.
Recommend or not :  No comment but TVB sucks at love stories.

Sergeant Tabloid

Seen or not : Yes.
Reviewed or not : No.
Recommend or not : Yes. Shelved series for reasons I do not know why, Michael Tse was fantastic in here. Niki Chow looks pretty.

Bullet Brain

Seen or not : Partially until I couldn't stand it and tempted to put a bullet in my brain. Serious!
Reviewed or not : No.
Recommend or not :  Definitely no, not even for Wayne Lai. But fans of Natalie Tong may want to watch her performance in here.

Slow Boat Home

Seen or not : Yes, unfortunately.
Reviewed or not : Yes, fortunately. Here.
Recommend or not : No! One of the worst series of TVB in 2013.

Awfully Lawful

Seen or not : Yes.
Reviewed or not : No.
Recommend or not : Only for Raymond Cho and Roger Kwok and that nice blue car called Island.
Karma Rider

Seen or not : Partially seen.
Reviewed or not : No but Kidd wrote a good one here.
Recommend or not :  Acquired taste. Not for my taste.

Always and Ever

Seen or not : Yes.
Reviewed or not : Yes! Read it here!
Recommend or not : Yes except until the last 10 minutes.

Brother's Keeper

Seen or not : Yes, sadly.
Reviewed or not : No but wrote a few commentaries here.
Recommend or not :   For Ruco Chan, a definite yes. But overall, one of TVB's worst series in 2013. Fans of Linda Chung must avoid this travesty of her talent.

The Hippocratic Crush II
On Call 36小時II
Seen or not : A little.
Reviewed or not : No.
Recommend or not :  No comment.

Return of the Silver Tongue
Seen or not : Yes.
Reviewed or not : On the way.
Recommend or not :  Yes, especially for Jonathan Cheung and Kristal Tin's fans.

Friendly Fire
Seen or not : Yes
Reviewed or not : Surprisingly I did not!
Recommend or not :  Definitely, one of the best series in 2013, watch it not for the silly legal arguments but for a very positive portrayal of a rape victim by the beautiful and talented Samantha Ko.

The Day of Days
Seen or not : Yes
Reviewed or not : No
Recommend or not :  No

Reality Check
Seen or not : Yes
Reviewed or not : Yes! Read here!
Recommend or not :  Of course! Ruco Chan's representative work in terms of dramatic acting and side by side with Inbound Troubles as TVB's best series in 2013, a pity so little recognition given partly due to the more publicised Brother's Keeper.

A Great Way to Care II
Seen or not : No
Reviewed or not : No
Recommend or not :  No comment

Beauty at War
Seen or not : A little, very little
Reviewed or not : No
Recommend or not : Not to my taste and too heavy handed in every way

A Change of Heart
Seen or not : Very very little
Reviewed or not : No
Recommend or not : Heard good things about it, just not for me because Michael Miu spoils it for me.

Triumph in the Skies II
Seen or not : Yes, every episode.
Reviewed or not : Even better, I wrote episodic thoughts for it but stopped at episode 23. Read here in all its glory!
Recommend or not : Frankly, no except a few episodes for the sake of Francis Ng's Sam and Chilam Cheung's Captain Cool.

Sniper Standoff
Seen or not : No
Reviewed or not : No
Recommend or not : No comment. Not interested.

Will Power
Seen or not : Yes
Reviewed or not : Yes. Read here.
Recommend or not : Yes. It was enjoyable.

Bounty Lady
Seen or not : Yes, for Dayo Wong, always!
Reviewed or not : Strangely no but did write for episode 18. Read it here.
Recommend or not : Definitely. Dayo Wong deserved his TV King award. May Chan was exquisite and the funniest was ep 18 thanks to "Laura" and Dayo's impeccable comic timing.

Coffee Cat Mama
Seen or not : Yes
Reviewed or not : Oh yes. Read here.
Recommend or not : Definitely, for the representative work of the fantastic Vincent Wong and also the ever wonderful Jonathan Cheung and May Chan. Bosco Wong's fans will also love this.

Did I miss any series? Wikipedia says these are the ones released in 2013. Basically 2nd half of 2013 produced better series than the 1st half, the winner being comedies. However dramas contain some very good acting even if we have terrible writing and plot development.

In no particular order;

Inbound Troubles
Coffee Cat Mama
Bounty Lady
Reality Check
Friendly Fire

Best Comedy
2 clear winners; Inbound Troubles and Bounty Lady

Best Drama
Reality Check

Breakout star of 2013
Vincent Wong

Kristal Tin who is suddenly hot property

Most favourite performance by a male actor in 2013
Dayo Wong in Bounty Lady and Ruco Chan in Reality Check

Most favourite performance by a female actor in 2013
Samantha Ko in Friendly Fire and Kristal Tin in Return Of Silver Tongue. Kristal Tin especially showed how wrong I was about her.

Most favourite couple in a TV series in 2013
Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan in Always And Ever

Hottest couple in a TV series in 2013
Ruco Chan and Ankie Belkie in Brother's Keeper and Ruco Chan and any woman above 45 in any series.

Worst written character in a series in 2013
Rachel in Brother's Keeper

Worst performance in a TV series in 2013
Jason Chan in anything and everything.

Worst series in 2013
Brother's Keeper because the plot and characterisation is simply inadequate,  Slow Boat Home because of the acting and the stupid ending and the fact that it wasted Ruco's talent and Triumph In The Skies II because it was insipid, slow, repetitive and bad casting.

Best written series in 2013
For consistency, Inbound Troubles. For dramatic value, Reality Check. For witty lines mixed with some very heartfelt moments that is romantic and life changing, it has to be Bounty Lady.

Monday, February 17, 2014


I will be doing episodic thoughts for Outbound Love. Hopefully it doesn't suck and that I follow through. Only 22 episodes so it should be ok. As usual, no further notices will be posted so just check automatically every day at the following address;

Your comments are most welcomed. However do avoid future spoilers for past episodes meaning in current episode you may post about past or current spoilers and speculations but in a past episode please avoid posting spoilers for future episodes that you have seen. Do keep the discussion to the relevant episodes.

Ok posted episode 1. I will also post at Jaynestars. 1st episode is not good. I hope 2nd episode is better so that I am motivated to continue writing.

UPDATES - 31.01.2014
Friends, I decided for my own sanity, I will just recap the ones I feel like recapping. Not every episode but the ones that deserves the full recap treatments. Whilst episode 8 onwards are interesting, I just don't feel like chasing after the series and then rush to my computer to write them all. So I will just write short summaries in point form until a full recap is deserving. I chose the wrong series to want to do a full episodic thought.

UPDATES - 17.02.2014
I have finished recaps of all 22 episodes, save for differences in length. I will add the short  review when done. Comments still welcomed.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[RIP] Shirley Temple

Oh so sad! Shirley Temple dies at age 85! What an icon! What a legend! Love her! Can dance! Can sing! Can act! Cutest and most talented child star ever who surprisingly did not grow up to be some crackhead but grew up to be totally awesome! She literally lifted the gloom of depression and saved a movie studio! Literally!

My most favourite video of the legend.

Rest in peace!

Monday, February 3, 2014

[RIP] Philip Seymour Hoffman

I am shocked at the sudden death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman who was brilliant as Truman Capote in Capote! And it was not even some sickness or accident. I mean it was an accident but what a waste of life to have died the way he did. Say no to drugs everyone. 

Rest in peace for a massive talent cut short.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

[O] A Time Of Love [TVB][2014][CLOSED]

I was so shocked to see A Time Of Love already started broadcast! Starting with Charmaine and Kenneth in Singapore. The story thus far is ok, Charmaine is all serious but Kenneth's part of the story with the 2 policemen really put me off from watching so I stopped midway. I was watching HD and Kenneth's face looked terrible and Charmaine looked old. HD really is cruel to a lot of actors and actresses. Anyway it was so funny to see Charmaine's name first and huge and Kenneth's name second, smaller and spelled as KENNITH MA!!!!!!!!! Maybe he is Kennith? Maybe I assumed wrong he would be Kenneth?

Also filmed in Malaysia but I wonder whose story is in Malaysia? And if Korea has korean actor, Japan has Japanese actress, why not Singapore have Singaporean actress? Why not Charmaine's story be in HK? Because it can say Singapore, it doesn't feel Singapore to me.