Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Comedy] Loga & Singam ; Malaysian sairists and comedian duo

These two, Loga & Singam of Comedy Court are the best. I've been to their live show twice I think and laughed my head off each time. Below is an example and this is seriously funny.  Because a long time ago Malaysian courts dictate that lawyers must use "Bahasa Kebangsaan" which is Malay and this video was from 1999 so it was around that time I suppose and most lawyers then (even now) graduated from overseas and spoke very very English sort of English and so now confronted with having to speak Malay, resulted in this very funny but not very far from truth sort of video. I will post more when I see some good ones. Enjoy!

In case you don't understand, the lawyer started speaking in very English accented Malay seeking judge's permission to conduct the case in English which is how lawyer do. However the judge said "Try conducting in Malay first" and there you see his shocked face. So he began by introducing himself and then introduced his opponent as "teman" which means "partner" in an intimate sense which the other side objects. From thereon they can't even stop arguing over the introduction and then they're speaking in very very bad Malay and whilst striving to speak well, in the end they gave up and for any supposedly Malay sentence, they add "men" then English word then end with "kan" which is how each Malay word is mostly structured. You will hear words like "memprofessionalkan" which is gibberish in Malay. Another word is plural like "sebab-sebab" which means meanings or in some words structured as "*-ke*an", so sort of like plural-ish I think. But in this video the lawyer said "meaning-kemeaningan" or even "meaning-meaning" which is really gibberish. Then there's "mendictionarykan". Then there's the other lawyer calling the judge "Tuhan" which is God when he clearly meant "Tuan" which is sir. Then he said "saya cakap sama lu" which is "I am talking to you" or "I am saying to you" which is in Malay is a very rude way of speaking or rather very colloquial way of speaking. In the end the judge couldn't stand it anymore and told them to proceed in English. It is seriously funny! Still very relevant today and still as funny.


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