Sunday, February 2, 2014

[O] A Time Of Love [TVB][2014][CLOSED]

I was so shocked to see A Time Of Love already started broadcast! Starting with Charmaine and Kenneth in Singapore. The story thus far is ok, Charmaine is all serious but Kenneth's part of the story with the 2 policemen really put me off from watching so I stopped midway. I was watching HD and Kenneth's face looked terrible and Charmaine looked old. HD really is cruel to a lot of actors and actresses. Anyway it was so funny to see Charmaine's name first and huge and Kenneth's name second, smaller and spelled as KENNITH MA!!!!!!!!! Maybe he is Kennith? Maybe I assumed wrong he would be Kenneth?

Also filmed in Malaysia but I wonder whose story is in Malaysia? And if Korea has korean actor, Japan has Japanese actress, why not Singapore have Singaporean actress? Why not Charmaine's story be in HK? Because it can say Singapore, it doesn't feel Singapore to me.


  1. Funn, Malaysia's part was last week :) The main character were Kate Tsui, James Wen and Chris Wang. To be honest, they should renamed it Kuala Lumpur haha. The story line was okay only haha.

  2. Was it tragic love story? I can't believe I missed it! I mean I didn't even know it was on!! Ok only?

    1. Okay in storyline, great in performance wise. Kate did her job well enough to be likeable by me at least :D

  3. I couldn't stand one minute Kate speaking Cantonese then her bf replies in Mandarin or more like Malay Mandarin. Btw tvb received 39 praises that Kate had good acting. You should check out that episode and see if u find kate improving :D