Monday, February 17, 2014


I will be doing episodic thoughts for Outbound Love. Hopefully it doesn't suck and that I follow through. Only 22 episodes so it should be ok. As usual, no further notices will be posted so just check automatically every day at the following address;

Your comments are most welcomed. However do avoid future spoilers for past episodes meaning in current episode you may post about past or current spoilers and speculations but in a past episode please avoid posting spoilers for future episodes that you have seen. Do keep the discussion to the relevant episodes.

Ok posted episode 1. I will also post at Jaynestars. 1st episode is not good. I hope 2nd episode is better so that I am motivated to continue writing.

UPDATES - 31.01.2014
Friends, I decided for my own sanity, I will just recap the ones I feel like recapping. Not every episode but the ones that deserves the full recap treatments. Whilst episode 8 onwards are interesting, I just don't feel like chasing after the series and then rush to my computer to write them all. So I will just write short summaries in point form until a full recap is deserving. I chose the wrong series to want to do a full episodic thought.

UPDATES - 17.02.2014
I have finished recaps of all 22 episodes, save for differences in length. I will add the short  review when done. Comments still welcomed.


  1. Not really. Just bored so decided to choose a series to do Episodic Thoughts and what better than one with Ruco in it? If there is another more interesting one I might. More like because of Malaysian scenery. Why not watch it?

  2. Malaysian scenery? It was filmed in Malaysia? Okay, I didn't know that, I never followed the news or anything. I guess I'll try it and hopefully, it's worth my time.

  3. Funn,
    Wishing you a very happy Chinese New Year!
    At first i was shocked that you decided to do an episodic review on this series!Sometimes i wonder how things work in TVB,like do Ruco has the chance to say no to certain series or he must accept all series that being offered?If one wants to know what does it mean by the phrase testing your all means,pls watch Outbound Love.Ruco Chan is yet again being wasted in this meaningless series.
    Sorry for my rambling but as a fan of Ruco,i hope he will do better in choosing which series to film.