Monday, March 24, 2014

All my Episodic Thoughts

I was looking at my Blogger dashboard because I was reposting my Land Of Wealth episodic thoughts to Blogger from Wordpress and I realised apart from reviews which I have written a lot, I have also written a lot of Episodic Thoughts over the years. Some I completed, some I did not. I do remember my very first review for Ebuzz was Detective Investigation Files IV and Lee San San and Charmaine Sheh both had my hate, especially bouncing Lee San San. That was so many years ago and it was a new series so you can imagine how long ago it was. I was short and sweet and full of sarcasm back then. You wouldn't like me much if you dislike me now!

Back to Episodic Thoughts. I always thought my very first episodic thoughts was Triumph In The Skies I (back in 2004 when it was first broadcast and where I first wrote it) but I checked and it seems it was PITNOL aka Perish In The Name Of Love which was a few months earlier. I hated that series, absolutely hated it. I also notice I often wrote for series starring a very raw Charmaine Sheh. I do think PITNOL is one of my most favourite episodic thoughts quite simply because there was so many things to write about.

One of my more favourite Episodic Thoughts was Survivor's Law which starred a very very very young Raymond Lam whom I loved back then (when acting was in his blood and before he went chok and also changed his face and gained a BB). I enjoyed writing it because I absolutely loved Raymond's performance as .. if I remember correctly, Ben. Another of my favourite where I began to detail about dialogue was Moonlight Resonance. I didn't quite like the series but I like the process of writing for it. I mean an episodic thoughts can be be good if the series is so bad that there's so many things to complain about (PITNOL) or so good and so well written each episode gives food for thought (I dare not name one since there isn't). The latest that I quite enjoyed was Three Kingdoms RPG because it was the series that introduced me to so many secondary actors and also there was a lot to hate and love at the same time. It was also the only series I ever had to write notes for, which meant less mistakes but a lot of concentration needed. I also enjoyed writing for Land Of Wealth because of Tavia and Steven's pairing which was beautiful and tragic. In fact Tavia was the prettiest in this series and her performance was very different from Vigilante Force. I do believe this was before the Growth Of The Nose time. A Fistful Of Stances was also good to write for because it was probably the only Kenneth Ma series I find him handsome, sexy and passable. Natalie Tong was painful to watch.

I didn't only write for TVB series although I gave up on Royal Tramp. It wasn't because I hated writing for it but for me when the child actors grew up, the series ended.

There are a few I did not complete. Maiden's Vow was difficult to write for because I didn't like it and I wasn't paying attention. Bullet Brain was especially difficult because I hated it despite Wayne being in it. I was eager to write for Ruse Of Engagement but you all know what happened. One troll ended my enjoyment of it.

These days Episodic Thoughts is increasingly hard to write because the series are neither so bad or so great. There were a few I regretted not writing for. Reality Check for once.  It would have been an awesome experience and it would be one of the few episodic thoughts where I will have more positive things to say. Storm In A Cocoon would have been great because it is so exciting, I would have paid more attention to the dialogue and story instead of criticisms and commenting on every aspect. Ok, maybe Tavia's nose and make up will earn a paragraph in each Thought.

I do realise when I tend to be negative, my episodic thoughts may be hard for some fans. But do remember, I write as I watch. Many times I will change my mind towards the end. Sometimes I don't. But they're my thoughts. They're not reviews per se. Episodic Thoughts are like detailed recaps you read on Internet by those K-dramas fans, except mine concentrates more on how I see the series rather than just a full detailed recap. Each thought will have my feelings, my emotions, my perceptions, even my biasness and prejudice. It is like a thought process and every thought process can be difficult to read or a joy to behold. They're summaries, recaps with critical review plus a dash of my own unique stamp on it. Which is why I chose to write in a conversational style. It is not a thesis or some academic paper. It is like as if I am having a discussion with you, expressing myself with hand movements and laughter and sighing. However not many get the idea of an Episodic Thought. They assume it is a review. It is not. It is a thought process, a recap. I admit I jumbled up a lot of scenes or dialogues. Which is why I said Three Kingdoms RPG is perhaps the most accurate quite simply because I actually made notes.

These days I am more into writing opinions for series instead of episodic thoughts. The difference is simple; opinion means opinion. No recaps, just a summary of what I thought. Sometimes with a bit of spoilers but mostly quite short and within a post posted at my main blog here and when I finish, reposted in my Reviews Database. Such as Brother's Keeper, The Confidant and now Ruse Of Engagement. The thing is I never quite keep track on such opinions so most of the time when I update my blog's layout and move some posts to the Archived Blog, the links become dead. I think I will pay more attention at these posts since they're sort of mini reviews.

If you have enjoyed my episodic thoughts and commented, thank you very much! Anyway below is just a recap of the series I wrote for. Quite a lot and stretched so far back! Do remember, all these were written when the series was either first broadcast on TV (usually 1 to 2 years after the original broadcast in HK) or with the emergence of AOD, same time as the 1st broadcast in HK hence the year of writing  is the same as year of release (for warehoused series) or broadcast in HK.

- Moonlight Resonance [TVB]
- Survivor's Law [TVB]
- War & Beauty [TVB]
- Triumph In The Skies [TVB]
- Perish In The Name Of Love [TVB]
- Rosy Business [TVB]
- Beyond The Realm Of Conscience [TVB]
- Fistful Of Stances [TVB]
- Ghetto Justice [TVB]
- Three Kingdoms RPG [TVB]
- Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles [TVB]
- Land Of Wealth [TVB]
- Outbound Love [TVB]

- Ruse Of Engagement [TVB]
- Bullet Brain [TVB]
- Triumph In The Skies II [TVB]
- Royal Tramp [China]


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