Sunday, March 23, 2014

[FISL] My Ruco Chan tube top

I haven't taken some "pictures" in Second Life for some time so I decided to take a few special ones. How special? With my I Love Chan Chin Pang tube top. Very badly made but I like the picture. Love the chilli red short pants and the ugg shoes. I don't normally wear tube tops (ok I don't wear tube tops) but chilli red pants and ugg shoes (albeit less girly pink colour) are my favourite ensemble. I made another tube top which was a disaster but basically I like this combination. The tube top's front and back is the same. I don't have the creativity or PS wizardry to do both side. You will see these in my slideshow above and if you're into Second Life, you can "buy" these from my shop at the marketplace. More on that later when it is set up.

UPDATE - 24.03.2014
It actually looks good inworld because the original picture is quite good quality. It is only not good  because the font is the usual boring font and the back is the same as the front and the sides has a bit of fault. Other than that, now I wear my I Love Chan Chinpang strapless tube top with pride! Ahhhh silly I know. I think I will do a couples version next. I think I saw one Ruco and Tavia that is very nice but I think I want to aim for Steven and Tavia for the sake of it. Or maybe a montage of Ruco's nice picture. I didn't want to use this at first; I was googling for Luk Kung Tzi pictures especially when he was a composer but can't find any. Serious! I could only find one with him holding a coconut and that wasn't good quality. Maybe do the naked series? He does have one very nice back profile one! After all I've seen avatars in SL wearing less.


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