Friday, March 7, 2014

[FOTM] Hubert Wu [HK]

Who is this Hubert Wu? Who is this guy with one of the most beautiful singing voice in HK today? Why is Hubert Wu not promoted more? So far I have listened to 2 of his songs via TVB themesong and I am hooked! Never have I ever admitted a HK singer can sing and frankly those actors turned singers or winners of singing competition or even Fred Cheng can step aside for Hubert who I think was in a singing competition. The difference is his voice; he reminds me so much of Jeff Chang from Taiwan, that soft but commanding voice, his ability to exceed just pretend emotions but real emotions. What an excellent and exciting singer! Here is hoping to hearing more great songs from him. I mean Hubert Wu can officially sing every TVB song there is. I am sure he can bring freshness even in the overly criticised themesong for Triumph In The Skies II. What is so wonderful about him is I can sense not just emotion but romanticism in his voice as well as an ability to control his voice.  By the way he is kinda boyish effiminate looking handsome. Not bad but it is his way of singing. Wow! 

Meanwhile, here are some of my favourites of him;

The Last Steep Ascent
一生一心- (Love Of A Lifetime *literal*)
This song should be song of the year. So romantically sung! Gives me faith that TVB themesong can be well sung and well written once again.

Karma Rider
I did not watch this series, except for a very short time, never paid attention to the themesong until now. The melody is beautiful, the lyrics beautiful and the song was beautifully sung by Hubert. If it was other than someone of his calibre, there wouldn't be much romanticism in the song. Hubert is the man for romanticism!


  1. The subthemesong for Karma Rider is sang by Hubert too, and it's very well sang as well.

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