Friday, March 21, 2014

Movies roundup

I like going to the movies almost every weekend and during morning shows because they're cheaper, the cinema is close and there were some good movies. I haven't written a movie review for some time so I thought why not share a bit of thoughts on movies.  Because the cheaper shows are always early in the morning, I will inevitably arrive about 10 minutes into the movie. Not always but sometimes. I wanted to watch Non-Stop, the thriller in a plane but then MH370 happened and I didn't have the mood to watch such a movie. But I heard great things about it and Liam Neeson is an awesome action hero.

Now, let's see, what have I seen for the past month or so ...

300: Rise of an Empire

- Released in 2014
- Sequel to 300

I watched this because I saw the prequel 300 and I didn't know the timeline in this movie is the same as in 300. I was surprised how bloody it was, not because I thought the movie would be clean cut but rather I thought our censorship will cut cut cut. Not even the sex scene, well not all of it. Not even the swear words. Or maybe it is the morning show. I enjoyed the movie immensely even if how a guy riding a horse can appear balance himself in the horse on 2 big ships capsizing and all that is simply impossible. I love Eva Green's character, Artemisia. I know I should despise her but this movie balances itself well by showing her past and what a pitiful past. So very scary past, raped as a child and then as a young girl discarded to die on the streets until interestingly a Persian (the same one Leonidas pushed into the hole in 300) saved her, loved her, trained her. She is such a strong woman verging on insane. Only Eva Green can do this role with her trademark heavy eyeliner. I know the lead actor got a lot of flak, this Sullivan Stapleton because many compared his more docile character with that of the more masculine and scary Leonidas. However I thought there is a quiet integrity in the way he performed, the way he carried his character with this heavy burden, that he wasn't sure but he just had to suck it up and make sure he doesn't lose. And he looks learned, like an Athenian as he is in the movie. Of course everything is way over the top but the movie is visually stunning. Really enjoyed this. In 300, we scream SPARTANNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! In here we scream ATHENIANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

- Released in 2014
- A computer animated movie

I am a fan of animation and especially a good one.  I didn't know what to expect when I went in the cinema but found myself very touched by the story and impressed with the voice acting. Maybe the animation is a bit generic and cutesy but the story is not cutesy at all. It is quite a serious lesson in history, parenthood and that of friendship. I love the historical bits and I love the character of Leonardo da Vinci. Very animated, very cute and voiced by the super talented Stanley Tucci, he was very very funny, especially how he created the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa. I was also very impressed with the actor who voiced Mr Peabody, the dog. There is something quite intellectual about that voice, like he knows he is smarter than you and yet not arrogant at all. Just a matter of fact. Enjoyed this movie very much.

The Lego Movie

- Released in 2014
- A computer animated movie

This is one very unique movie. I was thinking what can you make with a movie about Lego? Well, affirming the power of imagination! I love every wry wit and what nots of this movie. I love that the sea is made of lego bricks, I love the movements of the lego characters and I love the insane characters, even Batman. I however do not like the ending with the human world. I find that very disjointed but it does affirm why Lego is still so popular. I was never a Lego fan, I will never be a Lego fan but I love the Lego Movie. Really cute movie and very humorous too.

Ernest & Celestine

- Released in 2012
- Hand drawn animated movie
- Nominated for Oscar in 2014

I was lucky to get a copy of this French animated movie. I haven't seen a fully hand drawn animated movie for a long time. Visually and conceptually stunning, that I wish Disney had done this. Voice acting was fantastic too, but then everything in French sounds nice. I love the way how they pronounce the name, so very French like. The story however is confusing. It is supposed about rats/mouse living in the sewers and bears living above the sewers and they don't get along until an unlikely friendship is formed between Ernest the musician bear and Celestine the artiste mouse. I like how Celestine is drawn. Very pretty and soft and all things nice. I am impartial on the story but the visual itself is worth watching this movie.

 Captain Phillips

- Released in 2013
- Based on a true story
- Nominated for many Oscars in 2014

I once had the privilege to visit a huge cargo ship belonging to a main player in errr.. cargo business. Not sure what is the term but exactly like this movie. The captain showed us around and mentioned that if they ever encounter pirates, they will use hose to shoot water at them. At that time I thought like your normal house hose, that is until I saw this movie. I know no one can carry guns on a ship, except the captain. And ships such as those depicted in this movie are often under threat from pirates, since the sea is huge and there isn't many traffic around some parts. But this movie was an eye opener. Notwithstanding how the real Captain Phillips was said to have grabbed attention for himself, there is no doubt the pirates and the danger the ship was in was all very real. What a thriller. Tom Hanks was wonderful. The actors were wonderful. This movie was a real thriller except I didn't think it made much noise. I thought Tom Hanks deserved an oscar nomination especially the last scene where he was so shaken and was so traumatised as he was checked by a navy doctor.


- Released in 2013
- Nominated for many Oscars in 2014

This was the first movie ever that I watched in IMAX 3D at One Utama Mall. It was very very very very expensive but the glasses were comfortable and fitted nicely over my own glasses. I was in awe of the huge high cinema but when the movie started, I finally understood how some movies must be watched in IMAX 3D and Gravity is one of those. Worth every single penny I paid and all the petrol I used to get to the cinema. The movie itself was exciting, and hopeful. However I wasn't very impressed with Sandra Bullock. Put it this way; I was far more impressed with her physical body than her acting performance which I feel a better actress would have breath less and quieter. Anyway what an experience. If it ever gets shown again in IMAX 3D, you must watch it. No need to go anywhere else; just go to TGV cinemas where you can find the IMAX 3D logo.

And many more movies but I am just writing those I can remember.

Now my most anticipated movies? Got a few!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier  

I love the first movie and Chris Evans and all the Avengers movies so I am really looking forward to this movie. The poster looks great!

The Railway Man

This one has a great story about forgiveness and redemption. And a true story! Sure to get loads of Oscars in 2015.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Wow, what an amazing poster. The title is also a winner. To me this is my 2nd most anticipated movie and still a long way to wait. This will also be the most overcrowded movie apart from Avengers movies.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 

I love the first movie and Toothless so I am really looking forward to this sequel. Again another long wait.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes  

The first movie was wonderful. Forget about the Mark Wahlberg nonsense; the 1st movie was exciting, touching and scary. For this sequel, one look at the poster sends shivers down my spine. Scary!

What are you favourite movies in 2013-2014 thus far? What movies are you really looking forward to? Do use Post A Comment. Maybe I will go watch those you recommend, after all I don't really know all movies!