Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ruse of Engagement

I am gonna stop writing for this series and I won't be writing reviews for the time being whilst my soul recovers from the recent onslaught of utter meanness and malice from a certain troll in Jaynestars who took it upon herself to humiliate me because she thinks I am getting my just reward. There is a difference of me calling an actor wooden or an actress lacking than someone calling me as a man hungry sexless spinster and meaning every word of it with such malicious intent. I have had it. I don't deserve such personal attack, I don't need to deal with such idiots. You may think it is only one person but I am disheartened to know a few agreeing with her and I am disheartened to feel that people think it is justified to personally insult me just because I have a negative view of a certain performance or a series. If you have been following my blog I do not go down to that level to insult the actors on a personal level,  I never will  but some feels they can now do the same to me simply because I started it first, as they say. Commenting behind anonymity is fun isn't it? Because if I met this person for real, I am sure she won't have a single opinion to my face.

I've had it. I think I will stick to writing ramblings for my blog or some series' opinion once in a while where my soul need not be shaken by such unfairness and actually having some agreeing. The lack of community support is disappointing, simply because I am active in writing such opinion. And they're just recaps.

Cowards don't even have their own name and they keep coming back with new names. I don't need this. And for your information, I am unmarried so why does it sound so terrible that one should be independent, unmarried and earning my own income where in the end it was a spit full of venom when I am called a spinster to denote I have nothing else to do? I have been having an online presence for more than a decade and I have always been polite or as polite I can be but young people these days are just trolls and spiteful and thinking what they're doing is right. I am sick of this attitude. Don't say I deserve it. All I did was to voice an opinion about a story, a performance, a series and I don't even go for personal insults against the stars. No, I don't deserve it. I am sick with having to face the same bully again and again and the lack of support. I am sure you must have met such people on a daily life whether in person or in Internet. Stopping what I love to do is not right but I am not ashamed to admit it is because of this bully. She stopped me, she hindered my love and stopped my respect for this medium. She is the cause of all my sorrow and my pain and my hurt. She is the reason why writing has become such a chore. I am sure there are many of you out there supporting me and I can't get universal approval but sometimes, just sometimes I don't need to deal with personal attacks and name calling as if I am most deserving. That's it.

P/S The troll's name is Tee V Be and there were many more of the same incarnations in the past but this one got to me. I am not sure a he or a she but I have a feeling is a she and definitely a fellow Malaysian. Jayne has deleted quite a lot of her meaner posts in here which is why you won't get to see her original post calling me the spinster thing which I retaliated by calling her an idiot. She is back with a vengeance here and the joke is, she is so offended by what I wrote and yet never bothered to reply what was so offensive. So I can only conclude the reason is me alone and not what I wrote. How do you deal with first an imposter, then a bully and now a mean spiteful vengeful bully troll? I will deal with it the best way I can. I can't be the bigger person to ignore her and I don't see why I should so I shall be perfectly honest with my feelings and emotions here. Which is why I am posting this. This is my safe haven; my blog where I can say what I want without repercussions or having someone not really dissecting what I said and giving thoughtful counter criticisms but insulting me by calling me a queen, her highness and what nots. I think being human I am allowed to be offended, hurt and angry by these personal attacks. Not ashamed to admit as such.

Ok! Just posted Episode 1. From now on no more notices. Just check automatically each day before the broadcast of the next episode.

I will be writing episodic thoughts for Ruse Of Engagement which will begin tomorrow on 17.03.2014. I will update when I posted the first recap but thereafter there won't be any more announcement. You can check back next morning for the new recap to be posted. I usually take 1 day before the next episode is aired to post the current episode. I will also repost in Jaynestars since that is where the discussions are generated. But if you want the latest and the fastest, you need to come to my blog below since Jayne usually takes a day to post my recaps.

I welcome your comments. However I make no promises this time to finish each and every episode. It depends on how it is. I am usually not a fan of such series and watching the trailer does not leave me excited. But who knows? Maybe it might be good. My recaps will concentrate more on general plot and performances rather than dialogue and minute details.

I am wondering if I should episodic thoughts for Ruse of Engagement. It is a Ruco Chan series and love to write about it because story seems to have quite a bit to write on but I noticed a lot of my readers do follow my episodic thoughts and then happily declare that they'd rather follow my episodic thoughts than watch the series with me! Kinda defeat the purpose of me writing for it, you see. I know there are quite a few like this out there which I find very encouraging, very honoured but also quite depressing because I want everyone to watch with me! Comment with me! And it is quite a commitment. At the start it always sounds so easy but when you have to do it everyday so that you follow schedule, and you realise you can't write a few paragraphs because that's not any episodic thoughts, you will feel sorta pressured and that takes the enjoyment out of it. Then there are commenters who don't like what you wrote and said since you hate it so much, why watch it in the first place? I hate this kind of comment, right up there with "You're just jealous". I will say you're also just lazy, no other things to write in reply. Like I always said, if you want pure summary, read the synopsis at TVB. I still got 2 weeks or so to decide. I am itching to write something. I must confess though; I find it increasingly hard to write reviews. So I'd rather concentrate on Episodic Thoughts but it is also hard if it so bad you just keep reading all my negative comments, if it is so good it is just praises after praises. If it is non happening there is nothing to even write about. I'd rather the series be really bad since bad always means something to write about. Fans don't feel the same way though.


  1. Hi, I heard that Storm in a Cocoon is doing well, are you watching it? I live in Vietnam so I can not follow the series, currently I'm watching Return of the Silver Tongue and Outbound Love in Viet dub, ROTST is better ^^

    1. Hey don't take it to heart about those people. I read jaynestars often and I always see demeaning comments towards you which is odd. And the fact that they take so much time to target you means there's something wrong in their life so that's why they bully. And they happen to pick you.

      So don't be discouraged. There will always be ppl like them but there are awhole lot more ppl who enjoys what you write.

      I personally love reading your reviews and episode thoughts.
      Keep up the good work. Like you said you are independent, and earning your own money. So what are they? :)

    2. Choon Lean, thanks for your words of encouragement!

  2. I wonder what we'll get from Ruco's performance in this one since it was filmed three years ago and before he got popular. It would be interesting to watch.

    On the subject of Storm in a Cocoon, I am really enjoying the series especially watching Steven play the dashing, rational, and heroic Sam Siu. It's really great to see both he and Ben gracing our screens simultaneously in very entertaining series. I remember them both from Safe Guards. Though I like to watch them both, I feel Ben is more versatile now.

    1. No doubt Steven is not the best actor. I cringe a little at his outburst of angst and the long time he need to finish his lines. BUT that man can play such characters to perfection. The script is good too with Sam Siu actually having a personality. Ben has always been versatile but I feel I will always question his sincerity unlike Steven thanks to his excellent performance in Safe Guards.

      Now if Steven was to play a villain I will say I will not believe it!

      As for Ruco, my feeling is he will be good and perhaps more eager because 3 years can change a man's perspective in terms of acting. He may be better but he may be less sincere, less eager, more robotic (look at Myolie). 3 years ago mean he has that burning ambition to excel, the eagerness to perform so I say he will be good. My question is Aimee Chan. Why no one ever question how she will do?

    2. Because no one cares, lol Many are watching for Ruco and Ron, not Aimee. It's expected her acting will suck.

  3. There's a scene where Steven's family confronted him about his "indiscretions" and his smirk was inconsistent with the cool, calm, and collected Sam Siu that we're used to seeing. This is where he failed, BUT he was excellent when he gave Tavia his account of the internal conflicts and ordeals he suffered while in the army. You can see the sadness and tears in his eyes yet he didn't shed them which is a spot on projection of Sam Siu's hardened and detachment from life. Here's a man whose idealism led him to join the army but destroyed by years of witnessing countless senseless deaths. Steven and Tavia have amazing chemistry and they seem to flow very naturally together in their scenes.

    As for Aimee Chan, I never cared much about her acting since it consists of her reciting lines and looking pretty.

    Last, but not least, Ruco. My eye candy. He has a lot of potential, but I also feel he is at a point in his career where he needs to take on more challenging roles or at least better scripts. Sad to say, but staying with TVB won't help him in the long run since there are more bad writing than there are good now a days. He does have a commanding presence onscreen that is a rarity now a days, I just feel he needs one good director or actor to help him hone in on that quality to take it to the next level.

    Sorry for the long post.

  4. Funn, I love your episodic thoughts even though I sometimes don't even agree with you! And I don't understand how someone can read your episodic thoughts without watching the drama. How would anyone know what you're talking about without watching first? Anyways, i wished you had done an episodic thoughts regarding Storm in a Cocoon! Maybe a review instead?

  5. Go Funn!!! Supporting you all the way! You shouldn't be treated this way by Tee V Be nor should any other netizens be so rude! I've always admired how you stick to your own opinions, certainly making you one of the best bloggers commenting on TVB series. Some might see your blogs as longwinded but I see it as attentive to details and besides you put them in clear paragraphs! Your opinion works from more than a decade ago does mean a lot!!

  6. Dear Funn,

    A silent reader here for a long time. I've always enjoyed your writing because it shows you care enough to do so. Take care and feel better. Know that you have people who support you.

    1. Funn, I saw that conversation and what that person said. Don't let such comments from those bullies tear your spirit and voice down. I hope this is just a break and not a permanent one. I enjoy and have followed your blog ever since its beginning. Thank you for taking the time to share your reviews and opinions!

  7. Hi Funn,
    It is such a shame that you have to quit because of this troll.The truth is I'm really looking forward your episodic thoughts.For the law few series,I had a good time reading them although I stopped watching the series midway.Some ppl just cannot accept that they are you own opinions but well 'siu yan' will alway be 'siu yan' for attacking you personally.Stay strong!

  8. Funn, you have my support.
    Do what you need to recover your spirit.

  9. Thank you do much for your words of encouragement!!