Monday, March 3, 2014

Sir Run Run Shaw honoured & an oddity with Oscars 2014

I was watching the BAFTAs and then the Oscars and maybe I shouldn't be surprised to see Sir Run Run Shaw's name and picture honoured.

I was however baffled why Philip Seymour Hoffman's picture ended the In Memoriam of  Oscars when usually the biggest names will close and I thought it should be either Peter O'Toole or better yet, Shirley Temple. Yes Philip Seymour Hoffman's death was too sudden and he was talented but let's face, who is he next to Shirley Temple?

And I do like Ellen Degeneres but I thought as a host she wasn't even uneven, she wasn't there. She seemed so far out, her eyes unfocused, her smiles forced, her timing way off and so many waste of time moments that didn't even celebrate movies or as host keep things moving on. Read many comments saying she ws awesome. That is only because these critics just want to grab at anything or anyone to say he or she is better than Seth MacFarlane. Compared to Seth MacFarlane who yes was hated, yes was a jerk, yes was a douchebag but his entire show was his love song to musicals and Star Trek and he really moved the show along in a snappy way. I hope Oscars bring him back or rather he agrees to 2nd time. His was the only time (I haven't seen anyone in the past like Bob Hope or Johnny Carson) who actually did a real hosting job.

Best speech was Matthew MCConaughey for being different and yet heartfelt and the first perhaps to ever thank God?

Best Musical Performance is U2 for making it the Grammys and U2 concert.

The other is Pharrell Williams for Happy as well as winning my vote for most personality as in look at what he wore to the Oscars? Usually I disapprove but for him, I will nice! And the first to perform like it is MTV.

Oh and poor poor Leonardo DiCaprio!

More really funny memes of Leo and his bad luck with Oscars HERE.

So funny! Just too funny!


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