Thursday, March 6, 2014

The counter (yeah, THAT COUNTER!)

You know, I have always been mindful that

1. not many visits my blog
2. not many visits my blog at any given time
3. there are probably a lot of you who have been following my blog since Ebuzz days (wayyyyyyyy back in 1999 onwards) but never really made any comment/noise/yo! hi! bye! comments
4. my blog isn't popular, more so when I am not writing a lot of reviews these days or is more popular at Jaynestars where I repost my reviews or comments
5. just to found it up to 5

Yes, 5 points that I get about my review. I also notice I get a few more visitors at any given time now that I regularly repost at Jaynestars. I welcome you all.

Now back to the subject of the counter, as in that visitors' counter. I noticed my time in Malaysia now is afternoon and I can see 4 people reading my blog, and since I am also included, I will say 3 other people reading my blog. That's a lot of people, but then it fluctuates between 1 to sayyy 4 within 1 minute. But I am happy. You were here for ONE FULL MINUTE!

See! Just 10 minutes ago! Now back to 1... but there was 4 (3 if you exclude me). If you see the of all time Hits, it is more than half a million! YEAH!! Except.. errr... if you count from where it started, it took nearly 6 years to get there, plus or minus a few hundred.

You know what, suddenly I don't feel so happy anymore.


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