Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I want and what I am playing

What I Want
I need a new phone. Ok, I want a new phone, I don't necessarily need a new phone. My N8 is still awesome even if slow, very slow. I am eyeing Nokia Lumia 1520.

Yellow, in particular. Cost is about RM1,700-00. Am waiting for lower price later on. Camera is good, heard the hardware is great and it is Nokia. Almost everyone suggested I buy Samsung Note something. No is my answer. When I hold a Samsung, I was scared for the phone. So fragile and filled with bloatware. Yes bloatware! As in things I don't ever need in the phone causing me to find find find things I actually need. Basically I hate Samsung. Camera is ok only, the sound system is particularly bad. I know Lumia does not have Google because Google and Microsoft are not on the same page but I can survive logging into gmail via any browser provided, so not big deal. Basically I want a phone like this for Whatsapp stuff. My Nokia N8 is a problem at this moment. I have seen 1520 upclose, and it is gorgeous.

What I Am Playing
Remember this post and this post?

I am now absolutely in love with Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This one...

Billed by many as the perfect 10 game. I love the controls, I love the interaction where I do feel like I am the hero called Link and I love the graphics. I especially love the mining facility at Lanaryu Desert's segment, so creative, so beautiful and so playable. 

I want to live in Skyward Sword's world! I only have some grievances as in the difficulty level. The number of times I had died, and the fact I had my Ipad on with the tips on how to play certain levels requires some dedication on my part and I am absolutely dedicated. I am so immersed in this game that there are times I curse Zelda herself for falling to the Land below the clouds and running away. What more can poor me do? Well swing the sword in anger at some trees. I don't like the fact that I have no horses. But I like the fact I have a harp. So like Jin Yong series; lone hero with sword, shield, gadgets and a harp. Can kill and sing at the same time. What a fantastic game!! Those who wants just to use the controls... BORING! Games should be interactive and how you swing your sword should be the reason to win or lose to an enemy. Wii is a grown up toy and Skyward Sword is for the brave men (and women) in us. Wuss can stay away and run back to your Playstation!!!


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