Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[RAMBLING] Protect my data from who?

Malaysia recently had this big launch thing for a new Statute/Act called Personal Data Protection Act 2010, which is to protect personal data and etc. I notice after this Act came into enforcement, on a daily basis at least once per day for the next 2 weeks or so I have had calls from credit card companies, banks, etc offering me credit cards, personal loans, debt clearance, etc. Not that I have any debts. So I wonder, is this Act being rather counter productive? I got so frustrated that at one point quite rudely before the young guy could finish his standard opening statement I said "No thank you" and slammed down my phone (as hard as I could to my beloved Nokia N8). Seriously, what's the point of this Act if in the end I get more calls from such tele-marketers than I do before the Act?

Please tell me, do you suffer from the same "fate" as I?

[WISH LIST] A pairing I wanna see!

Vincent Wong did it in Coffee Cat Mama and he did it convincingly, more convincingly than when he was with Nancy Wu.  So now I am waiting for the following pairing:-

Something Wong Cholam said as a joke but something I see as great potential for a great pairing. I am sick of Aimee-Ruco, Selena-Ruco, Tavia-Ruco, Elaine-Ruco, Linda-Ruco, someone thin-Ruco.. it seems they're on rotation with him. Even Ruco himself said in a radio interview he likes the challenges of different leading ladies rather than same old same old. So I want this pairing. Why not? One handsome, one pretty except difference in size is a bit wider.

And I also wanna see Ruco Chan-Charmaine Sheh pairing. Mainly because I am sick of Charmaine with the same guys as well. Will not happen in forseeable future. It seems for an A-List male actor he is Grade III in A list.

[RAMBLING] Die die also can't get lar!! (on my chances of going to ASTRO AOD 2014, NOT Ruco Chan's chances at winning ASTRO TV King)


I tell ya! This year he is gonna win ASTRO's TV King. He will either win it for Outbound Love (NO!) or Ruse Of Engagement (YES!). They even let him film an early video to pull in votes! And Ruco says if he wins, he will kiss all his fans! Ok ok he said if he wins he will be very grateful and shall thank his fans. He ended with a blow kiss and said "Samu cinta padamu". Ahhh his BM already forgotten! He meant SAYA cinta padamu aka I love you!!

I am crying because I won't be there live to see him get it!

Anyway wanna watch/download this video? GO HERE.

You know, in 2013 after Brother's Keeper I knew for sure Ruco Chan was coming to KL for AOD Awards 2013 and he did! Now there's Ruse Of Engagement and my feeling is, he will again descend to KL for AOD Awards together with Aimee Chan in 2014 which means die lar! Can't get tickets anymore! No! No! Because there is a chance he may win AOD's TV King (higher chance than TVB's TV King) and I really really wanna be there!!!

As for his chance at TVB TV King, did I ever mention I always felt amongst leading actors or siu sangs or whatever you want to call the hot guys now, he is always the B list amongst A list? True! In awards especially, I always feel Kenneth Ma who is a lousy actor (but a great guy) has a higher standing in the eyes of the award "determiner" so to speak than our Ruco Chan who is a better actor (but also a great guy). However Kristal Tin shows to us how a supporting character can win TV Queen at TVB so it could happen. But my bet is in AOD Awards. Ratings wise in HK is not excellent, but on internet and in Malaysia, Ruse Of Engagement is very very popular. However by the time of awards maybe Ruse Of Engagement will be forgotten but taken over by the new series with Linda Chung (again). I don't care which one he wins for as long as he wins. He deserves it, whether at TVB (salary increase!! A-list!! Music album!! More ads!! No more villainous roles!! China beckons!!) or AOD (we have better taste as always except of course in the case of Linda's Brother's Keeper's Rachel's role with a lot of 's).

The point is... die die also can't get the tickets lar!!!!!!!!!!

[VIQ] Answer to the question "I'm a Ruco Chan fan! Is he on Weibo?"

Weibo is the Chinese equivalent to Facebook and most Chinese stars are on Weibo. Any fan of Ruco Chan, those new to him may wonder does he have Weibo? Facebook? Website? Instagram? Youtube? Meaning does he have an online presence that is he himself?

The short answer is yes. He is confirmed on Weibo, has an official website (maybe created by fan and sanctioned by him, that part I am not sure) and he also has an official Facebook account (mainly for fans to interact with fans). I don't think he has an instagram account or official youtube account but he might open one. He seems to like interacting with fans and it does help in terms of self promotion.

I am reposting what I know from my What I discover about Ruco Chan post for convenience sake since that post is getting so long. It is really thanks to the above post of mine that I myself discovered quite a few things about Ruco. For one, he is not technologically impaired. So, fans of Ruco, wanna reach the real thing? Getting ready for super cute pictures of his dog, Bao Bao and what nots? Can't be sure he reads everything but it's a try! However do remember, they're all in Chinese. Google translator will be your best friend for the time being as you register for an account and getting validated.

He is probably the easily most accessible star in TVB with so many accounts everywhere but that being said, I do think he is most active in Weibo. His fans are of course most active in the forum in his FC. English version though... scarce.

WEIBO : 陈展鹏煎pang

Registration required to see original sized pictures, etc. Non Chinese reading fans can use google translator to guide you to register. Great thing about weibo is you don't need a Chinese handphone number so that is great!

How active
Very active.

What's in here
He is mostly here posting messages, a bit of self promotion sometimes, some posts about rather personal stuff with plenty of pictures and reposts. Use Google Translator and you can understand what he is saying. He does read the messages from what I can understand. But do remember, he gets thousands of replies so he probably finds one which catches his eye and I do presume writing in English or other languages may catch his eye. After all an international non-Chinese speaking fan always stands out.



Registration required and you need to send a friend request to him to see the full thing. He will take probably a few days to mass approve the requests. Not sure if he is doing it himself though but this is officially his Facebook page.

How active
Increasingly. But more for fans to post for fans but he does check up sometimes with some posts.

What's in here
A lot of pictures, videos thanks to fans


Chinese with some English translated posts

Registration required and you will need to validate your email before you can have access to forum. However validation email never arrived to my inbox and thanks to his fans in Facebook, this is how you workaround;

a. register with a valid email

b. wait for the validation email. If none, try again. If still nothing after 10 tries, something is not right so proceed to c.

c. email from your valid email (which you used for registration) to chinpangfc@yahoo.com with the title "驗 證郵件問題". Don't panic if you don't know Chinese. I actually wrote in English. Just write you did not receive your validation email so please validate my email.

d. wait a few days. I got my reply in 1 day where the admin said "你好,已成功替你驗證了。" which basically means my account is validated. So access to forum is granted.

How active
Not sure. Haven't checked yet but since it is an official website I assume he will post messages to fans there, in Chinese. Quite active. A tip from a die hard fan says he usually has "hihi" as the title of his post so if you see "hihi" in the title, that's him. So I will assume his fans are banned from using "hihi" as the title of their post. I am hoping someone will translate right below his original post. His messages are rather short and since I am told he writes in a unique way, the best person to translate is someone who has been following his style. I will not even attempt.

What's in here
Just skimmed through, a very happening forum for any Ruco Chan fan. I think he or his fans sanctioned by him created this for fans to gather and chit chat and also to gather for functions. Birthday party perhaps? I really don't know.


INSTAGRAM : rucochan

No registration required.

How active
Thanks to SnoopyBird who has this to say; "You can see he posted some of his private pictures here and write short comments in chinese which is not easy to understand if you are not following (much his style)" [Source - Comment no. 51]. So I will take a die hard Ruco fan who says this is HIS personal instagram account, unlike the FC run version. I don't presume he is very active in here.

What's in here
Lots and lots of pictures by Ruco himself. Expect some favourite photos of his and also some private ones which I am sure will be reuploaded everywhere else. And some posts, in Chinese.


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[RAMBLING] There's more, I promise

UPDATES - 28.04.2014
I have been going through my recent posts for spring cleaning purposes and I noticed I have ever updated about 4 or 5 posts, 2 or 3 usually about series' commentary and the rest is ALL ABOUT RUCO CHAN! I even broke my own rule by ripping, uploading, sharing files! ALL BECAUSE OF RUCO CHAN! I have been checking his official Weibo and Facebook pages for I suppose some personal pictures or facts that I can add to my What I Discover About Ruco Chan and that includes some popular forums where fans are ever ready to share his news, videos, pictures, etc just because I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT RUCO CHAN! Now every posts or sentence I write will have his name in it somewhere. What the hell is happening to my blog? I need to do more, I need to move on to other names. I notice the good news is more people are here reading my blog. Bad news is do you expect more than JUST ABOUT RUCO CHAN?! You tell me! Is this blog Ruco-fied enough or not? I need other handsome men or beautiful men. It is too all consuming to concentrate on one, like how it was for Fukuyama Masaharu and since I stepped back a bit, I could enjoy my fandom with Masha more rather than in the past, search, post, click, etc.

Now back to my blog which is beseiged with pop up ads that just annoys me. I have a feeling it is one of the widgets. It is worse in Firefox than in Chrome. In Chrome I switched off the ads option and so far ads free. If you encountered the same, do be patient as I check what is happening.

As for RUCO CHAN!, I will still post about him. Did you see him in ICAC Investigators 2014? Ahhhh I love his look there, so luckily he took a drastic haircut, wore some bad clothes and some questionable eyeglasses and so I can kinda back off a bit from him since he is denying his hotness which in turn is my grasp on sanity. You know what I mean?

I will admit, he is not TVB's best actor, not in my opinion but he is to me the most exciting because I am still waiting for that ultimate pairing which he hasn't found one yet, no not Linda, not Tavia and the likes. Maybe re-pair him with his ex colleague, Joey Meng? For nostalgia sake? Someone new? Anyone? Just don't end the series sadly? I am still missing Ruse Of Engagement. Love it to death, and yes even to Carson's death. My nights are a tad lonelier but at least less hectic.

As for Ruco oh Ruco who is still single by his admission and as I have said before, will put his career first since he suffered for so long, I am thinking will there be some juicy gossip worthy of reposting soon? There is still plenty to discover about him though.


A normal usual post about my plan for this blog inadvertently switches to Ruco Chan, again!! 


You know, I know these few weeks my blog has been mostly about Ruco Chan. It is almost a Ruco Chan Unofficial Blog with constant postings about him, his series, his pictures, etc. I just want to clarify that I love talking about him but I am sure I will soon be posting a lot about Wallace Huo, the handsomest actor on HDTV. Maybe bits and pieces about other people or series or topics. But right now I am suffering from all those post-ATF-ROE-obsession so please do forgive me. Moreover my blog has quite a big jump in daily numbers from all over the English speaking world thanks to Ruco. So why not talk more about someone I enjoy talking about eh? 

There are other stuff coming, I promise. Stuff as in what I do best; write randomly about other people other than Ruco Chan. 

Seriously, for new visitors to my blog, did Ruse Of Engagement (my most extensive series commentary, ever) and Ruco Chan brought you here?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

[O] Ruco Chan / 陳展鵬 [Actor] : What I discover about Ruco Chan ... [PART 1]

Part 1 was getting too long but is still an interesting read for new or old fans. That post is still very active in terms of comments but check out Part 2 from now on for new discoveries! However feel free to comment in here for what you think is wrong fact or connected gossips to any post in here. This post will no longer be updated. Any amendment will be listed in Part 2.

What I discover about Ruco Chan ... [Part 2]

Not to be confused with Ruco Chan, in pictures and Ruco Chan, in his own words.

I often write about stars I like, especially actors but for Ruco Chan Chin Pang, I decided to do a bit differently. Ever since finding myself liking him, I came across things about him that I find peculiar, interesting, fascinating, vulgar, cute or weird or all of those at the same time. So I decided to write about what I discover about Ruco Chan. I am gonna post even rumours, gossips, whatever, good or bad. If you know something interesting about him (rumoured or otherwise), do use Post A Comment and let me know. 

I still find him looking like an accountant serial killer though. I don't mean he kills accountants but his profession is an accountant and he is a serial killer. But I like him because this man has serious acting chops.

By the way, this is a post heavy with pictures and embedded videos so it will load slower than usual. To view original sized picture, click on any image and a pop up window will show the pictures in full size in slide mode.

Biography please read here.

What I discover about Ruco Chan ... [Part 2] 
Ruco Chan, in pictures 
Ruco Chan, in his own words 

Answer to the question "I'm a Ruco Chan fan, is he on Weibo?"

Please take note if you are negative about him or has issues with fan gushing, don't go to the following links Don't spoil the parade.

Jaynestars (Eng) (see also In Depth Articles links, all in English)

Herehereherehere (must read!!), here ... errr.. basically all here.

Check out Reviews Database and this blog by searching using his name Ruco Chan for various reviews and comments about his performances (as an actor) and his public appearances (as a celebrity). Also check here (commentary on his fashion sense), here (on ASTRO AOD and his chances) and look at the labels for Ruco Chan, Chan Chin Pang, 陈展鹏 and/or 陳展鵬.

Last updated - 26.03.2014 (for any new updates, check out Part 2)
I read in MingPao weekly magazine's interview about his 7 dates in the past, but never mentioned whom they were. He said some were not from entertainment business. But in recent interviews, he did not mention about how many relationships he had again. Due to the many dating rumours I was googling for more information when I came across this very funny headline;

Ruco Chan 'out of control': He's dating everyone

I had a good laugh, notwithstanding the contents of the article which is what everyone knows. So I thought it would be cool to keep tab of the rumoured other half and whether true or not. Feel free to share more names.

Eunis Yiu [Confirmed][Broken up]

Ankie Belkie [Rumoured][Denied] - I suspect a short fling
Linda Chung [Rumoured][Denied][Really denied - Around 18 min 45 sec]
Natalie Tong [Rumoured][Denied]
Some woman having lunch with mom & best friend [Rubbish][Wife of best friend]
Teresa Lou [Rumoured][Denied]
Ma Su [Rumoured][Denied]
- Selena Li [Rumoured][Denied]
- Aimee Chan [Never rumoured][No need to deny][My guess]

So, are you like me ready to discover more about Ruco Chan? Well let's discover together! If you know anything new, old, normal, odd, angelic, godly or nasty about him, do use Post A Comment!

This is the last post for part 1. For more go to part 2.

His choice of exercise is badminton!  I am sure he is a bigger fan of golf (see 24.04.2014 post) though but in the following video, on 26.04.2014, he stated his choice of exercise is badminton! See around 54 seconds mark. I am happy he didn't name tennis. Took me a while to realise "yu mo kau" is badminton because I didn't quite believe he liked badminton, in my mind I kept thinking tennis or squash. But badminton is good! He has loads in common with us Malaysians! Oh video also says he will be having a friendly playoff with our national badminton player, I think Wong Choong Hann (cantonse name, difficult to decipher but I am taking a guess). I wonder when? Will there be videos? I wanna see!!

He can follow dance steps very well with little time to practice!  I bet he hardly had the time to properly practice. On 26.04.2014 he was in Malaysia promoting wellness (I suppose it ties in with his World Cup ambassador duties) and he with Oscar Leung (far left), Sharon Chan (2nd on the left), unknown (can't see who) and himself (far right) and an aerobics instructor at the front doing sopme rather energetic dance moves. We know Ruco can dance (see 08.11.2013 post), ok he can move about competently so I will  just say he can dance (he has ryhthym) and in the following video recorded by fans, it shows he has rythm as stated AND he can follow dance steps very well. Of all the 4, he was the one who quite perfectly mirrored the instructor in moves and energy. 2nd was Oscar but he was too busy joking and having fun with Sharon Chan so you can also say I discover Ruco is not a very spontaneous person, in public functions. I enjoyed the energy and I wonder did the fans watching this also danced along in Paradigm Mall? By the way you can listen to his interview (where Oscar speaks like 70% of the time, Ruco you must know how to promote yourself more!! Speak more!! I wouldn't say Oscar hijacked the interview but I will say Oscar was very chatty) at Myfm somewhere along the same time. By the way I notice a lot of functions with TVB stars at Paradigm Mall which is in PJ, not my area. Why not Pavilion? And I didn't even know he was coming. The English speaking Malaysian community seriously needs to put up a special space and notice for all Ruco's functions. I don't know much since I can't read Chinese so who can must do his English speaking fans a service. I won't go chasing after him though. I will just pray hard that I can get my hands on ASTRO AOD tickets.

END OF PART 1! See you all in PART 2!

He is really into golf!  Very sporty guy but yeah, he's really really into golf. For a moment I thought I saw Ben Wong! Note : Listen to 12.25 here at youtube where he exercises by playing golf. The other guy who talks much much more is Oscar Leung.

He is also into selfies. Like the following ...

Nahhh, just an excuse to post the above pictures. For a moment I thought he was a better looking Kam Kong. And check out the photo behind him .. 2 naked men... yeahhhh...

AND ...

He is really into all sorts of colourful specs, that is true!

He is 2014 Best Actor and Most Popular H K Artiste Singapore E- Award voted by international fans and he has won this 3 years in a row!  He commented on this in his weibo by the way. Not sure what this poll is but since it is fans voting poll and I assume in Singapore, he must be very popular in Singapore. I wonder is there like an award ceremony or something?

He has a Facebook account?? !! I know he has a weibo account, he has his own official website but does he have his own Facebook account? Any clues? Is this the official one? It is more like for fans to gather and share pictures but he does upload pictures sometimes, increasingly active these few days. When he posted a message (always in Chinese), some fans didn't believe him so he posted the following picture;

It is here and is called Ruco's Family. You need to send a friend request, took about 3 days or so for him or someone approve it en masse. And from what I could understand, fans are happy he is back in Facebook. However for his real presence, try weibo. He seems very active in Weibo. However I am posting this with great reluctance. It could be an imposter posing as him. So I will say you want to reach the real Ruco? Try Weibo, not this Facebook until dead sure.

Anyway .. for record sake...

He had a celebrity encounter, with 009. Thanks Buzz for the great picture! That's 009, the cute dog from Swipe Tap Love!! That's like a bona fide celebrity dog! I think his Bao Bao is cuter since Bao Bao is smaller. But wow, 009!!

He has a pet dog. A big question mark. Or it could be just a model dog. Perhaps his mom's dog? No? Anyone has any answer? Is the dog's name BB? Or AiBBMee? More info thanks to Natalie;

The dog is called Bao Bao (包包) as in a bag/package
And it is his dog. Or maybe mother's dog now repossessed as his dog?

By the way he's cradling the dog like he's cradling a baby. He actually had a birthday cake for his dog. The dog looks confused but happy. I think toy poodles or those sort tends to look that way!

He really loves his dog, he dotes on his dog, don't ever question his love for his dog!

Not sure if Bao Bao is a boy or a girl. Probably a girl.

He has a song posted at Youtube with almost a million hits! It is that sub song from Outbound Love, 差半步 which I think literally means "Half More Step" or I will translate it as "Almost". I think. As of 21.04.2014, it is 948,093 since 27.01.2014.  I wouldn't say it went viral or that it is a great record but for a Chinese song, it is good enough. Does it take into account repeated hits? Maybe a fan can visit like hundreds of times per day just to push up the figure. Point is, enjoy the song! Lyrics kinda grim. A pity this song made ZERO impact in the series. At least, at the very least show him strumming a guitar singing this song to Aimee's Sik Sik. None whatsoever. The series was too preoccupied with Sik Sik's suffering which is a hallmark of all Aimee Chan's series; somehow she hijacks the entire premise and it always sucks. Frankly, and I will be honest here, he is a good singer but if Hubert Wu sings this song, it would have been gorgeous. My affections for Ruco does not blind me to the fact that he is a much better actor than a singer.

He was in America! I think because of all the USA labels in the photos. Would love to know when, where and why and with who. [I am blind. These pictures were taken at Pearl Harbor by the signage I can see. So Hawaii? If Hawaii, where are the beach pictures?!]. Thanks to Buzz for these lovely discoveries, it could be a working holiday. I was miserable today but I had a good laugh looking at the following photos. I don't know why I find it so funny. Perhaps of the poses, perhaps of the glasses or perhaps the fact that he dresses rather well for holidays than in promotions. But for all I know, these could be travelogue shows for TVB. I know nothing. All I know is he was in America, he likes funky looking glasses and he looks amazing. The last picture had me laughing really hard. Reminded me of those olden days poses by your father. 50 years from now, his grandchildren will probably laugh at that pose.


He was in Australia! Thanks to Anthony on the following picture;

photo with the tram was in Melbourne, Australia. I catch that tram sometimes and the building behind was the Parliament House.

Anyone has his REAL candid vacation pictures anywhere? Do share the links!

He was in Malaysia, many times! I think this one you already know. But this is just my excuse to post some funny, cute, vacation-like pictures from Outbound Love, mostly off camera sort of photos. The jumping into air pictures are all very familiar. We have done it at least once in our lives. These do look like personal vacation pictures. Found them all in Baidu.com.




Anyone has his REAL candid vacation pictures anywhere? Do share the links!

He has no fate with sequels. My own observation. All his series have like definite end except for The Other Truth which can have and I am waiting for a sequel but is not forthcoming.

For example and I mean for series where he has prominent roles;

Ruse of Engagement (TVB, 2014) : Presumed dead
Outbound Love (TVB, 2014) : Happy ending
Brother's Keeper (TVB, 2013) : Character too old for sequel
Slow Boat Home (TVB, 2013) : Happy ending
Reality Check (TVB, 2013) : Happy ending
Three Kingdoms RPG (TVB, 2012) : Main character died so his also dead
No Good Either Way (TVB, 2012) : Happy ending
The Other Truth (TVB, 2011) : Only possible sequel worthy series but no news

So my conclusion is, he is definitely King of One Track Series or King Of Non-Sequels. Not sure if this is a good thing (since he had given his all for one character in one series and so need not act one character to death with sequels) or bad thing (his characters are one off). You decide.

He is a Buddhist?  Question mark because I can't be sure. But I think he is a Buddhist. Never heard of his Christian inclination and Christian celebrities usually do not take such pictures unless they're born again Christians.

More so remember the whole issue with how Linda Chung can't be with him because they're different religion? Anyway would appreciate some info about the picture above. Thanks.

He and his old black car! I remember reading his old car, before he traded for the flashier red Jaguar was a black car. Should  be this one.

He brings his mother along, everywhere! True! Lunch dates with friends, dinner dates with friends, shopping alone, always his mom is there because he doesn't have a girlfriend yet, which he admitted in recent radio interview. An example back in 2013;

The very stern looking woman next to him is not the producer, that's his mom if I am not mistaken. Got a lot more recent example but I will post later.

He can cook! I think. Videos are circa 2012-2013 where he had to attend such shows, obligatory thing. But great thing is I love his blue sweater! So that's where he wore that! Frankly I have only seen just a few seconds so I shall take Snoopybird's word for it that he can cook. I will watch later.

So where to watch? For 2012, part 1 here and part 2 here. For 2013, part 1 here and part 2 here.

You may ask, what about 2014? Well he is upgraded for 2014. I mean there may be another cooking show but I found one where he need not stand and cook but rather sit and eat (another one here which is same one, in fact may be the same video, anyway fast forward to last few seconds ok? A real treat!)

That.. is an upgrade in status!

Anyway a picture evidence he can cook or rather whip up a good whipping cream (takes strength and consistency to be able to do just that, so that cream won't drip down!);

He kisses a ball, literally! Yeah I know, lame attempt of a joke but I have no place to post the following picture unless I can say this is something new I discovered about him. I wonder is he one of the host for the upcoming World Cup telecast over at TVB? If not why the football shirt and ball and those covers?

Thanks to Snoopybird who explained;

The kissing football picture is promo. by tvb. Ruco is selected as one of the 32 artiste to promote the Brazil worldcup, which tvb got the sole broadcast right.
Doesn't make sense. Well, at least Ruco is given prominence. But scroll further down and see who else is given prominence and I bet you will vomit blood.

Jason Chan! Sigh...

Also unrelated, I think his most favourite older girl is Louise Lee!

He literally holds her hand and hugs her tighter than any younger female co-star. Their closeness is evident. If Ruco is shy about younger female co-star (eventhough he remains professional by actually flirting up a storm with them on screen), he wasn't that shy with Louise.

He can play the guitar.  A big question mark because I found the following picture;

I don't know if he can play the guitar or this was part of a series or acting or a show or whatever. So this is a question mark for me for now.

Thanks to Snoopybird for the explanation which I have amended my post;

Yes, Ruco can play guitar. That photo was taken in 2011 when he was invited as one of the guests to his "god-sister'" Lee Lai-Har's concert.
Which explains why Outbound Love is terrible. There he is as a composer, and poster got him holding a guitar and believe me, he never once strum a guitar in the series. Waste of a great opportunity because the series was too wrapped up in Aimee's part of the story where she felt sorry for herself.

He is rather popular (with readers of my blog)! I am saying this because for the past 2 weeks or so, my traffic count has increased by 3 meaning in the past it was 3 people viewing my blog at the same time, now I have 3 to 8 people at the same time. They can be diverse community from China, Taiwan, America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and of course Malaysia. I noticed all of them visits my Ruse Of Engagement post or this Ruco Chan post. So it shows, he is gaining popularity. I believe a vast majority of his fans are female but I do know there are a few young male fans because he is in an action type TV series. What this basically means is many of my recent visitors are here because they want to read posts about him. I suppose being an English blog helps as well. I feel these are all good news and I hope to see Ruco become the A-list in TVB, except  I dread the glassy eyes look that comes with all A-lister in TVB.

>> Related link

His phone is Samsung Galaxy S4 (I think)! I thought I saw he blogged from Iphone some time back but when I went to his weibo I saw Samsung Galaxy S4 as in blogged from the phone. It could be his assistant, it could be replies by people so I stand to be corrected.

What is Samsung Galaxy S4? Almost everyone I know is using some kind of Samsung phone. Anyway Samsung Galaxy S4 is....

Smaller than a Note 3. If this is the correct model, my bet is he is using white colour. Anyway all is speculation. Now conspiracy theorists will now bring home the point that Linda Chung or Natalie Tong or *insert a woman's name here* uses the very same phone and a-ha! They bought it together! Kidding. I wonder why not HTC? Isn't TVB owned by HTC or rather the company that owns HTC also invests in TVB?

You know Ruse Of Engagement is old series when they're still using Sony Ericsson handphones!

He did his own stunts! So did Eddie Kwan but since this post is about Ruco, let's talk about Ruco in Ruse Of Engagement. Filmed 3 years ago so he had more energy back then when he was about 33, nonetheless he did his own stunts for the jumping between roofs. He scratched his hand a little. The fact Eddie did not suffer any  injury is very admirable since Eddie is like 15 or 16 years older than Ruco is. But Ruco alone is also admirable. The stunt is dangerous and requires a lot of faith in the one who pull him to the front or away. See the video for yourself and look how happy Ron was (probably because he wasn't the one doing the jumping) and how worried Eddie looked (which made his performance in that scene very real as well);

He is accused of having had plastic/cosmetic surgery! So says a local tabloid;

A local tabloid magazine published a report this week claiming that Ruco had become obsessed with his looks. The 37-year-old allegedly received excessive cosmetic injections that caused his face to look extremely bloated at an earlier promotional event for his police drama.

You can read more here.  Ruco actually countered the argument with some photos of his own at his weibo account;

Taken when he was about 20 or so. Wow, so young. Age has been good to him. Anyway Ruco need not reply with old photos because from what I read accusations was against him NOW. So old photos wouldn't help. But no, I do not think he did anything to his face other than maybe spa treatment and facial treatment with creams and what nots. He has generally good skin I think. Better than Kennetha Ma of course. Even his lips is the same. He has the old man lips. I don't know how these rumours came about, perhaps his bloated face which he explained he had water retention as he was sick for a few days. Possible explanation, or maybe he gained a bit of weight. Unless the accusation is a facelift but for someone not yet 40? Kinda overkill don't you think?

Nahhhh... fans of Ruco can proclaim "Like his acting, his face is au naturel!!"

His English name is Benny and IT IS his REAL English name as per his ID and official papers! Say what?! How could this be true? But I read this at Asianfanatics (post #1):-

He mentioned that the name Benny was given by his mother when applying for HK ID card because his mother says there is still space for an English name and doesn't want to waste it. But one can sense that ChinPang doesn't like the name Benny, and later asked his friends to select some names beginning with "R" he chose Ruco because it sounded like a Japanese name and cute. He might've chosen this because he wants to be unique. ChinPang started using the name Ruco when he was still with ATV when he asked fans to start calling him Ruco even though his English artiste name was Benny. Ruco finally become his "official" artiste name when he returned to TVB. But the name Benny still appears on his flight tickets so us fans assume that his id, passport, and documents still goes by that name.

But not Richard? Robert? Ralph? How on earth they came up with a cool manly name like Ruco that suits him? This is also a lesson to all; never let your mom choose your English name unless you're a baby and you can't do anything about it. I wonder has he changed his name officially now? After all the above tidbit was in 2005. So now he is back to Chinpang? Never heard anyone address him as Ruco, always Chinpang or "Chinpan" (that fry pan nickname).

P/S found a recent 2012 (?) or 2011 (?) picture with his plane ticket and his official name on it...

Just ignore his tired face for awhile and zoom into his ticket and you will see the words .. no no NOT Business Class (but wow Business class) but the name in that Lounge Invite which is ...


There, still is Benny, a name that doesn't suit him. Oh Ruco, pls change your name officially to Ruco! I am sure it isn't hard to do so in HK unlike Malaysia! Imagine, Benny Chan.. which is more suite for Benny Chan Ho Man, one time TVB IT boy before he turned creepy man.

He smokes! From reports I've read, he is most probably a heavy smoker but he is careful not to do so openly, in public and at public event although there are many pictures of him smoking with friends, when relaxing, when chatting without the paps openly there. He looks like a picture of health and vitality and is basically a fit guy which is interesting that he smokes. Usually health freaks or sports men do not smoke. I am ok with that actually but just an observation. I do think some smoke to release stress, some smoke to maintain the weight. Actresses smoke too, just that no one ever really talked about it. Just hoping he is not a chain smoker.

He sleeps on the job! Cute! The fact that he is in what is my favourite get up of his. He is only human. Notice his specs all skewed, with highlighted/paginated/colour coded script in hand. Since his mouth remains closed and I assume he is really sleeping, I will assume he is not a snorer or at least not a loud snorer. So I should also add He highlights/paginates/colour codes his script.

He behaved old even as a kid!  Found some Ruco's childhood pictures. Very familiar poses as we all once did before! I find that endearing although he looked different as a kid. Not a bad looking one but he certainly looked better being much fuller and older where at some point he will stopped being old and becoming much younger than his age!

I found a few more and will post later.

Hey, more after the jump link.

He drives (or drove or maybe still driving) a Jaguar F-TYPE sports car. Remember this fact from my 06.01.2014 posting? Well I was right about the colour and I did wanted to post a convertible version. It is a covertible except a different model, maybe cheaper one because the one I posted is the most expensive. Ahhhh very flashy car!


His mom reminds me of some head of artiste management in TVB aka stern looking! I am kinda wondering if she was a stern mother, because she looks like one. When I first saw the following picture and was told the woman on the extreme right is his mom, I thought she was like a producer or some high ranking manager from TVB!

Now I am curious what his dad look like.

He has the Malaysian connection! True! Thanks to Anneyen about this really interesting bit;

TVB Weekly Issue 864 article online, it says “I have a little bit of Malaysian blood, my grandfather (mother’s father) grew up there, now there are also many relatives living over there.” someone also mention in the forum that his grandmother (mother’s mother) is malaysian and hokkien chinese from penang married to hong kong.

 (taken from facebook)

So, if grandpa was Malaysian, grandma also Malaysian, that makes his grandparents Malaysians! Full 100% Malaysians! Wow. Apparently his mom followed him to Malaysia during filming. I wonder what his mom looked like? Or even his dad. Any pictures?

He drives (or drove or maybe still driving) a Jaguar F-TYPE sports car. How I know? This article says so. And what car is that? Well, check out the specs here. Not sure what colour, not sure convertible or not so I will just post what I assume is a representation of the same type but not necessarily the one he is driving.

Kinda flashy I know, but I don't think actors go around in convertible cars but it could be black convertibles. I really don't know his specific taste but he sure has expensive taste in cars. At least this one is nice whatever model it may be. Much like his taste in women. But then who doesn't like a gorgeous car?

He must really like going topless for spas and baths. Purely speculation and when I said topless I meant for travel shows. Because I just saw a travel  show he did with Elaine Yiu about hotels in Taiwan and voila, naked except for that tiny I believe black speedo and he looks more embarrassed about the fact that he can boil eggs in the hot bath tub whilst soaking in the hot mineral stuff rather than his errr.. obviously I can see the tiny black (I think) speedo in the crystal clear water. Even Elaine wrapped a fluffy tower but not Ruco. No sir! He goes all out except he didn't really go ALL OUT. The body's there of course. I wish I had  a screencap of that! By the way I usually detest travel shows about hotels but for Ruco, I recorded it.

He was two time winner of Jaynestars.com Sexiest Man Alive In China for 2 consecutive years (2011 and 2012). Unfortunately he was dethroned in 2013 by baby faced but handsome up and coming star Fred Cheng. Even Fred knew about the competition and blogged his thanks to his fans. But never cry! Ruco was Sexiest No. 2. Still good enough!

What is unique about Ruco's first win was Jayne actually prepared a book of comments by fans, a t-shirt and a real award which she sent to Ruco via his fanclub. The results?

He actually received the items and the said award is in prominent display on his shelves of awards, at home! I sincerely didn't know. I wonder which fan gave him that Mini-Ruco?

Two favourite looks of Ruco in Brother's Keeper where he looked best in the 2005-ish look. Not so much as to what I discover about Ruco Chan but the looks I love in Brother's Keeper which isn't strictly accurate per century/decade. However I did discover Ruco looks best in glasses and in modern look. Anyway the two most favourite looks of mine from Brother's Keeper;

As you noticed, I do like men with glasses. Without glasses he looks sorta evil. With well combed hair and glasses and smiling he still looks like an accountant serial killer.

Plenty more of Ruco in Brother's Keeper here at tieba.baidu like in every single episode but cut out other people namely Linda.

He is not living with Linda Chung. Somehow there was this rumour that he is dating AND living with Linda Chung. I am not sure about the dating part. I mean if he has any sense and a keen eye and if Linda is single, go for her PRONTO! At the TVB Stars Awards Malaysia 2013  where I was there, he did say "We live in the same neighbourhood, not in the same house" which answers the living together part but not the dating part. Are they or aren't they? If they are, wow beautiful couple alert.

He is not very very big or very very tall. The problem with TV or movie is you often think what you see onscreen translates to exactly how it is in real life and in person. Maybe some fans will dispute this but for me, I was there, he was 2 seats away from me so I had a good look and I can honestly say, he looks like how he looks on TV. Meaning some stars tend to look different but he looks the same EXCEPT he isn't very tall or very big. My friend even said "He looks.. small..". Small is the wrong word but he doesn't look bulky or large. He in fact looked very slim. Even pictures of the event will show him sorta bulky-ish but in person he is very slim and perhaps an inch shorter than you will envision him. Nothing wrong with that. Not every star is 6 foot tall or is exactly as tall as their online profile says they're. But yes I was kinda shattered to learn he isn't very very muscly looking or taller. However he stood very straight, upright so I can say he has very good posture and he looked like a million dollar and he knew it. He waved, he strutted, he smiled, he waved AND smiled, he looked towards screaming fans, he paused and smiled widely and he strutted some more. Quite a showmanship and he looked like he appreciated the atmosphere unlike some other stars who looked pissed or not happy or confused or quite simply seeing what they were doing as contractually bound. Someone asked me why is he different? I mean I can feel his sincerity like how much I can see it from Kenneth Ma except Kenneth Ma is the dizty version. Well.. his success was hard earned. He didn't achieve fame immediately and even now his fame and recognition of his ability is a bit iffy. He has fans, very dedicated loyal fans but not enough to make any dent to push him to idol status. Frankly I like it that way. If he is not an idol, then he can hone his arts and spend his time being an actor which he is rather than being too famous or having to keep up with the expectation of his fame. I understand the fans' frustration at his seemingly lack of promotion but the thing is I kinda observed even Ruco himself doesn't stand in the middle or take the shine off anyone, a detriment to his fan but a clear indication of his character. That is why I like him even more. But make no mistake, career is no. 1 for him because I feel he has had to claw his way up. I just feel he won't make any compromise.

Which is why I always said I want to marry Kenneth Ma. I don't see him as that ambitious and I feel he can place family first, everything else second. For Ruco, I see him as someone who is very conscious his time is now and he has been working at that for many years. This is not a criticism but rather an observation; any woman in a relationship with him will take a back seat. A good thing is unlike another rising star whose public image was very low until his not-acknowledged-but-open-secret-relationship with current TVB fadan who of course also sold her soul to have her fame, Ruco need not depend on another for his public image. He is his own man.

Anyway, he may be very slim, he may be not as tall as expected, he may be small to some but gotta admit, he was very handsome. Well I think everyone knows that. He is also a star who looks like I can approach him and he welcomes my approach unlike sayyyy.. Chilam. In no way dissing Chilam but Chilam doesn't look welcoming even if in terms of handsomeness, Chilam is very very very pretty handsome.

He wears glasses because he is short sighted (and also for fashion statement).  More by SnoopyBird;

He said he is short-sighted. But I am not sure if he wears contact lens + glasses as accessory. In a recent interview, he said he loved wearing glasses since young days because it makes him more decent and professional looking. He has made it a hobby to collect different eye-glasses.
He looks like an educated man with his rimless glasses. The other glasses gives him a professional look but less stuffy. However he looks younger without glasses. Glasses sorta ages him in my opinion. I like a man with specs but I must admit, specs and straight gelled hair makes him look like an accountant serial killer. Whatever it may be, he can't play a bum with or without glasses. He has a face meant for professional people or even if as a criminal, a white collar crime sort of criminal.

He is the only child of his family.  More by SnoopyBird;

He's the only child. His father is a retired fireman. His mom is a tailor. Often in interviews, he mentioned that he's living with his mom now. Sometimes we see photos on he and his friends weibo that he brings his mom out to his gatherings. He must have a very close relationship with his mom. He seldom mentioned about his father so I guess his parents parted.
Not even middle class family from the looks of it. So the father is alive and perhaps he is closer to his mom since he was raised by her. Which means he is probably a mommy's boy and that also in a way explains his sort of old behaviour and mature outlook because being an only child, with an aged mother to take care of and an absent or distant father who probably has another family will make someone grow up quickly.

He is not highly educated. This is not meant as an insult. When I was reading Wikipedia about him (I know, it may not be very accurate), it says;

Chan left the team upon finishing his high school education exams

Team is national table tennis team. I am  not sure if he was academic type but a lot of actors aren't highly educated. The first impression I ever had of him was that with his glasses, impeccable suits and straight gelled hair, he looked like a serial killer who is an accountant.  There was this unnerving calmness to his on screen characters (more so when he was playing the obligatory villain-type roles) that I found to be like serial killer-ish. And in his nice suits, etc and his academic looks, he looks quite like an accountant. In fact he looks like a doctor, lawyer, etc, everything but a hobo bum. So my impression was he could play all those highly educated academic very successful characters. He was in fact not quite convincing as a lowly cop in Brother's Keeper and looked more in place when he became inspector onwards. So I was kinda surprised to know he came from modest background and not a very academic life. Not to say he is stupid but rather, this is to say he has an intelligent face, even if serial killer vibe. It is lessened by having curly hair and silly glasses.

Thanks to SnoopyBird for the links to the June 2012 interview by Fan & Kam. It was during promotion of No Good Either Way and Louis Yuen, Ruco and Natalie Tong were interviewed together. I wished there was better quality video and sound because they laughed so much that it was very hard to hear because the audio sucks, And the timing sucks as well. Whilst the interview was interesting but doesn't say much, the behaviour is very very interesting. I forgot these 3 were in The Other Truth. Anyway what I discovered in these videos are:-

1. Notice how several times Ruco touched Natalie's thigh casually, like very close friends or like big brother to little sister. She also did slap his thigh at least once. BUT she never touched Louis' thigh at all. It shows she is closer to Ruco. And the way he did it so casually, perhaps I suppose he is innately an affectionate man. I can see why women will fall deeply for him. He always gives me the impression he is not passionate, he is reserved, he is perhaps cold. But these videos shows if he warms up to you, he can be incredibly touchy feely. I don't mean Salty Pig Hands. I mean affectionate and passionate without taking advantage of other people. So I deduce he is probably an attentive and giving lover.  The video is so blurry I had to concentrate where the hand went!

2. He is a natural flirt. True! See how he flirts very openly with the lady host who is very pretty, feminine and rather shy. I think he must be into pretty, feminine girls. Like Natalie said, he is into girls with great figure and poor guy was put on the spot. If he admits, he looks like a jerk. If he denies, he could be caught not being truthful. But I do enjoy how he really openly flirts with the lady host. Not many actors do that in  interview.

3. He openly says career comes first for now (as of 2012) and I believe him when he says monetary gain is 2nd, do your work well and love what you do is 1st, because if you love what you do and you do it well, money will come. He said it with such conviction I think he himself believes that passionately. Which makes him like I said a passionate man.

4. He has such old behaviour sometimes. The way he behaves can give people an impression he is older than he is. Well, the nice word is mature but simply said, means he is like an old man in behaviour.

Don't believe me? Observe these videos!

By the way some interesting stuff about others, he said Kristal Tin is probably the only actress in TVB who has kissed every male co-star and Louis also confirms Kristal will say she kissed who and who!

Anyway watch the interviews in 4 parts starting here, then here, then here, finally here.

His bio at Wikipedia says;

Chan developed a love for table tennis and joined the Hong Kong Table Tennis team after receiving rigorous training at the Jubilee Sports Academy when he was thirteen. He was the youngest player to represent Hong Kong in overseas competitions at the time.
I am sure everyone knows he was a former national Table Tennis player. Not surprising, he looks athletic. But have you seen his table tennis skills? Now that surprised me when SnoopyBird, now hereby my resident Ruco informer provided a link in my comments section. Forward to 2 minutes 40 seconds mark.

Mad skills. Why? His bottles are so much smaller and he hit most with precision. Even if he left his Table Tennis days for decades, he can skill play the game well. See? Don't we all learn something new about Ruco each day?

To my question on 13.11.2013 about how to address him and fans' nickname for him;

To your question of how we addressed him - when in writing, it's okay to write Ruco, Chan Chin Pang, CCP, Chin Pang, CP. When calling him, fans usually called him ChinPang in Cantonese, or Frying Pan in Cantonese - which the sound resembles his Cantonese name. And even in official fanclub, they sometimes uses the logo of a frying pan with an egg! For those who doesn't understand Cantonese, it's kind of funny - what are you fans crazy - frying your idol on a pan?! 
Frying Pan? Now that is funny! In Cantonese, the sound of the word Frying is "Tsin" or in this case the deeper "Chin" and I suppose Pang is English's equivalent sound of Pan minus the G sound! CCP? CCCP is former Soviet Union! I think when I do meet him I will call him Ruco. A habit I suppose. Somehow Chin Pang sounds a bit too intimate. Thanks to SnoopyBird. I don't think any English site ever had that tidbit about Frying Pan.

UPDATE : I was watching an interview and indeed he was called "Tsin Pan" aka Frying Pan. I thought it is play of his name but it goes beyond that. They actually call him  Tsin (Frying) Pan (as in frying pan)!

He has an official fanclub. This one I am shocked. But thanks to SnoopyBird, well now we know! It is in Chinese, in HK I assume and look at the website URL; http://www.chinpang.net So now I wonder, if I ever do meet him, should I call him Mr Chan, Ruco or Chinpang? Still shocked. Honest to God a REAL official fan club, in Chinese. Ahhh why not go international? Why not add English? Maybe a special membership fee with goodies?

He was born on 14th January 1977. If you're like me who is like "Huh? So young?", well, you're not alone. I always thought he is older. 

This article is great on 2 things to know about Ruco. One is he wears coloured underwear which is briefs!  Maybe he is into boxer shorts now. Or nothing.

Eunis selected a pair of Calvin Klein red briefs for $220 HKD for Ruco, who waited outside the store [Picture here]
In case you're pulling at your hair screaming "WHOISEUNIS?!?!", Eunis is his confirmed ex girlfriend. No worries, she is married now but they do talk fondly of one another.

UPDATE : Thanks to SnoopyBird, here is Ruco in briefs (fast forward to the last 20 seconds for the blink and you will miss it scene)! I do believe he was portraying someone mentally handicapped in that series? If yes, then I must say, I am not supposed to go "Briefs!!" but I can't help it. BRIEFS!! Here are some blurry screencaps.


Second, oooohhhh la la! He has sex! Loud sex.

A recent tabloid revealed that a neighbor living next to Ruco and Eunis’ home complained that there were love making noises coming from the couple’s apartment!
Yeah. Fascinating.  What? You think he's still a virgin?

One more!! He once took a photo fully naked!! Except of course we see the back but we get to see butt crack! Picture here. He also showed topless! Picture here. That's radical. I doubt he will do that now because now he's famous and famous people tend to be stingy with showing off body, especially in Asia.

His former English name is Benny. You gotta be kidding me! Benny ... Chan? Like the most popular English name in HK? I gotta thank whoever that told him to change it to Ruco. He looks like Ruco or whatever except for Benny. But I bet in person he doesn't call himself Ruco.

He can dance. Seriously, he can dance. Not mechanical 1... 2... 3.. 4.. dancing but with a bit of rhythm. Not yet near Aaron Kwok but at least he is not unintentionally dancing the robotic count-your-way dancing.

By the way the lucky lady is Grace Wong who CAN dance.

Oh and he talks differently when acting and when in real life. You will know what I mean when  you hear him speak in numerous interviews and watch his performances. What I mean is in his performance he still speaks as fast but his intonation is very very much clearer and he speaks in a lower tone, which I like. In real life he speaks ordinarily which kinda dispels the whole acting voice thing. Not like he sounds terrible in real life but I like his acting voice better.

AND he is rumoured to be coming for the AOD awards this year which I shall kick myself because my lottery last year won't be happening again. I was predicting he will attend this year and I really want to see for myself if he is as handsome as everyone says he is in person. I mean last year I saw for myself how handsome Kevin Cheng was, and how tall and gallant looking Kenneth Ma was and how proportionate Wayne Lai was and how Tavia Yeung looked like Tavia you see on TV (the nose was distracting) and how Raymond Lam wasn't as handsome as I thought he would be and how old Roger Kwok actually looked like, and how tiny Kate Tsui was and etc etc etc. I wanted so much to see Ruco for myself but alas.. it is not to be! Ruco and I have no fate together! But that is not what I discover about Ruco Chan so that is off topic. Sorry.