Friday, April 11, 2014

I am so into the TVB NOW!

I am enjoying my nights watching TVB series again and I wrote the following in my Swipe Tap Love commentary which I want to repeat here;

All my years I cried about TVB being lazy, unimaginative, predictable, boring, blah blah blah but now we have 2 series showing that shows TVB can go back to the days where writing and characterisations are given top priority, where the story makes sense and the direction is clear, crisp and the story serves a purpose of actually telling a story. In short, I wanted to see the storyteller in TVB again, those that once were what made ATV so great and much greater than TVB and right now, Storm In A Cocoon is a good start but spoilt by bad bad ending. If this series and Ruse Of Engagement ends well, TVB is in top form again. Now is TVB's most exciting moment and you must watch these 2 series. They may end badly but like Storm In A Cocoon, you may choose to say at least most of it was great.

However Swipe Tap Love and Ruse Of Engagement ends, I will still feel the same about TVB now. These 2 series filled my nights with poignancy and excitement, especially Ruse Of Engagement which proves TVB can make a good suspenseful thriller. Neither series are perfect but thus far, they are exciting and great. I am sorry I did not continue with my Ruse Of Engagement episodic thoughts but in a way I am glad I didn't. I could sit back and enjoy and write my commentaries. Needless to say, at episode 20, Ruse Of Engagement remains as my MOST favourite TVB thriller of all time. Like how Journey To The West is my most favourite ancient drama and Looking Back In Anger my most favourite Modern Drama and any Stephen Chow's TVB series my most favourite comedies.

And I am glad to report the traffic in my blog has jumped from usually 3 to 5 people at any given time to the following:-

The above was as at 10th April 2014 at 11.30pm Malaysian time. Visitors were from Asian region to France, Belgium, Australia, etc, so wide ranged visitors all visiting 2 posts; smaller majority for Swipe Tap Love but most for Ruse Of Engagement. And I bet most are for Ruco Chan. That's the most I have at any given time. Maybe 18 is the highest I have seen but this was what I managed to capture. Average now is actually 13 visitors at any given time. You may think "Blahh this is nothing! Not like thousands at any given time". But if your blog is like mine where the visitors are usually I know who they are and most 3 at any given time, the jump in the numbers right now is as significant as it is nice to know.

If you're one of them, thanks for visiting.


  1. I agree with you that TVB series this year has improved tremendously. I was shocked at how witty Coffee Cat Mama was then I was shocked again by how nice Gilded Chopsticks was, then Storm in a Cocoon and now these two series are amazing! By the way, what made you think Aimee is a double agent?

  2. A few clues but since I was wrong about Negative, I change my mind about Jessica. And she has got to have something to do rather than a wallflower.

    1. Aimee is a double agent. I remembered she said she joined ATF about a year ago. Seems like it was for a purpose. Whatever she's doing for her Dad might be the reason that drifted them apart. Perhaps, after meeting Carson, Jessica doesn't want to be a part of it anymore but her Dad is not letting her go.

      There's also rumor that Wai Sir is Jessica's bro. Haha So, those two could be the real moles while Negative was used. Poor guy.

  3. Hey, just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your time and effort you put into these posts and your blog overall. I'm from Canada and am enjoying the series that are airing now, hope tvb keeps it up

  4. Unfortunately, I am off the TV now as I have to concentrate in my upcoming mid-years. Though, I have watched a little of these two series.

    While the first few episodes of Ruse of Engagement was pretty intense, the first episode of Swipe Tap Love just left me in confusion. Which is why I am surprised to see the praise, and am compelled to ask you this:

    As of now, what would you rate Swipe Tap Love in a scale of 1 to 10?

    Just curious, because I really don't want to miss a good current TVB series. I had been resorting to older TVB series to cure my boredom before this (big kudos to War of the Genders and War and Beauty at that).

    Oh, and I am pretty interested in the new upcoming series which was previously named M Club and now turned into a name I don't remember... But hey, the casts are mostly veterans and it was produced by Eric Tsang and isn't an epic drama (because I still remember the disappoinment that was Born Rich), so I guess it'll have quality.... right?

    TVB will officially crush all of my hopes if it isn't a decent series...

  5. I am not very confident with M Club because I like none of the actresses and most of them aren't exactly good actress. Just nostalgia sake.

    Swipe Tap Love is to me so far a 7 going on 8 if it maintains the momentum. 1st episode is sorta boring but not very confusing. As it slowly and very slowly progresses there is something beautiful about this series. The little girl is worth half the marks.

    If you want something fast, watch Ruse Of Engagement. For the past 10 episodes every last scene is a cliffhanger. For a TVB series the editing is great and the intensity is almost movie like. Many said predictable but I don't think they're watching the same series. Some parts are predictable but mostly the directing and editing is very very tight.

  6. I enjoy reading your reviews of TVB series. Thanks for spending the time to write and write. I'm not a fan of Ruco Chan, but I have to admit that I got smitten by his acting and role in ATF. I like his being so playful, see his bright notty smiles..and his being so serious and smart when handling cases. He really makes Carson alive!! It's my 3rd time to see Ruco in TVB series (TOT, When Lane Merge). Now, I'm worried about the ending. Don't want to see Carson broken-heart....but I guess he won't be with Jessica. They will break up. His brotherhood with Ron will be better since there's no Jessica anymore. TVB tends to give "separation" to a couple who were shown as lovey dovey at "too" earlier episodes, just like Carson & Jessica..who has started their love in Epi 4 already. Hmmm...same pattern of romance.

  7. Thanks. We shall know in 5 days. My feeling is a major character will die and it won't be Carson.