Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

I don't understand why the technology capable of searching for the black box was not called in earlier. Could it because the search area is not defined and so it would be pointless?

And now another mystery to add to the mysteries. I am surprised Peter Jackson (yes that Peter Jackson) lent his jet for relaying messages. This article questions the purpose and efficacy. In a separate article, the passengers were cleared of any links to any reason that would sabotage the plane. So now it is back to crew.

Finally a sort of response from China that is helpful and the support we all need at a time of this crisis. I agree with the contents that calls for calmness and rationality. Like the article says, quite a stark contrast with the usual response we have read for many days. And more of the same news here.

To the families and friends and fellow countrymen of the crew and passengers of MH370;

When your day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on
Don't let yourself go, 'cause everybody cries n everybody hurts sometimes

Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along
When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)
If you feel like letting go, (hold on)
If you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on

'Cause everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends
Everybody hurts. Don't throw your hand. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand
If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you're on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
When you think you've had too much of this life to hang on

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries. And everybody hurts sometimes
And everybody hurts sometimes. So, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

Everybody hurts. You are not alone


To quote our Acting Transport Minister;

Miracles do happen, remote or otherwise, and that is the hope that the families want me to convey not only to the Malaysian government, MAS, but also to the world at large [Source]

I don't know about miracles, but at the time of this tragedy, I can never imagine how anxious your wait must be. I may have spoken strongly about dignified grieving, but that is with regards to all the accusations and protests. In the end, whatever may be, I do believe I speak for a lot of my fellow countrymen to our fellow countrymen and other nations; hope against hope, hope when there is no hope, hope in the face of hopelessness, hope in the face of sorrow and anxiety. It is difficult to stay positive, it is easy to toss blame but at this moment, cast aside anger and distrust and we are all joined by our sorrow, our grief, our pain and our hope. Lines once divided us by our nationality has melted in the face of this unprecedented and overwhelming mystery and tragedy. The families and friends are united by shock, by grief and by hope. I hope this unity is preserved. A life lost is not less than 100 lives lost. Every life is precious and is a mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, husband, wife, friend, colleague of someone out there. Blame may be easily pointed at Malaysia and Malaysians but in the end we are as clueless and as angry as anybody else. We are as frustrated and as baffled as the world. I am tired of the many mud slinging, accusations, protestations and I am sure many are. Let's hope something is salvaged. Let's hope there will be at least one answer to many questions, such as "What happened to the plane?" which will give the families and friends a preliminary answer. Then "Where is the plane?" which will give hope to the ultimate question; "Why  and how did it happened?"

The wait will be long because when you're waiting to know, even an hour is long.

These few weeks I have heard 3 words together with MH370; truth, miracle and hope. They became synonymous with MH370.  You know how I feel about the word TRUTH. There isn't any, not because our government is lying but because they're clueless. MIRACLE is difficult as so many days have passed and is dimming because miracle is to find survivors. HOPE however stays throughout because it is also to find the evidence (debris, plane, black boxes, bodies, luggage) which will break many many hearts but will give some measure of closure. It is painful to see good relations between specifically 2 nations destroyed because of this unwanted and never expected tragedy. Many don't care for the relations; I do. Not because of politics or because China is my motherland when it is not my motherland, Malaysia is but because there was once I have thought of living in Beijing when I fell in love with the city. I have blogged about it. Despite all the negative news about China, I stood by her because I am Chinese, because I loved my visits there and because I felt people and politics can be differentiated. This tragedy however was a hard lesson.

Malaysia has its fault; the government has its fault. But in MH370, I do feel I should be fair to the government I did not vote for.

Whatever may be, to those who have a religious preference, please do say a prayer for MH370 and the SAR team hard at work at the treacherous waters and also to the families so they may feel peace. To those like myself who do not have any religious preference, let's hope. I know many of us are cynics but even cynics can be hopeful.

Yes, hope is a powerful emotion and a powerful tool. Stop the accusations, stop the rumours, stop the speculations and let's unite in hope. We may each have different hope but it is still ... hope.

This is really really not a very good news although on a separate news FBI found nothing in the flight simulator thing. Very  very confused.

Our PM seems to be the bearer of long official statements and bad news. Other than that, never seen him much. He should be the one debefriefing everyone like how Australian PM is doing. Why is he not the one answering questions?

You know I never liked our Defence Minister cum Acting Transport Minister. If you're wondering why Acting Transport Minister, because that position is traditionally held by MCA aka Chinese but this year they refused to take any seat because they are just having some temper tantrum. I am not sure if MCA could have handled it any better but right now I am very impressed with our Defence Minister not so much as his quality of work but rather the way he was cool under fire. He answered questions clearly, forcefully with a tinge of hope. He was calm and polite but you can see he was irritated by some questions but he managed to keep his cool. He has aged a lot in 3 weeks, so has the MAS CEO (who is retiring or his contract is ending in a year I was told) and director of aviation dept. All 3 were adept at answering questions, except they could not answer the questions that the relatives really wanna know because no one can. His father was Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia's 3rd PM, a great man who believed in equality and unity amongst races which explains why he didn't get to be the big guy for long. His son was never on my respect radar because of many incidents. He goes with the flow you see. After all he is a politician. However these few weeks showed another side to him that I began to respect. I feel he did not shy away from questions. In fact he had to face them, the wrath, the anger, the accusations, the hopelessness, the bearer of continued bad news but he managed to handle them all with aplomb. I like the fact he lost his temper once or twice but in the most polite way. I would have reacted differently from him. Sometimes it is the worst situation that proves the worth of someone. He may be genuine or he may not be. I don't know. I am not sure how he is as a politician or a leader but as spokesperson for Malaysia for the baffling tragedy of MH370, right now he is doing an exemplary job. You can read more about him here.

Anyway been hearing the same word this few weeks. TRUTH. We want the truth. Perhaps those people never asked the correct question or may be afraid to. I lost my patience when we are accused as murderers. Drama queens, that's all I can say. If you can't grief in a level headed way then you're only insulting your loved one's memory and yourself. Dignified grief is not hard to do. Hysterical grieving is expected. But like our acting transport minister, many Malaysians are baffled by the hysteria mob amongst the Chinese and the unfair accusations and the many stars' echos like robot for the truth. I will ask them this; what is your question? And are you ready for the truth? Since many said they won't believe whatever our government says, then what is the point of us revealing anything since you will not hear the truth and calls us liars. The only "truth" you want is a lie; a beautiful lie like "April's fools joke! They're all alive, stranded in South Pole with the penguins". We all know that is an impossibility and a blatant lie. So what more could our government say? I am not a fan of this government. I voted for the opposition. I personally feel they were incompetent. After someone explained to me the significance of TUDM's blunder, I now realise we were incompetent to handle this tragedy. But considering the magnitude of the baffling mystery, the difficulty of the search and impossibility of the conditions where the plane is believed to have crashed (or as our PM said, where the plane's route ended), how can anyone then turn around and now continue to blame us for everything? China government can simply tell its people to calm down but they did not. Protests were organised with their tacit approval, they encouraged the anger, the pain and the hate as well as the media exposure. China became hypocritical in their demands for transparency when they gave none to those who demand it from them. Whilst the world blame Malaysia for being incompetent, out of our depth, insensitive (the whole SMS issue which is such a stupid accusation and obviously those people did not read or hear the explanation) and savages, I feel China's reaction and behaviour as juxtaposed against our reaction and behaviour shows us Malaysia and Malaysians in a better light. We share their grief since we lost our people too but we don't share their unfair hysterics. There is no benefit in the protests and it just shows how ill informed they are. We know as much as they do. Do we know more? Maybe. Do we know where the plane is? US seems to know where it is since weeks ago, why not ask them? Why not ask the investigative team? Why not ask the SAR team? This is a combined effort and as some commenters say in the news site I have been reading, if you laugh at Malaysia's failure, then you might as well laugh at UK, US, Japan, China, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and the nations who helped. But I won't laugh or question them. I am touched by their generosity and effort. No doubt families will sue for millions and millions since money helps and money heals but until we find the black box, I feel any action is preemptive. And if they do sue, it means maybe they have finally accepted the ugly but inevitable truth to the question they are afraid to ask and listen to the answer to which we could not confirm; did they survive? Are they alive?

As for the stars who jump onto the bandwagon of TRUTH! BOYCOTT! MALAYSIA INEPT! Please learn to read and follow the news and not pick and choose. Since China has restricted information, I believe they haven't been getting the full picture hence the hysterics. The stars have no such excuses since they travel to other countries. You expect them to be reasonable, not like herds of cows following the popular chorus of the day. The relatives at least have excuses, what have they except to raise their own profile amongst fans whilst looking like a total and absolute idiot? Be fair to everyone. Be fair to us. Be fair to your fans.

As for our media and carers, stop writing BS. Especially the carers who gave misleading information flaming the situation. To our diplomat in China, it doesn't hurt to go out and meet and greet the protestors. No need to hide inside. Be brave, confront them. Learn from our acting transport minister who had to face these same people twice a day everyday. As for our PM, come May we will know what he is made of. Right now, the lack of his presence on TV amongst those answering questions is unsettling to me.

This is frustrating! Now the search area is moving north lar, debris here and there lar.. where is the plane?! But now you can't blame Malaysia because the investigative teams is made up of international people, sort of. Even lawyers are confused. Why? Indian family said suing MAS for billions, then another article said Indian family never said that. I was reading this article and was touched by the following:-

Irene Burrows, whose daughter Rodney and his wife Mary were on a retirement trip with friends when they boarded MH370, said it was a difficult situation but applauded the way it had been handled by authorities.

'We have been kept informed, they have been extremely helpful as far as we're concerned,' Ms Burrows told 3AW.

'We have no complaints whatsoever. Let's face it, this is the first time something like this has happened.

Thank you Madam Burrows. As we are all hoping the plane is fine, offering my condolences will be preemptive although so many days have passed, so many debris sighted (the sea is however full of garbage perhaps?), my heart tells me hope is times of hopelessness is .. too hopeful.

I read Russia now wants to do business with Malaysia. Since China or rather Chinese citizens are boycotting us, this is good news. However Russia is now the world's pariah after what happened. Do we dare to go against big brother USA?

Do read this article which puts things into perspective. I wonder can they ever recover the black box is the place is as this article says it is. Any place south and you can see penguins.

And I read people are ready to file for billions against Boeing and MAS. Billions? Only in America.

So this was the great conspiracy? The many weeks since we knew of a last ping from an unknown sattelite which turns out to be the same company who took time as it should to analyse the datas and come to this foregone conclusion? I hate it when I read how the families accuse Malaysia and MAS of being executioner. No one wants this to happen. There is no hiding, no secrets, it was just a matter of time for analysis and certainty and formal announcement. If they crashed somewhere clearly and surely someone can phone in, tweet, facebook whatever! They're gone. That much we know. As to why, let them find the black box before jumping to conclusion and finding faults. As for Malaysia's delay in search and searching the wrong place, anyone who has been following the news will know such an allegation is terribly unfair. 

Read here to know the technology involved. 

The Chinese are protesting in front of the Embassy in Beijing, demanding for answers. I wonder what answers they want? PM already given them a answer. He thinks the plane is gone. So what more? As to what really happened? Hey not just you, we all want to know what really happened. Until the black box and debris is found, all we can give is speculation and for that we have no answers. Reading about Malaysia accused of not sharing information, datas, etc and searching at the wrong area, look, have you forgotten? Vietnam kept saying they found something at the wrong place, etc etc. We don't know what happened, we don't know where to look. Now we know which satellite which caught the ping and how every ship and plane went to Indian Ocean. We are accused of wasting time. What these naysayers do not say is how can we be wasting time when we don't know where to look? The plane could have flown anywhere. The world is very very very very very big. I am annoyed by these criticisms, which was easy to give out but given the circumstances, would America or Australia have done better? Would they have shared their datas with us? Would China have been so transparent with press conference a few times every single day? The plane missing is not within our control. We will never know what happened. But 3 things are certain; the plane's gone, the black box will answer some crucial questions and there will be a huge payout for the lives lost by the insurance and MAS (vide insurance). Everything else is speculation.

Our PM confirms the plane went down in Southern Indian Ocean based on several data and satellite pictures. BUT no debris has actually been found. So why are they so sure? So now the hunt for the black box begins. Hopefully we can find the box and an answer as to what actually happened. I mean what happened?!?!?

Now everybody is blaming Malaysia for mishandling the whole situation. First, how can such a situation be handled when no one has any information? This conclusion is due to some new technology the Brits employed. All I can say is this was inevitable end; but no debris, no black box.. the search and rescue has to stop at some point. Even SMS by MAS is criticised but the SMS is to keep the families abreast. I feel the situation wasn't mishandled. It was unprecedented. I don't see how it can't be screwed up.

Another day, another debris. Is this it? Read here and here.

This is difficult. It does sound terrible to carry the families out of the press conference but they were disrupting things. It is difficult to say. I feel for them and I can't imagine in the plane for hours knowing it was going the wrong way! But it is counter productive and when so many countries are helping to look and yet being accused of lying, it is difficult to emphatise with the families. All those press conference does show 1 thing consistently, no one knows where the plane has flown to. And that is a fact.

Hunger strike won't help either. There is no conspiracy, just utter confusion.

Now our PM says the act was deliberate but whether hijacking or not, refused to confirm. It's either Pakistan there or Indonesia there. Either doesn't bode well. If hijacked, why no ransom till today? How they entered the cockpit? It can only mean insider's job who knew where to shut what things off but both pilots' checked through. Was there a 3rd pilot? Even if hijacked, I am convinced it has crashed somewhere because it has been more than a week and no one claimed responsibility. If it is an act of hijacking surely done to make noise for whatever is the cause. If suicidal pilot, why bother to fly so many hours? MH370, where are you??

Malaysia is accused of knowing more than we care to share. I will say the Americans certainly know more than we know what to share.

Latest news; Americans dance to their own tune, as usual. Still onto terrorism/hijacking theory, they're now searching the Indian Ocean whilst everyone else is elsewhere. I had to google for a map to know where is where. At least like how we learn a new word "recalcitrant" thanks to Australian PM many years ago, now we are learning geography;

So... we are searching at South China Sea, Gulf of Thailand (Up there), Malacca Straits (middle) and now Indian Ocean (bottom) which basically is everywhere surrounding Malaysia. Very very huge area.
Even the Chinese are hiding something! Why not throw bottles at them?

I am sick of people writing something smells off, not right, conspiracy, etc. Unless the plane was shot down. One oil rig worker described seeing the plane going down in one piece, on fire. Imagine that, on fire. How the people inside must have felt and the captain and his crew would be the first to see themselves hitting the water. This is terrible.

Now we are using bomohs. Insane!

China wants Malaysia to tell them the truth.

The truth?

Ok, the truth is we don't know where the hell is the plane and we don't know what the hell happened. Now ladies, please stop hurling the bottles!

And then there was this article, the height of rumour mongering.

I read the headline and it says ...

Was missing flight MH370 jet brought down by a shoe bomber? British terrorist convicted of plotting similar attack says he gave explosive to Malaysian terror cell which included a pilot

And I thought my god! Really? Because 2 pilots were (or are) Muslims? Then I read some more and the plot was in 2001. It was just an article trying to find some connection between what could have happened. The pilot plot was 2001 and not the current 2 pilots.

Sick isn't it?

Maybe we should just stop giving press conferences every single day because that gives false hope when there aren't any new development. And the western press should stop with "TERRORISM!!", "HIJACKING!!", "HORNY PILOTS!!" (look at the pictures in the article; clearly taken either before take off or after landing), "SUICIDAL PILOTS!!", "JIHAD PILOTS!!", "PILOT ERROR!!!", "2 STOLEN PASSPORTS = IRANIAN = TERRORISTS!!!!" sort of nonsense UNTIL WE FIND THE BLOODY PLANE!!

At some point the families must go home, live goes on and massive search called off and then begins the earnest search for clues. Years passed and perhaps we will be closer to an answer.

And no, it was not alien abduction. There are many who seems to think it funny and even laughed when saying so. Is it so funny sounding like an absolute arse?

Let's keep things in focus. This article will surely do just that. They are all people, someone's mother, father, family. It is not funny. And when you see a face put into every name of passenger on the list, the crew, the pilot, until you see that perhaps you will hee hee over stupid alien abduction theory. If they have crash landed somewhere, and some still alive, they would be feeling pretty hopeless by now. Planes do not drop off from the sky into the abyss for no good reason. There is always a reason, always a debris somewhere. We just haven't found it yet.

One day this mystery when solved may make a life changing episode of Air Crash Investigations. Or even an award winning movie, perhaps a decade from now. But right now, perhaps... perhaps we are looking at the wrong places. And if we are, what if we found them too late?

Meanwhile the families need to go home and just let everyone do their job. Them being there takes away the concentration and makes things worse.

I used to think "how can anyone be lost at sea?" until now. I am not thinking about that anymore. The sea is pretty big, now I do realise. In fact it is very big. You can try to search a specifically tagged area for anything that looks suspiciously from or is the plane MH370 but let me tell you, all you will see is clouds, sea, sea and more sea. But it is worth a try to help.

However the images are limited to where the system tells us so if the plane is totally not there, that's it. I wonder why not the military and rescue teams look at the sea and let us computer people look at the land/forest?

This is a very good article answering many questions of What Ifs. You must read it. Now that we have sorta ruled out terrorism, question now switch to pilot being suicidal. Yeah right. What if something knocked off the transponder? And why would a pilot who intends to kill himself with the plane then tried to turn back the plane? Why not just on the way to Beijing crash into the vast sea? Why bother to turn back? And we know (if we believe what Malaysian military said, again NO COORDINATION OF INFORMATION!) that the plane was last seen being wayyyyy off the course... perhaps because their what's it called? The plane's GPS thing is  broken, they were flying blind? Maybe? That they crashed on land somewhere? Perhaps? 
And all those details about blondes in cockpit is just silly. But it may answer one question; how can any terrorist enter the cockpit. Well this way they can but will the captain open the cockpit's door to anyone not blonde and female?

This is just stupid and silly. And Chinese relatives screaming Malaysians as liars lar, throwing water bottles lar... as if they were the only one who lost loved ones. We know as much as you do so please let us do out job. As for our ministers, IGP and officials, for the love of God, please coordinate before shooting your mouth to the public!!!

People just love a good conspiracy crazy pilot with alien abduction terrorism story. Perhaps MH370's disappearance is as simple as the simplest explanation; plane got problem.

China should tell their people to go home and wait for results. They being there throwing bottles certainly won't help.And those clinging to straws, however hopeless is not helping either. I am just curious though; don't Ipads have this track the device feature. Anyone tried it?
I hang my head in shame. I was watching our IGP (Chief of Police) giving a press conference and there he was, looking rather self satisfied for some strange reason (smug is another word for that) and making people laugh. I was thinking, was what happened to MH370 so cute and funny? Worse is he was making unfounded comments and speculations, all of which were mere speculations when he should just have said plane not found yet, so no comment. Even the 2 fake passports, 5 people on board, not on board, again on board, etc were like those "300" math question where you won't get a straight answer. I think he made the situation worse. I have never seen such a bad silly press conference and he did not have any idea how serious the situation was. Compare that to our acting transport minister, our PM, even his wife, all were serious, contemplative and serious. And Awani (Ch 501) host was hosting the updates as if it was a football match update. A disgrace. Put the PM there or our PM's wife, they can do a better job. Now I have found someone worse at answering questions than 620.

Updates - 11.03.2014
Don't bother with the live updates on radio if you don't have TV. Read here for really real live updates. I find it interesting as I read 2 conflicting statements;

Frustrations are mounting in Malaysia, according to a paper from the region, as the search for the missing plane fails to find any trace.

The New Strait Times said that emotions were running high with China blaming Malaysia over a lack of information and relatives expressing anger at all sides, criticising them for the response.

The Global Times in China said: "The Malaysian side cannot shirk its responsibility. The initial response from Malaysia was not swift enough".


Commander Mark Williams from the U.S. Navy's 7th fleet has praised the Malaysian government for its response to the missing flight.

He told CNN: "They're doing a very good job of coordinating the international effort.

"It's just a huge area the best we can do is get in our sector and wait for the next tasking."

Searching on land has now been stopped and the operation will concentrate solely on the seas around Malaysia.

Possibilities that this could be hijacking/terrorism is discussed if the terrorists were from China due to Malaysia deporting some uighurs back to China some time back. If this is true, what China has to say instead of all this criticism? But those luggages without people checked in were removed, as per usual practice. I remember I can't even bring my bottle of mineral water into the plane, so how can a bomb be smuggled? If you say hijacking, the cockpit door is always shut tight, and the pilot can always turn back... wait... he did try to turn back but my feeling is, which is now being discussed that the communications were down and whatever happened disintergrated the plane up in the sky.

Updates - 11.03.2014
"It had GPS, an indestructible black box and a beacon designed to float to the surface: So how on earth can a Boeing 777 just vanish over the sea?"
The same  question I have also!! Read here for speculations. The Americans seem to be convinced it is terrorism or pilot error or plane technical problem, terrorism being high on the list.

So far no debris. All those rumours of debris, not true. So far nothing located. So far possibility of hijacking and landed somewhere is to me highly impossible because surely such a big plane which requires refuelling by now must be seen somewhere?!

Only possibility is mid air explosion and again due to what?

As for the many prayers for the safe return, let me be brutally honest. We should stop this delusion. It is gone. Now is the time to find out what the hell happened. So far all concentration is on the sea. But what if the debris landed on land?

And for fake identities and passports, read here to know what happened. Apparently there was a suggestion that how come no red flag was raised when some Asian looking men with Italian or Austrian names checked in. So now we know why. Because they didn't look Asian. I will say the theory of terrorism is looking less and less possible although what about the other chinese passports?

And all those news about Chinese relatives calling handphones of passengers which successfully connected and then diverted is grasping at straws. Whatever the condition of the phones, the call will get through to voice recorder or if the passenger added some call divert features, the calls will be diverted. Nothing mysterious, just hopeless hopefulness.

Updates - 09.03.2014
Terrorist act or not, our immigration and airport security are screwed. Seriously. The security is lax, that is for sure, especially when departing but surely missing passports will cause a red flag in the system? I don't know how it works. There are talks (from Americans) that it IS terrorism, however no one is owning up to it yet. Please do note right now the plane or bodies or debris or even the black boxes have all yet to be found so everything is just speculation, including pilot error. Latest reports say some passenger of the next flight from Beijing took some photos of debris, some said the pilot seemed to be turning the plane around.

IF the pilot was turning the plane around, it could indicate an act of terrorism OR something not right with the plane. But none of these explains why there never was any distress signal or call to the tower, more so when turning the plane around. It would mean whatever happened happened very very fast, lack of debris of vast area of debris means it could have been a mid air explosion. And with explosions, it could also mean a bomb or something akin to a bomb.

HOWEVER, and  a HUGE however, maybe whatever happened crippled the communication system? Could that happen?

What we do know now for sure is ...

1. MAS has an excellent safety record
2. nothing to suggest a suicidal captain or crew (I am offended by this speculation!)
3. That plane by Boeing also has an excellent safety record
4. the same plane was chipped on the wing in 2012 or so. However if fixed, it doesn't explain  the lack of distress signal so I will say this is of no connection at all but wing could indicate sudden plunge although I read before the tail would be the culprit.
5. No debris thus far
6. Nothing at all found thus far except for small but important traces
7. 2 unknown individuals bought tickets via China using stolen passports (NOT fake passports) - could they be illegal workers or people intending to jump plane? The ticketing path may suggest that or they could be terrorist but if terrorists, who? and why?
8. Malaysian security is lax or rather maybe American security is too strict. I agree it was lax but not like you can walk in without checks.
9. the plane is still deemed missing as opposed to crashed but couldn't be up in the air anymore since petrol would have finished by now
10. the pilot tried to turn the plane around - why? technical failure? Why no distress signal?

The thing that is puzzling everyone is the lack of distress signal and that leads most to assume it was terrorism. Again what if communication was down? Is that possible? Some said maybe it has crash landed somewhere where communication is impossible but in the world of GPS, Ipads, Handphones, etc surely there must be some signal? I was wondering could those Ipad signals help? I mean like missing Ipads activated and indicate the position sort of thing? Or am I too naive that such a technology does not exists to the point can pin point a crash site?

Updates - 09.03.2014
Terrorist act? Could it be? Here is a speculation. I don't believe it. Search and rescue is called off. So now is search and salvage. Seen on TV that China criticised MAS for slow response or info. Yeah right. How to be fast when they don't even know what happened for sure?

Fake passports?! A guy reported it stolen, was in the system and yet got through our system? Because.. since they're leaving so not check thoroughly? What is going on?!?! But I don't think it is terrorism.

Minor update
Search and rescue still on. Questions arises if there was sabotage because ....

A. No distress call due to perhaps threats
B. Planes don't just fall out of sky unless decompression in sudden way happened and this is usually means bomb on board
C. Two fake passports means two unaccountable people

However this could also mean since no debris found yet it may mean by some small miracle the plane could have landed somewhere with communications down. But how likely is that when passengers have phones and iPads? They could have tweeted their safe landing or for help unless that somewhere is someplace so remote. I think the plane has crashed, I think all are lost. As to why no distress call, could it be the problem could have involved communications cut off? Yes plenty of time to glide but obviously with no land in sight glide where? I believe in the sudden plunge rumors but really an act of sabotage? I am not sure. Cover up on the distress call? I doubt it. I think there will be a good reason why no distress call. Please remember the pilot wouldn't have risked so many lives, more so his own life on the line. So if sudden plunge, no distres call ,not terrorism act may all point to mid air explosion since full of petrol and sudden but where are the debris? A friend said the Malaysians passengers were mostly from one company on a trip. What a way to go. This is tragic. As much as I sympathise the family they need to understand no one knows what happened yet.  Until some clue turns up authorities can't just give any info.

POSTED ON 08.03.2014
This is so shocking! This is the very first time I have ever heard of MAS Airlines in such a situation. They can't even find the plane. Could it be under the sea? Crashed over at South China Sea. I hope they can locate it and find the blackbox for answers. There were other planes which crashed into the seas and they can salvage every bolts so I am sure this can be found. Either pilot error or plane problem. My feeling is the latter. MAS Airlines were always without incident. But we will never know what was the factor until perhaps a year or two has passed when an answer is found.

If the aircraft has crashed, and all the passengers and crew are killed, it would the deadliest aviation incident since November 2001.

239 lives... if it crashed into the sea I am afraid all is lost. The plane would have been scattered, no possibility of anyone alive. If on the ground, they should have found the plane by now. I have seen enough of Air Crash Investigations to know crashing into the sea is almost always total lost. The plane maker will also want to know the cause so as to ensure it is not the plane's problem. MAS will want to know so as to ensure if it was or was not pilot's error. There will be lawsuits and major compensation. But the 239 lives?  I am not hopeful. I am still in shock! My condolences to the families of who have lost their loved ones through this tragedy.


  1. I am also really shocked! There were 6 from Australia (my country) and every 5 minutes the news channel would update the incidence. Apparently Vietnam detected an emergency signal but no confirmation. I really hope everyone is safe and sound but as time passes, my hopes are fading as well.

  2. If crashed into sea, likelihood is 0. China of course criticising MAS for slow response but how can anyone release any statement if they can't even find the plane? I hope they find the black boxes soon. But it will take years for a real answer.

    1. Well, China SHOULD say something about our county's slow response. After all, China responded BEFORE Malaysia, although the plane departed from Malaysia. Then again, this is the first major aviation accident in Malaysia and nobody expected it to happen, so Malaysia have a lack of experience in handling these situations.

  3. 30+ hours still cannot find. What is most strange is no trace at all. Even if plane got problem, going to crash, got hijacked etc, still should be able to scan. With the world's surveillance technology so advance, totally no hint?

    1. There were confirmations of oil slicks that were near where the airplane was last communicated. I am shocked though on how that pretty good trace still couldn't guide the 40 something ships and 20 something helicopters trying to find the plane!

  4. Strange thing could be happening. Maybe run into someplace totally devoid of communication signal. Maybe went to other dimension. Maybe capture by aliens.

    1. Impossible. I believe there was mid air explosion. In the tech of ipads, handphones and GPS it is almost impossible.

  5. Tch, rather than UFO kidnappings, let's be more creative and relate to recent happenings. Did Malaysia offend or insult anyone recently? One with superb mystical powers?


    Yes, ultraman was on a quest to having revenge, and when they saw an airplane from Malaysia... well, you think what will happen?

  6. Latest news: The pilot is apparently a PKR member, went to Anwar's court listening, and angered that Anwar was sentenced 5 years jail for sodomy. Why am I not surprised...?

    1. Smear campaign and unfounded. Again another rumour, another gossip. Unless the plane is full of UMNO members. It may be the pilot but for a simpler reason.

  7. How there are some theory that the target of the missing plane is the 20 passengers who are engineers of a company called Freescale. It seems to be related to something they invented and there's a patent issue.

  8. On your commentary 29 March, well said. I totally agree with every word and have about had it with all the accusations.

    I hope April is a better month for us Malaysians.

  9. Beautifully and poignantly written. Thanks Funn!