Sunday, April 13, 2014

[O] The 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards 2014

I just spent half my night watching HK Film Awards 2014 and it was quite a show. I missed about more than half hour so I did not know Kara Hui won! Yeah! But the little girl in Unbeatable should have won if she was nominated.

Anyway I said it was quite a show but not in a good way. Meaning so quiet, no laughter, presenters talked too long, winners talked longer and whilst Ip Man the movie (Wong Kar Wai) version won a lot of awards, Best Actor eluded Tony Leung. Frankly I'd rather Anthony Wong win for another Ip Man movie. Poor Louis Koo got to be the butt of the jokes and he took them all graciously. Interestingly, Nick Cheung won (again) and he was strange; he first asked that if in future, his In Memoriam picture be in colour (like what?! but I get his criticism; it was after all celebrating a life, not just mourning the dead so like he said, he felt a bit cold at the colourless pictures). And after a long long speech, he ended with some impromptu singing AND he forgot to thank his wife. I think he even forgot to thank his co-stars. Very weird speech. And where was his wife?

Zhang Ziyi gave what I felt to be the most pretentious and long winded speech which amounted to nothing. I wished the music could cut her off. Basically most of the speeches were boring but I had to laugh at Miriam Yeung giving a  bit of criticism to Anthony Wong where she said Tony's Ip Man "fought a lot, talked very little" whilst the other Ip Man "no matter what spoke too much". That was funny. The hosts were strange; I mean Gordon Lam looked pissed but that was his character so to speak. He was supposed to be the actor who never won the Best Actor whilst Ronald Cheng won one but as a musician no one sang his songs in reality shows and there was Teresa Mo stuck in the middle. I think the audience were most excited when George Lam came out to sing 2 classic songs with gutso but weirdly walked to the hosts and sang and then walked back. If the camera didn't zoom out, I thought he was in his bathrobe singing. But yes, George Lam sang fantastically well except what was the connection of his songs with the theme of the night? Kung Fu and Muscles issit?

The award show is just very badly planned. Cameras zoom elsewhere accidentally, award givers were cut off, etc etc. Even the clips were uninspired.

Anyway after watching this award show, I am interested in watching 2 movies; one is the fireman movie (looked mighty interesting) and the other the one about vampires. That one looked great.

However fans of Eddie Peng may be interested to know he was cute. I almost forgot Angelababy is from HK so I almost was like wow her cantonee is great! But Eddie's cantonese is cute. I can't stand Angelababy and her giggling fits. And she looks different every time I see her and each time I find her looks uninspired and uninteresting.

Quite a night. The entire ceremony left me feeling cold, except at the end when Nick Cheung won and everyone was very gracious, he hugged every nominee who were all genuinely happy for him, including Mr Ego himself, Anthony Wong. That was a genuinely warm moment. Also when Ada Choi's husband won. I looked at this and I thought name is familiar but who is he? And then he declared himself quite proudly as Ada's husband. A warm moment.

Frankly, I saw the Nick Cheung movie and I saw Anthony Wong's Ip Man movie and between the two, I do think Anthony Wong was robbed of his Best Actor.

Ahhh one of these days Louis Koo will win. When everyone else wins at least 5 times between them and on rotation. Even Jackie Chan told Louis not to feel too bad since he himself never won in the decades he was in movies! I was laughing. Why? Come on Jackie, you never won because you were never a competent actor to begin with!

And ahhhh one of these days Stephen Chow will get his recognition as a director. Right now he is being sidelined which is a pity; he is one of HK's most exciting director. Quite a pity.


  1. Hi Funn,
    Are you sure Angelababy is from Hong Kong?Always thought that she is from China.About that vampire movie,if I'm not mistaken it's a Juno Mak's movie which had great feedback and reviews when it was released.

    1. read Wikipedia, moved to HK since 13. Considered lar! She speaks very good cantonese.

      Juno Mak? That ugly dude who depended on daddy? Now he is what? Director? Really?!

    2. I googled, Rigor Mortis and aiyoh! Directed by Juno Mak! He looked grown up I tell you. Good that he finally found something he is good at!