Friday, April 25, 2014

[O] SWIPE TAP LOVE / 愛我請留言 [2014] [TVB]

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Raymond Wong as Lok Tin Sung
Priscilla Wong as Yu Chor Kin
Eddie Kwan as Golden Wong Kum Kwai
Tony Hung as Cheung Yat Hei
Elaine Yiu as Emma Choi Yin
Vincent Wong as Edward Wong Chi Cheung
Kaki Leung as Natasha Sung Lau Kuen
Hebe Chan as Yeung Ka Ka
Jonathan Cheung as Roger Ho Chi Onn
Owen Cheung as George Ho Chi Fung
Kelly Fu as Diana Gao Fei



Wow, last episode tonight! Has yet to broadcast but here are a few predictions;

1. NO ONE DIES. Not even 009, definitely not 009
2. Golden is reunited with his wife and daughter who is Gao Fei
3. Tin Sung meets Elaine again and both are them are happy as they are with someone else
4. Tin Sung's glass business is a hit
5. Roger wakes up just fine
6. Finally a proper wedding scene?
7. Edward is not gay or gay or whatever but won't end up with anyone as expected

We shall see!!

The absolute end and a happy one.

- Tin Sung is with Chor Kin and everyone loves Yau Yau.
- Elaine meets a Korean guy.
- Yau Yau calls Elaine "Auntie Emma". Yeah, she will have many questions later in life plus therapy.
 - Roger wakes up and with his serious younger brother and best friend Tony (now mature), made an MV for Natasha and finally kissed at the bottom of the stairs
- Mama Yu finally could sleep in the bedroom again
- Never knew if Edward is gay or not. He meets a new love but we never get to see who. Just Chor Kin saying the new love is a superstar but never really referred to him or her, just generic. He sees his past love in a supermarket but we never get to know it was a he or she since his past love is always with the other person. So my guess is Edward is gay.
- Surprise! Surprise! Gao Fei is NOT Golden's daughter. Golden's wife took the money and cruelly told him not to bother with them anymore as his own daughter is getting married. Meanwhile Gao Fei actually met someone and invited Golden to give her away like a father does and he gave her a stiletto pendant diamond necklace. This was the most moving part of the episode. Golden never had a chance to meet his daughter or give her away but he did it with Gao Fei who sees him as her father.


The ending was sorta lovely marked by hyper-cheesiness thanks to Tin Sung and Chor Kin's overly happy coupling. I almost couldn't stand it. I know they're very much in love but after episodes of looking rather miserable, all of a sudden in the space of 30 minutes with so much happiness is quite scary to watch. And pretentious in a way. Which is why I find Golden's story much more easier to stomach.

It is a good ending, nothing dramatic, nothing OTT, just a simple happy ending for everyone. Even for poor Golden who was robbed of his daughter but gained it with Gao Fei. I was wondering whatever did he do to have his wife so cruelly deny him a place at his daughter's wedding? She certainly had no trouble taking his money. I am also very surprise that his daughter isn't Gao Fei. I find this even more poignant for what he will do for her and what she will do for him. The honour of walking her down the ailse, the gift, everything, made that fact extra poignant. This part I love to bits.

This is a rather non-happening sort of series of individuals who were miserable until they met the people they were meant to meet. Therefore the ending was nice;

Chor Kin asked Tin Sung about the title of a song he once said. Something about the sun, etc. He said there never was such a song. So he coined that title from a young girl he always saw on a bus when he was a student; the girl was plump and eating ice cream and always unsteady on the bus. She dropped her book one day and he saw in a flash something about sun or whatever and coined the title. What they  both never knew, which we as viewers know was the name on the book was Yu Chor Kin. This meant prior to the taxi incident (not sure if he knew that was her, vice versa since I missed 2 episodes), they had already met. It was like fated to meet, these 2 individuals were meant to be. That was rather sweet.

Another was how Mama Yu ended up taking care of Yau Yau. It was all by accident. Tin Sung was calling I believe a Madam Yuen but called the wrong number and called Mama Yu and with her bad phone reception, he thought he was talking to the babysitter and he asked if she had experience in raising a child and Mama Yu said she has raised one for over 2 decades! That was how he ended up sending Yau Yau to Mama Yu. Again it was fated.

So yes, everybody has their happy ending, even Roger's brother who was actually a former cop who went to see his girlfriend in France.  I love how Mama Yu became obsessed with what's apping everyone even just a few metres away. That was funny.

Frankly if you're not into a slow burn sort of series, avoid Swipe Tap Love. But if you have a bit of patience, and I did lose my patience with Natasha's story or Tin Sung's story, but if you can have that patience, I believe you will be nicely rewarded with a rather poignant story about people, fate and in the end all things falls into their respective places as they should be.

Fans of Eddie Kwan must watch this series. His role was small but to me he gave quite possible the best supporting performance by a veteran of 2014. I could feel he put his entire heart into the role of Golden Wong and how can anyone not remember or even identify with "Golden water gives you power!" sort of mantra? And when I say identify, I meant his very sad story and his sad past. But what I love about Golden Wong is he never ever gave up or let life get him down. He cried one time, hugging Yau Yau in one of the most emotional moment of this series but that was the only time. The rest were tears of joy and sometimes mixed with a bit of regret. Golden Wong is a man who owns up to his mistake and lives with it. He doesn't stay down due to regrets but he actually does something; saving every penny for his wife and daughter, working hard, taking nothing more than he needs and never ever did he ever beg. Eddie showed the strength of Golden Wong with his every tear, every sorrow, ever song, every body language that I feel I have found a new respect for Eddie who achieved so much by just giving a heartfelt sincere performance. He was not afraid to cry and he was not afraid to appear weak at times. Golden Wong, apart from Yau Yau is my most favourite character in this series and one of the most memorable ever. A pity he had so little screen time but the little screen time he had, he maximised it to his fullest advantage and in turn really made Kelly Fu looked rather good. Kudo to Eddie Kwan and this series, slow and boring for some is an absolute must watch for Eddie's fans.

Kelly Fu is a weak actress as she is a new actress but when she stopped trying so hard like she did in earlier scenes (which is also Gao Fei trying hard), her simplicity as an actress shines. I find her more beautiful with the "cement" (to quote Dayo Wong) off her face and she cries beautifully. She is raw but has potential. She is likable and is convincing when she is crying. For a newbie, she did well even if I couldn't stand the long scenes with Gao Fei. It was those scenes after when she was back to earth and down to earth that impresses me more. I don't feel disconnected with her performance. I suppose in part it was due to Eddie as well.

Another who impressed me when I didn't expect it was Kaki Leung. She plays a bitchy woman on the surface but really has a heart of gold deep within her. Whilst I was bored with the scenes of her with comatose Jonathan Cheung. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance earlier as well as her love story with the not yet comatose Roger. She cries hard, she cries real and I feel connected to her Natasha.

Priscilla Wong impressed me in terms of how much the camera loves her. She is becoming more and more beautiful and has less and less shaky voice. She doesn't sound so scared anymore or talk like she is crying at the same time. So I am happy with her new found confidence. I actually liked her very much in Return Of Silver Tongue but her Chor Kin is a different character. I like how decisive Chor Kin is and I also like her chemistry with young Cecilia Yeung who plays Yau Yau. You can see real affection and she really likes the little girl. She also never tries to take the limelight from the little girl which makes her a generous actress. And she is a capable actress although she has yet to be truly tested in really heavy drama or really lighthearted comedy. But time will come for her to be tested and then we shall know. So far I like what I see. She cries hard, she cries real, she smiles hard, and there is sincerity in her performance. However I couldn't stand the overlong laughter scenes. Don't get me wrong; she laughed sincerely but I feel sometimes having a character laughing non stop stops being cute after a while. I also like how she doesn't care how she looks. Her hair is always messy but she is very very pretty in here. The look suits her.

The young actors, from Jonathan Cheung to Tony Hung to everybody else impressed me respectively so I haven't much to say. It is the very young Cecilia Yeung as Lok Yau Yau who steals the show in terms of cuteness and an ability to grasp her character and act without inhibition. She is one precocious child but not pretentious and I love her every delivery of her lines, her chemistry even with the dog 009 and everything she does. If there is perfection, Cecilia Yeung shows at her young age at I believe 5 years old, she has outclassed even the veterans and the adults are simply swept away by her talent. Time will tell if she can be active in acting or she can transition to bigger roles as she grows older but in this series, she is to me absolute perfection. I have no criticism for her performance, none whatsoever except perhaps I would have wished she had more screen time.

Vincent Wong looked regal and handsome in this series. Absolutely gorgeous to look at. But absolutely wasted although his Edward is intriguing.

Elaine Yiu has come a long way from Safe Guards and she has improved 1000%. She has a lot of dialogue in one given scene and managed them well. Is she leading actress material? No. But she can be an excellent supporting cast giving credence to the lead. And by the way she is very pretty in here.

Finally, Raymond Wong. He excels in those roles where he is so miserable, he can't even cry but yet the tears are there, welling up in his eyes but not falling and when it does, it falls just at the right speed and angle. He cries beautifully for a man. I am very convinced with his delivery of his lines. He is so old fashioned in the way he speaks, he can't be a villain because I just trust him. However I got frustrated with his non moving character in here who is always so bloody miserable and suddenly so bloody happy. It is nothing in between, nothing medium or moderate. The material failed him a little and he did his best with what is in the end a one dimensional character. Doesn't have much to do. Doesn't even need to smile. But he pairs off well with Priscilla, both acting scenes of a couple so intimately without the kissing but the teasing were there that I was convinced by their chemistry. I just wish his role was better written. He is a good actor but sometimes he reminds me of Natalie Wong; so overly dramatic at times in the way he could just stare at you and into your soul and never let go. Natalie of course is making everything so very dramatic in a bad way whilst Raymond is into making everything dramatic in a k-drama way. He can certainly out cry, out stare and out misery all Korean actors out there.

If you don't want anything too "adrenaline rush", this is it. However be forewarned; it is very very slow. It has materials for 12 episodes worth but stretched to 20 episodes. But it is at most times well written and well acted that time breezes by when you do sit down and watch without breaking concentration. But if your concentration does break, I do believe you can skip a few episodes without missing much or even missing it at all. A good series but hardly ground breaking or ratings smashing. However fans of Eddie Kwan or Priscilla Wong or Cecilia Yeung or the little dog called 009 must not miss this.


See it? Mr & Mrs Bean! From Coffee Cat Mama!

And in earlier episodes, Matt Yeung was the guest star in a non speaking role as Central's Nic Tse. In episode 20, Jason Chan was the guest star in a non speaking role as Central's Daniel Wu!! That was sorta funny.

You know, this episode can go a lot faster.  But hey, as slow as it goes, I just realise it will be ending tomorrow! Yeah!

Seriously, Roger needs to wake up. I can't stand the "The person behind" whatsapp-ing and leaving voice messages to "The person in front" anymore. It is getting tedious. Chor Kin and Tin Sung must get together by now which they do, at the end. Is Edward gay must be answered by now because I am wondering why is Vincent totally wasted in this series, when this is his handsomest? Only 2 bearable storyline;

Mama Yu and her story about how she met Taxi Father which is very very romantic. Mama Yu was a bank teller and worked at the counter and every day at 4.30pm sharp, Taxi Father will carry HKD62.90 to bank in the amount specifically at her counter. If she wasn't there, he will not bank in that day. The amount's significance is in taxi code, it means "I miss you" or something like that. Mama Yu finally could finish grieving and start remembering happily her past with taxi father when tonight she boarded a taxi with Tin Sung and told him about this love story. The flashback was played sweetly and effectively by Priscilla as Mama Yu and Raymond as Tin Sung. In fact in this flashback he was more alive than in present time. In present time he was so sulky, I was thinking if being apart is so miserable, why not try being together? It might be much better.

The other more touching story is Golden and Gao Fei. Gao Fei finally leaves and not without some major tears from Golden and Gao Fei. Golden in fact kept and cleaned up her stilettos for her. She gave him a radio with his favourite songs. Interestingly she saw the picture of his wife and daughter on the wall and she looked... not surprised. So is she or is she not his daughter? I think she is because before she left, Golden said "I am your uncle Golden!" and she said "No, you are my..." but stopped. Last scene during Dessert time Golden checked his account as per his routine and the amount is HKD0. Someone took his money and he cried his heart out, of happiness of course. You can say someone could have cheated his money but I think Gao Fei went home, told her mom and they took the money.

By the way Fred Cheng made an appearance as Fred Cheng singing in a shopping complex uniting both Tin Sung and Chor Kin.

Entire episode, performances were good to stellar, even Kelly Fu was doing rather well. However the one performance I feel is this year's best supporting actor is none other than Eddie Kwan. He seems to have put his entire heart and soul into this rather short sort of role. His tears felt real and I feel for his Golden. I will be rooting for him.

Meanwhile since Gao Fei has left, new tenant has move in and they're rockers ala When Heaven Burns.

Skipped episodes 16 and 17 and woahhhh drama! Roger got into an accident and is in serious but not critical condition and there we have half of the episode on Sung Lau Kuen whatsapp-ing a comatose Roger leaving him messages. Edward must be gay because no love story yet. Interestingly I was told Chor Kin had almost started a relationship with our hero Tin Sung but Tin Sung backed out because in this episode he throws back every reason his wife gave him when she left him. Chor Kin assured him she had no reason to be jealous of Yau Yau or even leave them because she loves Yau Yau a lot too but Tin Sung didn't want to take the risk. So she gave him back that smiley glass bottle you see in the poster made by Tin Sung to Chor Kin and Chor Kin then closed the door on this love. I love how Chor Kin called Yau Yau her "most precious". Very sweet. Also Golden and Gao Fei now became as close as father and daughter and Gao Fei stopped hoping to marry rich and will be leaving for her hometown soon. Her mom is still alive. She also said the sweetest thing to Natasha; that she now sees Natasha as her idol and someone she looks up to.

Just 2 episodes and I missed a few key scenes. However this episode itself is slooooooooooooow. I must say though, Priscilla is so very pretty in here but I am not too convinced of her love for Tin Sung.

And where is 009?

A much better episode than episode 14 but seriously, Priscilla laughs too much in this episode. But like her grandpa in the series says, you should be with someone who makes you laugh, a lot. Whilst grandpa and grandma's flashback scenes were too long for my taste, it was a happy one, showing 2 people deeply in love. Which is why I love the last scene; Chor Kin and Tin Sung both laughing in each other's presence, very happily. I am however am pretty tired of the constant messaging and phone calls. The actors in this series spend a lot of time interacting but not in front of one another. I feel a bit cold; I need face to face human interaction. For me messaging does not justify closeness.

Anyway funniest scene was at the beginning when Chor Kin went with Edward to Belgium for the chocolate fair? It was a high class event and the first thing she did was selfies. It was funny. Anyway selfies were meant for Yau Yau. Interesting is Tin Sung must have been a very famous up and coming glass artiste popular with women (or men) because Edward's ex also knows Tin Sung. Edward by the way dislikes sweet things and prefers black coffee but works in Miss Chocolate because;

a. his ex was CEO of the coffee company he worked for I think 3 years
b. he quit and work for Miss Chocolate because of the word "miss". Sentimental man.

He showed Chor Kin his ex's face in the phone and she was laughing hard. And remember he once met his ex with a new other half when eating macaroni with tomato soup? And later Chor Kin said she guessed he would have facial stuff since he is of those kind.

So my guess is Edward is gay. Because the girl we saw is slim, we immediately assume she was the ex but what about the guy with the girl? But the name on the card was Phyllis? Was it? Or did I remember wrong? That's a woman's name? If Edward is gay, so who does Gao Fei marry in the end? Or maybe Edward's ex girlfriend has some strange facial thing or something. Anyway she is friends with Edward and no more. Meanwhile her ex also came back but became more mature. They're just friends. Interestingly Roger doesn't seem to know Tony despite Tony being very close friends with his younger brother? The responsible one?

Rest of the episode is Gao Fei sick on the bed and Natasha being totally understanding, she and Roger officially dating, and Tin Sung having quit his job now spends his time wandering around and sketching and buying weird furniture that comes with light.

No sign of Golden tonight.

I won't blame you for thinking this series has little content. It's true. But it has some good moments, some relaxing moments and now with Ruse Of Engagement having ended, I depend on this series for my nightly entertainment. Oh how I miss Carson, idiot who killed himself for an unworthy woman. Remember, never kill yourself over a woman who wanted to sell virus for profit. Do it over someone like Yu Chor Kin. A good woman.

By the way Rose's younger self is Cilla Kung but Jack's younger self is not Chris Lai like I said earlier. Not sure who he is.

Not worth recapping because too long flashbacks. Just know Natasha is dating Roger, Chor Kin is lonely in Belgium but having phone friend with Tin Sung. Edward seems to have disappeared from the face of this earth. The rest is on Gao Fei knowing Edward may be dating Chor Kin and was so despondent, so unhappy even Natasha had to cheer her up. There was an extended scene of her in her head thinking Chor Kin is Snow White kicking her Cinderella again and again and again which was so damn long it killed the momentum. I hated Gao Fei's reaction. Who would want to marry an obvious gold digger, even if her background is pitiful? So shallow. In the end she wondered with dread whether her only choice was the old man Golden Wong who was exceptionally nice to her.

The entire episode thanks to Gao Fei became almost unbearable to watch. One funny moment which was rather sad was when Mama Yu bumped into a rather young looking principal of Yau Yau's school and she was dressed in hot pants, etc and her boyfriend was 13 years young who runs a handphone shop. She knew everyone looked down on their relationship but she was determined to make it work. Mama Yu was skeptical. I am pissed. Why? A beautiful intelligent woman like the principal is shown to be so desperate for love she dresses, behaves and falls for a guy young enough to be her little brother. It's like no love will die. I find that rather offensive.

Other than that, nothing notable.

Very slow but very moving episode about loneliness.

Golden Wong suddenly felt old and feared being alone when he went back to his daughter's old kindergarten which is now and old folks home. He called Tin Sung, went to visit the best therapist, that is Yau Yau who was so cute and so lovely, Golden Wong hugged her and cried very very hard for his daughter.  Chor Kin once explained she understood why Yau Yau is so loved. She is so cute, so lovely because Tin Sung raised her well. All his efforts came to fruition. Later Golden explained to Tin Sung he suddenly felt old. He remembered he was so rich and he spent all his time with making money and one day he returned home and he found it empty. Later 1997 he lost all his money and was imprisoned. I didn't catch for how long but I think no less than 7 or 8 years. He was probably in debt and did fraud or something. When he  was released, he lost contact with his wife and daughter. All was lost. Tin Sung assured Golden he has a friend in Tin Sung so he shouldn't be sad. Golden felt so much better and suddenly wondered will Yau Yau be frightened by his crying just now and Tin Sung assured him she will be just fine and so Golden left, lighthearted and happy again.

I love the scene Golden hugging Yau Yau and crying hard as Tin Sung looked on with empathy and a little sympathy. He probably knew Golden's past. Yau Yau is like the best therapist for the adults; for Mama Yu, for Chor Kin, for her dad and now Golden Wong. The only one who didn't feel moved by her cuteness and her impartiality in supporting those who feels sad (she is nice to all sad adults) is her useless adopted mother who is into self pity.

This episode also has some lovely funny moments thanks to Sung Lau Kuen and her Roger. Lovely pair. And Natasha is nicer to Gao Fei now, after hearing Gao Fei in the dating show being unafraid to pursue her own happiness, Natasha messaged Roger.

As for Chor Kin, she is on friendly terms with Tin Sung and both are figuring how to help Mama Yu and her soon to be broken down phone. You see, she always complained Tin Sung's phone got problem, can't hear him everytime she called him but the truth is her own phone is old. She couldn't get a new one because her husband bought her her phone.

This series is full of people unwilling to let go of the past or is affected deeply and emotionally by the past or some regret or lost love. And yet at this stage some characters are positive and moving on with life and forgetting their pain by numbing it with doing any activity to diver attention, the way Chor Kin defines it. Now Tin Sung wants to find his 16 year old again and he has a new zest for life.

Great performances all around, special shout out to super cute Cecilia, super pretty Priscilla Wong who has matured as an actress (but this role does not require heavy duty drama thing but she must be likable and Priscilla is likable - she should have been the lead in Outbound Love!!), Lee Shing Cheong was lovely, Kaki Leung was entertaining, Kelly Fu the weakest was still quite ok but the best was Eddie Kwan. This is his best role since his career was revived. His Golden Wong is so memorable and he did his best in the scene where he cried looking at Yau Yau. Great moment tinged with such sadness.

So far, wonderful series even if very very very slow. Luckily it is only 20 episodes. Should be the right number of episodes.

Best most often quoted quote in this series, apart from "Find something to do to divert attention" is the one about love. I forgot the exact sentence. Do you remember? Will have to watch the last scene to find the exact quote.

There really isn't much to write about this series or this episode except to say it is slow, it is like slow burn but at the end of it comes the result; bittersweet at times, very sad most of the time. Everyone is miserable; that's the theme. Everyone hides his or her sadness; that is the story of the night and none more than Tin Sung. Before his wife left, she told him to remember to maintain normalcy of everyday life, no need to change anything in the routine. That is bad advice. When Yau Yau heard of thunderstorms in Canada she made Chor Kin to call her father, she made her father sing a song which he did, as he did so he cried hard but by that time Yau Yau was ok again and rushed off to play with 009 so it was left to Chor Kin deal with the situation. She ended up holding a bag of rubbish, walked out of her apartment and everywhere with the forgotten rubbish and spent 2 hours chatting with Tin Sung and giving him perhaps the best advice ever; to do something for himself and himself only. To do something so useless, so pointless so that it shifts his attention away from his grief and his misery. Like how Mama Yu hijacks Yau Yau, her own daughter and now even Tin Sung and meddled into their lives, that was her way in coping with loneliness. Chor Kin herself baked cakes and cookies and macaroons and so she told Tin Sung, "Do something nonsensical, for yourself". The battery finished on her phone, first time in a very long time and Tin Sung went home, reflected a bit, slept a little and ended up takng out Lego pieces to make something; Just a little something for himself. The last scene was beautiful; it was a younger Tin Sung drawing and sketching his smiley glass bottle and he was happily immersed in his art and next to him at the opposite room was the adult Tin Sung, playing with the Lego set pieces, each looking at the other, smiling, satisfied. In his own way, thanks to Chor Kin, Tin Sung is reconnecting with the young artistic ambitious man he was that ironically Choi Yin fell for. He even told Chor Kin about Yau Yau's real status. Lovely last scene.

Meanwhile, Golden Wong is near tears again as he thought about his wife and daughter on his daughter's birthday. He bought a cake, he made braised mushroom, cut it the way his daughter liked it and he was near tears as he paid HKD50 (for someone so stingy with himself, he is generous with others) to play a special song. A special song that Gao Fei heard and cried and called her mom to tell her she's fine. Is her mom dead? Is she talking to an empty message tone? Anyway Golden shared with her the cake and mushroom and ate it appreciatively. I love Golden Wong and his "Golden water gives you power". also he may look poor, he actually saved half a million in an account that he constantly prays is empty; that way he knows his wife took the money and each time it was full with money.

Tonight's episode is all about how one deals with grief, misery and most importantly, loneliness. Each in his or her own way. This series is slow. It is so very slow but the acting is lovely, the script is lovely and at least 15 minutes is dedicated to one or 2 characters talking and there is a flow in the conversation. It is like an artistic movie suitable for theatre. It is those that either you like it or you don't. I also love the last segment called Dessert Time, which shows an extended version of an earlier scene in a light hearted way. It really saved the mood.

So far I am loving it. And Priscilla Wong is lovely too.

A very slooooooooooow episode but has some shining moments. Like Kaki Leung's Natasha Sung Lau Kuen  and her Vesper prince charming, Jonathan Cheung's Roger. Cute couple and love their story tonight.

Eddie Kwan's Golden is showing kindness to Kelly's Gao Fei which is quite touching. The girl is so desperate for materialistic love she probably forgot how to love.

I want so much for Edward to be with Yu Chor Kin but it seems they're friends for now.

As for our main would be couple, some good conversational moments. Choi Yin divorces Lok Tin Sung and I BET she will come back later for him!! Choi Yin is strange though. If there ever was such a woman, I am sure many will condemn her like how Mama Yu does. A great husband, a cute daughter, a great life and yet she is abandoning it all. But then from her perspective, the daughter is not hers, her husband was not the man she wanted to marry or fell for. In fact looking at the set pieces, his entire existence revolves around Yau Yau and nothing on himself or even his wife. It is a very difficult sort of relationship if you really examine it closely. I suppose if you're really not happy, then better to leave. I love how Mama Yu and Chor Kin reacted to Tin Sung's family problems; they do gossip but in the end out of genuine kindness and liking the father and daughter, they accepted them as part of the family, so to speak.

I notice in this series there are no villains. The guys are nice guys,  even the immature man child is not a bad person so to speak. The women are good, even if some of them are selfish like Choi Yin or misguided like Gao Fei or a bully like Natasha but in the end they all are deep down good people. The plot takes its time to unravel and so there isn't really a plot. this is a character driven series where everyone started as unconnected and miserable and by now there seems to be a lifting in the spirit for some, still some doom for others and each are living in painful past memories that they must move on at some point. There is a connection, and it is evident Sport Shoes Papa and Miss Chocolate are both made for one another. I suppose this is the story on how they will reach that conclusion, hopefully with some melting of hearts on the way.

If you expect fast paced series, this isn't for you. But this series has its charms. I love the sets, I love the settings, I love the little details and I like that each character has a personal story of misery and I hope happiness to tell.

Fans of Eddie Kwan must not miss his Golden Wong character. Very little role but quite a treat. And young Cecilia Yeung as Yau Yau is just perfection. The girl's crying and acting skills can put some older actresses to shame. I am sure give her the same lines as Aimee in Episode 21 with Ruco, she would have delivered it with more emotional punch in a naturalistic way. Minus the hugging of course, that would be so wrong.

As for Raymond Wong, he is a competent actor, so no complaints except maybe sometimes he tends to be way too sentimental in the way he delivers a line. But he is a very old fashioned sounding guy and he has the ability to enunciate each words so clearly and he can be very convincing in the way he speaks. But yes, too sentimental.

Some may view this episode as boring, and frankly I got a bit bored with the crying but in the end it is a profoundly moving episode. In fact this series has many flashbacks but they all serve a purpose in telling a story and not gimmicky, except maybe for the devil vs angel scene with Priscilla.

A lot of tears tonight, thanks to Elaine who had the single longest scene ever with Raymond. Like 15 minutes or so of non stop crying and dialogue. Long scene but at the end of the day can be summarised as such;

1. This woman has serious emotional problem, probably clinically depressed
2. she is insanely jealous over Yau Yau because Yau Yau got Tin Sung's 100% attention
3. she loved the carefree glass artiste Tin Sung and not the boring husband/father Tin Sung
4. she leaves for her mom's place in errr Canada I think

So I believe when she left Tin Sung will have relationship with Priscilla and that woman will come back and ruin in all. Surprise me TVB!

Thus far I feel very little empathy for Elaine. She has got a great daughter she never really made effort to love, she has got an amazing husband whom she knows is amazing but in the end she just doesn't love him anymore. They dated 6 months prior to marriage and it was a quickie marriage. She said she tried but she failed. Truth is she regretted marrying so fast and be tied down with a child she could not love. What a woman eh?

The rest is on Priscilla who begins to look at Edward different. Edward is also quite amazing, no ego, no nothing, just sorta creepy. And she finally says goodbye to her man-child ex boyfriend who actually is going to Tokyo in a midnight plane when she was the one who always wanted to do so.

One scene struck me as just perfect and it involves Eddie's Golden Wong who is fast becoming a classic character. He chastised Tin Sung when he guessed Tin Sung was having wife problem and he talked quite loudly until Tin Sung told him Yau Yau's real identity and that he didn't do good for his wife, neglected her and made her suffer for 4 years. Basically he took all the blame upon himself and suddenly Golden just stopped, listened, put down his pineapple bun and then quietly told Tin Sung he had done well, except that the Heavens were unkind to good people and that if only 2009 did not happen and suddenly both were very quiet and contemplative. I thought this scene was simply just amazing and great and moving and profound and well acted and all the nice thing.

Thus far this series is odd; it is thus far a great series that takes its time to slowly build up the story and characters. Ruse Of Engagement is like super charged as it should be and this one is like slow and steady and every character has a past, every character is miserable, every character is looking for something, and only they know what that something is. It is slow burn and thus far whilst I did not quite enjoy how perfect Raymond's Tin Sung is, it made sense. This series is populated by good men and good women, nothing dramatic, nothing melodramatic except for the 15 minutes of tears which is very tiring to watch. The dialogue is crisp, clear and somewhat realistic. I hope future developments won't spoil what is becoming a rather well written and sorta quirky in a morbid way sort of series.

You know, my nights with this series and Ruse Of Engagement is complete. I watched this series first, so it was slow and sad and some cuteness included. Then I watched Ruse Of Engagement and my blood pressure just boil over. Repeat the next night for 5 days a week. My night is complete! TVB has changed; they place more importance in story rather than just ensemble pieces. Whilst Ruse Of Engagement was a 3 year old series, I understand why it took so long to be released; because it was a series ahead of its time. 3 years ago, you will want Tiger Cubs. 3 years later, we need Ruse Of Engagement which is ahead of it time then but just right for 2014. Same goes for Swipe Tap Love. 3 years ago it would have been a complete flop, criticised as pretentious. 3 years later where in between we have other pretentious series, suddenly Swipe Tap Love seems like a series speaking straight from our hearts. I may be complimenting it too soon but it is now episode 10 and this series is going stronger rather than weaker. This speaks a lot for the quality of storytelling. And I love one effect in this episode; where other characters are black and white and 2 main characters are highlighted in colours. It just speaks volumes at the attention level that this series is given and I appreciate that gesture.

Needless to say, performance wise, Raymond Wong excels as the good husband, everyone did very well and are well cast but it was Eddie Kwan that touches my heart the most. His performance of Golden Wong thus far is so poignant, so emotional for me. Golden Wong is a happy man, on the surface but deep down he is a very sad man. He looks at life's positivity but you can see the tears in his eyes when he quiets down, like when he was listening to his favourite songs by the street singer. Such simple moments, such simple scenes and yet I feel so sad for Golden, I feel so moved by his loneliness.

The characterisation thus far is quite simply amazing. If you're not watching this series, you're missing out in something very special. All my years I cried about TVB being lazy, unimaginative, predictable, boring, blah blah blah but now we have 2 series showing that shows TVB can go back to the days where writing and characterisations are given top priority, where the story makes sense and the direction is clear, crisp and the story serves a purpose of actually telling a story. In short, I wanted to see the storyteller in TVB again, those that once were what made ATV so great and much greater than TVB and right now, Storm In A Cocoon is a good start but spoilt by bad bad ending. If this series and Ruse Of Engagement ends well, TVB is in top form again. Now is TVB's most exciting moment and you must watch these 2 series. They may end badly but like Storm In A Cocoon, you may choose to say at least most of it was great.

Dear lord, that little girl Yau Yau is just super duper mega massive cuteness overload! Love her scenes with Priscilla Wong.

I quite like this episode where everyone is still miserable but we are slowly discovering why. Edward is probably miserable because his beloved dumped him. I like how in his drunken stupor he called Priscilla who in the morning tried to avoid him out of embarrassment. I like how big bully Kaki is actually a softy for the guy she had the hots for for 2 years which is Jonathan Cheung. I like how Raymond desperately tried to understand why his wife is so unhappy and insecure and doesn't know how to help her when all Elaine ever wants is for Raymond to be the guy before he had to mature up and take care of Yau Yau and so abandoned his own dreams and goals and smothered her and Yau Yau with his selflessness. Basically Elaine's problem is herself because I see Yau Yau do love her but not as close as she should be and Raymond loves her but doesn't know what to do with her.

Now I want to talk about Priscilla. She is so very pretty in here, very charming, best was with 009 the dog and Yau Yau the little girl. She has matured as an actress and her delight with Yau Yau seemed genuine. I find her a very genuine sincere actress even way back in Reality Check although she was always speaking whilst trembling. Now she has lesser trembling but still a little. She reminds me a lot of Yoyo Mung except Priscilla is the better actress. I find her even better than Aimee Chan who tends to look like she is acting. Priscilla is more natural and I feel given a bit more time, she will be confident in her acting. And I love to see her paired with Ruco again.

So far this series is still mighty interesting. All the stories seem to have a story behind the story. Yes there was a lot of flashbacks but they served a purpose and reveals the story we have yet to see from the same scene so they are not repetitions.

I just hope the people in this series will be less miserable and be more happy at the end.

Mostly on Elaine tonight and this woman is having some serious issues. Her problem is compounded by the fact that she is a perfectionist. Granted she is not as close to Yau Yau like her husband but she feels this insecurity that she is not doing better than she should be doing. She thinks whatever she does she won't ever match up in Yau Yau's eyes which is wrong. It is her own issue. At first I thought maybe she thinks her husband loves Yau Yau more than her but in the end I think the issue is deep within herself.

Meanwhile Edward seems like a creepy fella.

I love how Ton is suffering. What a man-child. How Priscilla ever babysat him for 4 years is an obvious statement on her love for this man-child, immature bastard.

Anyway one unlikely moment in this episode; how on earth Elaine could drag the beg from her apartment to the recycling centre and back there again? How?

No comments on performances. Everyone is doing well. I like the series' topic in tonight's episode; that feeling of loss, that unbearable love. I find this series to be deep without being pretentious. Highly enjoyable even if everyone is sorta miserable.

I am intrigued by Eddie's character. His wife and 8 year old child left him and he still thinks about them often. He is not that sort who takes advantage of people. I really like his Golden character.

As for Kelly Fu, yeap she is HIS daughter since she said that when she was 8 her father left her and her mother so she grew up wanting to find a prince who will treat her like a princess and never leave her. Twisted girl but pitiful.

Meanwhile I think Elaine is gonna burst under pressure one of these days!

So far this series is still interesting and intriguing and now that everybody is facing their misery headon, there is some progress where some characters have learned to move on and stopped being miserable.

Vincent Wong is hot.

Another great episode with Vincent Wong looking like Prince Edward indeed. I am intrigued by his character. Handsome guy but stays back at office until late at night, eats alone... what happened?

I can say in this series every adult has a problem, each of them is lonely in their own way, like Mama Yu missing her husband. Rather sad.

Little Yau Yau rules this episode with her cute antics. I am very charmed by the fact of consistency; even her eating bowl is cute and pink in colour. I love the scene she fell asleep eating ice cream and climbed up to her mom to sleep. This episode confirms Yau Yau is indeed Raymond's sister's daughter.

Tonight's episode is heavy on another side character that is Kaki Leung's very irritating bossy bully character who in the end realises she is indeed irritating bossy bully and cried her heart out when her boyfriend cheated on her in the family home!

And I love how Priscilla dumped Tony. He deserved to be dumped.

Of all performances, Kelly Fu is still the weakest link but by no means a terrible performance.

So far this episode is another good consistent episode and everything makes sense. Every character has some regret and lost love in their lives, or even sadness or a sad past except for Yau Yau, 009 the dog and of course, Jack and Rose the most loving couple. If I am not mistaken, their younger counterpart is played by Cilla Kung and Chris Lai but the photos were momentary so I can't be sure.

I hope you're watching this series. It is somehow different in a very nice offbeat and yet sentimental way. Like Ruse Of Engagement, I am sure it will fall to earth one day with Ruse showing signs of falling already but Swipe Tap Love so far is strangely melancholic in a very entertaining way. It is not a happy cheerful series, it is in fact a rather sad series.

I am liking this series more and more because of the characters.

First the little girl Yau Yau is indeed the heart of this series. I love her scenes with Priscilla and Raymond. You can see the adults adore her, they have great chemistry together and I like that the adults never once tried to grab attention away from but go with the flow. If there is such a girl like Yau Yau I too will melt like how Yu Chor Kin is.

Secondly Eddie Kwan is the 2nd highlight of this series. It is revealed he has an adult daughter but nothing much else apart from we know he dated Raymond's sister for 2 years 20 years ago. I love his character; he asked only for Raymond to bank in HKD8 which I think is the exact amount of the 2 pineapple buns and a glass of cold milk tea. He is not one to take advantage of people and he doesn't beg. In one very potentially sad scene, he was almost tearful thinking of his daughter and how much she adored him and such when we know he is living in near poverty. So there is more to discover about his character who I think is called Golden Wong.

Thirdly Priscilla Wong is beautiful in this series, has thrown away the bad habit of talking like she is in perpetual fear but still has the slight tremble. Her acting has improved a lot and I enjoyed her performance a lot.

Fourthly, Raymond Wong is always dependable as an actor even if he may sometimes falter in the mesmerizing dept. In here his character is also interesting, who prior to 2009 was a young man who did whatever he felt like it but after his sister and brother in law's death, he matured. I do think Yau Yau is his niece.

Everyone else lends credibility to this ensemble character driven series. Even Tony Hung is doing well as the jerk ex boyfriend. Vincent Wong is handsome as Edward Wong but so far nothing much is known of him. Kelly Fu is ok but I consider her the weakest link. Whilst I dislike Kaki Leung's character who is a bully but is a great friend, Kaki Leung herself is ok thus far. Elaine Yiu has very little role but is effective and has matured as an actress since Safe Guards, and one I consider as most improved in TVB.

So far this series is intriguing. The little girl is mesmerizing but the other characters are interesting too. There is something really different about this series. Whilst Ruse Of Engagement excelled in the suspense and upped the realism in terms of violence, this series excels in being quite offbeat. I am enjoying this series very very much thus far and am hoping it will be consistent throughout.

I just notice per night my heart melts twice for 2 different reasons; first it is the little girl and next it is Ruco Chan who melts my heart.

Simply put, I want Yau Yau to be my daughter and Ruco to be my husband who gives me my daughter!

If you're not watching this series, I hope you will start because this series thus far is worth every bit of your time. If you find this boring, then you should switch off all K-dramas because they're all one track mind sort of series. Why you watch K-dramas is because character wise they're engaging, so is this series and Ruse Of Engagement. I can't speak for the ENTIRE series but thus far, these 2 series is character driven and I am a happy viewer.

Huge mistake!! Elaine's character is not bulimic or fearful of intimacy. She is fearful she will die too soon. She has this fear that she will be like Raymond's sister who died too young, so she ate heartily and yet she lost weight instead of gaining weight. She thought something is wrong with herself. Quite a nervous wreck.

The little girl rules, as always. What an amazing little actress.

However this episode is quite a chore to watch. Too many flashbacks, and year by year which is really tiring. Halfway I was thinking Priscilla should dump her useless boyfriend Tony who  never loved her as much as she loved him. And at the end, she did. Thank you! Why? Any longer and it becomes way too draggy.

But episode is still good. Am charmed by Eddie Kwan's character and curious as well. He is super cute in here but in ATF, super stressed!

I watched this series first before Ruse Of Engagement because I wanted to just stare when I watch Ruse Of Engagement. I ended up having a great time with this one.

So far this series is doing great, the reason is because first the cute dog oddly named 009 and mostly because of the super cute, super talented and seriously could out-act some veterans that is the little girl playing Raymond Wong's daughter. I was told her real name is Cecilia Yeung, please do correct me if I am wrong. She is playing a 5 year old child but I suspect in real life she could be 6 or 7 years old but a small sized girl. She is so natural and you can see the adult actors were charmed by her. She is so at ease as Yau Yau and her every scene is a delight. I look forward to this series because of Eddie Kwan and because of her. What a talent! Please tell me is she some actor's daughter? Where did TVB find her?!

As for the story, every adult has a secret, even Kelly Fu's character Gau Fei (she is materialistic but not quite a bad trait as yet). I thought Kelly was ok, her accent is hit and miss but so far she is fine even if her acting is rawness personified. I mistaken her for Hippocratic Crush 2's Tracy Chu when I suddenly remember she is from Triumph In The Skies II, the cafe girl in love with Ron's Isaac. I am not sure if Tracy Chu can do this role better but so far, so good! It is also quite realistic with HK people (represented by the scary looking Kaki Leung) looking down on China people (Kelly Fu).

But seriously, so far the little girl is the very reason why my eyes are glued on TV. Look out for the charming scene of her urging her mom (the pretty and interesting Elaine Yiu whose character may not just have bulimia but also intimacy problem) to take a wee wee in the same toilet. This girl is a winner!

Can't wait for episode 3, even if I have to bear the creep Cheung Yat Hei played very very competently by Tony Hung. This guy can act.

P/S I forgot about each episode having a special cut off scene which is related to an earlier scene BUT not shown in full or from a certain angle. In here you have Eddie Kwan. I think his character is interesting. A man down on his luck and yet a simple street music could lift his spirit and he can enjoy a bowl of instant noodle like it is an expensive meal as long as he gets his favourite music. A very positive character.

What a weird but interesting series. The adults are all miserable for some reason but the dog is cute and the little girl is cuter. She is clearly the star of this show and the little girl steals every scene she is in. As for the story, still trying to figure it out but here's a gist;

Raymond Wong is miserable because his sister and brother in law died in a fire in 2009 leaving him to take care of his niece. But we are not supposed to figure that out yet.

Priscilla Wong  is miserable because she thinks her boyfriend Tony Hung is no longer in love with her as he is busy texting another girl but not her.

Eddie Kwan is miserable probably because he is back to being poor and is all alone aka lonely. By the way Eddie Kwan's look is really the highlight of this series. Very funny.

Elaine Yiu is miserable because I think she is a closet bulimic.

Quite a few miserable people. And wow, big ad for Samsung all the way.

So far quite interesting eventhough I wonder is this series original? There is something not HK about this series, rather Japanese or Korean feel since where did TVB ever feature a furniture designer? But this series really show how people can die for their phone and whatsapp and whatsnot. That they message each other so often face to face communication is lacking.


  1. Some people criticized it as boring, but I actually found it something new and refreshing. I kinda like the explanation of Whatsapp features hahahaha.

    1. I don't like those odd cut off scenes in episode 1 or 2 but it works for episode 3. I don't see how this is boring. It is different and I want to enjoy its quirkiness before it commit suicide which it will.

    2. Haha, well, even the best drama of the year so far committed suicide, so it's not a surprise this will too.

    3. What is the song that Golden Wong request the street performers to sing in ep.12? The song that was playing while he was thinking about his wife braising mushrooms for his daughters birthday.

  2. im also liking this drama too..i think i like it better than coffee cat mama..

  3. Spoilers:
    1. Eddie Kwan's daughter is Kelly Fu.
    2. Raymond and Elaine are divorcing later.

    I wonder if these two are true. I read them from the Wikipedia..

    1. Thank god! for a moment I thought Kelly will be his lover! So she will be matched with Vincent then.

      By the way do add MAJOR spoilers. Now my interest is somewhat affected.

    2. 3. Jonathan Cheung (Raymond's subordinate) will be Kaki Leung's (Natasha) boyfriend.

      4. Prince Edward will pursue Priscilla haha.

      5. I think this should be known by now: Raymond's so-called daughter is actually his niece.

      6. Tony's friend is Jonathan's brother.

      7. Mentioned above, Elaine is hyperthyroidism :)

      All spoilers here haha. Affected in a good way or a bad way :D

    3. Bad way because now the series is potentially boring. However the spoilers point towards a rather interesting flow of events. Nahhh edward will end up with Kelly if she is Eddie's daughter

  4. I really think that this can be considered a sequel towards Karma Rider haha. The feeling I get from both dramas is similar!

  5. I stop watching this series. I find it boring.... even though I like Raymond Wong. Perhaps, I am too absorbed with Traitor ....:)

  6. Well, they will be getting a divorce in the next episode

  7. Hi there, may I know who sang the end theme of swipe tap love, its not the jinny ng's song main theme song but a male singer singing the end theme, may I know who sing's it and the song name please? Thanks a lot, appreciated for your help. Cheers!!!

  8. I like Priscilla Wong too...she is very down to earth son also likes her acting and if he could, he would like to have a girlfriend like her! hahaha...

  9. Hi, Just my 2 cents. I think the reason for asking for $8 is that in HK ATMs dispense $100 or $500 denominations only whilst his bank balance was insufficient to be withdrawn from the ATM

  10. The pace was slow, the story nothing much, wondering if the actor wonders what the hell,

    Kudos to those cast, they manage to bring something out of this unbeareable script

    On episode 15. Wonders if Tony new love was a guy?

    1. What makes you think it's a guy? Obviously a girl. You don't take that tone with a guy not on TV.

  11. Finally, it is ending tomorrow, this is going to be another epic series for years to come

  12. When I watched the part Natasha cried I thought 'Aimee probably should learn from her.' Teary, red eyes - check. Red nose - check. Looking sad - check. Pretty face - uncheck.

    1. Indeed. We need more ugly crying scenes. It's okay to be ugly because it's a normal thing :)

    2. Not ugly but beautiful AND convincing. Tears, red eyes and all. I don't want ugly crier. I want Liu Xue Hua and young Charmaine Sheh sort of crying.

  13. This series is so slow. With better editing, it could be a 10-episode show. What do you think?

    1. I think they should do it like the Queen Divas style: 15 episodes :)

      However, the ending is actually quite nice :) Happy and simple ending :D

  14. Hi Funn, in your write-up of each series, can you list the Cast & Characters, too? Like this near the top:

    Cast and Characters

    Raymond Wong as Lok Tin Sun
    Priscilla Wong as Yu Chor Gin
    Eddie Kwan as Golden Wong Kum Gwai
    Tony Hung as Cheng Yat Hei
    Elaine Yiu as Emma Choi Yin
    Vincent Wong as Edward Wong Chi Cheung
    Kaki Leung as Natasha Sung Lau Guen
    Hebe Chan as Yeung Ka Ka
    Jonathan Cheung as Roger Ho Chi On
    Owen Cheung as George Ho Chi Fung
    Kelly Fu as Diana Jiao Fei


    1. Do it for reviews but yeah, done! Wish granted!

  15. What's the next show?

    1. Next show is JTTW Mainland China version 2011

      should be this one I think. If it says Wu Yue as monkey king it's the one. Can't think of a more recent one.

      Lacking emotional wise but otherwise a good adaptation with a great monkey king who is a combination of Liu Xiao Ling Tong and Dicky's version

      Even AOD same series.

  16. What is the ending of Edward?

    What is the ending of the bus scene? Does it show that they met before?

    1. Yes they have met before the taxi incident in 2009 but they never knew even in the end. We as viewers know. All about fate.

      As for edward he met someone new, a famous celebrity. No idea is a he or a she.

  17. What is the song name in ep. 12 that Golden Wong requested the street singer to sing on his daughter birthday?

  18. Hi
    I want to ask who is the korean "Mr Lee" that is mentioned in the series.
    What korean show does it refer to?

    1. No idea. Maybe some readers can help to answer. Probably some costume series since she kept saying Lee dai yan.