Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[RAMBLING] Die die also can't get lar!! (on my chances of going to ASTRO AOD 2014, NOT Ruco Chan's chances at winning ASTRO TV King)


I tell ya! This year he is gonna win ASTRO's TV King. He will either win it for Outbound Love (NO!) or Ruse Of Engagement (YES!). They even let him film an early video to pull in votes! And Ruco says if he wins, he will kiss all his fans! Ok ok he said if he wins he will be very grateful and shall thank his fans. He ended with a blow kiss and said "Samu cinta padamu". Ahhh his BM already forgotten! He meant SAYA cinta padamu aka I love you!!

I am crying because I won't be there live to see him get it!

Anyway wanna watch/download this video? GO HERE.

You know, in 2013 after Brother's Keeper I knew for sure Ruco Chan was coming to KL for AOD Awards 2013 and he did! Now there's Ruse Of Engagement and my feeling is, he will again descend to KL for AOD Awards together with Aimee Chan in 2014 which means die lar! Can't get tickets anymore! No! No! Because there is a chance he may win AOD's TV King (higher chance than TVB's TV King) and I really really wanna be there!!!

As for his chance at TVB TV King, did I ever mention I always felt amongst leading actors or siu sangs or whatever you want to call the hot guys now, he is always the B list amongst A list? True! In awards especially, I always feel Kenneth Ma who is a lousy actor (but a great guy) has a higher standing in the eyes of the award "determiner" so to speak than our Ruco Chan who is a better actor (but also a great guy). However Kristal Tin shows to us how a supporting character can win TV Queen at TVB so it could happen. But my bet is in AOD Awards. Ratings wise in HK is not excellent, but on internet and in Malaysia, Ruse Of Engagement is very very popular. However by the time of awards maybe Ruse Of Engagement will be forgotten but taken over by the new series with Linda Chung (again). I don't care which one he wins for as long as he wins. He deserves it, whether at TVB (salary increase!! A-list!! Music album!! More ads!! No more villainous roles!! China beckons!!) or AOD (we have better taste as always except of course in the case of Linda's Brother's Keeper's Rachel's role with a lot of 's).

The point is... die die also can't get the tickets lar!!!!!!!!!!


  1. When...when is the event? Why can't get the tix anymore?

    Is it open event? How to get the tix...? so many questions?

    1. Usually end of the year. Can't buy the tickets; either to sponsors or win through contests. Can't get tickets because the person I know who knows the person who knows the other person who can get the tickets are not friendly anymore.

      But oh the first year I went to (the one where Kevin was there) was amazing; sat so close! 2nd year (the one where Ruco was there) was a bit farther away but when Ruco first appeared he was very near.

  2. Funn....u've seen Ruco in person TWICE then? Wow.. wow... I read that you become his fans after watching Ruse? Am I rite? Hmmm...it's someway different when you see him in person after u r his fans.

    U know, my days are not d same anymore after Ruse. But I'm so lonely in my place - I hv no one with whom I can share my feelings on Ruco. My drama-queen friends don't fall in love with Carson -- they even stopped watching Ruse. (I'm crying!!) I even share OL to my Malaysian friends, but they don't follow the drama.

    About AOD awards, it's a closed event then - tix not sold openly. What a pity....!! I really wanna fly over when it's in KL or SG. Perhaps... he may come to SG for another award this year....say like the one in 2013 held by Starhub? It may not an open event. Okay....perhaps, I have to be contented as his faraway fans.. and secretly support him.

    Thanks for ur info on AOD awards, Funn :)

    1. qiufang, i know how you feel about being lonely and having no friends to share your feelings for Ruco with. Liking an actor depends on affinity or "yuen" 缘. It cannot be forced. Maybe some day when the time is right, your friends will begin to like and appreciate Ruco as much as you. Take it slow and easy. It will backfire if you try to force someone to like someone. Until then, you hv people like us to share with :-)

  3. buzz, thanks so much ^ ^ nice words!!

    Absolutely agree...with "yuen" idea. In fact, as I wrote somewhere here that ROE is the drama I watch without any promos from friends. I just FIND it interesting then I watch. I don’t have any bias, too. I am not Ruco's fans before watching ROE. I feel that I am 有 緣分 /you2 yuan2 fen4 to meet Ruco in ROE ^ ^

    So happy to FIND his lovely fans here, too ^ ^