Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[RAMBLING] Protect my data from who?

Malaysia recently had this big launch thing for a new Statute/Act called Personal Data Protection Act 2010, which is to protect personal data and etc. I notice after this Act came into enforcement, on a daily basis at least once per day for the next 2 weeks or so I have had calls from credit card companies, banks, etc offering me credit cards, personal loans, debt clearance, etc. Not that I have any debts. So I wonder, is this Act being rather counter productive? I got so frustrated that at one point quite rudely before the young guy could finish his standard opening statement I said "No thank you" and slammed down my phone (as hard as I could to my beloved Nokia N8). Seriously, what's the point of this Act if in the end I get more calls from such tele-marketers than I do before the Act?

Please tell me, do you suffer from the same "fate" as I?


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