Monday, April 28, 2014

[RAMBLING] There's more, I promise

UPDATES - 28.04.2014
I have been going through my recent posts for spring cleaning purposes and I noticed I have ever updated about 4 or 5 posts, 2 or 3 usually about series' commentary and the rest is ALL ABOUT RUCO CHAN! I even broke my own rule by ripping, uploading, sharing files! ALL BECAUSE OF RUCO CHAN! I have been checking his official Weibo and Facebook pages for I suppose some personal pictures or facts that I can add to my What I Discover About Ruco Chan and that includes some popular forums where fans are ever ready to share his news, videos, pictures, etc just because I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT RUCO CHAN! Now every posts or sentence I write will have his name in it somewhere. What the hell is happening to my blog? I need to do more, I need to move on to other names. I notice the good news is more people are here reading my blog. Bad news is do you expect more than JUST ABOUT RUCO CHAN?! You tell me! Is this blog Ruco-fied enough or not? I need other handsome men or beautiful men. It is too all consuming to concentrate on one, like how it was for Fukuyama Masaharu and since I stepped back a bit, I could enjoy my fandom with Masha more rather than in the past, search, post, click, etc.

Now back to my blog which is beseiged with pop up ads that just annoys me. I have a feeling it is one of the widgets. It is worse in Firefox than in Chrome. In Chrome I switched off the ads option and so far ads free. If you encountered the same, do be patient as I check what is happening.

As for RUCO CHAN!, I will still post about him. Did you see him in ICAC Investigators 2014? Ahhhh I love his look there, so luckily he took a drastic haircut, wore some bad clothes and some questionable eyeglasses and so I can kinda back off a bit from him since he is denying his hotness which in turn is my grasp on sanity. You know what I mean?

I will admit, he is not TVB's best actor, not in my opinion but he is to me the most exciting because I am still waiting for that ultimate pairing which he hasn't found one yet, no not Linda, not Tavia and the likes. Maybe re-pair him with his ex colleague, Joey Meng? For nostalgia sake? Someone new? Anyone? Just don't end the series sadly? I am still missing Ruse Of Engagement. Love it to death, and yes even to Carson's death. My nights are a tad lonelier but at least less hectic.

As for Ruco oh Ruco who is still single by his admission and as I have said before, will put his career first since he suffered for so long, I am thinking will there be some juicy gossip worthy of reposting soon? There is still plenty to discover about him though.


A normal usual post about my plan for this blog inadvertently switches to Ruco Chan, again!! 


You know, I know these few weeks my blog has been mostly about Ruco Chan. It is almost a Ruco Chan Unofficial Blog with constant postings about him, his series, his pictures, etc. I just want to clarify that I love talking about him but I am sure I will soon be posting a lot about Wallace Huo, the handsomest actor on HDTV. Maybe bits and pieces about other people or series or topics. But right now I am suffering from all those post-ATF-ROE-obsession so please do forgive me. Moreover my blog has quite a big jump in daily numbers from all over the English speaking world thanks to Ruco. So why not talk more about someone I enjoy talking about eh? 

There are other stuff coming, I promise. Stuff as in what I do best; write randomly about other people other than Ruco Chan. 

Seriously, for new visitors to my blog, did Ruse Of Engagement (my most extensive series commentary, ever) and Ruco Chan brought you here?


  1. I think Ruco Chan is coming to play badminton. Saw the ads on Wah Lai Toi

    1. I know with Wong Choon Hann. When is the question? Haven't seen the ad yet.

  2. This is the ads
    星级健康 2 4/5/2014 预告片段:

    1. Thanks. I have no idea where is oneshamelin!