Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When the tap is dry ... still dry ... yes still dry ...not so dry but still not flowing freely ...why bother with a schedule when you're not following the schedule?? .. choked! in! haze!! ... not dry anymore but for how long?

Water supply back to normal and yet I heard on radio more in Selangor will be under this rationing schedule. What does it mean? Do I have to start saving water again?

I have a feeling the weather in KL right now is more certain that our water supply. Like for 2 days now, we have nothing but major haze. But water supply? Supposed to have scheduled for water, no water. No schedule for water, suddenly got water for a few hours.

"The vast reservoir hidden beneath the Earth's crust that holds as much water as ALL of the oceans".

We need it! Malaysia, DIG! DIG!! DRILLLL!!!!!!!!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I have been bathing in workplace, and I am eyeing clean public toilets. This is getting insane. Follow schedule all will be fine!!

Now KL is enveloped in haze, yesterday was terrible, today was worse than yesterday. Everything so blurry, I am constantly coughing, we are becoming Beijing minus the water supply!!

Now is 10am. Still no water when schedule says my area has water. All attention shifted to MH370. As much as I sympathise with the passengers and crew, it is not selfish to ask what about the living? 3 days, no water. Coming to 4 days. One crisis diverts the attention from another crisis. Follow the damn schedule please!! And Putrajaya should suffer like all common unworthy folks out there. Like MH370, life is never fair.

My area is supposed to have water today. Now is 9.30pm, main pipe not a drop. Syabas, why bother with a schedule when you're not following the schedule?

Now is 10am. Still no water

Water rationing is now 2 days on and 2 days off, where 1st day 4pm until 3rd day 9am got water. I can deal with this arrangement and is a fair rationing until the drought passes. I think Selangor MB is doing his best.

My question is did Malaysia "fan tai sui"? Like my friend said, first drought, then water rationing, then haze, then Ultraman comics banned (for using the A word which I shall not repeat here since I am not allowed to use that word), then MAS incident and then one popular politician is found guilty of a charge of sodomy.


drought is god's fault
water shortage is ... ok our own fault...
haze is half other people's fault,. quarter our fault and the rest god's fault
ultraman is their own fault because you never mess with those who can exclusively use the A word
MAS incident could be anyone's fault at this moment
That politician? Maybe it is time he retires, after all he has a few potential replacements that are doing the best job they can do. Give up lar. Basically he is screwed in every direction and the irony of that charge...

What's wrong with Malaysia?! I surmise it is god's fault.

Water rationing for many households in Selangor reportedly started yesterday where it will e 2 days full water, 2 days no water until end of April. I checked the list, my area is not in it. So basically... what does it mean? Right now my place's situation is manageable. Everyday a little bit of water around morning and perhaps evening, then once every 2 or 3 days full blast enough to carry up to the water tank on 2nd floor. I am not complaining. This ensures constant water supply rather than completely dry for weeks like in Balakong. But this water rationing doesn't include us so does it mean same old same old for my area? If that is so for me it is better than no water or 2 days water 2 days no water. Balakong should benefit from this rationing. I can't imagine 3 weeks without a single drop of water and having to bath at someone else's charity so to speak. My place, 2 weeks no water or rather intermittent water and already my food budget is 3 times fold as had to eat out every day and my clothes? 1 week already and I dare not wash my jacket or pants. At least I can have a good bath every day. So I am not complaining. Today rained a little so here is hoping a lot of more, that 2 pesky water treatment's ammonia level gets normal, our government build more water plants for our area because we are huge areas by the way or divert more water to us. I hope tomorrow will have some water so that enough to carry up the water tank. I really do not want to wash my hair outside next to my dog.

With water rationing usual areas who enjoyed uninterrupted supply now will feel  a little how the others felt for past 3 weeks or so.

Can you believe it? Even till now I read about so called unscheduled water disruption DUE TO closure of 2 water treatment plants (and a small footnote of dry spell). Rubbish.

You can always read between the lines. Excuses such as ammonia level high at water treatment plant (so 2 water treatment plants servicing one of the largest housing estates in Malaysia is closed) then dry spell and etc etc. I venture to say it is because of dry spell that there is not just water rationing but water disruption or water cut. This situation has been on since before Chinese New Year but only affected by place beginning from Valentine's day. Water flows freely elsewhere but not at the housing estates and large areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Theories abound about these places being opposition stronghold, etc. Total BS. I don't think there's any conspiracy theory. I do however am peeved that knowing water is on off on off intermittently, the relevant authorities should station at each junction a huge water tank, refilled by huge water tanks carried by lorries, much like how petrol stations get their refill of the petrol. I mean why not? Rather than the tanks coming to them, let us go to the tanks without having old grandmas or young kids waiting for the darn tanks to come to them, often unscheduled. And since we have vast ocean, can't a scientist find a way to tap into that limitless resources? Why not Malaysia be the first? Why not divert water elsewhere? Why not do something rather than we give water tanks lar, ammonia level high lar, dry spell lar, rain clouds lar, not my department's responsibility lar, will sue politician for slander lar, etc etc. It is just ridiculous where we are a nation of problems but no viable solution. This water crisis (yes it is a crisis) clearly shows it as such. This morning I had to wash my hair at my front yard. I am thinking of putting covers on the gates and some make shift shower curtain thing to bath outside because water from main pipe could not be pumped in or up the house. Just outside got water. It got to a point I wash my hair downstairs, rush up to toss 2 tongs full of water and done. I have never felt dirtier than I do these past week. And let me tell you this, dirtier is not sexier.
So when will water come back? Dry spell? When will it stop being an excuse? Ammonia level high? Any real fix to that, whatever that means? When will water come back full power to pump to my house's tangki? When can I stop wearing the same clothes that I've worn for the last 10 days? When will I stop worrying whether my big tong of water will run dry as well? When will the news even put a bulletin up for the water crisis? Because I swear, I don't hear any news at all. Just some but none about the crisis, solution and such. It seems so quiet for a matter so darn serious that I had to eat out every single day to save water.
Incompetence is the word I am looking for. Unimaginative is how the solutions are not told to us. No solution is the problem and now no long term solution. Other places water flows freely and yet my place and hundreds of thousands of households' tap run so dry, it is the sahara desert here, and even sahara desert or gobi desert must have an oasis somewhere!

It is almost 10 days since my first post on water shortage in Cheras and guess what? Now even worse. Tangki no more water, main pipe no water except for the outside main pipe which can't pump in or up. It is obviously dry spell but this is ridiculous! I will now need to wash my hair using the outside pipe, for all to see! And that is if the outside pipe got water. I know it is dry spell but this is worse than ever, worse than what I've been through. What is our dear water guys doing? All I can hear is save water, etc etc yeah right but TWO days no full water or even enough to pump up! Cheras is like one of the biggest housing estate and I see no urgency in anyone dealing with this obvious water crisis. If this was Putrajaya, it won't be 10 days of intermittent water. We are officially 3rd world country when we don't even have alternatives.

Like literally, I had 3 days of dry tap. Dry tap can be no money or no water as in real water. Well I am not poor so my dry tap is due to water shortage due to ammonia whatever. 3 full days. So from splashing time where my most favourite time of my day is spent in my bathroom (clean, no smell, not hot) to drip drip and done in seconds. Never had I feel so ... not washed. There was always this question asked; no electricity or no water? I once had to go through I think 2 days of no electricity at some of the hottest days (and nights). Not only was I bored to death (no Ipad yet), I got attacked by mosquitoes. It was suffering.

But frankly if you ask me again, I'd rather no electricity than no water. Now I got my Ipad. I can be entertained. If I am hot, well I got my hand held fan. I can manage, better if got some thunderstorm and rain. No water is like torture! Can't bath, feel unclean, can't do much, every time wanna go to toilet I have to go to shopping complexes. There was a time I asked if I could bath at my friends' place! Talk about borrowing water! Literally borrowing (not that I will need to return buckets of water). I need my water. I can survive without electricity as long as my Ipad can last the days without electricity, like 2 days max with my maximum use. I can't live without flowing water. I can't!

Good news though. Water came back yesterday, dry taps no more! But I haven't checked today so hopefully Valentine's day plus chap goh mei won't jinx my water splash splash day!!


  1. Which part of Malaysia are you living in, Funn? :) I heard places in KL and Damansara had no water too.

    1. Ah, no wonder. Selangor here, or in Subang Jaya to be more precise.

  2. Perak here enjoying a free flow of water. ;) But being careful in controlling the amount of usage, of course.

    Did you hear that the cloud seeding scheduled tomorrow was postponed because the government is focusing on the search & rescue operation for MH370?

    On an unrelated matter (because you its in your post), the 'famous politician' could really be a great leader, as observed in the economic success in Malaysia when he was Finance Minister. Unfortunately, he was sacked when he was trying to stop favoritism within the government, and his suffering began then... And another 5 years in jail, with such great big 'coincidence'

  3. Very sorry it is happening to you. If you need a tip, it is this; they never follow the schedule. So be prepared with 1 day water, 3 days no water. Store enough because usually weekends they will open full blast hopefully enough to pump to tangki but sometimes not full blast enough. I am back to water rationing just in case as well, self rationing. You shall live through this (unless you're apartment).