Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[WISH LIST] A pairing I wanna see!

Vincent Wong did it in Coffee Cat Mama and he did it convincingly, more convincingly than when he was with Nancy Wu.  So now I am waiting for the following pairing:-

Something Wong Cholam said as a joke but something I see as great potential for a great pairing. I am sick of Aimee-Ruco, Selena-Ruco, Tavia-Ruco, Elaine-Ruco, Linda-Ruco, someone thin-Ruco.. it seems they're on rotation with him. Even Ruco himself said in a radio interview he likes the challenges of different leading ladies rather than same old same old. So I want this pairing. Why not? One handsome, one pretty except difference in size is a bit wider.

And I also wanna see Ruco Chan-Charmaine Sheh pairing. Mainly because I am sick of Charmaine with the same guys as well. Will not happen in forseeable future. It seems for an A-List male actor he is Grade III in A list.


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