Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[O] Everything misc about TVB

I found a rather strange website about TVB and I thought why not create a post to store my thoughts about TVB generally or rather misc so to speak? If you see this at the top, it means it is updated. All opinion stated in here remains my own, however everywhere else is not within my control and I may not share the same opinion as the original author. Feel free to comment using Post A Comment. Also do recommend links as well to other TVB related sites whether humour, cute, bad, whatever. Or any news concerning TVB that can be posted under this Everything Misc About TVB, such as artistes that I do not have a specific post for. All pictures are thumbnails. Click on any of the thumbnail and a pop up window with the original size is in it.

A weird weird blog called TV(B) made me open this *side blog which kinda is satirical I suppose? Or maybe more like sarcastic? I don't know what to make of it. You have a look and you tell me. A lot of entries are in Chinese which sorta defeat the purpose of having an English blog. Some are interesting observation but on the issue of labels missing from drinks, etc, you do know TVB don't want to give free ad except if you're either Sony Ericsson or nowadays, Samsung? Like everyone in TVB universe using Samsung? Except in real world, that is sorta true? Anyway it hasn't been updated since last year but for what it is worth, do have a look.

Some examples;


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