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[O] Palace 3 : The Lost Daughter / 宫3 : 凤还巢之连城 [2014][China]

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凤还巢之连城 / Feng Huan Chao Zhi Lian Cheng

Also known as
宫锁连城 (Gong Suo Lian Cheng) / 宫3 (Gong 3)

Previously known as
宫锁幂缘 / Gong Suo Mi Yuan


At birth, Lian Cheng was exchanged for a baby boy Heng Tai. From then on their fates became totally different. Lian Cheng grew up in the streets and worked at brothels, while Heng Tai grew up in the majestic Wei'e general's mansion. By a mysterious coincidence, Lian Cheng and Heng Tai meet and gradually fall in love, resulting in Lian Cheng returning to the general mansion, her birth home. However, their love is not looked upon kindly, and meet with several obstacles along the way.

Yuan Shan Shan as Lian Cheng
Lu Yi as Heng Tai
Dai Jiao Qian as Xing Dai
Yang Rong as Yu Xiu
Gao Yun Xiang (高云翔) as Jiang Yi Chen
Wang Ren Jun (王仁君) as Ming Xuan
Madina Memet as Bai Yue
Zhang Ya Meng (张雅萌) as Ru Mei
Kou Zhen Hai as Fucha Wenhadai
Wang Lin as Ying Yue
Xu Xing as Guo Mo Mo
Zhang Tian Yang (张天阳) as Guo Xiao
Zhang Zhe Han (张哲瀚) as Physician Sun
Chen Xiao as Sa Man
Tang Zhen Ye (汤镇业) as Qianlong Emperor
Yang Yu Na (杨昱娜) as Concubine Min
Alyssa Chia as Xin Yu
Fan Qiong Dan (范琼丹) as Tan Mo Mo
Pan Hong as Empress Dowager


This series is utter rubbish. So many episodes, still going on and on and on and on. So here it is; this series and I are "professionally" done! Am tired of watching poor good actors totally wasted in this utter nonsensical crap. I don't care if Lian Cheng remembers or the princess dies or our hero falls down the ravine and become paralysed but still lovelorn over "god knows why so many loves her" Lian Cheng. I don't even care if the villain gets his hands resewn or other female characters remarry or widowed or reincarnated. In short, I DON'T CARE!! WE ARE DONE!!

This post will not be updated unless there is an ending and the ending is where everybody, absolutely everybody dies and there is no more travesty called Gong. I hated Gong I, totally hated Gong II and absolutely despise Gong III. If there is a Gong IV, I will take a gong to gong the Gong out of that Yu Zheng's hollow gong head.

I hated the Plum Flower Series I because it was just typical Qiong Yau insanity but I am hating this Yu Zheng version more because it is just lazy storytelling that will not end. So I am very happy to read Qiong Yau is indeed;

a. very pissed
b. she's suing

So we shall see what will happen. Will she accept a cut from the profits? From such a travesty of a adaptation of a travesty? Take the money. What's done is done.

I thought episode 45 is the last episode but apparently not! It will have episode 46! No! I refuse to believe it! I will recheck youtube later and hoping episode 45 is THE END! And at episode 45, our heroine Liancheng has lost her memory or turned evil or whatever. The princess, after 3 years and a daughter is still acting jealous. Hero is still fighting with wannabe hero over Liancheng and I forgot what they were fighting about. Oh yeah, who could love her better. Except she obviously wants Hengtai. This is no longer a series about the lost daughter. In fact being the lost daughter is of no importance to this series at all. It is just an excuse for whatever drama it is intended. Right now I am as confused as Hengtai in this series. Will this ever end? Can Liancheng kill herself? Can everyone just die? What has this got to do with Palace series when there's no Palace?!

This series is just so way out there. But then not that Bu Bu Jing Qing is doing any better in terms of being in its own galaxy orbiting its own sun. But the sun in Bu Bu Jing Qing is not Tong Hua. Is Tong Hua crying what the producers have done to Bu Bu Jing Xin? I am sure Yu Zheng doesn't care about Palace series. He cares only for ka-ching. Hence this horribly mutilated story of an already mutilated story based on a mutilated series from a producer who can rival Freddy Kruger in terms of "slasher" of genres. I just want it to end so that I can just write the last episode and be done with this travesty of a shameless soulless piece of crap that Qiong Yau should be glad is made because it just shows her travesty of a soulful whiny piece of "WTF" story in a very very very good light.

I am totally lost with the story. At this moment I am like "What the hell just happened?". A travesty of a story. And this is winning ratings war in China? This utter rubbish of a crappy garbage?

P/S This series is so off tangent it is now orbiting its own universe with a sun named Yu Zheng. Crazy story!

Been watching on and off and skipped most part in every episode and still I hate the story. If it was terrible in Plum Flower, now it became comical. Hengtai wrote a divorce letter to the princess. WHAT? Empress looking younger than the princess. WHAT? Everyone was in the room seeing Liancheng a bit improperly dressed with the villain, albeit framed, and Hengtai didn't even bat an eye. WHAT? Yuan Shanshan is as annoying as ever. The entire story shifted from overly dramatic to overly stupid and now is overly idiotic. I give up. It is just trashy and it isn't even fun. Poor Lu Yi, good actor, horrendous material. Qiong Yau should  be happy such travesty exists because then it shows her original work, which is a travesty in itself in a better light. In both versions I pitied the princess, more so in this one. She should just go home and remarry to some Khan, she will probably be happier than this rubbish family.

I think I will depend on Ruby Lin for a well produced and at least not as badly written series. Yu Zheng just proves he is China's Wong Jing and a bad copy at that.

I really really pity the princess, more so in here than in original series. Can't Hengtai just accept he will have 2 wives? And he seems to be using the princess to get rid of Liancheng due to some reasons I do know but too stupid to elaborate. This is typical Qiongyau effect and Yu Zheng obviously copied the whole thing wholesale. Lu Yi is great but the story is beneath him.

Had to skip a bit due to episodes now downloading. Have seen the promo posters which uses Yang Rong's images and I was like she is not even the 2nd lead! The princess is! So weird. The story thus far is 100% Plum Flower Series I and plus some insane plot. Other than that I read later on 2 characters will change souls?! WHAT? I have been trying to find a fuller synopsis but none came up so far. Whilst I HATE Yu Zheng, I gotta admit, his choice of Lu Yi as Hengtai is spot on. Not as in perfect for Hengtai, but as in Hengtai needs an actor like Lu Yi. Good looking, masculine and not as wimpy as Ma Jingtao was. In fact Yu Zheng is not into wimpy whilst Qiong Yau's characters will always descend into wimpiness. For Lu Yi alone, this series is worth a watch and then lament the fact a talent like Lu Yi should be in Da Mo Yao or the likes and not anything produced by copycat king, Yu Zheng. Yuan Shan Shan has improved a lot but I still hate her pursed lips look. She really isn't very pretty at all, despite the works on her face. I don't get why Yang Rong gets all the shots in promo and yet in series proper, she is perpetually typecast as the bitch of the house.

If Yu Zheng said he is inspired by Qiong Yau's series, let me tell you this; as of episode 12, it IS Plum Flower Series, minus the wimpiness and the clinginess and the stupidity of it all and yet Yu Zheng managed to retain the irritating aspects of the original series. In all, Plum Flower Series I wasn't a very good story to begin with.

By the way, Lu Yi, you rock.  He makes Hengtai desirable and understandable why the women flock to him. He was also decisive; see a scenario where hero has to tell heroine about the reality of the situation.

Qiong Yau version will have hero tearfully refuses to marry the princess, which is true.
This version, one scene Hengtai tells Liancheng in the face that the most he can make her be is a concubine but due to her background, he may not even get to do that; she probably could be the unnamed mistress.

True, very true.

Disappointed the princess is becoming the way I expected her to be, exactly like in original series. Surely the princess should know a man as handsome and talented as Hengtai is expected to marry at least 1 wife and 2 concubines? But Hengtai should have been fairer to the princess; at least do his duty as a husband instead of avoiding her.

ALL ARE EXACTLY the same as in the original series.

No copying? BS!

And even Liancheng is as annoying. Her presence alone is giving Hengtai lots of problems. She is becoming wimpy.

I skipped, a lot, fast forwarded, a lot and episode 18 I can say....

1. Yuan Shan Shan improved a lot in her acting but I still feel she looks weird
2. Lu Yi is the reason to watch this series. His Fucha Hengtai is very attractive man and he is a very good actor
3. It is becoming like that stupid Plum Flower Series with princess wife taunting our heroine, etc. I hope at some point Hengtai will marry Liancheng and just make things more interesting than becoming wimpy self pitying boring love story

Too many characters that are waste of space. Lu Yi should be in some emperor role or something. I can't imagine or accept his Hengtai as wimpy reluctant husband.

As old as she is, even Qiong Yau noticed. Read the news here. And Yu Zheng's typical response?

In response, Yu Zheng said he was stunned and confused by the accusations and said that if there are any similarities between the two dramas, it must be coincidence.

In his life, he must have loads of coincidence.

Let's check the coincidence for the episodes I have seen;

1. baby exchange
2. scar on the shoulder
3. real daughter meets and falls for fake son
4. fake son forced to marry Emperor's favourite daughter
5. hero never loved the poor princess
6. A duke's son favoured by the Emperor
7. Desperate mother fighting for position in the household due to lack of sons\

And I am sure even more similarity except for the ending. Yuzheng tends to turn the story around so to speak. But this time he can't feign ignorance. The similarity is so obvious I can even name the original title even when I tried hard to suppress that memory.

Let's see how the original will be changed by Yu Zheng. Original is;

1. princess tortures the girl
2. the girl forced guy to sleep with princess
3. mother couldn't hold it back and exposes her lies
4. princess moves back to palace as Emperor advises her to do so
5. hero is arrested
6. stupid girl kills herself when she think hero's head was chopped off when princess begged for his life and he survived
7. the scene which made me literally fall off my chair; hero returns to carry dead girl into forest and leaving aged parents to rot I suppose.

I am sure Yu zheng will make the girl stronger in this version and fight the same concubine palace intrigue we saw in many palace intrigue series. No one will kill  themselves. A happy ending I suppose.

The original complaint letter by Qiong Yau in Chinese here;

The reply by Yu Zheng in Chinese here;

Until there is a full English translation somewhere, the gist is as per the link above.

Been reading some PR spinning over how great Yuan Shan Shan was, etc etc. Really? Watch the series and tell me isn't that a stereotypical heroine and hero? And Yuan Shan Shan is competent on a good day but not great.

Episodes 1-3
Am watching Gong 3 which has nothing to do with the palace so it makes it bearable. The actor is interesting and Yuan Shan Shan after some upgrade to her face is doing well but she isn't that pretty. How I wish Zhao Liying is in this role.  However there is nothing original from Yuzheng. Gong 3 is essentially PLUM FLOWER SERIES I : TATTOED FLOWER by Qiong Yau. 

Even the story is set in dukedom is the same, with a princess wife except probably this one in Gong 3 : The Lost Daughter is nicer. There is even a tattoo at the back except this one is uglier. Should have expected that. However Yu Zheng can't possibly outdo the stupid ending for that Plum Flower Series which was so tragic it was funny.  In fact that Qiong Yau version was wimpy, full of tears and is really infuriating to watch where the men are wimps and women too busy pitying themselves. So my bet is on Yu Zheng giving the couple a very happy ending since Yu Zheng always does the opposite. It is an idol series, Yu Zheng doesn't disguise is any other way.

However I do like the following photo of our dashing hero, Fuchai Hengtai played by Lu Yi.

And I do really like the following poster except it was so photoshopped I can't tell who is who.

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  1. Yu Zheng plagiarized from the first series. He not authorized to produce a series based on BBJX but he did anyway. The BBJX that was authorised was higher quality. They director spent more time on it, but had an average budget and the director actually went over budget.