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[O] Yu Zheng, the CMBB [Producer][Mainland China]

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Who is Yu Zheng? THIS is Yu Zheng [于正].

Everytime I read anything to be adapted by Yu Zheng, I will go...

After the latest news of what he is planning to do, I absolutely wanted to do this...

And I am not even a fan of the work to be adapted. Anyway in here you will read my thoughts of him, which isn't positive and which isn't short. If you're a fan of Yu Zheng, avoid this post.
P/S You must be asking what is CMBB?

Crazy mental bonkers bastard.

With all the hoopla with Palace 3 : The Lost Daughter, pissing off the much revered Qiong Yau who is now suing YZ for copying her Plum Flower Blossom I, she now has my utmost respect even if I generally hate her series.

And now I present to you a screencap which proves;

1. he loves TVB
2. TVB doesn't love him
3. he copies from TVB, word for word. I don't even know how to read Chinese and yet I can see the same words uttered, except maybe one in Mandarin and the other in Cantonese.

He is basically pissing a lot of people off. Good news is he watched TV series from TVB and he takes notes. And mind you he takes very good notes.

My thoughts on the upcoming adaptation, Condor Heros
You have got to hand it to Yu Zheng, probably one of the most successful but most hated producer in Mainland China, which his Gong(s) and Swordman (no mistake there!) and the upcoming Condor Heros (yes that is the spelling). Now my friend Kidd has translated an article about Yu Zheng which you can read here about his proposed adaptation of Return Of The Condor Heroes. You know, the one about the big bird, the one hand Yang Guo and the white virginal drop dead gorgeous but drop dead serious sifu of his, Xiao Long Nu aka Dragon Girl who he will later call "Gu Gu" which is so weird when he will end up romancing her. That Andy Lay/Idy Chan version and many others. For me my favourite in terms of looks and atmosphere is the Huang Xiaoming and Crystal Liu Yifei version.

Anyway now there's a new version and you can see the vomit blood inducing pictures here at Jaynestars.

Kidd's translation did have Yu Zheng emphasising his version will not depart greatly, unlike the travesty called Swordman that made a mockery of my Wallace Huo.

Anyway what did he say.... oh dear... very very terrible things...

1. almost everybody will be cute, cuddly, silly, whatever with emphasis on Xiao Long Nu as someone serious as sifu but is actually a cute girl. Oh god no!!!!!!!!!!

2. the one who shall rape her will be cute, stupid, adorable, whatever. WHAT?!

3. The rape scene and I quote;

Yu Zheng said that, firstly, he will make this version's Yin Zhi Ping to be very dorky, foolish, cute and adorable, and his rape scene on Little Dragon Girl will give audiences a very different feeling. "Little Dragon Girl grew up in the Ancient Tomb. She has no knowledge of relationship between man and woman. She will just feel that this person is a flower or a tree. Little Dragon Girl's heart only has Yang Guo. Other people to her are just flowers, trees and statues. She has no feelings toward them.

So... in Yu Zheng's reinterpretation, Xiao Long Nu will not be raped but rather has a one night stand? Or she is so sexually naive she inadvertantly seduced that dorky dude into having sex with her and she didn't want it but she asked for it? Is that it?!

4. And everyone, absolutely everyone's love story will be told. Everyone.

If point 1 is not enough to make you go huh?, points 2, 3 and 4 will surely make you go Urghhhhh!!!! but wait! Got point 5!

5. The cast, in costume, in terribly bad photoshopped pictures ...

The sex changed Xiao Long Nu. I am sure Michelle Chen is a lovely actress, I am sure she can act very well but the way Yu Zheng said about her being an ancient beauty like those you see in paintings and this coming from Yu Zheng makes me doubt her being lovely in the first place. She is not ugly but she is not Xiao Long Nu. If you think Idy Chan is not young or pretty enough, I am sure you will agree this one takes the cake as the ugliest Xiao Long Nu ever. Of course naysayers will say give her a chance to prove herself. Yeah, it is like asking Gwyneth Paltrow play Marilyn Monroe. This is no longer about acting abilities but looks. And you gotta agree, is this the face that will stop men dead on their tracks and have one taoist monk, even if a dorky adorable one to have such lust for her that he commits the most heinous act, next to murder? No right? My point exactly.

The hobo looking Yangguo but Chen Xiao. Chen Xiao on a good day is a handsome guy but heroic? No.  He doesn't look heroic. And the worst part is the costume. Look at the hobo costume. Maybe Yu Zheng took a different book instead of Condor Heroes perhaps? Let's not talk where he ciplaked that look!

And guess who that is? Viann Zhang!! And you know how terrible things are when fans are crying for Viann to be Little Dragon Girl rather than Yu Zheng's choice.

All taken from Jaynestars but for more closeups on our new Little Dragon Girl, see here also. I can't wait (NOT!) for the dorky adorable rapist's new look. Ooops sorry, he is the victim here so bad bad Little Dragon Girl, you wanton seductress temptress! Ahhh what about the bird?

A quote from the article translated by Kidd;

In the past, the Condors were usually either a puppet or portrayed by an actor in a bird suit. They don't look like normal birds. This time, I made the wings of the Condor myself using computer graphics. It has black feathers, sharp beak and a pair of pink eyes. It’s very beautiful and it won't stupidly run here and there.

Yu Zheng, you don't need the bird to tell us how stupid this will be. Pink huh? Not sure what's the original version but I think for a man who places so little importance in the integrity of adaptation and getting the spelling of the title right can't be expected to make competent CGI effects.

This ain't no wuxia; this ain't no love story. No, this in Yu Zheng's own words,

Magnifying the comedic effect in the original novel

In the end nothing says it best than the title that Kidd translated;

Yu Zheng wants to torture audiences a hundred thousand times

And you may ask, with what Funn, with what?

Well, rubbish, crap and garbage, all rolled into one called Yu Zheng's idea of an adaptation. Of course in any adaptation you can change here, modify there but hey, when you turn a bad guy into a saviour, a serious grim glum woman into cute girl and our hero into a hobo, this is even worse than changing the sex of Dong Fang Bu Bai! But guess what? It will be a hit. He has his fans and the others will be those tuning in to see what a disaster it will be. Oh it will be. His better works such as Legend Of Lu Zhen is disastrous but at least not as stupid or miscast as this or his best work being Schemes Of A Beauty which is really very well acted and written but still has its problems. Now Yu Zheng is let loose and is going on a rampage. I fear for the future of all adaptations with Yu Zheng's fondness of reverse engineering any works, then add here, deduct there and his fondness of plastic looking girls who has done works on their faces, he is doing the same to these well loved characters. Of course article said he is adapting the new edition of the same story?

He said Jin Yong (Louis Cha) has released a special edition that has quite big differences from the original, and he followed the special edition 1:1. 

Yu Zheng is a marketing genius so please, whatever he says, don't believe a word of it because the end product is always hotly debated.

If you think TVB is terrible, nothing beats the devil incarnate that is Yu Zheng. And Jin Yong who has banned TVB from adapting his books must be... well.. insane to allow this or well paid or both.

Oh by the way saw his profile and it says;

He started out as a screenwriter for TVB in 1998 and was nicknamed "Young Prodigy" (小才子).
That's it! It's the end of the world! So it was TVB who spawned this ... this.. thing!

I can't wait for Yu Zheng to adapt Gu Long's stories. I am sure his version will be a happy dorky adorable wandering hero.

Help me! HELP ME!!!! 

P/S You must be asking what is CMBB?

Crazy mental bonkers bastard.


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