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[TRANSLATED LYRICS] 差半步/So Close [Outbound Love sub theme] by Ruco Chan [W.I.P]

I am listening to Ruco Chan's  差半步, the sub theme from Outbound Love (that song that revived Elaine Yiu's character's career and a song Ruco's Luk Kung Tzi wrote for Aimee Chan's Sik Sik) and frankly, I can understand it well. And then I tried to translate it and it can have so many meaning. This is by far the most difficult to translate. Even the title is difficult to translate. It can be literal or it can be not literal. It is all in the meaning and since I never take anything literally, I am trying hard to translate it in a non-literal sense. I am thinking about it. There is a rough draft based on my understanding of the words, translation by others and the overall meaning of the song. Basically it is about a guy singing about finding that girl that makes life cheery again except there is a small misstep getting to the girl. It is like he could be happy again being so near AND YET so far.  Fans are literally translating the title as "Missing half step" which makes no sense. I can't say it is "Misstep" either so I rather for the time being translate it as "Almost" or if you must, "Almost there but not quite" or "So near and yet so far" or "So close" but so that it sounds poetic, I will just say "So Close". Let me think about the lyrics again since it is kinda deep. Mandarin translation will not help since Cantonese will negate the closer meaning intended than in Mandarin. Anyway meanwhile just enjoy the song. I am posting the Cantonese pinyin I found somewhere else which was very helpful.

Pending English translation. This post will be reposted in my Episodic Thoughts blog for this series.

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By the way in recent interview I saw, Ruco said TVB will be making an MV for this song which means, and as Ruco puts it,

Now fans can see images with the song rather than just my voice in the audio. I am not sure if Aimee will be in it, it doesn't matter who, it can be any colleague in TVB

I can't remember where I saw it, but I am pretty sure it was in the FC site and  I think it was during Vivian Yeo's cosmetic shop opening. If I can find it I will repost here. However I swear he did say so! Was sure it wasn't about Ruse Of Engagement (which also stars Aimee Chan). Now my mind is playing tricks on me but I swear, he did say so and he sounded very happy!

AND here it is!!

Read my reaction here (07.07.2014 post) with my choice quote as below;

And whilst I am excited, I am also pissed off why it stars NOT Aimee Chan but whoever that is which is the typical long haired slim woman rather than short hair short voluptous Aimee Chan. Ok I hated her in that series but in all fairness, that underused song was Sik Sik and Luk Kung Tzi's themesong and I would have wished more money was pumped in so that it was shot on location in Penang and also Sekinchan in line with the series. Instead, it is some god forsaken hillside. The MV doesn't look agreeable to me, so I have decided to ignore it. Ruco deserves better.

The mp3 full song. There is no MV, yet.






天灰了 合着眼睛
tin1 fui1 liu5 hap6 zoek6/ ngaan5 zing1
忘记了彩虹 没有天晴
mong4 gei3 liu5 coi2 hung4 mut6 jau5 tin1 cing4
黑暗下 无力提防泪水浸没爱情
hak1 am3 haa6 mou4 lik6 tai4 fong4 涙seoi2 zam3 mut6 oi3 cing4
zeoi3 tung3 dik1 wui4 jik1 faa3 zou6 jyu5 dik1

还差半步 (差半步)
waan4 caa1/ bun3 bou6 (caa1/ bun3 bou6)
ngo5 jiu3 gu1 san1 zau2 zeon3 fong1 mou4
才偶遇你 停在彩色的峡谷
coi4 ngau5 jyu6 nei5 ting4 zoi6 coi2 sik1 dik1 haap6 guk1
像风吹起 叫我哭泣使我感动
zoeng6 fung1 ceoi1 hei2 giu3 ngo5 huk1 jap1 si2 ngo5 gam2 dung6
令我又再放松 再度期待抱拥
ling6 ngo5 jau6 zoi3 fong3 sung1 zoi3 dou6 kei4 doi6 pou5 jung2
一点哄动 划破黑色的晚空
jat1 dim2 hung3 dung6 waak6 po3 hak1 sik1 dik1 maan5 hung1
joeng6 ngo5 on1 sam1 heoi3 muk6 sung3
wai4 ham6 zung1 mui5 dyun6 hei2 fuk6
在新一天 爱上今天的美好
zoi6 san1 jat1 tin1 oi3 soeng56 gam1 tin1 dik1 mei5 hou2
gung6 nei5 jing13 goi1 wui zou6 dou3
kau4 nang4 joeng6 oi3 hou2 hou2 gai3 zuk6

当天我 并没信心
dong13 tin1 ngo5 bing6 mut6 seon3 sam1
谁信有可能 遇上他人
seoi4 seon3 jau5 ho2 nang4 jyu6 soeng56 taa1 jan4
当你在 才让残存自卑变做勇敢
dong13 nei5 zoi6 coi4 joeng6 caan4 cyun4 zi6 bei1 bin3 zou6 jung5 gam2
bat1 paa3 joeng6 oi3 zau2 dak1 ze5 mo1 gan6/kan5

天光了 望着曙光
tin1 gwong1 liu5 mong6 zoek6/ cyu5 gwong1
找到你 掉下痛楚 好好过
zaau2 dou3 nei5 diu6 haa6 tung3 co2 hou2 hou2 gwo3


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  1. Can't wait for the MV :)

    Thanks to Funn for ur hard effort. I really appreaciate it ^ ^
    At first, I thought the song is about a guy who can't get the girl's love and then he chooses to be her guardian angel. When watching the drama, it's also stated about Guardian Angel theme (the dialogue of Aimee and Elaine; giving the CD demo to Aimee).

    But ..... reading the lyrics (for sure....via OL translation since I don't understand Canto), I can't find Guardian Angel theme... it's more about what Funn already wrote above.