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[ARCHIVED][O] The Mysteries Of Love [TVB][2010]

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The following are my occasional musings after watching TVB's sort of super hit, Mysteries Of Love or as I call it, Galileo Ciplak. Interesting I am quite going to differ from my original musings when I first saw the preview and 1st episode.

POSTED ON 29.05.2010

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I would rather they say there are inspired elements than to say no plagarism because TVB follows Japanese follows the book. All came from the same book except in the books there wasn't Utsumi's character. But in defence of MOL, the whole formula on blackboard thing is I believe a common setting for all lecturers so it is of no big deal. I wonder did Ray wrote them?

But the room for Kingsley is indeed quite alike like Galileo's one, except TVB version does look more sterile and in a studio than the original which was very messy, like Yukawa never left it at all. Both have 2 floors, table in the middle, etc. But then I suppose all lecturers have such room? I would take that as a tongue in cheek reference to the original. I wonder is it also Lab 13 or something? That I feel is definitely inspired by and not copied. But the set... TVB has wonderful set designers, they didn't need to copy if they did!

And I saw the 1st episode. The introduction is similar to our original, no wonder there were some comments. The vests and all, except Ray's is younger fashion with white vest and pink shirt etc. And the hair... what more can I say?

Shoot me if you will but when Kingsley King (WHAT A HORRIBLE NAME!) first appeared with a serious but mild mannered looking Ray speaking very softly, my first impression was Kingsley is gay. I won't know why! I hope he becomes more masculine because he gives me an impression he is a bit effiminate. The hair didn't help either. How he was introduced to Tavia etc convinces me he is on the police's retainer and he was Kenneth's very good friend in school. Tavia as usual is a bit too eager in her role, a bit too animated and as I saw the previews, she will be even more animated. Was it under the direction of the director? I find the whole settings a bit like comedy except it isn't a comedy nor is it a drama. It is dramedy I suppose.

Truth is MOL is like any other crime series from TVB, except the tagline is physics/science when frankly that aspect to me is minimal. The problems posed in the series, thus far from the previews and ep 1 is not strictly and wholly physics in nature, science generally yes but like I said before any good police forensic and similar could have solved them, rather than retaining Kingsley whose assistance must be quite expensive.

One aspect I love about Galileo is the series may not show it but his assistant was always saying the board of professors weren't happy he wasn't completing his own job before helping the police purely out of his curiosity and how he was really under pressure to conduct seminars, lectures, mark papers, conduct researches whilst juggling his time with rock climbing, squash, interests, the police in the form of Utsumi bothering him all the time. I wonder will Kingsley face the same problems or is TVB's world of university lecturers their concept of time isn't 24 hours but 48 hours so they have more time than everybody else?

But like I said before, ultimately the 2 series is very different. The superficial sameness is there, sets, clothes, characters, cases but deep down they're very different. I cannot imagine Yukawa sensei asking Utsumi to pretend to be his girlfriend or being so good natured. I believe Yukawa sensei would sooner be without a date than to ask Utsumi out, a matter of ego I suppose. And likewise to Utsumi who will not be so polite to him.

Ray's Galileo so to speak is good natured, all round great guy without much flaws. He will be very popular as audiences do like a nice guy. Likewise Masha's Galileo is also a good man even if he has his quirks and why audiences fell for him other than the obvious good looks is that despite everything in the end he always approaches all cases with logic and an eerie detachment although we know some cases do affect him deeply, such as in Suspect X. He is not super human and is terribly flawed.

So yes I will be watching MOL, 1 year from now and yes I will still compare and contrast but I walk away knowing these two are different and yes I do think Galileo is one of the most unique series with great characters that I have ever seen. The crimes are smart and the explanation even if out of this world is as smart.

So do watch both and maybe you will understand why the fans of Galileo aren't pleased with what MOL is doing but to the dissenting fans, like myself I would like to remind myself nothing is ever original but at least there is always something new to look forward to. FYI, even Japan news is reporting on this plagarism as they call it. That is huge and great publicity for MOL, which explains the ratings but whether it can sustain itself depends entirely on the later contents. I believe Ray alone is a ratings magnet.

There is something else I wanna say that I can't remember. I will update this post when I do.

Ahhh yes, I totally disagree with Tavia's "Also the love story of the main leads in "Mysteries" is richer.". It isn't. Galileo is actually a story about more than love and is as rich. But since Ray and Tavia didn't watch the original and probably would never since they're very busy to even watch any series at all, they wouldn't know. And that is the problem with TVB series these days. Love love love even in the face if great subject matter it is always love love love. My complain about MOL isn't about the whole copying anymore but rather the lack of imagination on the writers and giving us the same old TVB stuff. Can't we move away from love?

{ADD] I finally remembered what I wanted to say. Sorry, old age, what to do? I actually wanted to say that this is not the first Japanese series that TVB copied, there was one blatantly if I remembered correctly many years ago, Kenix and Lawrence Ng as a divorced couple? Anyway perhaps Galileo is a famous that is too famous that TVB simply forgot sometimes it is either better to be brutally honest as to say YES we are adapting Galileo (kill the BS about inspired, that is Hollywood of telling fans of a certain book that is being adapted that we ain't following the book) rather than WE did not copy, not plagarise. That will solve the problem. In fact 3 years down the road Galileo is still fresh in netizens' mind. Which is why it is always wiser to take elements from a less well known series, same way of singing a less well known song by Faye Wong singing note for note the same as the original singer, Cranberries for Dreams (the title I am not sure). In fact THAT was blatant plagarism.

See the scan below which I assume is HK press...

Original size here

Not fair about the pose since Masha's one is based on a famous scientific hand posing something whilst Ray's one is "hmmmmm". Also not fair to link Ray to the so called plagarism accusations since it ain't his fault. His Galileo is not the same as Masha's one. But blame TVB. Well, this is like free publicity for MOL. Now even more will tune in and anyway also free publicity for Fukuyama Masaharu who is having the time of his career right now! Maybe TVB never knew just how famous he is? Well now we all know. He does have a very strong fanbase in HK itself, that I can tell you!

I would love if some would compare wardrobe, not who is nicer (Masha's is) but who is more expensive! For example, find out just how expensive it is to be Yukawa sensei. Our theory is he has a sugar mommy if not how on earth Yukawa sensei can afford all THAT!


Must listen to this radio show in HK and how Japan is accusing TVB of plagarising too much! Entire show discusses about the accusation of plagarism and all. You judge. Anyway download here (post #415 page 28). 

Some snippets.

- TVB is still saying just inspired, not plagarised but the hosts did rightly pointed out how can then the sets look alike? Like I said, just say a tribute! Anyway we have pro and con in this show. I agree on the characters BUT the sets, etc I have to say I side with the Japanese media. 

- Apparently the Japanese media are quite pissed off with the whole plagarising thing.

- But the radio hosts are quite rude in the way they talked about Raymond Lam, the HK version of Yukawa sensei. "Lam Fung said he never watched the Japanese version. Seriously?" and one other host interjected saying "Like he as never done plastic surgery to his face?" Ouch! Raymond Lam did his nose some years back, though he never admitted it but everybody knows.

- But it is quite funny the way they say about the comparisons and the way they said "HK watching Japanese series, yes not strange but what is strange is Japanese watching TVB series! How can that happen?! Can they even get reception of TVB series? I tell you, it is ultimately Lam Fung's fault!!" 

- and also "Sorry our Japanese friends but that's the way it is, yours are not the first TVB has plagarised. What about ATV (I heard ATV)? Sorry lar, but that's the way it is" 

- and of course they did suggest "Maybe Raymond Lam and Fukuyama Masaharu can sing a duet a song, the themesong of that series! Will win Asian awards!". 

- "We (Hong Kong-ers) just love A stuff!" and A is artificial or also for pirated stuff!! 

Wow, very critical.

I was right! Red wine over men talk in a pub! Vests and bow ties are status symbols of academics! Kenneth Ma's shirt unbuttoned to dangerous level! He is TVB's new sex symbol. If he sexy? You decide. Hairstyle whilst working, ponytail! Got bag! Right again! Casual dress, expected that already. Japanese are more formal, they wear everything suit for all sort of work. What I didn't expect; "Kings", that the name Ray is called. I sat there with my mouth opened; "Kings". Oh dear... as for the lab... yes it is quite the same but also quite sterile and quite dangerous looking with all the wire hanging everywhere. As if the lab was never finished and looks a bit too young for an old professor's lab which Kings later inherited. Was told there is a big debate going on about this series and whatever it may be, 2 benefited from it; TVB because ratings will go high due to curiosity and whether it can sustain that will now depend on the quality of the series (episode 1 is never the best judge of quality; it almost always suck) and of course Fukuyama Masaharu or as HK-ers call him, Fook San Nga Tzi. Now everybody who knows him knows more and those who doesn't, what are you waiting for?  Do catch Galileo after you finish with Mysteries Of Love. Oh dead, Tam Ching Shuet On. I hated the title. I though the original Shall We State The Case (that's the one right?) was better.

23.03.2011 - A very short summary
Best Performance
The writer, for pretending to take inspiration from Galileo when in fact some parts downright copy, some parts you wished they copied properly

Worst Performance
Bernice. If that is acting, then I am Li Ka Shing.

Best Scene
The unintentionally funny ones, like the whole bunch of police doing some kung fu dance with the flying mini helicopter, which was the funniest ever! And best scene because I was entertained, which was rare when I was watching this

Worst Scene
That last scene of Kingsley asking Sai Lik Mui to marry him

Thank You TVB scene
That last scene, when that scene was just cut short and switched to the ending song. I literally said THANK YOU TVB! 

Most Boring Scene
Everytime Bernice is on, I was wondering "What's the point?"

Scariest Scene
When Bernice's character Nicole and Kenneth's Gordon suddenly became so lovey dovey as opposed to independent

Most Overexposed Character
Probably Gordon since he had the most kissing/bed/stripping scenes, or Bernice who earlier has the stripping scene or Tavia with her excessive crying but no doubt, when it comes to the actor himself, gotta be Raymond and his very very obvious celebration for all Asian women that some Asian men do have very very... ermm.. well you see for yourself. Now we all know why Raymond is a hit with the girls, apart from handsome, talented, rich, comes from rich family, etc etc etc.

Most Ridiculous Family
King's family. Such caricatures.

Best Family
Sai Lik Mui's family, and she doesn't deserve them at all

Most Missed Scene
Did Kings and Sai Lik Mui kiss? Did they, at all?!

Probable Theory
I always thought Kings is gay. He gives me that impression. And this is not gay bashing time but the lack of intimacy with Sai Lik Mui is alarming.

Most Confusing Scene
Why is Sai Lik Mui so crazy about a log of wood who insults her and her family? Why?

Most Eye Opening Scene
There must be some competition going on between Ray's wardrobe designer and Kenneth's wardrobe designer because each wardrobe gets tighter and tighter as the series went on and on. Kenneth with his tiny jackets and even tighter jeans where he gave new meaning to skinny jeans. I think  I could see so much of everything. But Ray, his shirt gets tighter and tighter, his pants already right and his jacket worse! And he wasn't even that fat at the end but the tightness of the wardrobe gives an illusion he is chubby. And of course both actors' hairstyle... what the hell just happened??

Worst Everything Ever
Apart from the OTT cases (which thankfully wasn't preachy), the names, whether the way it was pronounced or the way it is. Nicole became Nik-Kol. Uncle George became Ung-kol Jorghhhhhhh. There's Kingsley Kings (urghhhh), Sai Lik Mui who doesn't have a proper name. The normal one is Gordon but pronounced as Goh-dong.

Most Meaningless Part
The end song and the super hyper strange music video where Ray can't even knock down some block of ice. And Kings' wasted talent in helping to solve the cases where no physicist have any right to be involved because surely the stupid inept police could solve those cases themselves?

The Never Changing Look
Sai Lik Mui and her perpetually the same hairstyle, or rather the way she combs it. The same. Boring.

Apart from the leads' hair, that has to be King's aunt's fashion sense. It is like so tasteless for someone professing to have good taste. Just spells CHEAP and I think it was intentional.

Most Copied Look
Kings who loves to stroke his chin when he was thinking, or the way he placed his finger/hand on his chin, that is so Yukawa Sensei!

Best Everything Ever
That is it NOT anything like Galileo.

Final Verdict
Crap in the beginning, crappier in the middle, crappiest in the end. Generally crappy all over.

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22.03.2011 - Episode 24
Last episode and thank god for that! First of, I can't understand how Gordon being promoted to (is it) Chief Inspector is in anyway between his relationship with Nik-kol but he did and in the end with the best boss in the world,the Madam came back and gave his old job back minus the promotion.

Then we have Kingsley's emotional sorry to Sai Lik Mui who in the end showed us all the scar on her wrist (she tried to cut her wrist). Of course we have Kings kneeling and all and there I was thinking "Sai Lik Mui, stop 'diu kou lei mai', we all know you want him". Well anyway in the end separated for a few months, we see Kings getting the "Universe's best physicist,E-VER" award and in his speech said some heartfelt things like sorry that he was wrong about his perceptions that everything is logical and what nonsense, that he lost his girl, that he wishes he could build a  time machine and all and guess what? Sai Lik Mui saw it on TV. Wow, never knew such an award show got people watching!

Anyway she was walking back with her mom when no less than 5 cars (including 2 bosses) and we have sorta like Stephen Hawkins sort of brilliant minds begging her to accept Kings, we have the madam, and everybody and anybody who is not a villain in that scene and in the end Kings asking her to marry him and she said "Stop. I saw you on TV, I heard what you said, I have already forgiven you" and we have them hugging and Ray (I mean Kings) looking rather confused. I mean Ray, what's wrong with you?!

And thank god that TVB decided to cut short that ending scene and just went with the credits because they themselves knew what a dud of an ending and yes, 2nd funniest in the series.

The best ending? Skip 2 years and Kings knew Sai Lik Mui MARRIED AND PREGNANT and Kings in his speech recognises he didn''t understand love when he had it and he knew love too late when he lost the love of his life and he wishes he could build a time machine to turn back the clock but what's gone, is gone and we see Sai Lik Mui smile sadly and switches off the TV and happily go to have lunch with her husband as she has the answer to the mysteries of love; you need not be with the most loved to feel really loved.

THAT TO ME IS THE BEST ENDING and will have an answer to the mysteries of love; that not all love leads to happy ending.

Crappy show. Am very happy it is over. I beg you to watch Galileo to know why this TVB series sucks.

Where the writers tried to outsmart themselves

First of, I am dead bored with Nik-koll and Gordon's story. Yes her name is Nicole but you know HK accent, it became Nik-Koll. I don't care about them but I like Nicole's reaction when she found out her boyfriend cheated on her, yet again. She threw rocks at his windows and she basically slapped him. You go girl!!! Sai Lik Mui can learn from that because she is still depressed and changed dept to the very friendly and super free PR dept. Anyway this is one of the funniest episode ever. I laughed so hard. Why? Read on!

Rich man's son got some sex tapes and got blackmailed by an unknown super hacker who could hack from laptop A to laptop B using some super computer virus. I find that utterly ridiculous. More believable if rich man's son took the laptop for repairs and the stuff got downloaded. Anyway, such a high tech explanation and guess how the super hacker asked for his blackmail money? Yes, leave it on top of some dumpster in some industrial area!! Huh?! That's when the writers tried to outsmart themselves when they wrote how the police of 3 depts worth of personnels saw a small toy helicopter hovering above them and they were like doing this silly dance of avoiding, looking, panic all over and BOOM! The helicopter was carrying and bomb and how the bag got taken will be next episode's story. Stupid isn't it? Not the helicopter but the fact that such a super hacker would have asked for the money to be banked into an account and he will transfer that amount in a way that the police can't track his digital tracks so to speak! That's not the funniest. The funniest was this idea; imagine you're a crook and you asked for money to be exchanged at some industrial area which is usually quite empty when suddenly, one day, you see a couple jogging back and forth, a construction camp besides the road, plenty of people reading newspaper by the side of the road and each looks very tense, gripping their ear piece that no decent Ipod owners will be seen dead with those when we have Bluetooth and more cars than you can count in a year! That was so funny! And of course Kings will save the day by tracing the money. For a moment though I was laughing hard when I said to my family Kings will want to study those laptops and those sex taps and he will say "I will need to look at them, closely and repeated!!" and that was before I cared much about Ray and his real life bedroom scandal so to speak!

The more interesting part is finally a girl is introduced to Kings that his parents and aunt were very eager about; pretty, tall, young, RICH (as in RICHER) and she is ... what's her name? Leanne Li is it? That Wong Cho Lam's girl who is perpetually playing the aggressive go getter girl who never gets the guy? Anyway she looks so promising, going all out when Kings said something that made me want to kick him; he said "I wish I can build a time machine ..." and the girl said "So you can go back and relive your romance with that ex girlfriend of yours?" (yes he told her) and he said "No, so that I can undo what I did, not start the relationship so I won't hurt her that much". Kings, you jerk! Well I was happy, 3rd party, some competition, maybe a nice one who will in the end tell Kings family that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and show them all what classiness mean when next scene we see her super bitchy to her assistant and vows to make life hell for Sai Lik Mui who will meet with her as they together with the police are involved in some charity event. It's like the richer I am, the snobbier I must be. How cliche; how wrong but that makes for interesting TV because I love to see how Kings NOT come to Sai Lik Mui's rescue. Also the prospect of Kings family knowing how Sai Lik Mui and family felt when being looked down, because this super rich bitchy girl didn't like King's family as she is richer than them but tolerated them for the sake of Kings.

Bollywood drama plus K drama in epic proportion. Funny and disturbing at the same time.

Where the police was so incompetent 

I did not talk about one episode where Kings broke up with Sai Lik Mui quoting about "I thought 1 plus 1 is 2 but it is not that simple. It was never that simple. We are people from 2 different worlds ..." and went on about the same thing his parents said except with Kings, it was a whisper and therefore sounds gentler and not an insult. For me that was the ultimate insult when implied he said he loves her but their status is not suitable for one another. If I was Sai Lik Mui, I would cry like she did and then slap him hard several times and tells him to get lost. She did cry, very very hard as she said "I fell for you before you fell for me! I never thought we had a chance, you showed me we could and now you're telling me we are incompatible. You never told me our relationship was based on a calculation!!" and my god, Tavia is terrible at crying. Anyway after she told him to get lost (no slap), Sai Lik Mui further embarrasses herself by pleading "Please come back! Please! Please come back, don't leave me!!" but Kings was not there anymore so he didn't hear. I know it was supposed to show how DEVASTATED she was by the breakup as she subsequently cried and cried and cried and even said  "I will change my career for him! If his family doesn't like me staying in Yau Ma Tei, I can move. If his parents doesn't like associating with my family, I can leave them too!!" and at that I felt like Sai Lik Mui is a total and utter complete failure. Later on she wanted to quit her job and her father scolded her and rightly so. I don't understand what's so great about Kings who was more wax than human, who did not defend her dignity but instead trampled on it. His reasonings were insulting and the idea they will get back together in the end is like one slap to human dignity. And then Sai Lik Mui's behaviour was more than embarrassing; it was an insult to more human dignity, especially when she said she could walk out of her parents. Her parents and family who stood by her, who accompanied her, her father who hugged her and cried with her and it pained him to see her so much in pain, she could throw that all away for that walking human calculator, Kings who should abandon mental arithmetics and invest in an abacus; perhaps he can count better because Kings, if you say 1 plus 1 is 3, then 3 it shall be! What a dumb writing.

Then today's episode about a psycho husband stalking poor wife accused of having multiple personality. First I had no idea how Kings could narrow down the search and locate her. Surely a hacker would be better in hacking that program that psycho husband use to stalk her? No, must be Kings, doing something look like high school maths formulation. Yukawa sensei can do so much better! Anyway, what amazed me was how stupid the police were. They knew the husband installed cameras in the house, and they just listened to his explanation and did nothing. When the husband pulled put a syringe and injected her with something as she was going mental right in front of our Gordon, Gordon looked surprise and nothing else. The police justified that action as "Well he is the psychiatrist, he is the expert". How many times the woman came close to dying I am not sure, but that scene would not do justice to the HK police's competence.

Maybe in the past I have judged this series on the strength of 1 episode and my dislike that it copied Galileo. But after watching it, I can tell you, it copies Galileo's surface and it became superficial. Deep down this series has characters I do not care about at all. In the end, the story suck. Acting suffers from sucky characters. Kings is supposed to be the prince like guy, but a guy like Kings makes a very bad boyfriend and even worse husband. Gordon's only talking point is his very very tight jeans. Sai Lik Mui is an insults to all jilted women and policewomen. Now I have a legitimate reason to trash this trash. Where is the garbage dump? I want to throw this crap into it and crush it!

The part where Kingsley's family looked down on Sai Lik Mui's family part 1000

Oh I get it! You're high class, they're low class, you drink red win, they drink beer, you eat chocolates, they eat red beans, you sprout English and Shakespeare in Chinese, they sprout Confucius and mahjong rules. You have names like Uncle George, Kingsley and what nots and they have names that identifies their ethnicity. You speak English supposedly with English accent which sounds more like someone who lived your entire life in Kowloon whilst they don't speak English (but somehow Sai Lik Mui communicates with Kingsley in English when using SMS). What an offensive family this Kingsley have but those are caricatures, what I was most disgusted is how useless our hero and heroine is.

Kingsley for one, to show he has like perfect manners, he did not repudiate his family or old Uncle George but he also failed to act like a gallant hero he should be. Not that he should tell his family to shut up but he should have said "I know what I should do" and just bloody walk out of the car because they're more worried at losing him than he losing them! He didn't defend her. He didn't even show his displeasure. He just sat there, meekly and let them not only degrade them or insult them, but basically said some very ugly things about their family and even Sai Lik Mui. He basically did nothing. I know he is a well educated well mannered polite man but showing him having a bit of temper at the right time would show he has character. Right now, he is so bland and so boring and now so weak.

Sai Lik Mui fared no better. She is nice, she is eager for Kingsley but way too eager that she didn't show temper. She lost a bit of patience but basically didn't do much when not only her every member of family was insulted, her ancestors and her beloved profession was insulted. But she did walked away, probably less out of anger and more out of shame for whatever reason. At home, when her father implied she was a golddigger, rightfully she became angry. But the next scene as she eagerly took Kingsley's phone, each assuring one another that what happened was no big deal, that they can persevere, and then line got cut off and again eagerly anticipating, wanting his call, I feel she showed no personality or even strength of character. I know Kingsley is to everyone perfect (to me he is so flawed), and I know he shouldn't be blamed for what happened, but if Sai Lik Mui had any self respect for herself and pride for her family, she would have not taken her call, and tell him perhaps they should cool off a bit. Because however she likes to think they will be fine, in future, her family will be doing all the tolerating, his family all the abuse and surely as the filial daughter that she is, she wouldn't selfishly want to put herself above her family and let them face such abuse? Shouldn't there be one scene to have her doubt her relationship with Kingsley and decides that in the end the love for kingsley is not worth the mental torture for her family.

I find Kingsley incredibly weak, Sai Lik Mui incredibly selfish. What a family this Kingsley have. All the education in the world, and they have such rotten character.

As for our detective's love story with his friend with benefits, I am not bothered. Bernice Liu is such an inadequate actress and Kenneth Ma can pout all he wants, I just don't buy him as some super detective. More like a model pretending to be one.

Not sure which episode

I finally sat down to watch 2 episodes proper after missing a few or rather skipping minutes for some episodes. The case tonight is rather sad; an abused gay man killing his violent lover in self defence, and his younger inteligent brother covering up his crime for him. I am just glad it didn't end with some preachy "Murder is murder, you must pay for your sins" sort of nonsense and show the police showing actual emphathy. But the investigation part is probably the dumbest writing ever. They need Kings to tell them sometimes what you see is not what it really is. Just shows the police has zero investigation technique when they needed a physicist to throw their theory on the time of death. No wonder Kings is overworked. I like the relationship between Tavia and Ray, probably the most boring couple ever but rather cute. However his parents are such caricature. Come on, his mother ain't some rich socialite, she is a rich headmistress. Tavia is a nice girl, I can see why Kings fell for her but his parents... and Tavia's family also rather caricature. The men's pants are still as tight, poor Ray squeezed into that tight vest. He dresses like he is ready to go to some ball at any minute. I still hate his hair, even Kenneth's hair. Everytime I see Ray's lab, I thought this series should crossover with Burning Flame. I can so see Wong Hei walking in and declare that lab as fire hazardous place with all those hanging pipes, large cylinders of whatever and wires everywhere. Still hate the songs, really hate the title, ignore the investigations which shows HK police are so inept and the whole idea of Kings = super amazing catch and Tavia = ordinary girl. I hate the so called social divide preachiness but then we know it exists, except I just wish the characters weren't some cartoon sort of characters.

Tavia still shouts her lines, Ray still whispering away. Anyway I still don't buy Ray as some professor. He looks none of those.

Anyway forget the science. Forget the investigation. These two are the series' weakest link. I hope to see some kissing scenes and bed scenes between Tavia and Ray since Ray's character is so bland, Tavia so passionate, would be great to see a passionate kiss, that is Tavia bringing out the passionate aspect of Ray's Kings. The way he asked her to be his girlfriend is also so straightforward. This man knows no subtlety when it comes to romance. And with such parents, a great wonder how he turned out almost normal as a human being.

Episode 01
I actually sat down to watch the entire episode 1 which I have watched a year before at ASTRO Preview but I suppose I might have missed about 10 minutes of it back then because I have no recollection of certain scenes. About half an hour into the series, my sister turned to me and asked "Why am I watching this boring show? If TVB fails at episode 1, the rest will be bad" but I said "Ep 1 usually is very bombastic, it will cool down in episode 2 but by episode 5 you may groan a little at the story" which is true. And the way I see it, at its core this is not some smart detective drama but like the title says, Mysteries Of Love, so we have 2 different perspective of love; one is friends with benefit sort of love and the other, Ray and Tavia represents the K-Drama or as my sister says, the Bollywood drama; rich boy in love with poor girl ala Bobby.I can't disagree. But when I heard the name Kingsley King Bok and "Gordon" calling him "KINGS!!" I just go "OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!" like I did 1 year before. I am trying very hard to like this series. After watching episode 1, I can safely say it is not really Galileo Ciplak in essence. It has none the subtlety or fine storytelling or mysteries of Galileo and I have always said if TVB could follow Galileo's storyline, this would be a good story. Unfortunately this is one TVB series where anyone without a nickname is like a forbidden character, coupled with loud music and even worse characters; I so hate King's family. Such foul bombastic arrogant snobs. The story ain't Galileo and that is such a shame. Because if TVB said I am trying to be different with this series, sorry, it has TVB stamped all over it. Whilst Tavia's Sai Lik Mui (another nickname!) is earnest and helpful and nice, my sister commented "What's wrong with such a diligent hardworking character?" and my answer is "Nothing wrong, except her diligence will be of no use in this series because the 2nd and third act will be about love" which is true. Story wise, ep 1 is slow and boring. Character wise, everybody is not memorable, at all. Looks wise, Kenneth Ma is hot, no doubt, since the wardrobe dept was careful to give him extra tight jeans, smart jacket, and the shirt always with at least half the buttons unbuttoned. Pity about the hair and his charisma. Because Kenneth Ma a suave sexy competent sensual cop? Nope. Not there yet. Tavia has the usual normal make up, or in TVB world, a tom boy who is a cop who wears more eyeliner, lip gloss and powder than we who work in office. She is surprisingly short next to Kenneth who was surprisingly not much taller than Raymond. Which means Tavia is petite. Her acting is ok, except she talks too loud. She has of course perfected the K-drama crying technique as in loud, louder and loudest. I was however very excited to see her with a little girl from BTROC aka Big Kam Ling meets Small Kam Ling. Raymond Lam's hair is something I wish I can bulldoze it. I hated his hair here. He is too young to be assistant professor? Associate professor? I am not sure of his rank but his perfect Kings is someone 100% perfect except for snobbish parents. He is dressed ala Galileo except Yukawa sensei's suit looks down to earth and yet we all know designer suit and very expensive whilst Ray looked like a bartender albeit a smartly dressed one. So far he has done little but I am sorta irritated how soft spoken his Kings is. The perfect Prince Charming but lacking in charisma. I find him boring but I find Kenneth Ma sexy. So this is one huge change for me. I did say "I can't fault Ray. He's a competent actor but this character sucks" and interestingly my sister replied "He's not a competent actor" which sorta surprised me because she thinks the world of Kenneth Ma and I said "Wait till you look at him more than 30 minutes then you tell me!". Then the ending song is a MV feel ending with short haired Tavia and still that ugly hair Raymond standing in the middle of 3 or 4 blocks of ice. Boring. But the first case which shall require the assistance of this genius professor (who is actually on the panel of experts advising the police as opposed to Yukawa sensei) is that one guy died of I suppose 3 gun shot wounds. One guy said he heard 3 gunshots, another neighbour said he didn't hear anything. So naturally they will need a physics professor to explain why one side can hear 3 gunshots and one can't and which is true. The case is true but the need to explain that is my attempt at sarcasm by the way. And I am not even sure of Kings is a physics professor. And whatever is real life or TV life, Raymond does not look or more importantly feel like a professor. He should have been made a junior or something. Again I am not sure what's his title is, yet and I shall pay very close attention to it the next time I watch this series.

I suppose I can't say much for the story. I can't help but compare but it is not intelligent stuff. However I feel TVB can do better than to ciplak the Galileo set which by the way feels so sterile. Mysteries of Love in ep 1 is run of the mill stuff. TVB does best with family stories, buddy stories, cop stories but all those investigation stuff, however much they tell you is based on science, we all know they probably read the 1st page and went AHA! THE STORY! but didn't bother with the next 100 pages so all you have is not just half baked but very raw stuff.

I shall see how the case progresses but I really so want to shave off that awful hair on Ray's head. By the way, love is already in the air in ep 2. In fact we are already told they're destined for one another since years ago when their respective ancestors met and irritated one another. And the main selling point of this series seems to be sex or at least Bernice and Kenneth's main selling point. Ooooh la la.

P/S : I so hate the chinese title.

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