Thursday, June 12, 2014

[NEWS & UPDATES] Be careful, big brother is coming for you!

I received the following peculiar email today and I shall reproduce in full because I feel it will affect any TVB fan/blogger with this insane whatever BS I am getting;

to:  my gmail account
date:  Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 5:48 AM
subject:  Blogger blog takedown notification

So I checked if this was a hoax and indeed it wasn't. So I went to the website in the email 
which took forever to  load which I then used Google Search to find the relevant info and here is what I got;

Guess who filed the complaint?

Sender Information:

Sent by: [Private]
Remove Your Media LLC


May 28, 2014

Offending post?


Why you ask?

Copyright claim #0: 

The original works are copyrighted Chinese broadcast television episodes owned by TVB USA.Pursuant to 17 USC sec. 512(c)(3)(A)(ii) the official website for '' includes a commulative episode list at the below url:
Original work URL(s):

I scanned the entire list, most are torrent sites and some websites offering online watching of several TVB series. And mine was blog post about each episode, in text. I thought maybe it was due to the poster which is TVB's but the accusation is clear; "commulative episode list". So I am accused mainly of taking the episode list from the official website! Let me assure you I didn't even know TVB USA exists. And now that I do, no way could I have done as accused as my text ARE my original work. No videos, no ripped episodes, no mp3s, nothing in that post at all. So my guess is my link was referred automatically in one of those accused website and TVB USA did a short scan and just submitted the whole long list.

See my original post and judge for yourself;


Rubbish isn't it? Absolute bullshit. I wanted to do the counter claim, for bullying but with that I need to provide a lot of information which is absolutely not worth it. So I did the next best thing; I reposted by removing links not by me and changing episode to ep.  Imagine that... it is now considered copyright infringement to post comments on each episode... well that is not the intended effect or reason. So all I can say is seriously to all those TVB heavy blogs, be careful, big brother is coming for you!

Absolute rubbish.


  1. Damn. I would says bully. Did you link some other sites that provides download?

  2. TVB USA exists. It's a subsidiary of TVB :)

    Anyway, it isn't fair.

  3. Very unfortunate and complete rubbish in my opinion. There's nothing wrong with making TVB fan sites and blogs that only promote their product and aren't making any money off it. I think ultimately its their loss for treating the fandom like that.