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[O] NEVER DANCE ALONE / 女人俱樂部 [2014] [TVB]

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MO SIU-SZE (Carman Lee) leads an ordinary married life with her husband WONG KWOK-LEUNG (Lawrence Cheng), and is often bullied by her ferocious mother-in-law WONG CHIU WING-MUI (Miu Kam Fung) for no reason. One day, coincidentally, she spots a leaflet from “Cyndi Dance Studio”, evoking her memories of the good old days in high school.  In those days she loved writing and organized “MCLUB” together with the others.  They included CHU LEI (Loletta Lee), who was often mocked for her accent, LAW FUNG-SIN (Elvina Kong), who is enthusiastic about dancing, nosy LUK YUEN-CHAU (Fennie Yuen), precocious HUI CHUN-LEI (Angie Cheong) and superstitious LEUNG KAM-YIN (Gloria Yip), all vowing to stay united and never drift apart.  However, more than twenty years have passed, the group disbanded and they went their separate ways and they are no more that young. When dreams and reality collide, the only thing left is nostalgia except for FUNG-SIN.  She continues to pursue her dreams of dancing.  Due to an accident, she is hospitalized, leading to a reunion of her bosom buddies.  While striving to safeguard the “Cyndi Dance Studio” for their friend, they run into their archrival, campus belle YUNG DAN-DAN (Flora Chan), whose “D Fitness” turns out to be a formidable foe for the “Cyndi Dance Studio”.  With SIU-SZE re-encountering her first love YIU CHI-LUN (Lawrence Ng), CHU LEI reflects on the past ranging from ruining their relationship on the sly to giving birth to her daughter as a result of a premarital pregnancy, and all sorts of feelings well up in CHU LEI’s heart……   Having gone through all these, their vitality, courage, passion and confidence that seemingly disappeared have just been reignited……


Eric Tsang and Joe Chan (Ghetto Justice II fame)


Carmen Lee/Anjaylia Chan - Mo Siu Sze
Loletta Lee /Venus Wong - Julie Chu Lei
Flora Chan/Jeannie Chan - Diana Yuang Dan Dan
Angie Cheong/Winki Lai - Hui Jan Nei
Gloria Yip/Kandy Wong - Leung Kam Yin
Elvina Kong/Annice Ng - Cyndi Law Fung Sin
Fennie Yuen/Cheronna Ng - Luk Yuen Chau 
Lawrence Ng  - Alan Chiu Chi Lun
Lawrence Cheng - Wong Kwok Leung
Jerry Koo
Joe Tay 
Eliza Sam - Lorelai
Amigo Chui 
Stanley Cheung - Mo Chi Kin
Heidi Lee - Wong Ho
Koni Lui 
Miu Gam Fung - Wong Chiu Wing Mooi
Koo Ming Wah - Yu Dai Hung
Luk Wing - Fok Kam Fai
Joe Cheng - Poon Jun Kit
Patrick Dunn - LY

I can't say much about Carmen Lee's TV series, I only know so few, but Demi God And Semi Devil (1997) which introduces the Chinese world to Benny Chan was a rather good show.  

For Loletta Lee, she wasn't a great actress to begin with but her one TVB series I do know of, The Greed Of Man (1992) is a classic which introduces us to the "Ting Hai effect". 

Fennie Yuen was lovely in Food Of Love (1996) which catapulted Wong Hei to instant fame where he was the ultimate underdog before Bobby Au Yeung took over. However I think she was better known for the Happy Ghost movie franchise.

Angie Cheung of course made her name in the long running series Kindred Spirit (1995) which also introduces us to Hawick Lau, Ben Wong and more importantly to the most hated onscreen character and actor (for the excellent job) back then, which is Cheng Chi Seng as the worst son ever. She was also memorably the love sick and weak willed spider demon in Journey To The West (1996). Frankly I never liked her much as an actress.

Elvina Kong's representative work is in hosting but she was rather funny in the satirical and spoof series where I believe she was spoofing Anita Mui, Gordon Lam as I think Jacky Cheung and Wayne Lai was spoofing Roman Tam. I googled and it was called Showtime Blues (1997). Coincidentally Ruco Chan was in that series as well as a host and I never even noticed him. Wow he debuted a long time ago!

Flora Chan is someone I need not introduce any series to young fans since she is probably the latest or most accessible of the actresses in this series. However if you must insist, I liked her best in Healing Hands (1998) where she was best matched with Bowie Lam. Was never her fan but she has her following and she can sing.

As for Gloria Yip, can't remember her work. She was never huge if I remember correctly but I suppose her main work was in movies.

You probably know Flora Chan but she debuted late and so wasn't in the same group as the other 6 actresses who debuted very early in life. Do remember, there might have been some "cheating" so I stand to be corrected.

Loletta/Rachel Lee 李麗珍 Born: January 8, 1966 (age 48), Hong Kong, China
Elvina Kong Yan-Yin 江欣燕 Born: July 6, 1967 (age 46), Hong Kong, China
Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying 袁潔瑩 Born: September 15, 1969 (age 44), Hong Kong, China
Flora Chan Wai-Shan 陳慧珊 Born: May 30, 1970 (age 43), Hong Kong, China
Gloria Yip Wan Yee 葉蘊儀 Born: January 13, 1973 (age 41), Hong Kong, China
Carman Lee Yeuk-Tung 李若彤 Born: August 16, 1973 (age 40), Hong Kong, China (NOTE: Dramawiki however states her age as 47 so I am confused at the huge discrepancy)
Angie Cheong Wai-Yee 張慧儀 Born: November 4, 1973 (age 40), Ipoh, Malaysia

The ending is poignant, beautiful, joyful and happy. I like that it ended on a positive note. I was afraid Cyndi was gonna die. It seemed like a long time coming but it felt right. Perhaps one of the most complete ending from TVB for a very long time. I also like how Siu Sze loved her husband more than she wanted to move on. Not that she wasn't moving on, I mean she wasn't crippled by her grief anymore but she still loved Kwok Leung who admittedly was such a great husband. I can understand and love that she rejected Alan. I am however not happy that Alan returned to Dan Dan or the suggestion of it. He and Dan Dan can remain friends, truly friends but I never had the impression Alan loved Dan Dan as much as he could have loved Siu Sze if given the opportunity. I would have loved that Alan said he will wait for Siu Sze and leave it at that. I don't see how Alan could ever go back to Dan Dan even if she changed for the better. And she did change but I felt the reconciliation of Dan Dan and Alan was too contrived. I wished there was a brief scene of them 6 months later. After all Dan Dan and Alan's story was every part of M Club and it felt incomplete without a final look at them 6 months later.

Same with Fei Choi and Dr House. Don't get me wrong; I love this pair but I wished for more development rather than a sudden confession, a sudden yes and that's it. This pair deserved more dilemma or more wooing time. It just felt so contrived in the way they ended up together.

However I love how Robert reconciled with Julie. It felt right and it felt good.

Performance wise, Rachel Lee did well in the confrontation scene with Eliza's Lorelai except she was so botoxed her non-moving non-existing facial expression was her downfall. If not, it would have been such an amazing performance. Eliza did well. Wanted to slap her. Especially when she asked her father how he can forgive her. Dear god, he abandoned her mom! But yeah Eliza did well. She was cute too and a bundle of energy. 

Everybody else was good to fantastic, a special shoutout to Carmen Lee for a fantastic job well done. She is to me 2014's TVB TV Queen. If not her, who? She was masterful, expressive, cute. She did grief so well and so realistically. She was charismatic and had chemistry with her male co-stars. I don't see a competition for her as TV Queen.

A runner up has to be Flora Chan who was amazing as Dan Dan. She was convincing as the supreme bitch and also as the queen of aerobics. She danced with energy like she really knew how to dance. I love her many interpretations of please, which included p-l-e-a-s-e which must be seen to be believed. And her final act with Alan was also very well acted, with humility in her Dan Dan. I see Flora Chan in a new light as an actress. This IS her definitive role and she was gung ho about it and it paid dividends!!

Everybody else like I said was great too but to me the 2 standouts were Carmen Lee and Flora Chan.

The guys did well even if hardly developed as characters.

As for Eric Tsang, he did great as producer, not so great in his cameo and totally failed in delivering the ultimate; Alan Tam. For this, Eric failed big time!

Other than that, I will say this series is one of TVB's best, apart from Ruse Of Engagement for the action, Swipe Tap Love for the romance and Never Dance Alone for the story of friendship as well as solid performances by the veterans and the young ones. I may have complained it was never ending and it was but at least it started well, ended well and everything in between is forgiven. In fact many times I felt like crying. This series just moved me, just touched me emotionally. I suppose all of us must have our M Club don't we? Whether 2 or 4 or 10, we had our friends from our youth whom we still talk to or those we stopped talking to. Each member of M Club, including Dan Dan must have a real counterpart and we also must have our dreams when were were growing up and how easy it was for us to neglect our dreams when we were. M Club showed how ironic life is; as children we dream about our future; as adults we stopped dreaming. As children we imagined doing many things; as adults we may have done those things and yet felt nothing. In a way M Club and Never Dance Alone reminded me of my youth and now my adulthood; my friends and my long forgotten friends. I was right to call this series a series about nostalgia but after watching it, I will say it in a positive way. Nostalgia is good and Never Dance Alone shows us why.

But Eric, no, no movies please. Let the series be as it is.

A must watch for everyone.


Sadly Alan Tam did not make an appearance (physically) but Eric Tsang the producer did and it was a strange and irrelevant appearance because it should have been Alan Tam who sayyyy presented the award for the Aerobics competition. If Eric Tsang can't even get Alan to make a guest appearance, can he ever persuade the likes of Chow Yun Fatt and etc to ever act in a TVB series nowadays?

Anyway the ending is good and bad. For now, let me recollect my thoughts.

Commentary coming soon.

No one dies, don't worry. Although Cyndi is diagnosed as end stage cervical cancer, she doesn't die, yet. But first, the most heart wrenching scene, apart from Kwok Leung dying.

It was Cyndi's birthday and at the studio the girls prepared something special for her. Everyone was there, even Julie and when Lorelai saw her, she wanted to leave. Julie held her hand to beg her to stay but Lorelai was very angry with her mother and she asked her father how he can forgive her when Robert quietly told Lorelai not to make a scene. Julie begged Lorelai for another  chance, but Lorelai's heart was set in stone. Even the rest looked at Julie without much emotion except for Siu Sze and Cyndi who both looked sympathetic. Lorelai coldly and angrily said;

Why not just let me go? After all you abandoned me, you didn't want me! Remember? Since you never wanted me so why pretend you want me now? Why not just be the strangers we are so neither of us have to pretend any more.

Julie was crying hard (and this is a lesson to all actresses- botox ruins your acting because Rachel Lee looked frozen in her face but her eyes speaks volumes with massive tears but her face was unmoving, stuck, frozen in perpetual bored sneer) and she held her daughter's hands as she tearfully said (narrated by Julie with heart wrenching flashbacks);

I am so sorry. Believe me, I regretted giving you up. I regretted it so much. But what can an 18 year old do? One whose family would not help her, her friends who have made plans for their own lives and was abandoning her, one whose boyfriend was not there? I wanted so much to keep you but what can I do?

And here we are shown Julie coming back to the studio and Lorelai alone and she angrily said to herself her friends all could not be trusted. She went to see her aunt who refused to take her back with the baby and in a moment of sheer madness, she was standing on the rooftop holding Lorelai and wanted to jump off the building but then she heard Lorelai cried and she snapped out of her foolishness. It was then she left Lorelai at the orphanage, tearfully leaving the crying baby.

Even when I gave you up, I couldn't give you up completely. I always go back to have a peek at you but you grew up so fast, I couldn't recognise you. I am your mother and I couldn't even recognise my own daughter! I told myself I will find you back, I told myself I will become your mother again. My life was hard but I never stopped looking for you. But every lead I had on you was a dead end. I just couldn't find you! I was always wondering what were you doing? Will you be a chubby girl when you start school? How was your study? Were you bullied? Will we meet again and do the mother-daughter things? Will I ever see you again? Believe me, I never gave up hope  looking for you. But you're right to be angry with me. I blame everyone else for my problems when I have only myself to blame for all I have done. I regretted all of it but you're right to not admit me as your mother. I am a terrible mother. I am not qualified to be your mother. I am very and truly sorry.

And tearfully she walked away as Lorelai and everyone else was crying hard. Robert was tearful too and he immediately ran after Julie. On the streets he stopped her as he said;

I didn't know! I didn't know how much I have hurt you. I shouldn't have been so immature, to run away like I did and you had to bear all the burden yourself. I have wrongly blamed you and I am very sorry. I will never abandon you again, I will never let you carry all the burden alone again. 

That was a long time coming. Robert deserved the blame as well. In fact someone (can't remember who) said they were all at fault, not Julie alone. I agree. And they hugged. She in fact hugged him. In fact I am surprised Lorelai forgave her father but blamed everything on her mother. This scene was a long time coming. Yes Julie was despicable to blame her friends but in a way she was right as we shall see later...

Lorelai was crying and the girls were there and Siu Chi Cha I think or maybe Jenny said;

You know... Julie was right. We did abandoned her. We left her all alone when we promised otherwise.

And each girl told Lorelai something they remembered about Julie, something good when frankly in the past they did not bother because they were prejudiced by Julie's selfishness. They told Lorelai how Julie gave birth to her in the hurricane and how she suffered pains and yet when she held Lorelai all her pain melted away; how she was so concerned for Lorelai's well being, etc etc. All of which showed she did love Lorelai but she was so young, so alone and so abandoned she really had no choice. In fact to me giving up Lorelai was the best thing for Lorelai who went on to have a good life and a good education. I wished I could see her adoptive parents though because Julie owed them a huge thanks. 

Anyway Lorelai went to see Julie, they reconciled, they hugged, a huge happy ending. Except when Robert wanted to marry Julie, Julie decided she wanted things to stay as they were. Why? 

Because I am afraid; life's never good to me and when life's good, I am afraid I will lose all the good. I am happy as I am now, as we are now, I am contented and I dare not ask for more. Let's stay as we are.

Poor Julie. She does seem philosophical. To cut the long story short, she played a game of fate with Robert. She boarded a tram one side, he on the other and he had to find him. Interestingly Lorelai found Julie and Julie felt very sad as it was the last train and she didn't see Robert. But then she heard a loud scream and saw a joyous Robert running to her holding her cardboard cut out and said "I FOUND YOU!! I FOUND YOU!!!". It was cute and funny and touching. He proposed, promising to give her a ten carat diamond ring except it will be one carat per year since he can't afford the ten carat ring immediately and she was so moved she said yes and they kissed and yes, a very happy ending for poor poor Julie who had it rough for years.

A sidenote; later on Lorelai also found her happiness when Luke sorta proposed and Lorelai agreed to stay back in HK and Luke found his first permanent dream job; he was hired to look out for any sign of UFO in Sai Kung, HK. Yeap, there is such a job it seems. Anyway both were happy.

Anyway back to Siu Sze and Alan.

Remember Siu Sze was on her way to see Alan? She dropped by at the peak and looked for the palm print and found a letter hidden in the flower pot. She took the letter to Alan and they read the letter together, Siu Sze was smiling and crying and Alan seemed philosophical as well. We hear Kwok Leung narrating in an excited voice and we see flashbacks as Kwok Leung said (not verbatim);

Dearest wifey!

Surprise!!!! Happy 20th anniversary! Wow, has it been 20 years? What a long time and what a journey for us. I know we had our biggest fight recently and so for our anniversary I wanted to do something extra special to make up for the angry words exchanged. I wanted you to know how much I love you. You know, people often ask what is it about marriage and happiness in life? What did I gain from all these years? My dearest wife, let me tell you this; my greatest happiness in life is marrying you and going on this amazing journey with you. I am who I am because of you. You are my happiness and I never regretted our lives together. I am a very very lucky man and I hope for this luck to continue. People often say love for a few lifetimes, I don't know about that. For me, this lifetime, it is us. For 20 years more my darling. I love you.

Your hubby, 
Kwok Leung

Something like that. It was a very touching letter where basically Kwok Leung confesses his entire life is hers and hers is his. Siu Sze tearfully and happily said to Alan;

This is such a surprise. I hope you can understand why I can't accept you right now. I am sorry but for now, my heart can only accommodate one man that is my husband, Kwok Leung. But you have someone waiting for you who has loved you since she was 16 and never stopped loving you. She has changed for you and she has made such efforts for you. Perhaps you might consider giving this person a chance she deserves.

Alan looked... philosophical. You know where this is heading right?

Meanwhile rumour had it that Dan Dan will win the championship anyway due to rigging. They can't let Cyndi know whose life was hanging on a thread. She refused to go to hospital until after the championship. Siu Sze went to see Dan Dan who didn't want to see her, Siu Sze explained Alan and her were just friends and Dan Dan was angry to hear that because she'd rather Alan refusing to come back to her because of Siu Sze rather than Alan flatly refusing to come back to her because of her. She felt like a failure, like she was a total loser. Siu Sze sighed and said Dan Dan was still the same sore loser as ever. But she begged Dan Dan to allow for fair competition, to give all a fair chance. Dan Dan asked why and she replied for Cyndi who was dying. Dan Dan looked.. philosophical.

I know! I know! I kept saying he or she or they looked philosophical but that was how they looked!

Anyway M Club got news that the competition's rules changed; now it was 50% judges vote and 50% audience vote. They were all surprised at that change and why Dan Dan allowed for that. Siu Sze smiled and knew and said;

Girls! Stop thinking so badly of Dan Dan. She is actually a good person.

Well, the girls were not impressed.

Competition time. All with nice uniforms designed by Wong Ho and it was glittering apron!! Nice. Serious! Very nice. Anyway Lorelai walked past the corridor and saw Dan Dan and gang warming up and they were fierce!! Panicking Lorelai rushed back and saw everybody sitting down and she asked shouldn't they warm up by now and they all looked at Fei Choi who was on her 4th cup noodle and they said they were waiting for her and Fei Choi whilst slurping the noodle said she had to have enough fuel for energy later on. I thought that was such a funny scene!!

Ok, competition time and Dan Dan performed first and wow! Wow! I must admit, Flora Chan was fabulous as she danced and writhed and whatever she was doing with high octane energy. The judges were not so impressed. Elena Kong (yes, that actress) said it was such a robotic  movement. Bob (yes, that DJ cum actor) loved it and called it sexy. But in the end someone asked why they weren't smiling. 

Next M Club but Cyndi was too sick to perform. A short clip showed a happy but wheelchair bound Cyndi explaining why this competition and they all said for friendship. Siu Sze explained Cyndi won't be performing but they will be performing for her and so the low energy routine began to the tune of I Will Survive. It was very very low energy; but fun was because it was people of all ages and sizes doing movements like wiping the glass, mopping the floor, picking up the phone, etc etc. It was cute but not aerobics. And as viewers we see them as their younger counterparts on the same stage dancing the same routine except in the adults, Lorelai was in Cyndi's place. They were youthful and happy once and though 2 decades have passed, there they were again. I like the two generations on one stage. It was quite moving. Anyway everyone was moved to tears and was smiling. As they performed, people who were and still are in their lives called to vote. Such as ex fiance of Julie, Jenny's mom, Siu Sze's dad and mom in law and even Fei Choi's ex husband who looked thoroughly miserable. Even Cyndi's bad half brother admitted Cyndi was like a phoenix; she will always rise from the fire no matter what and he tellingly said "This sister of mine..." meaning he too finally see her as his sister eventhough I don't see them hugging and crying as siblings. But it was quite an acknowledgment. Alan voted too. Even Luke and his BFF had many phones ready and just voted. That was funny to watch! In fact even their ex teacher recognised them! But he hardly aged! Siu Chi Cha took off her mask mid routine and everyone was shocked to see her, even her ex lover LY and his wife who were walking on the streets. That gained a few more votes because she was a high profile ex civil servant. When the routine ended there was a standing ovation. But we didn't see the results announced because next we see them holding the huge trophy. But before that, Dan Dan talked to Cyndi and she was... philosophical. She didn't look disappointed and she said sorry to Cyndi for bullying her in the past. Cyndi looked surprised and said;

Bullied me? I never thought you bullied me. Dan Dan, we all always thought you were so beautiful and so smart.
Dan Dan was visibly moved and she did say;

But I am such a failure with my friends. I have no friends. It was my own undoing. If I hadn't been so stubborn I wouldn't have left M Club. If I hadn't been so jealous I wouldn't have been so foolish.

But Cyndi smiled and said sweetly;

But you have friends. Once a member of M Club, always a member of M Club. You were and still is and will always be a friend.
Dan Dan was clearly very very moved when Cyndi was suddenly in pain and she rushed to get her a cup of hot drinks when Cyndi's head dropped and Dan Dan panicked as she said;

No no don't die on me Cyndi! Not when we are now friends again!!

That was funny! But also scary when the girls rushed in and they cried and shaking Cyndi as they cried she can't die yet, she has yet to know the results, etc etc when suddenly Cyndi sat back up again with energy! She said;

I am not dead! Just tired! I just took the pills, very sleepy!

OMG! For a moment! I was laughing at her antics and so were the girls. Dan Dan felt relieved and quietly walked away.

Anyway they all walked out with the trophy and Dan Dan was interviewed about her loss and M Club was asked to take a picture together and Cyndi and Siu Sze shouted for Dan Dan to join them and pulled her into the picture and made her do the M symbol with her fingers which she did.

Back at home, Dan Dan looked at her own trophy and remembered when the results were announced. She didn't feel a bit angry at all and in fact, she changed at that instance. She looked... at peace and ... err.. philosophical.

Meanwhile Alan was at his place when he saw his neighbour walked out (one huge dude) and he heard a meow and he recognised it. He called Dan Dan and Dan Dan arrived and he said their daughter is not dead! I mean the body they saw was flattened? Anyway he recognised the meow and Dan Dan marched to the door, knocked and demanded to see the cat. Guy refused and there was Alan cowering behind her but made a dash inside and indeed it was their cat!! You do know where this is heading right?

Back at Alan's, Dan Dan was stroking the cat, WITHOUT GLOVES ON. Alan looked at her and noticed something changed in her. Dan Dan in her own way never said sorry but in many words sorta said sorry to Alan for her past behaviour. She agreed the past her was highly strung and she admitted she hated losing but she lost the competition and truly lost to M Club and she didn't mind at all. She said she felt at peace and happier and M Club showed her friendship do last. Alan was moved by what Dan Dan said and he apologised to her for being a failed husband and did not protect her years before when a burglar threatened them, in fact pushed her at him. Dan Dan was shocked at Alan's gentleness in his tone and looked at him almost tearfully and gratefully as she quietly admitted;

I wouldn't have wanted you to fight that man anyway.
Which is her own way of saying she would never have allowed any harm to come to him anyway. Alan smiled and offered her favourite tea and they drank and smiled and continued their conversation, indicating a new beginning for them. Could be anything since their story ended with that scene.

Cyndi meanwhile was ready to be admitted to the hospital. Dr House said there was a new drug that may benefit her but Cyndi will need to go to USA for the treatment. Fei Choi was ready to accompany Cyndi but instead Dr House sweetly held her hands and said he loved her and would loved it if she accompanied him. She smiled happily and agreed.

Meanwhile for the others;

Siu Chi Cha called her sons and said she was going to see them in England and will further her studies there.

Julie and Lorelai as stated above.

Jenny was feeling miserable. She told her mom old age was catching up. Youth has passed her by and now even her period/menstruation has left her. She said she hadn't had her period for 2 months and felt utterly miserable. Her mom looked at her and said maybe she was pregnant. And Jenny's expression was priceless like OH SHIT!

Siu Sze was at home when the door bell rang. It was Eric Tsang as himself and in a 5 minute scene where he suggested making M Club into a TV series or documentary or whatever and Siu Sze said ok with the condition she writes the script. It was a short irrelevant confusing cameo because it should have been Alan Tam. In that 5 minutes Eric Tsang managed to come across as brash, rude and arrogant little twerp. True! I didn't find it funny at all. I would have wished Eric was an MC at the aerobics competition with the Wynners as the judges. Now that would be awesome.

6 months later.

Everybody is happy and What's App-ing one another. Narrator said even when they were far apart, they have never been closer thanks to technology.

Robert and Julie were happy.

Luke and Lorelai were together.

Cyndi is in the US looking happy and healthy.

Fei Choi was with Dr House, frolicking on the beach and taking selfies of their pair of feet. I was in fact very happy for Fei Choi's ending. 

Siu Chi Cha was at the university, happy and healthy.

Jenny was pregnant and presumably married to her toyboy and running his phone shop.

Siu Sze was busy writing the script and looking after Cyndi's studio.

And the story ended with a snapshot of their current self in their glittering apron uniform and this series ended with a positive message of the power of friendship thanks to the determination of one glue that binds them all; Cyndi.


EPISODE 29 & 30

Quite a few things happened in these 2 episodes, so I will just summarise. They mostly centre on Cyndi, Julie, Siu Sze/Alan/Dan Dan, Fei Choi and Siu Chi Cha.

First, Dan Dan. Dan Dan wants to reconcile with Alan but Alan tells her no but she avoids the issue and moves in with Alan on the pretext her place is haunted. Alan being Alan let her be. Again she broaches on the subject of reconciliation by being very nice to Alan; cooks, cleans, etc but Alan again rejects her and she again avoids the issue by announcing she will hold a party for their cat's birthday. She bakes a cake, opens the window and the cat falls. And it is 5 floors up. When Alan returns, he is panicking and then searches and find the cat's body. In anger, he accuses Dan Dan of murdering the cat because he refuses to return to her. She could not believe he would think so badly of her. During the funeral where Siu Sze invites Dan Dan, Dan Dan confesses she finally realises her relationship with Alan is absolutely and truly over. Her only excuse of ever seeing Alan every day is dead and she now has no reason to bother him ever again. She agrees Siu Sze is perfect for Alan and wishes them well. At night alone in her big beg, her grandma calls and Dan Dan cries her heart out. Later when Siu Sze tries to explain that she and Alan are just friends, Dan Dan questions if Siu Sze is lying to herself. She says she really loves Alan, she had loved him since she was 16 and at that time she knew she can't lose him when she lost her friends to Ah Wo (Julie) and Alan almost to Siu Sze. Against family objections, she moves to US to be near Alan and I guess that's how they fell for one another. Siu Sze apologises for being such a bitch to her but she says to Dan Dan loving someone is not controlling that someone. Dan Dan must let go to earn the love of someone, whether friends or a man. Dan Dan places no hope in earning the love of her friends anymore but she hopes still for love of Alan even if she and everyone knows Alan's heart is no longer with her. Why? Well..

Siu Sze's MIL is the most changed character. Since her son's death, she strikes a friendship with Siu Sze's dad, even dating him and in the process becomes a more active happier person. She sees through things and dilemma and she tells Siu Sze if she can find happiness with Alan, go for it. But Siu Sze hesitates, because she still love her husband very much. She goes to the peak and finds the spot where she and he placed their palm onto the wet cement, she finds it and touches the palm print and cries her heart out as she tells her husband not to worry about the 3 women in his life, that they're all ok, that they will live on and live well. With Alan she remains a good friend but she senses Alan likes her more than she cares to admit. Alan asks why she was so cold to him when they were younger and she explains it was because of Julie. So they missed one chance to be together. Alan tells her everyone can have a second chance in life or rather another go at something which she dismisses. She is talking about love and she misses her husband and she keeps saying no, there won't ever be another chance at anything and Alan forcefully looks at her and says with conviction that yes, there are always second chances in life, clearly referring to their doomed puppy love. She tries to advise Alan to get back with Dan Dan who changed a lot in her opinion but Alan stops the car and again looks at her and says intently that he can never be with Dan Dan again because there is someone else in his heart now. Never really said it is Siu Sze but Siu Sze knows. Alan invites Siu Sze to lunch or a drink but she hesitates. She changes her clothes but not her shoe. She can't answer her maid whether she will be having dinner, and this prompted a hilarious response by the maid Daisy who says she can't even make up her mind about dinner for half a day! MIL returns and sees Siu Sze in a dilemma and correctly guesses it is about Alan. And she gives one of the best advise ever;

If your life is 100 years, you have not even reached the half way point yet. 

She urges Siu Sze to go for Alan, to give herself another chance, not to worry about her or Wong Ho. In fact I do think even Siu Sze's dead husband would have wanted Siu Sze to find happiness again. However how long has her husband died? If not long, possibly within a year, I feel Siu Sze should wait a little. Anyway Siu Sze rushes out but she drives to the peak. What happens next we shall know in the next episode.

Julie's aunt wants money and Julie gives her. At Julie's wedding to Robert, everyone is happy and the aunt arrives, sees Siu Sze and says Julie's cheque is wrongly dated and when Julie comes in seeing Siu Sze trying to electronically pay the aunt the money she wants so that Julie's lies aren't exposed, the aunt made a loud ruckus and everyone knows how Julie lies, blames and concocts a story to make herself look good. Lorelai tearfully leaves, Robert angrily leaves and everyone especially Siu Chi Cha leaves frustrated and wronged. But Julie blames Siu Sze for bringing in the aunt who walks away sneering happily but of course Siu Sze is told off by the others for blaming everyone else but herself. I understand the hurt but no one seems to scold the aunt and no one seems to understand Julie was only 17 and Lorelai did grow up in a good home. However the girls were right to be pissed off with her. Lorelai refuses to listen to her explanation, Robert moves out and scolds Julie for blaming everyone and becoming so blameless when she has her faults (he is right of course although he was no saint), M Club doesn't want her except for Cyndi who likes everyone and forgives easily and Siu Sze who understands Julie's reasons for whatever she did and forgave her long ago. Her reputation also suffered as tabloid exposes her lies and Dan Dan scolds her but Dan Dan does not give up on her as an investment and tells her winning the aerobic competition will salvage her reputation as well as D Fitness. However, Julie is under a dilemma...

Siu Chi Cha is worried she has cancer and tells her friends but funnily, she has yet to get checked. So the girls go for a package plan checkup, and turns out Siu Chi Cha is just stressed but it is Cyndi who has end stage cervical cancer and has at best 6 months to live. They all urge Cyndi to get treatment but Cyndi tearfully and stubbornly says no, she wants to dance, she wants to die in the studio or on stage, she wants to participate in the aerobics competition and the girls not wanting to disappoint Cyndi decides not to pull out from competition.

Dan Dan receives news M Club is pulling out which Julie overhears and Julie rushes to Siu Chi Cha and apologising, thinking it is Siu Chi Cha having cancer and Siu Chi Cha is very cold to her but when Julie volunteers to recommend an oncologist, Siu Chi Cha tells Julie it is Cyndi who has cancer. Julie visits Cyndi at the studio and sees Cyndi as usual planning the dance moves and she is happy to see Julie and Julie apologises for her behaviour and Cyndi says don't worry, M Club always forgives no matter what and hugs Julie. Julie does not wish to compete against Cyndi and tells Dan Dan but Dan Dan reminds her that they have all abandoned her, they have all cut ties with her so why not prioritise herself and her own career now? And so Julie thinks about what Dan Dan says...

Poor poor Cyndi. Poor poor Cyndi. Life's not fair to her and it is realistically so. Not realistic is how can Jenny not work and still have money? Her savings can't be that much. Siu Sze I get because her husband left her loads of money.

Anyway on an happier note, Fei Choi meets the gwailo who danced with her and he is Cyndi's oncologist, named Dr House or as Fei Choi calls him, Dollar House. Ahh so cute! So happy for Fei Choi. Imagine, she is the most traditional Chinese woman in the group (apart from Siu Sze) who is into all things feng shui and she will end up with a gwailo doctor!! Dr House eh? I do miss Dr Gregory House, which I am sure where the name came from.

As for Dan Dan, I can't say poor Dan Dan. Her life with Alan is over. Loving someone should be a wonderful happy thing; your most love should bring out the best in you. In Alan's case, Dan Dan brings out the worst in him. He tolerates her because he did once loved her but no longer. Dan Dan couldn't understand that. Alan is so much more at ease, happier and a better person with Siu Sze. In fact Alan calls Dan Dan names. Yes, not very gentlemanly and he does say it to her face but Alan does make his feelings clear. He says it at it is, even when telling Siu Sze how he feels. I feel going back to Dan Dan will be the worst ever decision, apart from marrying her. He made one mistake once, he can't make the same mistake twice. If I was Alan, I too will choose Siu Sze. If not I will choose Fei Choi. Dan Dan? Unless I am sado masochistic and I hate myself. I won't deny M Club also was bitchy to Dan Dan who was as bitchy to them, but that doesn't mean Alan should return to her. If this series show Alan going back to Dan Dan, I feel this will be where the series commit suicide. I also disagree Siu Sze should move on so soon. But in the end Alan must end up with Siu Sze, after a gap or perhaps 2 years or 3 years.

Acting wise, Loletta Lee or Rachel Lee is so botoxed, she can't even emote. And the camera loves close shots of her frozen face. Why? Pull the camera away and maybe I can say she gave a decent performance. With camera so close, all I can see is how her face isn't moving at all, but her eyes does tell me something; but not enough.

Sunday will broadcast the final 2 episodes. I know I kept saying how long this series is but now that it is ending, I think I am gonna miss it. It will probably end on a sad but somehow positive note; sad because Cyndi dies or is dying but positive because everyone finds their meaning and direction in life. Not so much as empowerment to women but rather empowerment to oneself; dare to dream and dare to realise that dream. Cyndi, however tragic is also a very positive person. I mean despite or inspite of all the shit thrown at her, she probably will scoop up the manure and make something good out of it.


This series is setting itself up for a massive tearjerker for its finale from what I can see. But first some happy news. Fei Choi finally rids herself of that lumpy parasite called her husband and my god, what a glorious scene.

Should I skip to that first? Should I? Should I?

WHY NOT? Let's have a happy moment first. In fact episode 28 is about happy moments and is one of the happiest episode in this series. 

First, Fei Choi.

She got a call from her stupid husband who owed money to loan sharks after a trip to Macau with that pretty girl (assistant of Cyndi's half brother I think) and she rushed out, took a taxi, saw something and stopped and then continued with her journey. She paid the loan sharks, went home to see a very dirty messed up place and then coolly told her husband she was back to pick up a few things and then leaving. Husband of course said why she is leaving since she is back and Fei Choi said;

I am going home.

Husband said;

But you're home!

Fei Choi said;

No this is not my home anymore. In fact I am leaving you.

Husband said;

Why then you save me?

Fei Choi said;

Because I am a kind hearted person. I will even save the security guard of this building if I am asked to.

Husband begged for her to stay but she said;

I am leaving you because I don't love you anymore. At first I thought our marital problems is because of feng shui in this apartment. But when I moved out, the place I am staying? The bed is hard and the place is old and the ceiling is not looking good but I have never slept so well. And then I realise our marital problems is you. You are my problem. Without you, I could sleep well, eat well, function well. I don't need to hear you scolding me or insulting me anymore. I may be fat but I am also cute. I may be old but I am youthful. You may think of me as ugly but I think I am rather pretty. I am so much happier without you, my life so much more fulfiling, my joy so immense with the thought of you out of my life. When I was coming to save you, I passed by a shop. What great luck! The dress I always wanted, it was on discount! So I stopped to buy it. And I realise a dress could bring me so much more joy than you. I don't need you anymore. I don't want you anymore. I am happy with my friends, my best friends and that is enough. I want a divorce.

YES!! YESSSS!!!! Best break up speech EVER!! I love how she actually had the time to stop to buy a dress. He is no longer her priority and I love how she views herself with self respect. The husband was dumbfounded when she said she stopped to buy a dress. That was funny. This is like emancipation of Fei Choi who I think is rather cute and pretty too. In fact she is normal and isn't too skinny and is a good person misled by her desperation for her husband's affection whom she think completes her when SHE COMPLETES HERSELF. Now THAT is empowerment! Love this scene! And I have a lot of !!!!! for this scene. !!!!!!!!, ok? !!!!!!, yeah!

And now to Julie.

I pity her, I sympathise with her, I think she is strong and a survivor but I can understand why everyone will hate her later.

Lorelai dropped by to see her mom taking an award and her dad was there too and when reporters asked who that young woman is she couldn't answer and Lorelai feeling disappointed wanted to leave when Julie stopped her and against the advice of D Fitness rep (probably Dan Dan's assistant cum BFF), she confessed about Lorelai being her daughter. Whilst Lorelai was moved and touched by her confession and willingness to gamble with her career, Julie's public image suffered a little and Dan Dan wasn't pleased until she saw Julie interviewed by Luisa Maria Leitão where her image actually salvaged by her confession and now she is a hotter property which prompted Dan Dan to say "She is a cockcroach". You know, even a nuclear blast won't kill off a cockroach. Anyway Julie enjoyed some mother-daughter time with Lorelai, doing silly stuff like sharing same clothes (but Lorelai is size S, she is size XS!!), taking sticker pictures, etc which was rather cute. I think Julie meant it when she told Lorelai she'd rather be old, fat and ugly if she can have a chance to reconnect with her daughter and that she was sorry and that she wished she could take back what happened in the past. Of course she did not mention about giving her up for adoption and still blamed her friends for the kidnapping thing. Meanwhile she accepts Luke which reminded her of how she was with Robert. 

Robert one day took her to a wedding and it was her ex fiance with his boyfriend! Remember that pair? Seems a scene is censored and I bet they either kissed or hugged or both. My applause to these 2 actors. Anyway if you know where I can see specifically that scene instead of going through the entire 45 minutes, do tell me! Anyway to cut the long story short, Julie rekindled her love with Robert and they had sex, and when she woke up she thought he had left but he returned with breakfast and she was so happy she rushed to him and kissed him passionately. Robert himself apologised to Julie for abandoning her and he was ready to finally settle down as long as it is with her. She did wonder if she had run off with him to Europe would she had to suffer or would she have a good time but to Robert it did not matter as long as they had each other.

Jenny's secret was out and they all knew she was dating that younger man who was 12 years younger. Cyndi fainted and everyone thought she was dying and she made all of them promise to join some aerobics competition. It turns out she was fine and the girls had to join the competition against much fitter and younger girls. They danced badly but got through because the organisers thought they were good for publicity. I however don't understand why of all masks Siu Chi Cha used to conceal her face, it had to be Hitler. It isn't funny. Anyway on  their way out they were dejected that they actually got chosen. They felt they were up for total humiliation, except for Cyndi who was excited. They saw Dan Dan and her group and guess what? Dan Dan always bring out the fighter in them and so Cyndi bet with Dan Dan; lose the competition and had to buy 50 hamburgers like how Dan Dan had to do when she lost when she was younger.

Future episodes we do see them dancing but Cyndi is replaced by Lorelai so my guess is she was too sick to go on. And why is it so darn depressing? Cyndi had such a sad life; to have her happy ending as her friends dancing is to me such an inadequate happy ending for Cyndi. Get ready to cry buckets!

And Alan Tam better make a guest appearance!!

EPISODE 25, 26 & 27

So many things have happened in 3 episodes. Basically they can be divided into the following:-

1. Ep 25 : Fei Choi's betrayal is exposed and is forced to choose between friendship and husband whilst  Siu Sze finally comes to terms with her husband's untimely death

2. Ep 26 : The girls deal with Cyndi's half brother and how Cyndi stood tall again and how M Club is almost one again

3. Ep 27 :  Siu Sze finds out the truth about Julie's lies and Jenny finds love again in the unlikeliest person.

Basically that. Also some small points will be Dan Dan trying to reconcile with Alan who avoids her like a plague and then rejected her via SMS whilst he is more tolerant with M Club and is flirting with Siu Sze who treats him like a friend (since she still loves her husband). I also like hiw Fei Choi meets that gwailo who wanted to buy her a drink previously and she sort of hit it off with him. After how her husband treated her, she definitely deserves better.  In between and if I remember correctly about the episodes;
Ep 25 made me teared up again when Siu Sze cried her heart out and let go of her grief as she cried that she misses her husband very much. I really do feel the entire grieving process is very real and down to earth and for once depicted with enough sensitivity without being overly dramatic. Credit goes to Carmen Lee who should win TV Queen at TVB Awards. I also teared up at Fei Choi's desperation and laughed at Cyndi who proclaimed Alan Tam is coming to visit her when in actual fact it is Alan Tam on radio talking about a woman named Cyndi and M Club. In fact Alan Tam must make a surprise guest appearance in this series, if not this series will be totally and absolutely incomplete.
Ep 26 made me teared up yes again by what Cyndi had to say. But first, why is TVB's legal woes in series is always so illogical? Since Cyndi is there and very lucid, she can execute another Power Of Attorney instead of showing them eating first the photocopy and then the original copy. How silly. Anyway Cyndi confronted her half brother and tearfully revealed how her half brother always bullied her, insulted her, took her dad's inheritance money and then introduced some guy who cheated off the rest of her savings and made her crazy and now he even wanted her studio, the only think her mother left for her. She asked how can a brother treat his own sister that way. Shouldn't a brother after some argument with the sister always let the sister win? Why he so hated her that he just never even treated her like family. Well to his credit he was consistent. He just laughed it off with fake tears. Bastard. Anyway Cyndi finally said she is better now because she is not alone; she has her M Club, her family and that is all she needs. I tell you, I cried at the end of what she had to say. Poor poor Cyndi. What a tough life she had.

Ep 27 didn't make me cry but it made me wonder who wrote the script. Lorelai was obviously abandoned by Julie at an orphanage and this was told to Siu Sze from the evil aunt of Julie. She even had the nerve to denounce Julie as some little harlot and irresponsible mother who treated everyone like shit. Here I don't get why Siu Sze never ever defended Julie. They knew the aunt beat her, threatened her, used her. We all know Julie abandoned Lorelai not out of choice  but out of desperation, more so we are shown aunt told Julie she will never get to go home since the aunt won't pay to feed a bastard child simply because Julie couldn't keep her legs closed (in Cantonese it was gentler but in English, this is what the aunt actually meant). Julie was driven to desperation since all her friends had plans, had life, had a future and she was stuck with a baby. Siu Sze should have reminded the aunt she didn't do better for Julie as well but alas, no such things. I feel this part is seriously lacking. Anyway Siu Sze at the end forgave Julie and did not tell Julie or anyone else about this. I suppose she understood Julie's predicament. And Julie regretted giving away Lorelai and tried her best to win back Lorelai who was so stubborn. She accepted M Club, she forgave her father but not her mom. I feel however selfish Julie was, she deserved as much forgiveness as the father, Robert. Julie somehow had full blame. Very unfair. But then Julie maybe didn't deserve full forgiveness too because in a way she blamed her friends for Lorelai's disappearance and as a result they all feel so guilty for what happened with Siu Chi Cha bearing the brunt of it. I am sure later they will find out and they will hate her and she will do a lot to get M Club together again. In fact right now M Club is incomplete.

One more point. Alan reveals Kwok Leung hid a wedding anniversary gift at a place where Kwok Leung and Siu Sze dated and put their palms to some cement. I am sure Alan will find the place for her.

This series is ending this week. You can read the spoilers here. Sort of depressing. I am hoping for Alan Tam's surprise appearance, after all surely Eric Tsang can pull that stunt, right?

Oh one more!!

Eliza Sum really look a bit like both of them!


The saddest episode thus far, had me in tears many time. Yes tragedy struck and it is just so unfair that it happened to the best husband/son/father that is Kwok Leung but then how then can Alan ever step into Siu Sze's life and prove to us all that he too is capable of surrendering his heart and do something for a woman instead of running away? By the way I love a few dialogue in this episode and I am reproducing them from memory.

Kwok Leung told his mom he is going on a month long holiday with Siu Sze and then another month he will spend with her back to China visiting relatives and though mother didn't like it, she loved her son more. Then Kwok Leung went shopping; flowers, chocolates and using skype or whatever, Siu Sze spoke face to face with Kwok Leung and wanted a sailormoon figure which Kwok Leung happily went shopping at those slot machines. They had a great time speaking face to face where Kwok Leung promised to do that sort of chatting with Siu Sze once every month when.. oh tragedy!! He dropped the sailormoon thingy which rolled out onto street and Siu Sze said "Go go get it..." and he already did when Siu Sze saw through the phone (as Kwok Leung was holding the phone's screen facing himself" a car hitting poor Kwok Leung and she saw her husband dead before her eyes. She was struck speechless.

I knew tragedy was coming, but I expected like hospital scenes, coma scenes, struggling with dying husband scenes but nope; his end was as abrupt as how Siu Sze saw it. It was cruel, it was harsh and it was tragic. Kwok Leung was such a nice guy.

Jenny and Fei Choi were watching Jenny's mom and boyfriend singing happily and Jenny said how lucky to have found love after so many years apart and commented how lucky Siu Sze who married a good man. Later they found out he died.

Next thing we are told MIL had to be admitted to the hospital, Wong Ho was crying, friends except Julie were visiting, Luke and dad were there to clean up the red/celebration stuff in the house as Siu Sze, not crying but like a robot went through planning the funeral, scolding her father and brother for taking down Kwok Leung's favourite painting in the study room as she said;

This was his favourite painting. It can't be removed, if not how will Kwok Leung know how to come home?

Chinese believes spirits will come back for one last visit within I believe 7 days of death?

Anyway she chose clothes, shoes, etc to be cremated with Kwok Leung which many will find as morbid as it was poignant or familiar when Fei Choi said she has still some time before the funeral and Jenny said Kwok Leung's new home (coffin) is a bit too stuffed with those items when Siu Sze betraying a slight emotion as she said;

He was never into clothes. He never bought any for himself. I had to pick clothes for him.

Later the girls stayed with her watching one sad movie after another because they theorised she had to cry, if not she will go crazy. She did not cry but fuss over many details like making a video send off at the funeral, looking for pictures of Kwok Leung and realising he never really took a portrait of himself as his entire life was concerned with his family's 3 females. Kwok Leung was a selfless husband.

At the hospital, MIL refused to eat, Daisy tried to persuade her but she simply refused and Siu Sze, still like a robot was losing her patience and said curtly;

I don't care. Here, eat this. You have to eat.

MIL angrily said she will never eat and she said with as many venom as she could at Siu Sze;

Since Kwok Leung is dead, I don't need to give you 'face' anymore. I want to say to you; I! HATE! YOU!

Siu Sze wasn't shocked, she was stony faced but she lost her patience as she also said with enough venom in her voice;

Well, since Kwok Leung is dead, I also don't need to give you face any more. I! HATE! YOU! TOO!!

MIL was angry, she demanded Kwok Leung to be given a glorious send off, complete with paper house, car, etc. Siu Sze disagreed, saying Kwok Leung was a simple man and he preferred a simple ceremony. MIL said with angst and venom;

I raised my son for 48 years! Can't a mother have any say in her son's funeral?!

Siu Sze countered;

I married him for 20 years. I slept next to him for that long. I know him the best!

And Siu Sze went on to question the MIL how much she actually know her own son and finally Siu Sze just said she will do the arrangement because she knew what Kwok Leung would prefer. That was when MIL made a scene, refusing to eat, berating why Kwok Leung loved her so little (her way of berating Kwok Leung for dying young and leaving her all alone and thus not loving her) and how she did not want to depend on Siu Sze who would be the happiest now to see her suffer and how she lost to Siu Sze and how  Kwok Leung always loved Siu Sze more than her when Siu Sze curtly said;

No, I won't abandon you. In fact I will do my duty as Kwok Leung would have wanted. You were always Kwok Leung's priority, not me. I won? No, I didn't. But don't worry. I will take very good care of you. I will make sure you are healthy and live a long and prosperous life. I will make sure you live well.

And to her MIL's chagrin, Siu Sze then left.

Alan who didn't know anything messaged Siu Sze wondering how she could abandon a friend for her husband in a joking manner. Dan Dan arrived only wanting to have dinner with him and she casually told him why she invited him because she realised life is short, let's not argue and that was when Alan was told Siu Sze's husband died in an accident. Alan was totally lost in his own thoughts and questioned Dan Dan when he died, etc and worried about Siu Sze, so much so Dan Dan as selfish as ever felt alienated and then stalked off. What a woman. Alan was right to just ignore her.

Julie, the most missing person went home to see Robert moving back home and cooking. Robert told her he wanted to start anew with her and with Lorelai as a family unit and Julie curious asked why and Robert explained life's so short, tragedy can happen all of a sudden and he realised he wanted to spend whatever time he has with the woman he loves. That was when Julie found out about Siu Sze's loss. I was wondering where she was up until that point.

Siu Sze at home with Siu Chi Cha who tried to persuade her to eat but Siu Sze had no appetite. She left when Siu Sze's dad arrived with soup but Siu Sze said she couldn't eat. And that was when Siu Sze gave the reason why she did not cry when her father urged her to cry and release herself as he said she had advised him the same thing when his wife, Siu Sze's mother died;

Father, mother died of an illness. You were there for her, taking care of her, making sure she went well. I was the reason Kwok Leung died. I had a tantrum and I pushed him to buy me things and I was the one who urged him to pick up the Sailormoon figure and because of me he got hit by a car. I don't deserve to grief father, because I did not help Kwok Leung, I caused him his life!

Her father tried to console her but she was convinced she was at fault and so she lost the right to even weep for her husband. And then her father narrated the next few scenes where we see almost everything looking rather sad and appreciative of whatever time they have left with the people they love as he said;

My daughter, however Kwok Leung died, he died with happy thoughts. He died doing the things he love, for the woman he loves. Take comfort in that.

Which I thought was rather true. Kwok Leung was so busy chatting with her and was such a happy man in such a happy moment. His death was very fast, very sudden, he had no time for pain or regrets. He died at the moment when he was at his most contented. In a way a good way to die, if one must die.

Funeral day, well arranged and everyone helped. Siu Sze still have not really cried out hard and was stony faced. Wong Ho was crying very very hard. Julie and Robert arrived, M Club was surprised to see Robert whom they did not like and Julie hugged Siu Sze who felt comforted by Julie's presence as Julie said reassuringly;

Everything will be ok.

Meanwhile the mother who can't be at the crematorium was at home looking at Kwok Leung's pictures and crying hard with Daisy the maid crying as hard too.

A note. Chinese believes a child dying before his or her parents are considered the greatest most unfilial act ever and in the old days, the parents even had to scold the child or beat the coffin or something; nowadays they are just forbidden to attend and the reason is simple; if they did, the child's soul will suffer in the after life since they already were unfilial for having to die earlier than old parents, more so having the parents send them off is considered another sin. Old chinese believes in all these and so the old ones always stay away, much to their grief and sadness at not being able to give their child the final send off.

At the funeral, some insensitive thing happened; Luke's best buddy saw Jenny, approached her and said she reminded him of his favourite goddess from the Kindred Spirit series (yeap, also by Angie! Quite  pun) and flirted with her which she found weird. At the cremation, Siu Sze saw the smoke and she fainted and everyone rushed to her and guess what? That creep gave Jenny a tissue as she was crying with his telephone number written on it!! An instant turn off for her. In the bus on the way back from the crematorium, he even wanted to sit next to her but I think Luke pushed him aside. Siu Sze who sat next to Wong Ho who was carrying a large portrait picture of her dad (which was a rather nice picture of Kwok Leung) suddenly felt so tired that she closed her eyes.

When she woke up, it was 3 days later. She opened her eyes and first thing she saw was her MIL looking pissed. MIL curtly said;

You must be very happy you won. I really lost to you. Kwok Leung's Will was opened and he left everything to you, including this house. I am now under your mercy, you must be so happy.

Siu Sze did not understand and rushed to MIL to clarify and said she didn't know about the Will and MIL said;

So you get everything, even this house! You must be so happy finally you got everything! The day you have been waiting for, it is here now!

Siu Sze was offended as she said;

I know you always thought I married Kwok Leung for his money.

MIL said curtly;

Didn't you? You, who caused my son's death, if not because of you and that tantrum of yours, he wouldn't have died!

Siu Sze losing her patience countered;

No, he died because of you! If you hadn't forced me out, I wouldn't have had that tantrum and he wouldn't have to get those things to reconcile with me and die!

And thereon it degenerated to rather petty argument by both women with the MIL crying;

Because of you, my son who promised to have dinner with me every night when my husband died will not have dinner with me anymore!!

Siu Sze argued back;

What about me? He promised he will chat with me over the phone once a month, I won't have that anymore!!

MIL countered;

Don't expect me to beg for mercy from you!! You won everything!!  I suppose now I will have to move out! Don't worry, I will find myself an old folk's home! I will move there, alone!!

Daisy who was at her side said;

Don't worry! I will move with you!!

Very funny, in a very intense scene. She did treat Daisy very well.

Siu Sze countered;

I will transfer everything back to you! I don't want any of it!

MIL cried;

What? You think I need the money?  I have my own savings! Don't pretend you are not happy with the Will!!!

And my god, can't win over that horrible woman!! Wong Ho was the one who ran out shouting;

You two shut up!! Stop arguing!!! Father will never ever come back anymore, so you can stop biting each other's head off like you always do!! Father won't ever see that again!!!

And that stopped the argument.

MIL was with Daisy at the park. Daisy left to go to toilet and MIL sat alone in her thoughts. I do think she was at times jealous at how close and loving Kwok Leung was with Siu Sze whom she resented as some gold digger. Anyway Siu Sze's dad sat down next to her, she wasn't pleased and to cut the long story short, Siu Sze's dad urged MIL to forgive Siu Sze and he explained the reason Siu Sze had to ran home begging for money was because of his own stupidity at bad investments again and again and again. He was the cause of her misery and she did it because she loved her dad. He even caused her her overseas education and he said Siu Sze was such a good daughter with such good temperament. The MIL snickered at that as dad revealed when Kwok Leung and Siu Sze first married, Kwok Leung wanted to buy a house for Siu Sze. MIL snickered well why didn't he and he explained it was because Kwok Leung wanted to move out with Siu Sze to avoid any arguments with MIL and suddenly MIL's face changed as dad said Siu Sze felt she didn't want to come between mother and son and didn't have the heart to leave the old lady alone and so insisted they stayed together. Dad urged MIL not to be angry and blame Siu Sze and said shouldn't now be the time for them 2 who shared a common grief to support one another. No parent ever wanted to see her child die before her. Why blame Siu Sze? And MIL softened as she quietly said she didn't blame Siu Sze, she blamed her own son.

Sad isn't it? She was at the end of the day very pissed off because her son died before her. Period. That was the crux of the matter. Very very sad indeed.

Wong Ho, Siu Sze, I think Daisy was there and MIL at the crematorium to pick up the urn of Kwok Leung's ashes. They were waiting when Siu Sze said bluntly and unemotionally;

I have asked a lawyer to transfer everything back to your name, save for some money for Wong Ho's education. That includes the house.

MIL didn't quite look at her and said;

Why did you do that? Kwok Leung always said the most important thing to him was his 3 girls. I am not going anywhere. You are stuck with me. You will have to take care of me, bear with me for the rest of my life. I will be latching onto you for the rest of my life whether you like it or not. 

And that was their reconciliation and when the urn was taken out, the 4 women (even Daisy) cried and held the urn and touching each other's hands in a show of familial unity, at last, something Kwok Leung got to see when he was alive as Wong Ho cried at her grandma's shoulder and finally Siu Sze cried as well.

And it took one death of a man who was the centre of their lives to finally unite these women, even the maid Daisy. It was sad, it was tragic and yet heartwarming.

At the club, Luke's best friend was there to try and woo Jenny. I think Fei Choi was there too with Siu Sze and at first Jenny refused the best friend's overtures to sing karaoke together, so he sang in  front of her and urged her and when Jenny saw how Siu Sze laughed slightly at his antics, she stood up and went on stage with him, to cheer Siu Sze up. At that point Siu Sze received a call from Cyndi's half brother who requested to meet her and she felt strange why he suddenly wanted to see her and Fei Choi who suspected it had something to do with her husband, made some excuses and bolted.

I am sure next episode will be the big reveal of Fei Choi's treachery.

You know I like how the grief was portrayed in this episode through the friends, the wife, the mother, the daughter and even the maid. Each different perspective and all very very real, especially that of the wife and mother. Kwok Leung was such a stabilising presence in their life, so to lose him to such tragic circumstances was hard on all of them, even for the friends who hardly knew him but knew him by reputation. The dialogue between wife and MIL was realistic, was harsh and was much needed in this series which was in the danger of going bland and predictable. The manner of his death was shocking but it was what was after which was the big reveal. Siu Sze was not a push around but out of respect for her husband, she relented to the MIL but not anymore. I love those scenes and many times I was in near tears too because the portrayal was very realistic. Wives don't cry madly, they are usually numbed, lost, in denial until at last they get that release. The portrayal of grief here is very very well done. My only dissatisfaction is Luke's best friend's great seduction of Jenny during the funeral which was really so childish and almost destroyed the expected and much needed grimness of those scenes. Why joke in such a dire situation? The joke in the club was fine but not before. I even laughed a little at Daisy's allegiance to MIL which wasn't childish so it was ok,

Performance wise,  Carmen Lee and Miu Kam Foong were excellent. You can't question their ability to deliver the grief, the sense of loss, the venom, the pettiness, everything. Amazing scenes, amazing performances. Everybody did well too except for Loletta Lee who looked too frozen to have any reaction and was very much missing when her presence should be there much earlier than much later. Heidi Lee as Wong Ho did well as those "I wanna slap your arrogant rude face" scenes but her grieving scenes, crying scenes, sad scenes, everything else scenes except for the high and mighty super arrogant annoying look scenes were simply terrible.

Lawrence Cheng shared amazing chemistry with Carmen Lee. I shall miss him dearly.

DO NOT miss this episode.


Life's unfair especially when your name is Julie. Not only did Lorelai grew close to all her godmothers, she even called Robert her daddy but Julie? She got the cold shoulder. All because Lorelai overheard Julie saying she wanted to strangle the baby, she didn't want the baby, she didn't care where's the baby when Robert after being told by Diana confronted Julie about a daughter they had. Robert got to take the high road; he didn't know so he didn't have a chance to be the bad father. So Julie had all the blame when Robert did run away and Julie couldn't have possibly find him since she didn't know exactly where he was.

Anyway before we reach that sad conclusion, for the first half you have happy M Club and the raining season and typhoon and that was the night Lorelai was born. After that Julie felt she had no freedom with the baby and the girls promised to take care of Lorelai so Julie could go out and have fun. Julie did, to find Robert whilst the girls each unintentionally pushed the baby around to the next until Jenny didn't know she was supposed to take care of Lorelai. She went out and left the baby alone in the studio. Next scene we see Julie scolding them all for losing Lorelai and she blamed Siu Sze the most since Siu Sze was supposed to take care of Lorelai but had to leave because her baby brother was sick. Siu Chi Cha had to leave for a job interview. Cyndi left to chase after Alan Tam. Fei Choi left to buy food. And Siu Chi Cha was busy listening to her walkman so she didn't hear Fei Choi. What a bunch of nannies eh? I will say Julie abandoned Lorelai at some orphanage and then blamed them all for losing her child.

Meanwhile present day Lorelai explained she was adopted when she was 1 by an academic and his wife and moved to Norway and they raised her well and told her to go back to HK to look for her biological mother. But she didn't want to see Julie. Julie tried to explain (as much as Loletta can muster any emotion on her face which was very very unemotional due to botox no less) but Lorelai didn't want to hear (a bit of OTT acting by Eliza but understandable). Anyway what is evident when Robert, Julie and Lorelai were standing together, Lorelai does look like Robert (Eliza does look a little like the actor himself!).

Back to Siu Sze's problem. Her MIL said something very hateful. Her son almost blamed her but MIL said she intended to train Siu Sze like she trained *** (name forgotten) and husband asked who is *** and it turns out to be a dog. Surely the mad woman can't expect to teach Siu Sze like she teaches a dog?! The daughter overheard and wasn't pleased. Also she also overhead daddy was a bit jealous of some guy named Alan. Wong Ho went to see her mom to give her some clothes and asked her mom about Alan which she denied. She later saw Alan at supermarket and you gotta admire her spunkiness when she pushed the trolley against his bum and on his foot and said that was for destroying her parents' marriage. Am I liking her already?!

Alan with Diana but he was busy what's app-ing Siu Sze which Diana saw. Diana reprimanded him, saying Siu Sze was someone's wife! Alan began to realise maybe he was overstepping the boundaries of friendship. And in this scene, you will get to see how many ways Flora Chan can say the word Please which included spelling the word. Awesome! True!

Alan invited the husband for a chat and they ended up sharing a common ground; both had distaste for a particular woman; Alan for Dan Dan and Kwok Leung for his mom. Kwok Leung was generous enough to be friendly with Alan and admitted he never suspected Siu Sze of cheating on him. Alan in fact encouraged him to woo Siu Sze again and Kwok Leung revealed when he once wooed Siu Sze he had to play a game called How's Our Fate and chased her around a mountain, bought her flowers, pinky swear that he will love her forever, etc etc which led Alan to say Kwok Leung was a romantic guy. Kinda funny to see these two bond. Kwok Leung did see them almost kiss. If not for his scary MIL and his inability to stand up to his mother, I will say Kwok Leung is a pretty swell guy.

He went to see Siu Sze at the studio and bought her her favourite food and apologised. Siu Sze she will only forgive him if buys her 100 stalks or roses (or was it 1000?), something else I can't remember and a vacation with only the 2 of them for one month. Kwok Leung agreed and Siu Sze had the last laugh.

And please don't tell me when they reconciled the writer will kill of Kwok Leung?! I do like Kwok Leung. He is really a very good husband but his weakness is Siu Sze's worst nightmare. No man can be perfect I suppose!

Anyway such happiness must surely mean there will be tragedy ahead. Brace yourselves!!!

P/S Fei Choi gave the fake PA to her useless husband.


Wow, major stuff going on in this episode. It started with the girls celebrating Siu Chi Cha's freedom from LY and with Siu Sze giving the fake Power of Attorney to Fei Choi with her reminding Fei Choi not to give to anyone since it was fake and Fei Choi feeling rather guilty. Will she or won't she?

The rest some great plot movement.

First, Dan Dan and Alan. Dan Dan's grandma was coming for 1 day visit and so Dan Dan asked Alan to pretend to be still married to her since grandma, who was very fond of Alan didn't know, despite having divorced 5 years ago. Alan was also very fond of the old lady and all ended up staying for 1 night together and Alan and Dan Dan in one room on one bed. But they argued. Here we find out he was bankrupt before and Alan felt they divorced because Dan Dan was materialistic and couldn't suffer with him. Dan Dan thought they divorced because Alan wasn't man enough for her and didn't protect her well enough when they encountered a burglar or something. They ended up arguing and Alan sleeping on the floor. Grandma left for a flight next day and before leaving she gave them their wedding picture which Dan Dan and Alan thought was lost forever. Grandma knew they divorced because she heard them arguing and she urged Dan Dan to be less highly strung and be more supportive to a man who was a good man like Alan and she urged Alan to take care of Dan Dan for her because she was Dan Dan's only living relative. On the way back from the airport with Dan Dan driving, they got on well enough to plan a movie and dinner and supper until some car tried to cut Dan Dan and she chased after them who turned out to be some gangster looking dudes and they argued, they threatened her and pushed her and drove off. Dan Dan blamed Alan for being a wuss, for not protecting her and that in her own words; "Such a useless worthless man, no not even a man" and Alan was so angry he left and walked all the way home. Dan Dan drove off but feeling guilty she called him, reluctantly but he refused to take her call. Someone SMS-ed him and it was Siu Sze asking him if he wanted to buy some shampoo and accidentally sent him a selfie and well, he felt happier again.

Next Siu Sze. She came home to find her MIL grabbing Wong Ho's designer bra and tried to destroy it because she felt ashamed that Wong Ho designed such a thing. MIL in fact scolded Wong Ho and Siu Sze grabbed the bra, pushed MIL who fell on top of Daisy the maid and before that she did say MIL also wore a bra so what was the issue? Anyway they both ran out and Wong Ho submitted her design. Mother and daughter had a bonding moment which was rather nice and Siu Sze told Wong Ho after seeing her daughter, she too won't give up on the dance studio and will try to persuade her husband to let her run the studio again. Back at home, MIL was crying in pain and husband was angry but told Siu Sze to just be quiet. But MIL kept berating Siu Sze and even insulted Wong Ho like "you're two just one of a kind, your sort will give birth to that sort of useless being" which I thought was shocking since MIL doted on Wong Ho. Wong Ho told her dad it was because grandma tried to destroy her creation and Siu Sze said she did make sure MIL was ok before leaving. But MIL cried "Daughter in law bullies mother in law!!!!" and husband told the mom to be quiet please and that was when Siu Sze has had it. She moved to the front and deliver a scatching reply to the unreasonable MIL which I suppose made her daughter respect her more;

I know you don't like me. You never did, not after my father borrowed money from you. You always looked down on me. No matter what I do, you will never be pleased with me. When I married into this family, I expected this. I willingly give up on everything and betrayed my friends so I can be the dutiful daughter in law. But you were never pleased. You can insult me all you want. You even treat Daisy the maid better than you treat me. But I am willing to accept all that. But don't you ever insult my daughter!

and husband tried to tell her to stop it and MIL angrily said;

So you think I treated you badly huh?

And Siu Sze replied honestly and with a little anger;

Whatever you dish out, I willingly accept it. I am like your maid here.. no, I am lesser than even a maid. The maid doesn't even respect me. But I am not in the wrong. You are. You're unreasonable bitchy tyrant who expects to get her way. You know what? No, not this time! You are a miserable mean tyrant!!

and that was when husband shouted;


which stunned Siu Sze and when MIL cried for the son to choose mother or wife, the husband hesitated a little and then told Siu Sze to move to her father's place for a few days. Siu Sze was stunned beyond belief as she exclaimed;

You chose her over me? You're kicking me out?!

Husband nodded and said for a few days and Siu Sze left and Wong Ho wanted to follow but Siu Sze told Wong Ho to stay put and she left with only her handbag as husband comforted the worst MIL ever.


What a scene! What a scary MIL! I was happy Siu Sze finally stood up, not for herself but for her daughter. One should be lucky to have such a good daughter in law. Idiot MIL.

Siu Sze walked forlornly on the streets when she received a message from Alan who said he had 2 tickets to a movie and asked if she and her husband wanted the tickets. She arrived at the cinema, nearly in tears and Alan noticed that but she went into the cinema and he followed along. After the movie, he bought some beer and she wanted to eat those twin ice cream. I suppose something like this one?

Anyway couldn't find it but found something else which I don't know the English name but in Chinese it is "loot tzi". Anyway the seller said something cryptic like "Those ice cream? Yes still got. You will be lucky to find it or unlucky not to find it. Why bother with that? Why not buy these from me? Since it is here, at the right place at the right time?"

Ahhhh speaking of Alan perhaps? So they did, sat down, chit chatted and both knew something personal of the other. Siu Sze wondered why her marriage is like a prison to her, where she had no days off. Why her MIL treated her so. She asked Alan if he will reconcile with Dan Dan since Dan Dan changed a lot. Siu Sze mentioned she never beat her child because she didn't believe in stern punishments. She asked Alan if his parents ever beaten him and he said never and to her that proves her right; never beat a child and he will grow up nice and good, just like Alan. Just give them love. But Alan wondered why Dan Dan was the way she was, treating people badly despite growing up in a loving home? And he dismissed the idea of reconciling with Dan Dan. In fact both were so drunk Alan held her hand and she didn't pull away and we see their past (where they kissed) juxtaposed with the present where Alan leaned in to kiss a drunk Siu Sze. As he went nearer and nearer, we see the flashback of their first and only kiss and when he almost reached her lips when they heard a cat meowed and walked past (computer generated! Why TVB? No real cat?) and he suddenly realised what he was about to do and pulled away and Siu Sze smiled shyly, also realising what she almost done and both left, embarrassed. However one person saw everything and it was Siu Sze's husband, in shock and perhaps a bit fearful. He is a great husband but too mommy's boy to stand up to his mother who was clearly too unreasonable.

Finally, Lorelai and Luke. She went to see him to give him a good bye gift, he too gave her a gift and each game similar gifts; star wars pendant; one Luke and the other Leia and that was when Luke went berserk. He couldn't understand why she was giving him a cold shoulder, that Leia and Luke were meant to be together (Hey! They were twins, siblings, forbidden!!) and that was when Lorelai said he was her uncle.

Siu Sze at the studio alone when Luke and Lorelai dropped by to see her and Luke said gravely that he had something to ask her. So he did;

Why didn't you tell me you once gave birth before?

Which was funny when Siu Sze replied;

What? You already know Wong Ho is your niece!

But Luke said;

Not Wong Ho. The other one. Carrie, your daughter...

And that got Siu Sze very confused and Lorelai showed Siu Sze a photo of her as a baby and Siu Sze exclaimed;


and flashback!

Julie at the studio, visibly pregnant and crying and punching her tummy berating why she is pregnant and the girls arrived in time to stop her as Julie cried if she lost the baby, she can still marry some rich guy or join some beauty pageant. But now she can't and she just wanted to die. The girls promised her that they will all take care of the baby with her and Julie didn't feel assured but at least not hopeless. Then the girls made a pact to study together and all except Siu Chi Cha stayed at the studio (Siu Chi Cha's parents did not allow her to do so) and it was quite a heart warming scene as the girls studied hard and Julie prepared food (although junk food), refilled water and even reminded them to study hard, like a mother would do. How come that Julie became the present Julie? What happened to the nice sweet Julie? At night, they all slept on the floor and Julie told them of her fears, her tears rolling down her cheeks as she wondered what her future will be when the she felt the baby kicked and the girls excitedly listened to her tummy and Julie suddenly felt quite assured even if the future was uncertain as she had her M Club with her as she asked them if they could sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow to the unborn child which they all did together as Julie's tears rolled down her cheeks. It was a moment of happiness for the girls, united in Julie's uncertainty and their love for the unborn child.

It was a lovely end to this episode. Now Lorelai knows. Wonder what's next? Still slow but at least the pace is a bit faster with more revelations.

No comment on anything except Miu Kam Foong is scary and I don't get why so many netizens feel Eliza Sum can't act. I think she can and she can act very well. She is likable and quite natural as Lorelai.


A short recap of two very significant jump in plot. Or make it three.

Wong Ho lies to her mother she is going somewhere with Lorelai when she is in fact going to the workshop to complete her bra. Scary MIL told Siu Sze to buy the maid a birthday present which is sorta funny since she wondered whether MIL ever remembered hew birthday at all. Anyway whilst shopping she sw Lorelai and so she had to tell Wong Ho's secret which really led to mother and daughter reconciling and understanding one another deeply and even the daughter sided with the mother when MIL tried to in her own bitchy way insult Siu Sze. Of course MIL was not happy.

Julie meets Robert who got cheated by his partner and borrowed heavily from loan sharks which he didn't know and so now he got beaten and on the run. He stayed with Julie who softened at his plight and found out years before Robert left suddenly because Siu Chi Cha said Julie wanted to tie him down. He got scared and bolted. Julie denied she ever said that but then remembered and flashback.

Julie's aunt again prevented her from eloping with Robert to England, etc and few her passport into the errrrr mobile latrine? She was also locked in. Meanwhile Siu Chi Cha went to see Robert to give him some books for Julie who she had not seen for 2 days. That was when she told Robert to take good care of Julie and be committed to her and when Robert denied he ever promised her anything he was told Julie had intentions of tying him down in a committed relationship. And that was when he bolted. Julie escaped to find Robert gone and back at the studio she cried her heart out (the actress did very very well in this scene, in fact I find her the best actress amongst the young ones) and revealed she was pregnant.

Back to present.

Poor Siu Chi Cha realised her LY is a complete jerk. due to his affair with the new secretary who gloated about it. Meanwhile Julie who has become quite bitter went to find Siu Chi Cha to settle some old scores when she found her friend drunk and tried to slash her own wrist. At the hospital Siu Chi Cha denied trying to kill herself but her friends were there and said Julie told them everything about LY and they scolded her for being so stupid to be involve duty a married man and now trying to kill himself for such a heartless man whose affairs are now widely known. Julie's Heart softened when Siu Chi Cha confessed she felt terrible for telling everyone about Julie's pregnancy which may have led to Lorelai being kidnapped and because of this she learned to never speak. She joined the civil service no honed her muteness to fine art. She got married, got two sons and even though she knew the stock market will crash she did not warn her husband due to her commitment to her muteness which caused him to divorce her and took the sons away to England. She tried to beg for forgiveness but after two years her actions were futile and ended up divorced. Lonely and alone that was when she met LY who took advantage if her vulnerability. She apologised to Julie but Julie sit it wasn't her fault. And she herself blamed herself for her stupidity for falling prey to such a jerk like LY. However she softened when she found out LY was having a political crisis and she did her job by salvaging his image before the public, only to have his so called innocent wife slapping her and saying she is such a slut to expect LY to be with her. Obviously Siu Chi Cha was very upset. She was even more upset when LY didn't care she slashed her wrist, and he even confronted her for upsetting his wife who obviously lied that Siu Chi Cha gloated about their affair in front of her. That was Siu Chi Cha's last straw. At the parking lot, she tearfully asked LY did he ever loved her. He refused to answer her and her friends arrive (minus Cyndi and strangely Julie) and it was so satisfying to watch them 3 running after him with Fei Choi sitting on top of him and beating him, Jenny kicking his balls and Siu Sze pulling his ears. LY cried for help and said he loved her but Siu Chi Cha realised he loved only himself and reprimanded herself for being so naive and stupid. She then threw a pail of very dirty water on him when security guards arrived (and LY can't even tell the truth! Yeah!), the 4 girls ran away with abandonment to the apt tune of "I Will Survive".

It was a great end to this episode. I must say though Patrick Dunn/Tang was great as that despicable LY. He was always someone who plays nice guys but this LY is slimy and horny at the same time. Like I said before, I was also very impressed with Venus Wong.

Good episode, finally some breakthrough and some unity amongst the girls. I am however curious why Julie was left out in the Great Bashing Of LY?

EPISODE 19 & 20

The men in this series have very poor memory, or perhaps just plain douchebags. Robert, now a yoga expert met Julie again and yet he didn't seem to know he impregnated her or even perhaps made her into who she is today. One thing for sure; it will be epic when Lorelai finds out Julie is her real mom. She already told Julie she wouldn't want a mom like her; so mean spirited, so disloyal to her best friends.

And yes, past scenes we have super duper united M Club, where through  series of unfortunate and stupid events, poor Julie took the blame and got expelled from school. Not that it mattered. She would never have been able to go to university anyway and she planned to elope with Robert. My take is Robert probably wanted a free and unobstructed live. Anyway present scenes we have a super duper disunited M Club where Siu Chi Cha did not lend a hand to help, Siu Sze now had to close the studio, Cyndi who showed slight improvement slipped back to craziness when she saw the girls argued, Julie after being told by Dan Dan now knew Siu Sze once kissed Alan and for some reason, she felt she was cheated and so blamed Si Sze and argued with everyone why they were always on Siu Sze's side. Fei Choi continued with her treachery except now she found out the Power Of Attorney (remember that? Felt like eons ago) was fake. Didn't look like Dan Dan was the buyer so my guess if the half brother will swoop in and sell the dance studio even if legally he has no right unless he is Cyndi's legal guardian and even so he has no right unless with the consent of court (but in TVB world, he can do whatever he wants to heighten the drama!). Oh, forgot to mention Julie calls Cyndi crazy when confronted by the girls for going to work for Dan Dan which ended with Siu Sze rightfully slapping Julie and the girls throwing eggs at Dan Dan and Dan Dan and Fei Choi fighting (wo)mano a (wo)mano. Dan Dan took this opportunity to worm into Julie's heart as a friend but Julie coldly told her their relationship is strictly business. Even now Dan Dan still wants a friend. She even starts learning to cook just because Alan said Siu Sze is a better woman for being able to cook and look after her loved ones. It is like 2 steps forward for feminism since Dan Dan is so successful and yet 2 steps back for again feminism since Dan Dan, however successful is still regarded as a failure just because she can't cook. I find that mildly offensive. Or maybe Dan Dan missed Alan's main point; Siu Sze is liked because she is a likable person, as opposed to Dan Dan who is mean spirited. Being able to cook is really just a bonus point.

Rest of the series is about potentially incestuous relationship between Luke and Lorelai and also Wong Ho, a bitch in the making is actually not that bad. She just love to be the HK version of Victoria Secret lingerie designer, hence her obsession with bras and breasts. Lorelai knew and promised not to tell Siu Sze, mainly because Wong Ho really had such low opinion of her own mom that she felt her mother who wanted to run the studio did not have enough conviction to carry through.

Lastly not so poor poor  Siu Chi Cha found out her LY was having an affair with his new young secretary and she was mad as hell.

And all these hopefully will lead to eventual empowerment and unity of M Club. But why is it so damn slow in getting there? This series should  be winding down by now and yet it is still telling us in excruciating details why their past selves were so awesome and present selves suck. I am getting a bit bored with the snail pace.

EPISODE 16, 17 AND 18

Can you imagine it is only episode 18? And still so many episodes to go? I feel by this time this series should  be reaching it pinnacle, its finale and yet it is only half way through. I still find it immensely enjoyable but it is just too much flashback and too slow paced for me. And that is why this series is not quite awesome anymore. However the characters' growth are slow, steady. But I dislike the intrusive flashback. I want to see the present, not the past. Time to move on from the past and let the past stay in the past. The young girls have overstayed their welcome. Now I want to see more of the adults.

Anyway a very short recap for all 3 episodes in point form.

1. Siu Sze has the most understanding husband in the world. Whilst he was quite angry with her mysterious relationship with Alan and with Wong Ho going possible the delinquent way (stealing bras? peeping at fellow female students in shower room?? What?!), her husband insisted she leave the studio which she promised she will after the final dance where Siu Chi Cha invited the now popular Julie to do with the other girls.

2, Alan shows more strength in character. Siu Sze finds out he was married to Dan Dan when she helped him to sneak into her home and cat-nap the cat. All the fuss over one cat. Alan also remembers Siu Sze, their kiss and that he wrote her a letter before he left for the US. Either he was incredibly dumb or he was incredibly naive or both, he gave the letter to Dan Dan to give to Siu Sze. Of course it never reached her. Basically he wrote explaining he really likes her and asks her to write to him in US, to keep in touch. Dan Dan later moved to same school and pursued him and they married. Siu Sze and Alan did wonder if things will turn out differently if they kept in touch but both concedes perhaps it will be the same consequence. Alan has an even lower opinion of Dan Dan.

3. In fact Dan Dan angrily wonders what is so great about Siu Sze and basically Alan who never minces his words with anyone told her to her face why Siu Sze is so likable and why Dan Dan is not. I agree with everything he says. In fact when Julie thought Siu Sze made a fool of her when Alan rejected her and said it was Siu Sze who suggested he be very very nice to her  and so Julie ignored Siu Sze that Alan explained Siu Sze's good intentions. It would seem only Alan could see the truth in things when others couldn't.

4. Siu Sze is now What's App friends with Alan who encourages her. It seems she is the only woman he can stand to be around. Which  makes me wonder whatever did Dan Dan do to destroy him and his faith in women. There was a very interesting suggestion; Dan Dan said something about NY and something which made him lose his confidence and for once he was angry enough to leave the table and ignore her. Interesting. But with so many episodes to go, this mystery will be stretched to no end.

5. Last part is about Fei Choi whose husband is a jerk, we all know that. But suddenly he was so nice to her and she found out it was because a mysterious buyer wants to buy the dance studio and they will get 3 times the commission. So for the sake of her husband, she had to betray her M Club by doing little things to tear them apart. Who is the buyer? Could it be Dan Dan or the half brother? But to what profit to buy at market value? What will the resell value be? Anyway she locked Julie in the dance studio and then disrupted the dance routine on stage making the audience boo M Club and even throw bottles. It was total shambles and humiliation which led to everyone being very pissed with Julie thinking she was pulling a diva moment and no one believed her when she said someone locked her in and her phone battery died and phone died as well. Good thing is Jenny's mom was there and Benny was there and he basically got into a fight with the audience for booing M Club on stage. Kinda nice moment. Fei Choi herself is wrecked with guilt but one scene where she was with the still insane Cyndi and she explained why she had to  betray M Club; her husband stopped calling her baby 1 month into the relationship, stopped holding her hands or going dates with her and celebrating anniversaries since years ago and kicked her out of the room  2 years ago. She craves for his love, his attention and since she agreed to help him, he had become intimate again with her, holding her whilst he slept, etc etc. It would seem she was a terrible friend but she was also a woman desperate for love. I pity her. But since I am sure M Club is about female empowerment, she will ditch her undeserving mean jerk of a douche bag husband and regain her self worth and respect. I am sure each of them will find that at some point. However right now, with more than 10 episodes to go, it is still a long way coming.

This series' problem is it is just too damn long winded.


More about the past but related, which makes this a good episode. But first, a little on Siu Sze.

After the touching reunion between Benny and Jenny's mom which made everyone tearful, especially Jenny who saw how happy and glowing her mother was we have a small flashback where we see the exact same same except Jenny, Siu Sze and Fei Choi was 16 and her mom was beautiful and young and happily singing with Benny the song ANAK (I am surprised that in Filipino aka tagalog it is same as Malay which means "child"- it is a very famous song, heard it before - hear the song here & read the translated lyrics here, very powerful lyrics where a father sings to his son).

Back to present, Siu Sze returned home to find a note which said MIL in hospital. She rushed there and found out MIL had major gastric problem (?), hospitalised and her husband just stared sternly at her. Back at home she kept apologising but her husband was very angry as he reminded her in the end MIL did not stop her from running her dance studio and no matter how busy she was, she must never ever neglect her family and he went to sleep. The next few days she juggled between studio, friends and MIL where she made porridge for her MIL who for once talked in soft tones at her and did complain a bit how Siu Sze stopped caring for her. Siu Sze felt guilty. There was a bit of "love/hate/can't stand you/can't stop depending on you" there between MIL and daughter in law. So Siu Sze for now played the dutiful daughter in law.

Back to Chu Lei who did not turn up for filming of the ad much to the panic and chagrin of Alan and Chu Lei pretended to be very sick which confused Lorelai who was having a  nice friend chicken meal with her. Chu Lei said Lorelai should play a few mind games with her guy, if not he might think she is easy to get. But Lorelai felt love is love, why complicate it? Well her Luke messaged her and Chu Lei knew Lorelai was in a complicated relationship. Anyway Chu Lei and Lorelai had a moment where both said they were allergic to cheese.

Luke was dismayed Lorelai had not talked to him for 3 days and his friend warned him Lorelai may be moving on. Luke refused to give up.

Alan came by with porridge of all kinds for Chu Lei and in the Chu Lei insisted on a picnic. At the picnic however she saw someone familiar; a chubby guy as a street performer/golden statue and she stalked to him, he was unflinching and that actor is Cheng King Kei (Burning Flame's Szeto But - haven't seen him for a long time) and suddenly she just stalked away and Alan had to run to her. She cried why of all people she had to meet him here and why everyone dies but no him? Such hatred. Alan was confused and we have flashback!

He was Robert and younger Robert was played by pimply faced Amigo Chui (couldn't recognise him). I was surprised at the pimples and I have a feeling it is just make up to make him look that way. Anyway Robert is a fashion magazine photographer and Chu Lei was deeply in love with the more sophisticated older guy. the girls were excited for her, except for Siu Sze who worried Chu Lei will give her virginity to this Robert and the girls discussed about virginity, first times and only Cyndi was so innocent she was so clueless. Anyway the discussion was stopped by their pregnant teacher and I suspect this is that sort of teacher who gets pregnant every single year. I am sure every school has one! Anyway cut long story short, Chu Lei couldn't concentrate on her studies but knew she had to and Siu Sze reminded her not to go for the island trip with Robert. She went home to study only to have her aunt throw the school book Siu Sze lent her into quite literally the toilet (but those portable ones of the past) and reminding her no one will pay for her further education and she will find a job as soon as she graduated. Chu Lei was very upset, she ran away to the island, found Robert with a bikini clad woman and rushed to him and just kissed him. Turns out that was his sister in law and cut the long scene short, they had  a very passionate kissing scene under the stairs of a motel with flickering lights and yes, that was probably the night Lorelai was conceived. By the way the kissing scene is very passionate, very very long. Kudos to the actress who plays Chu Lei for doing it right even if I feel the scene was so long it became sorta exploitative.

Present Chu Lei looked terrible with running mascara and was crying very very hard as she remembered her sad past. Robert probably dumped her. He didn't even remember her. What's wrong with the guys huh? Alan couldn't remember Siu Sze whom he kissed and she stood him up whilst this Robert couldn't remember Chu Lei whom he had sex with and took her virginity. Only old dudes like Benny remembered.

Alan came to see Chu Lei and was shocked and how tired and ugly she looked and she didn't even care. She just looked like she did not give a shit to what anyone thought or said about her. Very traumatised.

Anyway Siu Sze decided to make some soup and made enough to take away for 2 people. She told her husband one was for MIL and the other to be brought to the dance studio and she rushed off, forgetting her phone. Husband went after her with daughter in tow in car and was surprised why she took a taxi that went another way. Her daughter dismissed that as Siu Sze getting cheated by taxis again. But Siu Sze stopped at downtown and crossed the street and to father/daughter shock, they saw her passing one of the soup bottle to another guy aka Alan! They just looked stunned mommy was seeing another man behind their backs and lied about it!

Quite comical really. I think she just gave it to Alan to give it to Chu Lei as she had to take care of MIL. Do remember, husband did not know about her past with Alan and thought he was just a boy from the next door so to speak., In fact her husband said many times he hardly knew of her past.

Next episode will be very very interesting.

No comments except Loletta Lee did very well. I like also how this series drop a few of the older actresses real names for the 17 year olds because do remember, Fennie Yuen and Loletta Lee were then in Happy Ghost? Quite popular.


Some more flashback but at least very relevant to the present plot. In fact quite touching. The entire episode is on the love-hate relationship between Jenny and her mom.

Jenny was having a very boring day, watching TV with her sulky unemotional mom when same delivery guy appeared and deliberately flaunted Jenny's camisole in front of her mom and of course mom scolded Jenny, in short calling Jenny a cheap slut who doesn't care about her mom's feeling. Jenny angrily retorted that her mother was no better; she was also drunk every night and even wanted to marry a useless heartless Filipino who deserted her (and she used a derogatory remark, as in "Pun Lou" which is that Filipino guy but not a good way to say it) and that her mom was lucky to have her as a daughter who gave up her career, cooked, cleaned and took care of the miserable old hag. Her mother promptly slapped her and cried that she had no right to call the man that word and Jenny was in total disbelief why after so many years her mother still loved the man who deserted her. Jenny stormed off. She met with Fei Choi and declared now that she was free for the night she will do what she did a decade or so before; go to pubs. Unfortunately no one remembered her, the places she remembered closed down long ago and the one place she managed to go in, it was Fei Choi who was offered a free drink from a seedy looking westerner. In short, Jenny realised perhaps she has gotten too old for this sort of game anymore. Drunkenly she went home, brought along her mom's favourite rice and promptly fell onto the sofa and slept. Come morning she woke up but mom was nowhere to be seen, except for ANAK which was written down. Fei Choi and Siu Sze helped to look and Jenny felt very guilty for scolding her mother when she came across a poster which featured a Filipino band and suddenly Jenny remembered ANAK was a Filipino song and she knew perhaps that Filipino guy named Benny was back in HK.

Jenny found her mom sitting on a bridge looking distressed and she scolded her mother why she had to run off, making her worried and trying to make her feel guilty. And that she was really sitting there to wait for Benny. Jenny ended uo carrying her mother home. As her mother slept in her room, Jenny outside spoke with much care, concern and hurt about her mother's behaviour. She couldn't understand why her mother still loved the heartless man, why pine for him and Siu Sze did make a valid point later on that perhaps there was another story that made her mom held onto her old love.Her mother heard Jenny's hurt and concerned and cried quietly.

Flashback and we see her mom looking beautiful and smiling sweetly at a Filipino musician (actor unknown) and they were to be married and to live in Philippines. Jenny wasn't happy, she confessed to the girls she was afraid her mom will be cheated because that Benny seemed flirtatious with other women. She cried her heart out saying she did not want to leave HK and M Club and the girls were saddened too except Siu Sze wondered perhaps Jenny was being too critical of Benny who to her seemed to be trying to make an effort with Jenny who didn't bother. Anyway Jenny ran away from home to live with Siu Sze. Next morning Siu Sze met with Jenny's mom who gave her Jenny's stuff and thanked Siu Sze for taking care of Jenny. Siu Sze explained Jenny ran away because she didn't want her mother to marry a man she felt will hurt her again and this was her way of showing her mom how much she cared. Her mom actually thought Jenny wanted a father, a complete family but Siu Sze said to Jenny, her mom alone was enough and her mom looked slightly confused. Next thing we see her mom telling Benny they were over for reasons he knew well and went to the dance studio to pick up Jenny and Jenny said she won't move to Philippines and can live alone in HK whilst her mom chased her boyfriend. Her mom said tearfully she was so stupid to believe Benny who cheated on her and wanted to marry someone else. Jenny softened and hugged her mother and tearfully said she will take care of her mother, she will do all she can to give all her love to her mother and her mother cried as well.

Present day.

Sad isn't it? Her mother gave up on her one true love for Jenny and Jenny didn't even know. It was obvious. Anyway Jenny went to the old club her mother used to sing at with Siu Sze and Fei Choi and that was when Siu Sze said wasn't it weird her mother held onto the man who supposedly cheated her and that perhaps there was another story and Jenny thought it can't be because of her. Well Benny was back, old, unhappy, broken and Jenny wondered why her mom ever pined for that ugly dude. Siu Sze walked up to her and asked if he was the guy and he looked bitter as Jenny asked if he remembered her mother (name given, can't remember) and instantly he took notice.

Jenny went home, dressed her mother well and said they were going out. At the club, her mother saw a smiling Benny again and instantly she lit up and they sat and chatted in no time as Jenny, Siu Sze and Fei Choi sat nearby. Each found out neither married with Benny confessing he only ever wanted to marry one girl and when she rejected him, he gave up on love. Jenny's mother asked poignantly why they were hold to the past so much and each smiled as Benny took out a diamond ring and told Jenny's mom to keep it, that they can now let go of the bitterness of their breakup, the regret of not marrying one another and the resentment built up over the years because of that regret and bitterness. They can now become friends and each smiled warmly at the other as Jenny thought why the guy was giving her mom a ring and stood up but Fei Choi and Siu Sze pulled her back to her seat and said let them do what they must and Jenny pulled back.

It was a heartwarming moment I tell ya. No wonder the mother was so bitter. I suppose she resented Jenny a little and regretted her decision. Benny was a great guy but it was Jenny who was prejudiced.

Alan found out who kidnapped his cat and it was Dan Dan who reminded him when they divorced, she had visiting rights to the cat and that he can now spend all his time with that Chu Lei and neglect their "child" and angrily Alan called Dan Dan a witch and Dan Dan threw a football at him as he closed the door.

Meanwhile Chu Lei did a great job at the modelling assignment for Hero as she was trying to flirt with an unflinching Alan who missed his cat. As for the past Chu Lei, she was happily dating the unseen I think Robert. Suddenly I can't recall his name.

Ok, that's about it for this episode. I like that the focus is on someone else for once and the flashback links to the present but I feel there is just too many flashback that it is now expected; every episode also got flashback as if the story can't move on without going back to the past. It is now Episode 13, M Club is still apart rather than together and the prospect of another 19 episodes is killing my expectation of this series' momentum. By now the story should be winding down or at least reach its climax. Does this series need 32 episodes? It is just going too slow in that sense with an unequal distribution of stories and scenes for each girls. But at least it is still entertaining.


They all do look quite alike.


EPISODE 12 & 13

Absolute snail pace. I know a lot of you enjoy the flashback scenes but I want to see the adults more. I feel the story for the younger counterparts is nearing its end, it is quite exhausting to watch as it just cuts the present and switches to the past without much notice and it feels like 2 separate stories and so disjointed. But we learn a lot from the present folks in this episode.

Dan Dan was very very unhappy, so she plays squash when Alan arrives to see how she was doing. In this short conversation where Alan ended up scolding the temperamental and violent Dan Dan who threated to beat him and used the balls to throw at him everywhere scolded her that with her attitude no wonder she had no friends. That she was always having this princess attitude, she made no friends, she a woman herself was so petty and wanted to destroy those other women like Chu Lei and M Club when they shouldn't matter, that she was not as beautiful as she think she is and her attitude sucks. Dan Dan angrily snapped that she regretted marrying him (and since divorced) and why she would ever marry such a useless man and she stalked off. She was crying. Alan looked emotionless and when she was out of range, threw his hands up and celebrated with utter happiness. That was funny because back at home he happily stroked his cat as he happily told the cat (a she) that finally mommy (Dan Dan) was out of his life, for good. He need not deal with troublesome women anymore. In restrospect now I understand why he is scared of and is bored of and avoids women. Married to Dan Dan can do that to a man. But he never did say she had bad odour so I wonder, did the girls exaggerate just to be mean? Anyway Chu Lei called and Alan lamented the fact that now he had to deal with another troublesome woman.

Back at the dance studio, Siu Sze now had 8 students. Yeah! Chu Lei left after combing her hair. Lorelai took the hair strands thinking it was Siu Sze's. Of course, for DNA testing.

Alan met with Chu Lei who was using this opportunity to make Alan do whatever she wanted but you know, you can say a lot about this adult Alan, about his small mindedness, his cowardice but in truth he was just trying to survive and he did tell the girls the truth. So basically he told Chu Lei he can always get someone else to do Hero and if the boss can kick a famous Dan Dan out, so can he do the same to Chu Lei and so she better sign fast. And Chu Lei was smart cookie so yes, she signed and got her I believe HKD100,000-00. That was when Chu Lei saw Siu Chi Cha and her not so scecret lover, LY.LY was scolding her why choose such a public place. Anyway they were celebrating the 3rd year of their sordid S&M affair when she saw Chu Lei walking towards them, LY quicky left and Siu Chi Cha upset with Chu Lei ran after LY, drove to find him at his house and let's just say when he saw his wife approaching, he roughly pushed Siu Chi Cha onto the floor and she knocked her head. Next day at work he ignored her and in the lift she tried to explain her love for him but he told her the rules have changed as she overstepped her line and that they were over and she cried and dared not leave the lift.

And I wonder, why a smart girl like her want to be with a jerk like him? In that lift scene a little bit is revealed. Siu Chi Cha had no one in HK, she was very very lonely and she really loved this jerk. I just hope she leaves him, return to M Club and continue on with the story. I am a bit tired of watching her pining for this jerk.

Back to Alan, he returned home and to his horror his cat is missing. Guess who took it?

Some flashback, this scene was earlier, not now but I just suddenly remember. Days after the kiss, Siu Sze made her sandwich of love for Alan who was teased by his friends and gave poor Siu Sze the cold shoulder. Later Siu Sze found out he went break dancing with Dan Dan and saw them and wanted to run but ended up with her bum on someone's cake and she quickly left when Alan wanted to help her but laughed by Dan Dan who whisked Alan away. At the bus stop she was humiliated and near tears when Alan arrived with a bottle of her favourite soy milk and smiled at her and asked if she wanted to watch Happy Ghost. She said yes, almost too eager. Back at Cyndi's Dance Studio she wondered whether Alan really liked her. Why he treated her cold and hot. She can't figure him out and Cyndi could offer no good advice when Chu Lei arrived and said she really wanted to watch Happy Ghost with her dream guy. So silly Siu Sze chose friendship and hid as she saw how Alan was waiting for her at the cinema. Back at the flats, she saw Chu Lei already watched the movie and was day dreaming when happily, Siu Sze discovered Chu Lei didn't watch it with Alan whom she no longer was interested in but with another guy, a photographer guy whom she deemed manlier and I suppose will be Lorelai's father. Happily Siu Sze ran to find Alan at his favourite basketball court and guess what? He walked past her, pissed off, without a word and Siu Sze cried her heart out.

And can we stop with the flashbacks? I want to see the adults, enough with the girls already!!

And so present time, more interesting things coming soon. But before that, Siu Sze was trying to leave a message to M Club as she helped her husband to dress. Her husband also told her MIL was having gastric pain last night so she asked her maid, who had major attitude problem (no one respected her in that house, I wish they had a dog and the dog ignores her, that will be very very funny to see) who told her MIL ate 5 abalone last night and of course, that led to gastric pain. Why she did that because she felt Siu Sze was ignoring her. Love/Hate relationship here!

Siu Sze made oat for her MIL and was extra nice, saying maybe they should go see doctor, if she needed her she will be there and MIL was biting, saying she wouldn't dare intrude into her very very busy schedule. Siu Sze just politely fretted and left.

Back to Lorelai who now really liked Luke but didn't know what Luke thought of her and one night at star gazing place, Luke brought his bespectacled best friend along who showed Lorelai how much Luke liked her. She was so surprised he called himself Luke and she his Princess Leia (her adoptive name is Ka Lai aka Carrie aka Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia and if there is any indicative of any drama to come, do remember Luke and Leia turned out to be twins, children of Anakin and Padme Amidala). By the way I am surprised she was surprised because when they first met, he already introduced himself as Luke to her Carrie. Which was why he felt they were fated for one another. TVB Story Amnesia at work here!! Anyway when he walked her home, she kissed his cheek.

Back at studio, Siu Sze found out rooftop was fixed thanks to Chu Lei who paid for it, also repaid the HKD40,000-00. Lorelai was there and Chu Lei insisted they all go for a meal outside. Siu Sze said ok but said she had to wait for her brother who was on his way here to fix the roof. Lorelai then went inside to help Chu Lei with moving her furniture or something in her room.

By the way, Siu Sze is 44 right? Her brother is 30 and so in a way he is like her baby brother and she doted on him.

He arrived, saw Lorelai and was happy but Lorelai was shocked when Siu Sze introduced him as her brother and Siu Sze blurted out "Uncle?" and promptly in shock ran out and away and Luke ran after her but couldn't find her. At night she met her best friend and told her what happened and he wisely said wait for the DNA results which we know is a foregone conclusion. He asked Lorelai does she wish for Siu Sze to be her mom or that Luke is not her uncle? She doesn't know and is as confused.

Funny last bit. The moment she said Carrie and he said Luke I knew it would be Luke and Leia situation! Anyway I enjoy the present story more than the flashback. I just can't believe someone who gave a girl her first kiss, stood him up, etc and Alan can't remember Siu Sze? But quite interesting how Alan and Dan Dan was once married to one another. In a way I dislike Alan who I feel is such a coward and yet he is not wishy washy. He told the girls straight in the face what he thinks. I am just confused with Alan.

So far Fennie is getting more screen time and even everybody else has some screen time but poor poor poor Elvina Kong. No screen time and she is the one I want to see most because her Cyndi in her flashbacks is such a vibrant healthy girl and how she is the most pitiful.

Carmen Lee still rocks though.


Finally the ad I was waiting for but not as expected. Anyway the girls turned up for the shooting, was impressed with what they saw and Alan ran away and hid from them as they all walked out of the changing rooms wearing Japanese type schoolgirl outfit, crazy curly stupid wigs and excessive make up meant to obviously humiliate them. They were shocked but Wong Ho, the selfish daughter laughed and recorded them and said they were so stupid to have been fooled. Siu Sze was the most vocal, demanding to see Alan and each went to find him and Siu Sze finally found him hiding in a closet. Alan tried to persuade Siu Sze to continue filming since money has been paid and breaching a contract meant compensating the ad agency but Siu Sze refused, saying money was never the main goal and in her curt parting remarks she said to Alan "I am so disappointed with you". The girls gathered and each decided to leave except for Chu Lei who was so desperate for fame she remained and danced alone with sweat and all and the director and everybody left and lights switched off and still she danced, so desperate for a chance at fame. It was very pitiful to see and yes they were recording her, laughing at her.

Wong Ho the daughter found it so funny she uploaded the clip she recorded of them in the changing room to youtube. Imagine that, Dan Dan didn't have to do anything, her daughter did the rest. What a daughter eh?

Alan came home and was shocked to see Dan Dan there petting his cat (with the gloves on). I think they were lovers which explains why Alan sworn off women and Dan Dan had his keys. She laughed watching the youtube clip and well... Alan wasn't that sympathetic as well. Dan Dan was happy she got her revenge and Alan still can't get Dan Dan to film the ad as promised.

The girls gathered at Cyndi's Dance Studio minus Mrs Lam and each was very upset. Now they could be sued and Siu Sze wondered why they each have changed into this selfish person and Chu Lei countered they have grown up and so they can't go back to the way things were. Flashback, as expected and getting too predictable and tiring for me to see so many flashbacks. Anyway they asked Alan to go BBQ and as each tried to impress Alan, each told the other's deepest secret (which we seen the previous episodes) and in the end each was so pissed off with the other, they stopped talking. Alan is indeed the male version of "hung ngan wo sui", usually used to describe women. Anyway the girls refused to talk to each other, each forming their own 2 people friendship group until Dan Dan approached Fei Choi and Mrs Lam and befriended them again and that united the other four since they all hated Dan Dan. They muscled into the new group and demanded Fei Choi and Mrs Lam to choose and obviously they chose old friends. Poor Dan Dan was pushed out. Sometimes I feel they were being unfair to Dan Dan. Yes Dan Dan was selfish bitch but they were no better by what they did to her that was boycotting her.

Back to present day Siu Sze realise it was her daughter who uploaded the clip, and the rest were pissed off with how she could teach her daughter to become so vindictive in this sense. Siu Sze went home and in her own way tried to scold her daughter, major fail. She in fact apologised on behalf of Wong Ho to her friends who remarked why was she apologising for her daughter. Anyway daughter was rude and said it served them all right to be so stupid. If I was Siu Sze I would have slapped her. In fact I am waiting for the day when Siu Sze regains her own honour and respect and pride and just slap her daughter and scream at her. She tried to persuade Ho to delete the clip, she refused and ran to grandma to let grandma see and grandma laughed and then as usual even the maid laughed and then MIL scolded Siu Sze for humiliating the family and to delete the clip and with that Ho finally deleted the clip, as per grandma's request. Seriously, please slap her! I mean Siu Sze! She is a major failure as a mother. At night she spoke with her husband who was sympathetic and was willing to pay the compensation for breach of contract but Siu Sze refused. She wanted to talk deal with Alan.

Next day she went with Lorelai to see Alan who was with Dan Dan and hid away from her but she rushed in and saw Dan Dan and knew they have been set up. Dan Dan left, happily as she noted Alan was the one at fault, not her. Siu Sze in a way pleaded with Alan to not sure her but Alan said it was the company's decision, he had no say in it. In the end Siu Sze expressed her anger and disappointment in Alan and said "You're not the Alan I remembered" and left. Lorelai got an idea that perhaps they were an item and Alan may be her real father!! She asked Siu Sze about Alan but Siu Sze refused to confirm if she and Alan were a pair as again flashback...

Disco rage, Alan was dancing to Alan Tam's song and Siu Sze was biting in straws looking at him, so was Chu Lei. They moved to Alan, wanted to dance with him when Dan Dan appeared and she seems to be his date or maybe not. For sure Alan liked Siu Sze as he favoured her and leaned towards her and teased her but Dan Dan got the attention of Alan when they pushed at her and she cried in pain. Chu Lei and Siu Sze disappointed walked away.

I think the episode ended there.

Truth is the series is still enjoyable even if moving at snail pace. Elvina Kong still had no role even if entire story revolves around her and I am beginning to find the past and present scenes to be an extension that is testing my patience. They're related, in fact very related and very connected but way too many flashbacks. I want the present time, the past scene should be lesser and lesser but this series went on too long and too many times into the past, ignoring the present and 2 major characters, Mrs Lam and Cyndi. It is becoming too snail pace for me so I hope the plot picks up soon.

Meanwhile Lawrence Ng is not bad but he is a total miscast. I see Alex Fong in this role. What a pity!

I forgot one important plot point. Lorelai saw Chu Lei opened the dance studio's drawer and later Siu Sze lost HKD40,000-00. Chu Lei paid the money to a private investigator to find Lorelai (remember?) and the investigator ran off with the money. Siu Sze scolded Chu Lei but never asked her why, just assumed Chu Lei took the money to buy expensive bags, Chu Lei left hurriedly and Lorelai felt guilty thinking she shouldn't have been a busybody.


I do believe it is a spoof to a Chilam video but with Wong Cholam portraying a famous star which you will know towards the end of the song. The lyrics is funny and you can see all young M Club members plus David in drag and Carmen Lee. Would be great if young and old were in it. Seems like Cholam is given free license by TVB to do whatever he wants! At least TVB has a sense of humour. Anyway do watch M Club. It's a good series, not ratings busting but good enough.


Nothing much happened and yet quite a few things happened. Right now it has still yet to reach that filming of the ad where Dan Dan intends to play a trick to humiliate M Club and it is like snail pace to read there. Maybe in the next episode, maybe dragged to another episode. The flashback is now an explanation to some scene concerning the adults and is becoming quite a bit intrusive to the pace of the series. It is almost expected that everytime something happens to the adults as a group, there is a flashback. Almost too predictable and I am hoping for less flashback; at least for 1 episode.

For sure, Siu Chi Cha aka Mrs Lam actually is married before with an unknown husband and divorced some time ago and has 2 sons, both in England and in university. And she also is having an affair with her politician boss who urges her to quite her job and work for him and thus losing her benefits, housing, pension, etc which she is reluctant and he makes it as if it is her duty to serve him. Very suggestive scenes where he has an insatiable sexual appetite for her.

A flashback explains a bit about the girls' nature which really is sort of consistent with their adult counterparts, in some ways.

For example, we know Cyndi is the daughter of a mistress and her half brother never lets her forget about that. Chu Lei's parents died and so she has to live with relatives who will show her attitude and never let her forget that she is living under their house under their mercy and goodness of the heart. Jenny's mother has a guy who wants to marry her and take her to the Philippines but without the daughter (in episode 9 we are told her mother blamed Jenny for the guy abandoning her when Jenny opposed the relationship when in fact according to Jenny the guy ditched the mother to marry another woman but her mother never let her forget about that). Fei Choi was a fat girl (200 pounds) in primary school who suffered a humiliating experience when she was so fat her parents had to wheel her to the hospital in a cartwheel because they couldn't carry her and she could never face her neighbours due to that shame that made her lose weight and still people call her fat and never let her forget about it. Mrs Lam herself is actually from an academic family; parents both are educated and gives her books and encyclopedia as gifts whilst her siblings scored straight As so she is under immense pressure and during dinner, total silence which explains why she talks non stop at school. Indicative of a cold and not affectionate family. Siu Sze is the luckiest but she too has some problems where she is teased for being flat chested. Not too bad compared to others.

Interestingly, each grows into rather sad adults except for Siu Sze.

Cyndi is crazy, sadly. She dances alone in the hospital which means she knows herself but is unable to get away from what I see as very very deep depression. Even as an adult she is still bullied by her half brother who probably did nothing to ever help her.

Jenny is very very lonely and in a way is as resentful towards her mother as her mother is resentful towards her. She doesn't understand how from someone happy and at the top of the world, pursued by many and falling for one which her mother promptly tore them apart that she became so old, miserable and lonely. She in fact wanted to have sex with a much younger man (the one who works at a local restaurant delivering food to her house and in an obvious seduction scene, with sweaty pecs and all he removed his always right white shirt and drank beer where every drop is dripped onto his well toned body and Jenny, lonely and horny looked at him and decided to have sex with him only to be arrested by police because he was carrying marijuana or some drugs which she of course scolded him and he promptly said she is as nosy as his mother which of course upset her which led to her drinking even more heavily in front of Alan which I shall explain later). She called Mrs Lam to bail her out and Mrs Lam did not mince her words when she scolded Jenny for being utterly stupid.

Fei Choi herself was very upset when her husband refused to do IVF with her and always saying derogotary remarks about her body comparing her to a hippo. He pointedly said he finds her as sexually alluring as that hippo and he called her a liar because when he married her she said she will bring him fortune and children which zoom to years later, they had none. Upset she left to buy soy sauce and met Jenny I think at a supermarket and cried her heart out.

Mrs Lam. now announcing to the world she is divorced is back to Miss Luk was so upset with how callous her secret lover is treating her that she became very drunk (notice how she is always drinking alcohol) and accidentally called Chu Lei who heard something smashed (her glass falling to the floor) rushed to her house and finally saw her 2 sons and a secret SMS and knew she was having a secret trysts with her boss.

So when they all met for Jenny's birthday, some knows the secret of the other and can't tell. Except for Siu Sze who is a bit blur and noticed how quiet they all were. And she became the envy of the group when her loving husband and supposed cute daughter arrived and truth be told, Kok Leung and Siu Sze do talk a lot. Time to go home and Siu Sze noticed all walked in silence and went their separate ways. What they didn't know was Siu Sze herself have problems; due to shortage of money she wanted to use her husband's cheque for her only to have her MIL snatched it away and when she asked her daughter to help to get it back, her daughter knowing who is the boss stopped her mother and MIL tore the cheque leading to Siu Sze, not exactly crying and frustrated. When her husband came home, he gave her another cheque but she tore it up because by then Alan has approached her to film an ad for the tonic Hero (at the suggestion of Dan Dan) and so she got the money to pay the renovation.

Problem is Alan knows Dan Dan is using this opportunity to humiliate M Club and wanted them to wear some silly school girl outfit. Dan Dan obviously want to show them at their worst to highlight her own good. It was not lost on Alan who told Dan Dan at her face how cruel Dan Dan is and how small minded she could be. Dan Dan threatens to not film Hero which will put Alan's job at jeopardy. A credit to Alan for telling Dan Dan off in her face but a discredit to him for going along with her for his own career. So when Jenny and Fei Choi didn't want to film, he met with them individually. With Fei Choi he said some nice things and Fei Choi agreed. With Jenny he let her hug her as she cried, sacrificing his own body and so she agreed. In the coming episodes I am sure they will blame him and he will have a change of heart at how cruel he was too. I hope. Why is Dan Dan doing all this? She told Alan it is because she wants to show M Club that whatever roles she intends for them is reflective of their true nature; selfish, mean and ugly. And Alan observes in such a case Dan Dan is selfish, mean and ugly too since as a woman she does not hesitate to hurt other women for her own happiness. In fact he said she is building her happiness on other people's suffering. Of course Alan in the end doesn't care since he has a job to do and he intends to do it well. He is as despicable as Dan Dan.

Meanwhile Chu Lei is looking for her daughter and she is contemplating stealing money from the dance studio to pay the investigators.

I am still waiting for what Dan Dan has in mind for M Club. Been 2 episodes; going on like snail pace which is testing my patience. But the series is going well and is very enjoyable.


First few minutes was flashback how Siu Sze gave Dan Dan a chocolate bar and some sweet words to convince her to eat it and Dan Dan ended up farting on stage and running to the toilet, thus ruining her big moment. However awful Dan Dan was, what Siu Sze did was equally as bad if not worse. I feel for Dan Dan in a way.

Back to present, the dance off was epic. The judge will be the audience and they were mostly made up of D Fitness' members but Siu Sze and gang had no veto on choice of judges. Dan Dan started first and there was a spotlight for good effect and wow, wow, wow, Flora Chan definitely had some amazing moves as Dan Dan danced away energetically combining dancing, ballet, exercising, everything which left them all open mouthed. Next was a fearful looking Chu Lei and she moved and pretended to have sprained her ankle thus forcing Siu Sze to change and to do it and it was very funny! She did it all right, the M Club 80s aerobics style that later Chu Lei said was a classic from Jane Fonda and I do love the reference made. Dan Dan wanted to dispute how old fashioned and that no one voted for either party but all who were there saw how the judges/audiences were captivated by the simple moves by Siu Sze and they too were moving along and could follow easily. It was really aerobics style, rather low impact and in the end 2 middle aged women vited for Siu Sze and so they won. Alan who passed by saw Siu Sze and went "brrrrrrr" as in left him cold and he rushed away.

Dan Dan was very upset, how some housewife can win but Alan noted Dan Dan was of the same age. Anyway Dan Dan and Alan did not look like lovers, rather Alan an advertising executive was doing some job for a tonic for middle aged women called Hero and Dan Dan was the spokesperson so they worked closely together on the ads campaign. Alan also went steamboat with M Club to get feedback on Hero and nothing move. Dan Dan knew since she saw how Alan avoided Chu Lei and Siu Sze who later wanted to see him to get some advice on how to run Cyndi's Dance Studio which was odd because Siu Sze's husband is a businessman, why not ask him? Earlier Siu Sze explained to her husband she won't ask him, more so because her MIL was giving he a warning not to use her son's money for what she saw as a bad stupid investment. But her husband was very encouraging, watched the recorded video of Siu Sze and M Club dancing the aerobics after the victory over Dan Dan and even danced along with her unlike her daughter who said she wanted to puke watching old women dance. Someone should slap the daughter. Anyway husband was leaving for Beijing and before he left he gave her a HKD80,000 cheque to use just in case and Siu Sze vowed she won't use it but her husband put it into the pen holder case and said just in case. What a good husband but with a horrible MIL.

Siu Sze and Chu Lei visited Cyndi (finally Elvina reappears!) but Cyndi seemed confused, unsure, uncertain. Poor girl.

The story then shifted to Lorelai, now Carrie going to watch Star Wars and met Siu Sze's brother, called Luke. Get the joke? And I think it is deliberate because Carrie as Leia was sister of Luke! In here, though they two hit it off with same interest, I find Luke very childish and not her type. Meanwhile Lorelai aka Carrie confessed to her school friend that she thinks she found her real mother; Siu Sze! She marveled at how kind and generous Siu Sze was in helping a sick friend, etc and she didn't want to reunite with Siu Sze but wanted to get to know her more. Ha ha ha! Poor girl, what a huge mistake! I wonder how she arrived at that conclusion?!

Rest of the episode was about the dance studio falling apart. The 2 women from D Fitness introduced some friends and finally there were students, all 8 of them and a good start went the flooring gave way and hut one student. Fixed that and the ceiling gave way and hurting Lorelai! So Siu Sze had to fix the ceiling AND the flooring (again) and she had no money.

Which means she will use her husband's cheque but in end credits a small snippet is shown how scary MIL ripped the cheque apart in front of a crying Siu Sze.

As for Alan, he seemed like so different from his younger gallant self. Now that he was in his 40s, he criticised M Club as noisy and very nosy women. He seemed to be on good terms with Dan Dan and yet did criticised her in his small voice about her unwilling to lose (aka Kiasu) attitude. What is he? Who is he?

Tonight's episode is great because of the dance off. It was so funny. Flora Chan really is one of the highlights in this series. She danced and her arrogant "pleazzzeee" really is irritating and she looked smug, and what a performance. Very convincing as Dan Dan.

But it is Carmen Lee who glued this series together. Her aerobics session with reluctance, shyness and then turned to pure joy and happiness and freedom was the highlight of this episode. Charming, likable, beautiful and articulate, this is one woman who can act and can act so flawlessly. Love her scenes with everyone and I find it so funny to see her carry first the student and then Lorelai to the hospital. There is spontaneity in her performance and she really does give me the feel of a housewife. She should win TV queen based on this performance. I am sure if she is asked to reenact Aimee Chan's suicide scene in Ruse Of Engagement with Ruco Chan next to her, I am sure she can do it convincingly. She is a very expressive actress. She is in fact better now than years before.

Loletta Lee and the rest aren't doing so bad either. Lawrence Ng is a miscast in my opinion but then Alan right now is confusing so we may know more later and I may change my opinion about him. But he seems like those fussy sort of small man and frankly all I can see is Alex Fong Chun Soon and the way he talks that is so "manja" aka in Chinese "teh" (imagine a male Charmaine Sheh talking). That sort.

Eliza Sum is cute and she is also expressive and her Cantonese has improved so much!!

Still wonderful to watch with little references of the 80s here and there which makes it fun to spot. The flashbacks is a bit jarring for me and I find the younger actresses not as interesting as the older counterparts where I wanna know more about the older ones and not the younger ones and so at times it was testing my patience. But the younger counterparts also could act competently so that is good news. And good news is for this episode the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun intro to every flashback is gone. Yeah!

I am undecided what this series is about at first. I thought it was a bunch of pre menopausal women gathering together to dance or some club but in the end at this point of time it is a story about friendship and one woman's struggle to run a business. That I find interesting. It really is mostly about Siu Sze, Chu Lei and Dan Dan. The rest are just bystanders with poor Cyndi by the side all alone. Nonetheless you still get to see the other characters but very little about them. Too little.


I am getting impatient with the flashbacks, like in this episode because it slows down the pace. I wanna know if Chu Lei will win over Dan Dan in dancing competition amongst themselves, where Cyndi's Dance Studio is the wager (if Dan Dan wins, studio closes) and not a flashback on the competition when they were younger where Dan Dan lost to M Club. Very disorientating. Anyway how it got there is thanks to Lorelai (an overqualified unpaid aerobics instructor hired by Siu Sze earlier) and Siu Sze trying to check out local competition called D Fitness which turned out to be Dan Dan's company and Siu Sze got caught recording a session and so Dan Dan threatened arrest until Chu Lei arrived and issue the dance challenge. I am intrigued how she will win when Chu Lei said she grew up dancing. She has dance instructors of all races as boyfriends at each point of her life!

What is so funny about this episode is first Lorelai teaching a class of 5 or 6 old women to dance really fast paced aerobics until one fainted. It was very funny! The way Lorelai was like 1,2 ,3,4,4,4,3,2,1 and going faster and faster. Next was when Lorelai and Siu Sze undercover attended a free aerobics session at D Fitness and it was like very very strenous that Siu Sze wanted to stop half way as she couldn't catch up and in came sassy Dan Dan and she led the class energetically! The way Flora Chan went was amazing! So funny!

I gotta admit, I am enjoying Flora's performance. This IS her best role and everytime she appears it is something to look forward to. And that woman has some serious moves! I even like Eliza Sum who has an amazing body by the way.

Anyway Lawrence Ng appears as the older Alan who seems to have an agenda of his own. The girls enjoyed his company and he went back with Chu Lei to the studio and stumbled into Siu Sze. Interestingly he couldn't remember Siu Sze. It means he dated none of them in his youth. He appears to be a gentleman but later we see he goes home into a nice place and there it was, Dan Dan on the couch!! So they're a pair. By the way Dan Dan was stroking a dog WITH GLOVES ON! Gotta admire the consistency with character and attention to details.

Siu Sze felt very depressed as she wondered has she aged that much that he can't remember her. She remembered how he complimented her when she wasn't wearing glasses. Anyway her husband sweetly entered and declared his wife as sexy and then carried her to bed, kissed her and said "Tonight you are mine!". Very loving couple and I can't see why she thinks of Alan who doesn't remember her when her husband is so sweet.

The rest had good experiences from the meeting, like they remembered their youth.

Kam Yin went home excited to talk about her friends but her husband kicked her off the bed and called her smelly pork or something like that. What a jerk. Jan Nei who was a stewardess danced around with a model plane until her mother poked her and ordered her around and her fun was over. Chau aka Siu Chi Cha I think (haven't caught her nickname but she calls herself Mrs Lam) went back and saw her politician boyfriend and she wanted to tell him about her friends when he stopped her, said he had until midnight and immediately removed her scarf and pushed her onto the couch. Yeap, she is a sex tool for him. Everybody took away a little something from the meeting. But I thought Siu Sze has such a good husband who loves her very very much.

I am intrigued by Kwok Leung aka Prince. Is he good? Is he bad? How long has he been with Dan Dan?


Seriously, this episode is a must watch to see those old ladies doing aerobics with Eliza Sum (cute, in her element, better Cantonese, to die for body) and of course Flora's very nimble aerobics as well. Had a good time laughing. But the flashback was annoying simply because I can't wait to see Flora and Loletta in a dance off!


Great episode, funny and yet touching. But first a short recap.

No, Siu Sze did not regret her impasse with her scary mother in law and she went to M Club waiting for her friends to arrive. Meanwhile she remembered the past how M Club was born and how happy all of them were. And this is where the funny comes in.

For the 7 girls (Dan Dan included), Dan Dan probably grew up being quite alike her younger self; just as mean but I suspect with a soft heart yearning for her at least 5 former friends. Siu Sze was brave and righteous but grew to be timid although loyal. Chu Lei was quiet and timid and grew into materialistic and at times rather brash but brave. Jan Nei was flirty and talkative and grew into make up-less and had to wait on her disabled mother. Kam Yin probably like Dan Dan was the same; talks a lot, eats a lot, still as chirpy and fun. Chau was the most talkative and gossipy as a girl but grew into some wary of spotlight and always insisting on private rooms, as if she has something to hide which she does. Cyndi probably is the same; she never grew out of her phase and in a way still stuck in her past.

Anyway, flashback and we see Jan Nei's mom (Lui San) in her prime; a night club singer and surprisingly, her mother was healthy, happy and very soft spoken. She even put make up on the girls and let them drink alcohol, smoke cigars, etc. But then back then it was innocent fun, unlike now with binge drinking and what nots. Late at night the girls were slightly drunk, noisy and happy and noticed their school teacher so they followed him and discovered he went into what is equivalent to a prostitution den but they called it recreation centre back then. So they decided to play a trick on the morally abhorrent teacher; they rushed into the centre and loudly screamed the teacher's name and shouted "The headmaster wants you to finish marking the books!!!!" or something like that and he jumped with a start. That was funny! Anyway happily the girls ran away laughing hard. Ahhh youth. And then they stopped laughing when they were buying drinks because that was when they heard of the death by suicide of Barbara Yung Mei Ling. A passing of not an era but a defining moment in Chinese entertainment back then.

She was only 26. She was probably the most potential of up and coming actresses already in leading roles with signature roles. Whilst she was not drop dead gorgeous, she was very charismatic and viewers loved her. And she can act. I still remember the day her death was all over the news and it effectively killed off Kent Tong's (the emperor Kang Xi in The Lost Daughter) career. He never did recovered from that. Everybody blamed Kent for her suicide because he was openly with another woman. He was the most hated guy back then. Years later, Michael Mui gave a heartfelt interview with tears in his eyes as he remembered back then as Jamie Chik, whatever you may read to the contrary was Barbara's best friend. He talked about how Jamie went to the morgue, hired some taoist or someone to recall Barbara's soul, hoping to wake her up. He said it was quite morbid, quite scary as well. I think he also cleared up on Kent's involvement, I can't remember exactly if he was the one who said it. But I do remember hearing Barbara and Kent already broken up, she was already seeing someone else who broke her heart and so she gassed herself. So in a way Kent was wrongly blamed. However I do think his intimate behaviour with his new girlfriend pushed her further into her depression as well as the new guy in her life. But no doubt Barbara didn't want to die, her body was discovered near the door I believe and she was probably manic depressive. Sad isn't it? It doesn't say in Wikipedia and I don't know why I kept thinking as such because I kept thinking she was adopted child of I believe a well to do family, a Christian, loved by fans, career on the rise, she has yet to reach her fullest potential and fame and she was already very well known and she killed herself at the prime of her life. I remember that day; it was a dark day for me too so that scene in the series resonated deeply with me. Barbara was one of my earliest idol and if she didn't die, she would be 55. She was the female Felix Wong. Felix Wong was those rare actors who became lead actor the moment he burst into the scene and was well loved by fans. Barbara was the same. Wow, she died like 29 years ago. Anyway a mistake in this series I suppose? They were supposed to be 1986? Barbara died in 1985, as per Wikipedia.

Back to present time, Siu Sze was lost in her memories when all except Cyndi appeared. Cyndi was in mental hospital and Dan Dan was out of the group decades ago. They drank, they chatted and remembered the past. And Siu Sze made a decision; she decided to help Cyndi.

In the morning she was sleeping in the study room when she saw her spoilt daughter standing before and blaming her mother for making grandma so unhappy, she was disturbed dozens of times in an hour. Wanna slap the useless daughter! The mother said to the daughter she is taking charge of her life for once and doing something that defies the mother in law and will the daughter support her? No answer. The daughter bulldozed over the mother like the mother in law does.

Siu Sze walked out and saw her MIL speaking to her husband and suddenly her husband stood up and looked angry and said to Siu Sze they were going out. Siu Sze timidly followed her husband to a nice terrace restaurant, he sternly told her to sit down which she quickly did. Her husband asked sternly if it was true that she plans to run the studio and Siu Sze said yes and he asked sternly why she insists when it was a bad investment considering it was in debt and Siu Sze had no experience in running a business and that would upset his mother? He asked why? And Siu Sze answered surely and quickly that she loved her friends and M Club and her past where she could be herself again. She had no qualms or regrets being his wife and bullied by her mother in law but for once she wanted to something for herself, something selfish and something she loved. And she finished talking, closed her eyes and was ready for her husband's ultimatum. Her husband looked at her hard and then said "Waiter! A bottle of champagne please!". Siu Sze was very surprised as she said "Husband, I thought you were going to divorce me!" but her husband smiled and said "Even if my mother and our daughter is against your idea, you have my full support. I will give you financial support as well!" and Siu Sze says "No need. I don't want your mother to say I am using your money" and her husband said "You are married into my family, what is the difference of your money or my money?" but Siu Sze insisted that she can do it on her own. Her husband took a hard look at her and said proudly "I am happy the woman I love and know is back. I miss that Mo Siu Sze. Remember when you were my secretary and I lost a document? I was giving up on finding the document but you never gave up. You looked and looked. And remember when I wanted to marry you and my mother was dead set against it? I remember you went to see her alone and had a talk with her. Until today I never know what exactly you told her that she allowed our marriage. What did you say to her?" and Siu Sze smiled and said "That you can't live without me and she agrees" and her husband laughed and asked again "Come on, the truth. What did you tell her?" and she refused to tell her husband and they kissed and her husband happily took a selfie with her and they had a happy lunch.

I really love this scene. She has herself a loving husband and a lucky woman too. I had a good laugh when he ordered the champagne which is the Chinese way of saying a celebration is in order. So she was his secretary? I wonder what did she say to her scary MIL? By the way I love Carmen Lee here with Lawrence Cheng even if I feel we need a hotter guy. But I suppose she married a less good looking guy but a nice man. Anyway Carmen Lee was so expressive in here. Her acting was not only impressive but is carrying this series on her shoulders. I do think she is better as an actress now than she was back then and back then she was already rather good. Love her every expression.

Meanwhile Siu Sze hired Chu Lei as her assistant who didn't do much work. Siu Sze went out to pass the flyers of the studio and one person who took the flyer was Dan Dan. And again so funny, Siu Sze held onto the flyer refusing to give to Dan Dan who wanted to take it. In the end Siu Sze let go and said proudly M Club is back and Dan Dan as usual insulted Siu Sze and said the studio will close soon enough and threw the flyer into the dustbin with such contempt that Siu Sze had to stop herself from attacking Dan Dan so to speak.

Love this scene as well. Flora I have to say is born to play Dan Dan. Very little scenes but every Dan Dan scene is to me fantastic thanks to Flora's ability to look and be bitchy without restrain. And again love Carmen's expression in here, like " You think I will fail? Just so you wait! I will prove you wrong!!".

By the way Siu Sze is reading on how to run a business. I thought that was funny too.

Chu Lei meanwhile was in an internet cafe searching for something. Her daughter maybe? I have this feeling she gave away her daughter for adoption as opposed to someone kidnapping her daughter. And to do away with her own guilt, she blamed it on Siu Sze for losing her daughter. We shall see.

Anyway Chu Lei bumped into someone which we all know who.

Back at M Club, no one could offer any opinion as to how to run the business so Siu Sze was alone again. Chu Lei returned and said she met someone from their past; the McDonDon Prince, aka Lawrence Ng. Everybody suddenly looked excited and they urged Chu Lei to call him to set up a reunion dinner so they can check him out. Chu Lei said he still looked great. And I was like come on, Lawrence Ng, handsome?! Can't they find an actor from that era or maybe a tad older? Ray Lui? Michael Miu? Tony Leung? Louis Koo? That sort? Anyway Siu Sze was suddenly shy and flashback when Chau found out prince's birthday and everyone pretended to be busy with thinks to do when they all went to buy birthday gift for the Gemini boy. However it was Siu Sze who found him playing basketball I think and fell down and he rushed to her and shyly ran away. Not sure if she gave him the gift.

So yeah, she was excited. She dressed up really nice only to have her husband calling her to join him for dinner so she had to miss the meeting with prince. Chu Lei happily went and Siu Sze fretted a little.

Next episode, Lawrence Ng's full face finally appears? He seems successful. Anyway I can understand Siu Sze's feelings. It is not cheating on her good husband but sometimes you just wanna dress up nice to see your first crush. Quite innocent, if you don't cross the line.

I am still wondering who was Lorelai's father.

I have no complaints against this episode. I enjoyed it thoroughly although I am quite tired of the flashback beginning with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun which I suspect was sung by Lui San because it didn't sound like Cyndi Lauper. So far Carmen and Loletta are leading this series with Flora and Elvina having the least roles. But Flora has the distinction of having the most intriguing character which she does very well and Carmen the cutest which she took full advantage of her very expressive face as well as her way of delivery of the lines.

This is a wonderful series that really brings back nostalgia, to me. I am not as old as the characters in this series and I was far younger in 1986 but I remembered enough the night clubs where children were allowed in back them, the costumes, the props. Not all are accurate but the attention to details is there. What I love more than anything is the performances. Carmen Lee is really leading the pack and I am happy she is bringing quality back to TVB. The rest are doing well as well.

I know the ratings is low but maybe online like Ruse Of Engagement it may be doing well. This series will appeal to the adults who were once from that time. But new fans will appreciate this too because these are competent actresses. I did once dismissed this series as a bunch of pre-menopausal women in one series, old and tired. I was wrong. They were more energetic than the young actresses in TVB today. Seriously, please watch this series. It is a good one thus far.


Another great episode and getting better and better. Will post more later.

This episode continues with Siu Sze struggling to determine what to do with Cyndi's Dance Studio whilst Cyndi is in mental hospital. She did forged a Power Of Attorney that even the lawyer was convinced (total BS. Can TVB ever EVER do any legal stuff right, at all?!) so the brother had to back off. But a good friend she is as she has to shoulder the heavily in debt dance studio so she goes around asking the other 5 (including Fennie who is a political aide having an s&m affair with her politician boss so she had to be extra careful and is considered the most educated of the bunch) and NONE OF THEM wanted to even offer an opinion. I find it rather condescending that all of them said Siu Sze is such a happily married woman, so lucky that she doesn't need to struggle or work and has a husband to take care of her. Wait till they meet her mother in law from hell. In the end she decides to run the studio and reopen it. Unfortunately there is her mother in law who totally walks all over her and her own daughter who also walks all over her and a husband who loves her but who is not strong enough to stand up against his mom. She doesn't mind. When her mother in law losses her voice, even then her mother in law insists that she follows her to opera singing practice and just sit there and wait on hand and foot for her when Siu Sze really has to leave to attend to some urgent matters of her own (the M Club's 28th anniversary party I believe). In the end she couldn't stand it anymore and in everyone's stunned silence she shouted at her mother in law "Why do you insist I stay here anyway? You never liked me! You never wanted to see my face! You never even wanted to talk to me or even acknowledge my presence! So why do you insist I sit here like a dog waiting to do your bidding?!" and the mother in law who couldn't speak angrily whispered "SIT DOWN!" and she almost did until she stands back up and screamed "I AM NOT A DOG!! I don't need to do as I am told! I will not do your bidding anymore! I WANT TO RUN THE DANCE STUDIO!!!!!!"

Best scene in this episode! Amazing stand off and amazing conclusion which I am sure she will regret in the next episode. Her husband supports her though.

This episode has some major nostalgic feeling with Cyndi's brother (older actor by Anderson Jr, younger actor not sure) and his hair style and break dance moves. I thought it was so funny to see all that. We find out more about Cyndi's past. She is actually the daughter of the mistress/2nd wife and so always had to struggle in terms of finding her own person and often bullied as well. Much like Chu Lei whose parents died when she was young and had to live with her cane wielding aunt, Cyndi had it pretty tough in life. Hence her immense pressure and her going sorta insane.

This episode also explains what M stands for. The girls one day couldn't attend swimming class because all 6 of them were menstruating at the same time which they said best friends do. So they decided to name their club M Club with the word M standing for everything they can think of, except I do think M can also mean Menstruating Club!!! I can't remember exactly what were the M words they were saying but I do remember it made sense.

Also in this episode we find out Siu Sze once had the hots for the McDonald's-like worker who looks a bit like a younger Stephen Wong who is from a good school. She did not marry him. I think that guy will be Lawrence Ng. Urghh. All the men in here are so way beneath the girls' in terms of beauty. Why can't they find handsomer actors from that era?

And M Club is celebrating its 28th anniversary and it was formed in 1986 and they were 16 around that time. That makes them all 44 in 2014. Siu Sze has an immature lazy bum brother who is 30 but looks younger. The age matches.

Performance wise, everybody who had varying degrees of acting prowess did generally well with special kudos to Carmen Lee who is really excellent. Love her scene with Miu Kam Foong who is very regal, very bitchy looking and very scary. Am very happy with the casting.

So far the story is great, the acting is great and the feel of the series is great. This one is worth watching so do give it a try, even if you know none of them. Maybe that will inspire you to check back older series where I am listing some of my favourites.

I can't say much about Carmen Lee's TV series, I only know so few, but Demi God And Semi Devil (1997) which introduces the Chinese world to Benny Chan was a rather good show.

For Loletta Lee, she wasn't a great actress to begin with but her one TVB series I do know of, The Greed Of Man (1992) is a classic which introduces us to the "Ting Hai effect".

Fennie Yuen was lovely in Food Of Love (1996) which catapulted Wong Hei to instant fame where he was the ultimate underdog before Bobby Au Yeung took over. However I think she was better known for the Happy Ghost movie franchise.

Angie Cheung of course made her name in the long running series Kindred Spirit (1995) which also introduces us to Hawick Lau, Ben Wong and more importantly to the most hated onscreen character and actor (for the excellent job) back then, which is Cheng Chi Seng as the worst son ever. She was also memorably the love sick and weak willed spider demon in Journey To The West (1996). Frankly I never liked her much as an actress.

Elvina Kong's representative work is in hosting but she was rather funny in the satirical and spoof series where I believe she was spoofing Anita Mui, Gordon Lam as I think Jacky Cheung and Wayne Lai was spoofing Roman Tam. I googled and it was called Showtime Blues (1997). Coincidentally Ruco Chan was in that series as well as a host and I never even noticed him. Wow he debuted a long time ago!

Flora Chan is someone I need not introduce any series to young fans since she is probably the latest or most accessible of the actresses in this series. However if you must insist, I liked her best in Healing Hands (1998) where she was best matched with Bowie Lam. Was never her fan but she has her following and she can sing.

As for Gloria Yip, can't remember her work. She was never huge if I remember correctly but I suppose her main work was in movies.

Between, how old are they? Do remember, there might have been some "cheating" so I stand to be corrected. Thanks to Anonymous in the comments for the following info. The one in italics is by me.

Loletta Lee 李麗珍 Born: January 8, 1966 (age 48), Hong Kong, China
Elvina Kong Yan-Yin 江欣燕 Born: July 6, 1967 (age 46), Hong Kong, China
Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying 袁潔瑩 Born: September 15, 1969 (age 44), Hong Kong, China
Flora Chan Wai-Shan 陳慧珊 Born: May 30, 1970 (age 43), Hong Kong, China
Gloria Yip Wan Yee 葉蘊儀 Born: January 13, 1973 (age 41), Hong Kong, China
Carman Lee Yeuk-Tung 李若彤 Born: August 16, 1973 (age 40), Hong Kong, China (NOTE: Dramawiki however states her age as 47 so I am confused at the huge discrepancy)
Angie Cheong Wai-Yee 張慧儀 Born: November 4, 1973 (age 40), Ipoh, Malaysia


So far all the girls have appeared but Loletta and Carmen both got the most screentime and most well developed as characters. Beginning to see more of others except for Fennie who has yet to appear fully. Intriguing though because she seems to be avoiding the girls and in a thinly suggestive scene, probably having an S&M type of relationship with her boss or superior.

Elvina has more to show tonight and is probably the one who binds the girl together. Carmen has taken over the responsibility of Elvina's heavily in debt dance studio and her half brother is eager to take it all. Amongst the girls, Loletta is the most streetsmart one and sees right through the half brother's plane (played by Anderson Jr). She reminded Carmen when they were younger, the brother bullied Elvina so he can't be that thoughtful and nice now to take care of the dance studio left to Elvina by her dead mother. Elvina in fact is so pressured about saving the studio and also suffered some major setback thanks to an unseen heartless boyfriend which led her to borrow heavily for the guy and he ran away and now she is in debt. Loletta is reluctant to help but she does help to take care of the studio by staying there.

Of all the girls, I am most intrigued by super bitch Flora. I feel she wants to be part of the girls again, as M Club but her pride prevented her. Moreover she probably wants to prove to everyone that friendship does not last but Carmen is proving otherwise.

There are other side characters like Lorelai trying to trace her past with just a blanket with the words M Club as her lead. But she did find her way to Cyndi's Dance Studio, strangely enough.

One criticism apart from the not so famous men in this series is that every flashback is preceded by Cyndy Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Whilst the flashback is seamless, the intro music is getting predictable. What I love about this series is for the 1st 3 episodes there were classic songs but now seems to be dwindling. I hope like Swipe Tap Love, songs are a huge part of that series and hopefully so will it for this one.

The women are doing fine in this series. Carmen excels as the bullied daughter in law with the mother in law from hell. In fact Miu Gam Foong gave what is a ultra bitchy performance and I love it!

I am however concerned about the guys, none of them outstanding and none of them ever on par with the beautiful goddesses of yesteryears in this series. At least give us Alex Fong or the likes. The men are totally lacking and I don't know half of them anyway.

So far this series is proving to be poignant and I believe later on inspirational. It is not mega hit material but it shows quality in acting and writing thus far. It is not a comedy but it is at times funny and also incredibly touching. Kudos to Elvina for going make up-less and probably had more make up to make her old and crazy looking.

Great show thus far. Give it a chance even if you don't know any of the names in here. 


I did not plan to watch this so I started at halfway for Episode 1 for Carmen Lee and I was not disappointed. My ASTRO info said "The Most Anticipated Series of 2014" which is a bit too much don't you think? I don't think it was THAT anticipated although for nostalgia purposes older viewers may want to watch their idols and goddesses of their youth. Plus a young goddess that is Eliza Sum. So far I find the cut between younger time (1986 - Alan Tam at his height of fame) and present time (2014) quite seamless with nostalgic songs. I also like seeing those things from youth like ring lollipops and what nots. It felt somewhat right even if it doesn't look 1980s, it feels sortof 1980s. Amd how old are our heroines? 40? 45? The age doesn't add up.

I won't say much about the plot right now. It is fairly simple; 6 friends and 1 mortal enemy from school went their separate ways and 20 years later met again to reignite their passion for dancing. Amidst all that is the mystery of a missing baby and feud between friends.

Of all the the characters, I find 3 characters very interesting;

Carmen's timid wife who is bullied by her entire family, Loretta's materialistic woman who was willing to marry a gay fiancee (Pal Sin and his lover Kam Kong in a rather daring role) and most of all, the super bitchy Flora Chan. I think I never quite enjoyed any of Flora's performances since Healing Hands and in here she is back to basic; the role she does best that is the ultimate bitch. Her character Dan Dan was the super achiever with body odor problem, was once part of M Club (the girls' name their own club as that) until the arrival of Loretta's Chu Lei ignited the jealous and bully in her and she ended up being kicked out of the club and Chu Lei replacing her. Flora looks scary and so she should be!

So far the acting is ranging between good to very good. Angie Cheung was daring to wear very little make up. Elvina daring to wear spandex. Whilst all of them has aged (since the average age is 40?), they're all still showing signs that they were once all rather pretty.

Carmen Lee impressed me the most. Haven't seen her for a long time, she basically looks the same although rather aged for 40 but you see her face? All real, same as she was before, back when Louis Koo was a regular actor in TVB and that was YEARS ago. Her acting however is impeccable. That woman has acting chops and she proves she can still carry a series.

Loretta Lee actually is better as an actress now than she was years before. Still somewhat raw in the group but I like her character in here.

The rest no comment except the perfect casting in Elvina's role should really go to Cutie Mui Siu Wai who got her break in the entertainment industry by winning Miss Fitness if I am not mistaken. Imagine that! Aerobic fitness, like how Elvina's character is!

I am also surprised to see so many veterans that we have not seen in years. Kinda reminded me of the 80s and 90s. This series is jam packed with actors we once knew and worth knowing. The veterans were a surprise. I am however disappointed with the choice of men and husbands in this series. Come on! Lawrence Cheng? It would be perfect to get Alex Fong or Miu Kiu Wai or those from that era. Maybe Louis Koo as Carmen's husband!!! That is to me the lacking part.

So far, story is entertaining, performances are good and the theme is right up my alley. It is nostalgic but thus far the story has proven it can be beyond nostalgic. But will this series win the ratings for TVB that they so desperately wanted? I am sorry to predict a huge no. You know what will win a ratings war so to speak (and this is TVB at war with themselves!)? A series like Greed Of Men or Looking Back In Anger or a series written well, acted well, directed well and ended well. Or Stephen Chow's return to TVB to team up with Dayo Wong and Bobby Au Yeung. That will win any ratings war anywhere.

Not Never Dance Alone. And by the way I prefer M Club. As for what M stands for, I have yet to find out.


  1. The storyline is not bad actually. I had low expectations haha.

  2. Maybe this series will succeed because it's produced by funny man Eric Tsang?

  3. Hi Funn.
    Question not related to this topic. Will you be doing recap for bu bu ji qing?

  4. Wow will definitely looking forward to your recap soon

  5. M Club was created when they were Form 4, and it's their 28th anniversary this year, so 2014-28=1986.. That adds up la hahaha.

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  7. Hi Funn,

    I've done some research. Please update your cast info with this:

    Loletta Lee 李麗珍 Born: January 8, 1966 (age 48), Hong Kong, China
    Elvina Kong Yan-Yin 江欣燕 Born: July 6, 1967 (age 46), Hong Kong, China
    Fennie Yuen Kit-Ying 袁潔瑩 Born: September 15, 1969 (age 44), Hong Kong, China
    Flora Chan Wai-Shan 陳慧珊 Born: May 30, 1970 (age 43), Hong Kong, China
    Gloria Yip Wan Yee 葉蘊儀 Born: January 13, 1973 (age 41), Hong Kong, China
    Carman Lee Yeuk-Tung 李若彤 Born: August 16, 1973 (age 40), Hong Kong, China
    Angie Cheong Wai-Yee 張慧儀 Born: November 4, 1973 (age 40), Ipoh, Malaysia

  8. Carmen Lee is amazing

  9. Thank you for your recaps of Never Dance Alone. I enjoyed them very much.

  10. Funn, I think Episodes 13 and 14 of your recap are actually Episodes 14 and 15. :)

    1. Sure? I was following the nos. and I did not miss any episode? I wil check later. Had to go off.

  11. It's great to see Rachel Lee again! I still remember her from War of Genders!

  12. Unless Astro On Demand's program info was wrong, or there was a preemption in the episode, I think 14 and 15 are broadcasted normally.

    Maybe I'm wrong though haha.

    1. The latest is ep 15. Maybe I combined two episodes without realising it.

    2. I think you could have mixed 12 and 13 together. Not entirely sure of that thouģh.

  13. Not too sure if Alan with Carmen together at the end.

    They seems compatible.


    I think the theme song video is major spoiler, it looks like someone in Carmen family died. Either Carmen dad or Carmen husband

    1. Then its like 360 degree change. Maybe the mother dies?

    2. The same anon here. spoiler.

      Highly is Carmen husband, he had an accident, live via tablet, so cruel, Look like the series is chaining Carmen and Alan pair. Not sure good or bad.

  14. Wait what?


    Siu Sze's husband dies, taken from Chinese Wikipedia. May not be true, but I really dunno.

  15. Episode 24 was epic.

  16. For the esp 23 . When the drama going to finish the English song . May know who sing ? What the name?

  17. Funn I think it is possible for Jenny to have money without a "job". I don't know if they have this program in Hong Kong or not, but my friend's mom has been having a lot of health problems in the past year and my friend became her health care person. She basically helps take care, watch, and bring her mom to hospital visits and the government is giving her a little money for it every month. Maybe that's what Jenny is doing since she is taking care of her pretty fragile mom.

  18. Alan tam can't make an appearance because of contract obligations. There are things in his contract that overlap those of TVB's. Which is why he is not going to appear on tv shows. I'm not entirely sure what the contract rules out. But, yeah...

    1. But Alan Tam did a music special for TVB just recently. Very contradictory.

  19. Definitely one of my favourite TVB dramas. Couldnt stop crying when seeing Kwok-Leung's letter :'(

  20. A great comeback for all of them. The young version also fantastic. I understand why Flora (real life) don't want to promote this.

    Carmen was the lead. She just amazing. Botox Rachel is okay. Eric rude jokes was not okay, and unnecessary.

    Funn. Could you considered splitting 10 episodes max per page?

    1. The same anon. I mean, this page is so long, it hard to comment in non mobile version. Considering splitting commentary by 10 episodes?

    2. It is not hard to scroll in non mobile blogger. It is hard if using the full web in tablet. I feel it lag.

  21. No, there were 32 episodes. Final 2 episodes were broadcast back to back.

  22. Enjoyed this series tremendously!The acting just came off naturally and at times they were really like best friends...tried to watch Ultimate Addiction but it is too pretentious for me so i find myself switch the channel back to rewatch M club....gonna miss this series after it ends its run on Astro onDemand tonight