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The story centers on a group of individuals working in Hong Kong's financial world and stock market. Cheuk Yuk (Bosco Wong)is a major figure in the financial industry who has no problems with crossing boundaries and playing dirty tricks for his own benefits. For this, he has long been a target of the Commercial Crime Bureau. Cheuk Yuk is much obsessed in the game of money and power, such that he neglects his family and friends. His wife and master have successively passed away because of him; however, he still felt no remorse, and instead, his ways have even worsened. Cheuk Yuk's brother-in-law, Chow San Yung (Ben Wong), being a member of the CCB, vows to have Cheuk Yuk prosecuted and brought to justice. His senior Ho Seung Yi (Sharon Chan) and subordinate Chi Nga (Kate Tsui) also work together with him to collect evidence. San Yung, at first, had high hopes for Chi Nga and even views her as his apprentice; however, Chi Nga suddenly resigns from her position as a CCB member and joins Cheuk Yuk's company. She first gains the trust of Cheuk Yuk's second wife, Fong Ming Yu (Nancy Wu) and then assists Cheuk Yuk to battle the female tycoon of the financial industry, Cha Pui Fan (Elena Kong). Eventually, Chi Nga seems to have the entire situation under her control, and even Cheuk Yuk's fiery ambition appears to have been engulfed. When on the battlefield of the financial industry, where there is countless bloodshed and slaughtering, who will decide the final victory?



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EPISODE errrrr 12?

I thought I just watch a little and switched to the latest episode, probably 12 I think and I saw Kate seeing everyone like dracula drinking blood and gave a blood curling scream and ran away saying sorry sorry and I just change channel. What a pretentiously idiotic series. Is that supposed to be serious? Funny? Cute? Scary? It just doesn't fit. And the whole C-Coin thing sounds smart, like so relevant and all but seriously, it is just juvenile. I give up on this series. Officially.


The themesong is literally "Test" or could also be "Trial" aka 考驗 and at first I thought it was Hubert Wu but I checked and it was Fred Cheng! Should have known because I was thinking Hubert Wu and fast song?The song is great and Fred Cheng sang it very well except towards the end he sounded like he was chasing after the song but I guess it is the nature of the song. Love the chorus or middle part, not so on the ending and I am hooked on the song. Series? Not so. But the song, woahhhhhhhhh.... The lyrics is amazing too by the way.


I am at a total lost with this series. It is just an absolute pretentious mess and Kate's perfect hair/makeup just gets to me. Also too many distraction. Is this a show about the loss of conscience of our "Gecko" whose greed or need for control is getting to him? Or an obsessed cop convinced our hero has gone bad? Or a revenge story by the young cop (Kate) in search of answers towards her father's death who happens to be good friends with our 2 leading guys? And why a top female cop has to be rescued by her boyfriend at the end of the day? Where is the direction? What is the focus? What does it want to tell us? And why is a stock market manipulator like Bosco wearing a decent suit on top and a bermuda pants below? Is Bosco his own fashion consultant in here? If he is can he sack himself and hire a decent consultant who knows how wall street guys dress?

All these could be solved if;

1. it is a real or imaginary government dept investigating cyber crimes and illegal trading in cyber crime such as well.. monopoly for one.

2. Bosco is not some unconvincing stock market financial wiz kid but a tech company wiz kid dealing with security, software whatever that does try to manipulate the stock market so in a way it can explain for his youth, the fact that he rose from zero to now a billionaire presumably and for his fashion choice. Imagine the cool scenes of Bosco giving product intro and speeches to hundreds of extras in some seminars and he can even wear slippers with short pants if he wants because it fits the image.

Episode 4 and I feel this series is digging deeper into crappiness. I know it will get better with dilemmas and all but the source, the very basic of it is just plain wrong. TVB, when are you ever gonna catch up to the present time? Because as of 2014, the fastest way for someone to be a multi billionaire and is still in the young range is by way of tech and not real estate and tech companies can play games with big timers in terms of stock market manipulation. It makes more sense and can pit the youthful (arrogant and young and self assured) with the old (privileged, entitled, royalty of the richest of the rich but a dying breed).

And why would anyone like as rich as Bosco wanna take up some housing project or whatever for some committee which is a thankless job? Isn't he busy enough everyday as it is? Oh right he is free because he can still go biking. In fact even the police dept, is it CBB? I think CBB or something like that is so free officers can follow fellow officers or go biking. Like so free. Like one case per month.

Silly storyline. I am losing interest and it is not even cool. Even the ke-le-fes are wrong. Jazz Lam as some cyber punk-security-IT whatever is a joke. His mascara does not hide the fact he looks zero like that sort of character. Fred Cheng should be in that role. Jazz can be the driver. Obviously when the story was adapted for a younger cast, the writer did not bother to change the fundamentals.


You will know how backward TVB is by watching this series. Everything is just wrong; from story to casting to everything. I read the following interesting piece of news from Wikipedia;

In late June 2013, TVB announced that the studios were preparing for a new drama that was "tailor-made" for Michael Miu, which Miu later confirmed.[2] The following week, Bosco Wong and Sharon Chan were confirmed to star alongside Miu in Midas. In July 2013, Nancy Wu joined the cast, followed by Kate Tsui, Ben Wong, and Elena Kong.[3]

On 6 August, Miu announced that he has withdrawn himself from the project due to scheduling conflicts.[4] His role would not be replaced, and the story's script would be rewritten to accommodate a younger cast.[4] On 10 August, Fred Cheng was confirmed to have joined the project,[5] but Cheng left the cast in October 2013 due to his involvement in singing competition, Voice of Stars.[6]

If Michael Miu had been in this series it would make perfect sense. Fred Cheng probably would have been a better computer genius cyber guy than Jazz Lam who does not strike me as someone that hip, cool, extreme or even smart. But back to Michael Miu. I do get it it would quite like how he was in another Bosco series, A Change Of Heart. Bosco can be a convincing young capable ruthless CEO. Problem is his area of expertise is not. For entire episode 1 I was wondering what does his company, Brainman do? By the way I reserve the right to correct myself but translation says Brainman or something like that. So I thought it is a computer technology company when it is actual a company dealing with shares and real estates. Which to me belongs to the old world. The new young guys, the young 30 something or 20 something who are big players and multi billionaires are into technology, something like Li Kashing belongs to the other group, real estates like Donald Trump. So to see Bosco in the old group I feel is just not convincing at all. It would have been more convincing to set this in the world of Microsoft/Apple/Facebook/Google sort of world but then TVB doesn't have too many young under 30s actors. Frankly I also think Michael may be a stretch as someone so cunning, so rich, so ruthless. I see Ruco in this role for real estate, or even tech companies. There must be some formality and some relaxed attitude in the main character that Bosco inhabits.

And casting Ben Wong opposite Bosco is a huge mistake. Ben Wong is so much older and looks too older to be brother-brother with Bosco whose character married his younger sister. Of course Ben can be the older brother sort of guy but it doesn't fit; it just doesn't. Either make Bosco older or find a young actor in Ben's character. Sharon Chan looks convincing as a pretty tough cop but as the chief of her department? No. Toby Leung is  in this and I feel why is she even still in TVB acting? She is such a poor actress and may I say not even attractive. I see no redeeming factor in her except when she is in a minor role and that to me is the only consolation.

And then there's Kate Tsui. What's wrong with her? So much make up, the false eyelashes, the perfect hair, etc and she looks like a beauty queen strutting her stuff. It is like her heart is no longer in acting, she is just showing up and act but just make sure she looks picture perfect. And she looks weird. Her face is weird, I just pinpoint where and how and why. Nancy is also in here and first thing I see is she is so much more mature looking than Bosco. I feel that role should be someone who is dolled up nicely and for me Kate and Nancy should switch roles because neither look convincing in either's role.

And please don't say Nancy is the greatest, she is great in this role, she should be given more roles, etc etc. Face it; she looks too mature next to Bosco and she doesn't give me the feel of a rich man's wife who is capable of assisting her husband in the PR thing. Nope. Kate does. But Nancy can be a convincing novice cop on a mission and then later dolls up to seduce whoever she wants to seduce.

Need I even talk about Oscar Leung? Why bother with an accent? Why not cut his suffering and our suffering and just say he is from Guandong?

The entire casting is so screwed up. But the story is worse. 3 episodes and I was like this series is showing something, like how smart Bosco is and how ruthless and cunning he is and all these business plans, takeovers, mergers, share manipulation, whatever and in the end I bet you don't really hear how, when, why, what. It is all empty talk. I find Ruse Of Engagement's depiction of a rogue organisation selling services to terrorists more convincing and to me that was that series' biggest weakness, apart from the ending and some casting. In this series, it just sounds smart but in the end is devoid of content.

So why not make it a story about a ruthless tech company with a young ruthless CEO who bulldozes the old timers to get what he wants? Like Microsoft-ish vs IBM-ish? So then we have more convincing young players such as Oscar, Bosco, Jazz, etc?

I don't get it.

Well the story is crap anyway. Hopefully when the story has enough fun with being utter devoid of any content for the next 2 or 3 more episodes, the real fun hopefully will start with the personal dramatic stuff. Right now, it is the typical TVB way and I am disappointed. Ruse Of Engagement was typical until episode 7. Swipe Tap Love was typical in the end but wasn't in the front. Never Dance Alone had an ordinary story backed up by fantastic casting and performances which made it unique. What does The Ultimate Addiction has? Well the title is good but addicted to what? Greed? Is this what Wall Street and Gordon Gecko says? 

Greed, for lack of a better word, is good [Source]

But look at how old Gecko was when he said that and to whom. Ok,  he wasn't that old but older than Bosco is now. The Ultimate Addiction is just wrong from the get go. Utterly uninspiring, not even convincing and very lazy writing wrapped up in the world of the rich; and the set decorator should be fired. Look at Bosco's so called modern home. Just plain ugly and crass and not even elegant, like how this series is in its first 3 episodes.

Now I hope it will get better when it is not about finance and business but about personal lives of each and every character. I am sure it will.



  1. Yes! You wrote for this show...
    But I'm disappointed that you think quite badly of this drama
    I'm not sure if Fred was supposed to portray jazz lam's char, I thought I saw that he was originally casted as Sharon's brother. Just that when he was in voice of stars, they didn't want him to have a bad image so they pulled him out of this drama.

  2. I liked this show, so far, hope it doesn't drag.

    This is like Greed of Men 2014, on smaller scale. I think this quite similar to Change Of Heart.

    I guess TVB tried hard to be thr TV version of Overheard

    Funn. Your vision of this show not bad. I think TVB may copy it.

  3. Why did Michael Miu quit this series? He doesn't have anything else lined up, does he?

    He probably left the series because of this scandal.

    1. That was quite some time ago and I see it nothing but pure gossip.

  4. Agreed with you! Every episode they have a bad guy walking on the street then the cops stop them, the bad guy attempt to run off, the cops chase him! All three eps so far! And yes what is up with Kate's character. do you have to wear so much make up with your hair always done to work as a cop! What they hay!!!! This is just awful! I love nancy but so far her character is just not shining yet, she does look mature, I wonder what they will do with her character! And I hate those stupid shorts Bosco wears to work! Really is that how Hong kong business men wear to work? Shorts and blazers? Looks so silly!

  5. Guess i shld have listened to the song first without reading what you wrote cos i went in with such high expectations, only to be sorely disappointed. Hv to disagree with you on the song. It's just "meh", nothing special with Fred's voice or delivery either. Melody isn't great, not one of those songs that you like immediately after listening to the first few opening notes.

    1. I concur. Guess different person has different taste.

      By the way, I enjoy this series. Properly too much of crap lately.

      I like to watch how Kate found out the truth that Ben is the real devil and Bosco is just a man that died inside.

      Just guessing the plot. The last time that I remember about Internet criminal and tech company from TVB is the super awesome Wong Hei in net deception.

  6. Why does Kate Tsui always have the same look in all of her series? Such a one-dimensional actress.

  7. The plot so far is very weak and boring. How can they manage to drag this out for 30 episodes? Hope there is more to this plot in the upcoming episodes.

    Have they finished filming this series?

  8. Been quite sometime not to watch Bosco since Lives of Omission.
    I think I'll see the preview first... :)

    I'd better save my time to watch Ruco's Eyes in the Sky, and the grand production series - Damian_Liza reunion.

  9. Just saw episode 5. Kate Tsui's acting is weird and wooden.

  10. Funn, any new episode updates? I read your blog everyday.

    1. Not for now. Have stopped watching but may continue later.

  11. I missed watching good TVB series like this one:

    Lately, all the series are fairly weak in comparison.

    1. To be honest, i had high expectations of this one cos I liked Damien but it turned out to be crap. Damien doesn't suit the role of the cool Robin Hood-like thief and Idy Chan was a pain to watch as the "si lai" who fell in love with him when her marriage crumbled. Add to that Fala Chan who was wooden as a block of wood and Evergreen Mak almost popping his veins as the bad guy. As for Joe, well, I forgot what his role was all about except as the guy trying to catch Damien.

    2. buzz.....u like Damian Lau? ^_^ I love Damian, fact, he's my 1st TVB star that I like since I'm still a teenager. Hahaha

      I feel okay with Damian in "Catch Me Now" as he shows up in a different role... he looks so young and trendy as Jack. But I know that he's best to role as a strict father or someone with a strong principle. I love so much his role in Point of No Return. Actually, I hv a great expectation of Damian in SSSS, but IMO, He doesn't suit a role as a man wf 4 wives. Perhaps, wf so many women around him, his role as Kangxi will be better.

      Hmmm.....talking about Damian reminds of someone...who can really act, who can make me 'surprised'. Guess..u know who! Hahaha...u know I write somewhere here that I have a wish that these two great actors can meet in one drama. I hope one day Damian will role as Ruco's daddy. :)

      Have u known, guys? Damian is back to TVB and he's in d grand production with Lisa Wang & Linda Chung. I saw the press con of this drama in e-news last week.

    3. qiufang, i think Damien doesn't quite cut it with these types of flamboyant characters, there's something very old-fashioned about him which makes him look awkward in such roles.
      Yeah, I'd love to see sparks fly betw Damien and Ruco as father and son. It'll be so awesome to see 2 good actors act opposite each other. Come to think of it, Ruco doesn't have many screen dads. It's either only mum or no family at all, with the exception of Slow Boat Home and Brother's Keeper.

    4. buzz, u hv a good point !! There'll be very interesting to see those two meet in 1 drama. Wanna see our 'mommy boy' acting with this fatherly veteran actor. Hope TVB can make it next year. This's my wish list.... hahaha fans like to make a wish! I think Funn also has her own. I read somewhere here. ^ ^ Am I rite?

      Reading all ur comments, guys... I think I will forget Bosco's Ultimate. It's a pity to see TVB go down again after several good / not bad dramas in this year.

    5. My wish? For Ruco in an all male cast sort of series which is always inherently better than other series. No I do not want Ruco with Damian Lau. Damian Lau's presence is too great, he always outshines everyone and his is almost always some patriach sort of series which is what Ruco has been doing minus the patriach. I want palace intrigue male version. And I want Ruco to have a substantial role. Like how he almost was in The Confidant but silly he was let go or he let go or whatever.

    6. Actually, Chilam shines in Point of Return -- not only Damian. Charmaine & Angie also shines in this drama. Perhaps, Damian din act in the whole series. Hahaha....
      Joe Ma (catch me now) & Ron Ng (men in pain) are doing okay wf Damian. They also shine. I mean bec of Damian, they also shine. I think Damian outshines Kenneth most... in Chamber of Bliss and S4. And Ruco....he'll be shining brighter tog with Damian. (my wish to the stars) ^_ ^

  12. awww, i thought this would finally be a better series compared to the past half year....guess i shouldn't start this series then haha.

  13. Is anyone here still watching The Ultimate Addiction? Care for an update?

  14. I just finished ep 17, i have no idea where it can go from this point... bosco already discovered kate's ulterior motive and seems to have sustained some kind of injury and her mom is dead. Seems like the finale to me, but a bad one lol Don't know how they're going to drag it out 13 more episodes. I really liked the series at first and thought it was really captivating mostly because of the whole bosco kate dynamic that I liked in Lives of Omission and also the Nancy and Kate kiss that I was looking forward to, but now all that is out the window. What else is there to look forward to?!

    1. This could have been some kick-ass series if Michael Mui played the Bosco character.

    2. where to watch episode 17?

    3. Oh no, looks like the series has already jumped the shark. How are they going to drag this out for 13 more episodes?!

    4. I watch it at

    5. Any idea how they can drag this show on for another 10+ episodes? It feels like the plot is finished and no more new things can be done.