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[O] World Up 2014 : Samba feverrrrrrrrr

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup, an international men's football tournament that is taking place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. It is the second time that Brazil has hosted the competition, the previous being in 1950. Brazil was elected unchallenged as host nation in 2007 after the international football federation, FIFA, decreed that the tournament would be staged in South America for the first time since 1978 in Argentina, and the fifth time overall [Source

> What is World Cup

> Who is playing 

> What is football or as some weird countries know it as soccer

> What is offside rule 
Frankly speaking can't understand at all! But someone explained that off side rule is the opponent team can't move before the last defender of the other team. True? Can explain?
> My most favourite player, Diego "Hand of God" Maradona 
Still hurts but I come to recognise the beauty of the German team. They work as a team. No one was a particular standout as in superstar or super brilliant player but all were mostly on equal footing and any sub can come in and takeover. That's the beauty of the German football powerhouse.

However I do not dispute the Golden Ball award decision for the reasons some fans and sports journalists have written eventhough Maradona and many others have criticised the decision. Let it be known Messi himself said he didn't want it, it was thrust into him rather than him campaigning for it. Whilst the other nominees were more or less good, I suppose let's examine what Golden Ball means. It doesn't mean most goal, it doesn't mean winning the cup but rather the most impact, most influential. Let's not take away some great moments thanks to James Rodriguez who I believe will be the next Cristiano Ronaldo (they even look alike and will be as flashy if his World Cup celebration is of any indication) or Arjen Robben who worked his heart out (including diving and such for his team), however they were not the most influential in their team or tournament. Every team who played Argentina adjusted their system to contain Messi and some more or less successfully. How can they not when they have usually 2 or 3 permanently marking him? Most obvious was Iran who had basically 10 people marking him? That being said I concur he did badly in 2 points;

1. he was much muted in the last 2 games, those that really needed him and due to medical advise as I read, he did not run much (or as much as he wanted to or should)

3. he is a terrible captain. His name inspires but not his leadership which is non existent.

Apart from these two points, I don't get the vitriol against him for his win of the Golden Boot. The other candidates were hard working, effective, good but none had his influence. For good, he carried him team to final. And I don't mean just by scoring goals. He forced the other teams to adjust to him, to be wary of him. If he had a better team (defence not included but defending alone does not win game as highlighted in the final game) things will be very different. They fought Holland very hard and was exhausted. Come the final, when expected none delivered, sadly. He himself acknowledged the fact they had 3 chances, his amongst the 3. One was mere inches; one was an impossible free kick anyway. He was statistically the best. The problem with Messi is statistics alone is not enough. People wanna see him in action, not numbers and percentages and that is why the controversy. I am sorry to say I disagree with the naysayers. Was he the absolute best in this tournament? Against himself if he were 100% fit, a resounding no. Many fans acknowledged that. Was he the absolute best in the list? Debatable. But his winning doesn't translate to him not deserving it. He did. Without him, Argentina is toast. Statistics speak for themselves, whether you like it or not. There was no bribery and I dislike how even the officials were spineless in that regard.

To put it into perspective, it is simply this; even at his muted self, he is one of the best in this tournament. To those who say he didn't show up for the final and so that doesn't count, if he didn't do what he did for the qualifying rounds, Argentina would not be in the final anyway. And for us footballing fans, we will be more the poorer. And no, this isn't his last chance although most win it around his age now. And like most fans say, who cares. He may not be greatest (if winning the World Cup carries that meaning), he is still great. But guess what? Messi doesn't care about that accolade. I think he just wants to shut Argentina up about him not being Argentinian enough.

Anyway, some well made quotes by fans to put things in perspective;

Some justification for his bad form so to speak in light of our ridiculously high standard for him. After reading many articles about him, I understand many have 2 standards to just a footballer. One is the usual standard that even Cristiano Ronaldo falls into. The other is the Messi standard applied solely to Messi. If he did not convert a goal for every single free kick every single time he gets the ball, he is not good enough. That sort.

A comparison with previous winners. Zidane reminded me of Messi by the way; serious, quiet, no drama except for the justified head butt during the last day of his international career. His award was given to him even before the last game by the way. The only reason Messi was criticised is because he did not lift the cup. If he had lift the cup, even if he fainted half way through the game and did not play and still win the Golden Ball award, I don't think we will be hearing the BS we are hearing now.

Argentina back home greeted by well.. thousands of fans. Mobbed in fact. For a moment I thought they will throw water bottles at them. Anyway the team looked like they were attending a funeral, with grim faces and all.

Finally the man who caused him so much misery; Mario Goetze. I disagree about the whole "greater than Messi" comment by his coach but he is greater than most Argentinian players for his ability to shoot right. He took this picture after the game, not before. Reports said that Messi went to the Germans to congratulate them one by one with tears in his eyes. In fact he went back inside, saw his son and then cried hard. Even the german journalists were impressed by his classiness. Now, I read this in Facebook. Unless I can read German, I don't think the English news will report that.  Anyway even the Germans were class act; the way they clapped the Argentinians. Basically, pure classiness from everyone. I just have this impression all younger players idolise Messi. Whilst none outrightly criticise him, but many outrightly praise him. Even by losing the mark of respect for him never diminish. And he is only 27. Does World Cup maketh a player the greatest ever? Perhaps. Lack of it doesn't mean he is a flop. Again we are judging him by Messi standard which is wholly unachievable. Even Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to reach that level.  Again I must add; if it was Ronaldo named as Golden Ball winner, he would have smiled his toothy grin. That man is if anything, supremely confident of himself, and in the context of Messi, I will say that is a virtue. I read Messi has no intention of leaving Barcelona FC, ever. His name is synonymous with the club who not only gave him his career but also his life in terms of his genetic hormonal condition thingy. Loyalty unsurpassed. But if he were to leave, I believe he will retire and play for an Argentinian club. If he were to transfer to another club, meaning Barcelona sells him, I do think it will be for a record transfer fee and record busting salary. But looks like he won't and Barcelona won't either.

And this ends my World Cup post. This was an exciting World Cup even if the timing was all wrong. There were plenty of great moments, or even terrible moments. To the Brazilians who goaded the Argentinians for losing, let's again put things in perspective. The Brazilians was 4th, and they lost 2 games back to back and in between 2 games conceeded TEN goals. They have no right to brag or do anything. Brazil's dominance of the game is over. In fact the South American dominance of football is over. Now is the rise of the European football; less flair, less Samba and with surgical precision and all about team work and not about individualism. This is the new standard for international football.

And thank you for introducing me to these wonderful players, Lionel Messi especially. He was wonderful to watch; handsome to stare at and awe inspiring in his NEVER DIVE attitude. Oh by the way I vote for Argentinian's 2nd football jersey as the best. It is beautiful to look at. However they might consider burning it since twice they lost to Germans in that colour scheme. Maybe a different blue next time.

What a wonderful tournament; great players and what a wonderful game.

Thanks for reading!

Germany Vs Argentina

Rubbish reaction to Messi's win of the Golden Ball which admittedly unfairly shares the headline with Germany winning the World Cup. Here is one who explains why it is justified win. I think most of his fans and naysayers agree on the following:-

1. maybe someone else should win Golden Ball although some agrees Messi winning is not unjustified depending on how you see it

2. his reputation untarnished, still on course as the best player ever. One note, Cristiano Ronaldo was crowned best player of 2013 by the way so I don't get Messi gets this billing at this time but I get what the fans mean

3. he wasn't 100% even if everyone denies it. We can see it for ourselves and even an unfit Messi is still a force to be reckoned with

4. There is still 4 years later but only a better team will make use of Messi and his brilliance

5. Messi himself didn't want that Golden Ball award which some says is fixed decision due to Messi being Adidas spokesperson and award sponsored by Adidas. Ahhhhh probably Nike people speaking? I will dispute the best goalkeeper tag as well who is also an Adidas spokesperson by the way.

6. We are all dissecting this only because Messi won it and everyone is like highly strict parents of a genius child who expects their child to get 100% in all exams and such exams is university entrance exam for a 5 year old child. Yes expectation was that high but blame Messi, he placed the bar too high for himself.

7. Men generally defended Messi. You see, one way to get your man teary eyed and defensive and speaking admiration and respect almost to orgasmic level is to talk about World Cup, Messi and Barcelona, whether positively or negatively.

8. Yes I agree one of his team mate, the real captain of the team probably has half a hand on the same award but look at it this way; Messi when tuned off still delivered some passes that NONE of the other team mates capitalised on. People will forever remember his failed free kick. That is like asking for miracles.

9. He was ungracious when accepting the award. Yes some insane accusation by some fans etc but well, he was very very sad, upset with himself. He probably is his own harshest critic and you expect him to smile when he had to walk up TWICE? Interestingly all the old men lining up there looked at him either with concern, sympathy or Platini look; not happy at such a response? But all of them are clearly admirers. It is funny in a sad way when even the other players and public all looked to him and didn't quite celebrate as wildly when he was up there taking the award. Saddest winner's face, ever but to his credit he didn't cry. He was probably numbed.

10. Irrespective of whatever happened, general consensus is Messi is still Messi. I have never read such positive reports on him on the internet than for anyone else. Even his fans feel he shouldn't be given the award and the majority agrees he had no say in it. However as usual his fellow countrymen did blame him for failing to work his magic and the incessant comparisons with Maradona continues. Which convinces me; Messi is born in the wrong country. If he had been Spanish, maybe there won't be such comparison and he himself will be the standard many compared to. Why no one compare Cristiano Ronaldo to Eusebio or Figo? Messi has little love from countrymen and I bet it will be his Barcelona fans, which includes his own fellow countrymen to defend him. But he doesn't need that at all because the majority general consensus, from coaches to other players to prominent sport writers to general populace (except Argentina and the English who dares to say at 27 he is a fading star which is really a sore loser's way to describe a man who still has many years of play in him) agree he is brilliant but not quite in World Cup.

It has been interesting reading all these articles where Germany was mentioned, the one who gave the winning goal mentioned and always entire German team pitted against one man that is Messi. Even in the end as he walked up or down the winner's podium, hundreds of lenses and thousands of eyes fixed on him alone. He alone generated so much publicity, like as if World Cup needed that at all. No doubt young stars are rising from France, from Germany as a team and from one would be future Cristiano Ronaldo that is James Rodriguez but that is the future of football. Could he have bring Colombia all the way 4 years later? That remains to be seen. But for now, Messi is on his own planet; skills and the amount of publicity his name generates. I have no doubt if he were to come to Malaysia today or anywhere else he will be mobbed irrespective of this loss. He will take it hard and he will take it personally but in the end, not everyone can be Maradona where the stars and talent all converge into one single moment where he helped Argentina to lift the World Cup. Even Zidane had help from a less that stellar but functional team. No one should expect that of Messi. He is not the Messiah the invincible as dubbed but like the original messiah himself, he is someone with an amazing ability that will require the help of 10 others to reach the ultimate goal.

He will move on. Question now is will he move on from the team? Maybe he should retire from international career.

I am so happy to follow this World Cup. It is fair to say no other player so dominated the news for this World Cup than this No. 10. Who knows, 4 years later maybe he will have another go but this time with a younger, fresher and better team who can do better with his ability. But I admit, he wasn't a good captain. Maybe he should just be allowed to play than shoulder unnecessary responsibilities.

Germany won by 1 goal in extra time. Argentina played a tight game but unfortunately they squandered off quite a few great chances. Messi looked downtrodden. It just shows how terrible Brazil was. There is no bragging rights but at least you can see why now everyone can say Brazil was the WORST team in the tournament. It was hard won for Germany. Interesting the last chance was a free kick by Messi and it went high up. I suspect his form isn't 100% towards the end because he had more energy before. In the end the better team won eventhough this was not the best form for Germany either. Just that Argentina proves their dependence over one man is justified because there were at least 2 who can't kick well, at all. Can't fault the defence though.

Interesting Messi was named winner of the Golden Ball, meaning best player in the tournament. I am surprised. I was thinking one of the germans because as great as Messi was out of World Cup, he wasn't that assertive in World Cup itself. I suppose the golden ball is

a. to cheer him up. It didn't work. He never smiled, if he had a choice, he wouldn't have walked up there to accept it, and he had to walk up twice because 2nd time was for the 2nd place medal. At least he wasn't booed. Sepp Blatter was.

b. to recognise the fact that Argentina without him wouldn't have qualified for the World Cup, let alone get that far. He alone carried the team in winning matches and I do think the award was well given even if it does tell the world (or Messi haters) that even the best individual player may not win the tournament because it is a TEAM effort and half of the Argentinians did not report to work today.

I do think Messi wasn't 100% fit (or was it pressure?). You can't say he lost interest. Some may say his last chance which he shot wide up was akin to taking penalties. BS. Even the best player will miss, more so the best player who has billions of eyes watching him, millions of hope on his shoulder and the fact he had to carry at least 5 team mates so to speak. My heart breaks for him. He looked so distraught. No tears but I suspect he will wait until he is inside. In fact none of the Argentinians cried like mad. None.

The Germans cried a little, befitting the image of the strong steely unemotional Germans but you know they're very very happy.

Great tournament and I am glad to have met quite a few great players. Love Mexico who went out too soon, Holland was good, Brazil was a revelation as in the WORST team in this tournament and then there's Lionel Andres Messi, who everyone agrees is the best player on the planet but problem is and until perpetuity everyone will say well, he wasn't the best ever or better than Maradona. For me, it doesn't matter. Maradona, Messi, Argentina has produced 2 outstanding footballers and will continue to do so. Some day Argentina will bring home the World Cup but that day will probably arrive sooner when they have 1 star player like Messi, 1 star goalkeeper and 9 other players who turn up and work their butts off. But Messi did turn up the tempo for this tournament and he was the only superstar player who lasted till the end. His reputation is not minimised although amongst the Argentinians his won't be enhanced but maybe for one, he should stop bothering what Argentinians say or the comparisons with Maradona. I notice he only plays well and I mean by his standard normal well but by our standards amazingly well when he doesn't shoulder the hopes of millions and when he is assisted by good players by his side. He lacked that with this team. I find him exemplary even with the few misses. Frankly and everyone is in agreement, without him Argentina wouldn't have lasted that long, as nuanced in this article.

Anyway here is the news of him winning the Golden Ball, a fitting accolade to a man who never dives and who plays the game in respectful manner or at least more respectful than the other. Another article which summarises why he deserved it. It quite simply means he was the best but his team wasn't. In terms of normal people, imagine this is the school. You're the best student in the school but the school isn't the best in collective results. Does it diminish the individual student's greatness? No. That explains Messi's dilemma.

He will probably be in the next world cup. 31 will be his age but I have a  feeling maybe that will be the year for him. Even if not, there are far more prolific players who never won or even play in World Cup finals. He stands amongst the greats, except of course haters can now brag "Yeah, but he never won the World Cup"/ Much like how Lee Chong Wei never win the Gold Medal in Olympics. It hurts but he is still no. 1 in rank. You just can't win it all.

Imagine; he had to walk past all that TWICE. Pure torture I suspect.

The final. The final of all finals! Of 2 elites of football... and I am too nervous to watch so I will just go to sleep and watch the pre recorded video. If Argentina wins, I will watch with glee. If Argentina losses, I will watch with a little sadness but I will know why Argentina lost. Germans are like machines but Argentinians are tactically great. I just hope Messi got to shine and assists his teammates and himself. Maybe we can get a small scene of him, his girlfriend and his cute son Thiago celebrating? Maybe? By the way his son is really really really cute. His girlfriend/wife (not sure - I think they're married but not announced because the girl already gave him his beloved son, no reason why he is not marrying her or married her) is however typical WAG look; sunburnt type but credit to him, the girl was his childhood friend and from the same hometown and who actually models/studies for a living. Not Posh Beckham but as close to the girl next door (literally) as any WAG can claim.

Anyway, win! Hopefully. The expectation is so high it is scary.

Yes Leo! Play with that fierceness and abandonment. Break a leg, anything! Win! Yeah!

But why does my head tell me my heart is not being absolutely honest with me? Messi alone is still great but it is still 1 man against the force of 11 machines. I fear for him because if Argentina losses, it will be blamed on him. But surely no one can lose as ugly as Brazil who was castrated by the Germans and then shaved clean by the Dutch. Argentina is better than that.

By the way the following is really funny;

I like him though, dive or more dives. Decent fella from the simple gesture I saw (consoling young fans) and always giving his all for his country. He is not maestro with the ball, no great magic, great skills but not much flair BUT he is the typical footballer these days and it counts for something when he ran up and down and tried his damnest best.

I hope to see the following reaction in memes not because Argentina lost but because Argentina and Brazil are great rivals in football, I hope to see Brazilians looking that way, you know?

I am surprised Brazilians are thinking of supporting Germany; the country who humiliated their national team to the point of  technical castration. Why not cheer for their neighbours? Or not cheer at all?

I found the following translated write up by an argentinian sport journalist who is a huge fan of Messi. It seems strange and yet a highly respectful piece which must be watched to be appreciated. And it hits me as well; why I like him so. I don't care about his goal scoring abilities. I mean that man can pass a ball with dead on accuracy. But it is the fact that he never dives. It takes at least 3 guys and 3 pushes and a violent tug on his shirt to make him fall. Everytime I see him I see 3 others in the background. I can see what's the fuss with him. Maybe like this writer who feels when Messi is playing his mind is simplistic; only the  ball matters. Not to say he is simpleton or stupid  but the fact that he is so focused. This is the old style footballers. Even Neymar Jr falls far too easily but he doesn't. He does in fact play a bit like the old time Brazilian, less flamboyance and flare but still beautiful.

I hope Argentina wins the World Cup but even if they don't, I am happy to have finally seen Messi flourish in his small but deadly way in international scenes. Yes Germans are great but seriously, watch how Messi plays for his club to know why Cristiano Ronaldo and the others are a long long way away. The Germans play with such surgical precision, it hurts watching them. Cristiano Ronaldo belongs in a theatre. That man can play but he is just too much of an acting primadonna peacock. Messi may be a primadonna as well but less flare, less drama, less surgical precision as in 1, 2, 3, 4 but rather 2,3,4,5 or 4,2,5,1 and etc. However I do wish he plays with the same fighting spirit tomorrow. I do sense he is different with his club and with his country. It is role change. Unfortunately he can be playmaker all he wants, he can pass with dead on accuracy, he can play like how the writer calls him, the man-dog but in the end if the intended can't kick the ball into the net, he is the one who gets the criticism. But I think the world is in agreement he is a brilliant player and he can be as selfish as he is as giving as  a player but he should be in a better team, whichever that is.

Do watch the video. A lovely tribute. I wonder what does he think of being called a dog which was in 2012 by the way;

Even if he fails, he can still come back 4 years later. He is only 27. Zidane was older wasn't he when he won the cup? No? Yes? I just don't like how everyone is saying this is his last chance. No, there's still the fighting spirit in him.

Go Argentina! I hope the Germans won't mark him so much that he is so stifled and we can't see some greatness from both side.

Argentina is in the finallllll!!!!!!!!!!!

So happy! They played as a team which is a good signs, everyone did their part instead of relying on Messi alone and well.... yeah!!!

And I am sick of reading how Messi was shackled. He played his part. He distracted the dutch! Yeah!!!!

Brazil 1, Germany 7

I thought it was a joke. It wasn't. This was like the worst semi final defeat in World Cup I think and from Brazil? What the heck happened?

Now I fear for Argentina. Messi alone can do nothing. The final could be Germany vs Holland. And the final the world wanted which is Brazil vs Argentina could be 3rd place play off.

Wow, what an embarrassing defeat!

I saw the pictures, none looked sad. Did Brazil throw the game away? Would they?

Just saw the game in full. Saw how  boogeyman Germany made the women, children AND old men cry. This is just awful. But the worst was the Brazilians were missing after 10 minutes into the game. If playing too well for a country that never does well before like Costa Rica resulted in drug testing in more players than usual regulation dictates, wouldn't account checking or background checking test for players who were expected to play well but didn't be made a regulation? At the end not many even cry. Shocked or indifference? I will say there was no hanky panky, it was just bad playing. No one runs after the ball, no defence, zero attack, midfield missing, sluggish, slow, terrible. Germans weren't great, they were the usual, but the Brazilians were quite simply no into it. What a shameful defeat. Well, Neymar and Silva can now both claim we weren't there, if only.

I fear for Argentina, more so when I read the match is on their independence day. Oh imagine the hate they will spew when Argentina loss and poor poor Messi.

Anyway, for more reaction read here and here. Predicted reaction. To those who says it is only football, it isn't football if the reaction is not so severe. There is no middle ground. Either they celebrate like crazy or criticise like crazy. If you criticise that reaction, then you don't know football at all.  Below are some really good parodies made by the masses;

I never quite admit it in the past but I have always been a secret supporter of Mexico. I always thought they played well despite not being huge mega stars and played decently without much fuss. They're serious in their game and they just do the usual without much fanfare. Their goalkeepers have always been too short but always on the right track. They won't lift the cup but I hope to see them break their own record and have a decent run.

Go Mexico!!

Argentina vs Iran; Argentina 1, Iran 0.

Iran's defence is 11 goalkeepers philosophy so Argentina having possession of the ball most of the time kept attacking waiting for an opening with some counter attacks by Iranians who didn't have the flair to put one in. In the end it was Lionel Messi and his skill at playing beautiful ball that got one in from far far away. Beautiful goal, only 1 but 1 is all they need.

And the universe rights itself again. Phew!

P/S Truth be told, Messi deserves a better team. Argentina does not deserve him and he alone can't win the cup. They all need to step up!

Italy vs Costa Rica.

I really tried watching but 20 minutes in I just give up. Doesn't interest me at all. But I hope Italy wins because then England has a chance. It looks like it will be a small goal margin or even a draw. Italy is fine by that but not Costa Rica.

Costa Rica 1, Italy 0. Wow Italy, can't even bloody score. Not hungry enough. England... bye-bye!

Still got chance. 2nd half on the way.


Italy... can't even win Costa Rica, how to win World Cup?

WAIT! Could this be Italy's strategy? Kick out England, considered errr the stronger team they will not want to meet later in the tournament? Ok, this sounds stupid. Fine. Costa Rica played more aggressively.

Uruguay vs England. My heart tells me England will be out.

Anyway I realise I have a soft spot for Mexico since... 4 years ago? 8 years ago? They won't win but I hope they get to top 16? Maybe? Unlike Spain. Like deflated. What on earth happened to Spain? Like they never even tried.

Amazing this year so many goals per game.

USA vs Ghana. USA won.

That's not the point. USA scored what is potentially this World Cup's fastest goal at 31 seconds or thereabouts.

So funny.

Portugal Vs Germany; Portugal 0, Germany 4.

Yes, you read right. 4! What happened? Well, Portugal was thuggish and Germany are very good actors, apart from playing as a team. Seriously, maybe Brazilian water got something wrong. I know Portugal will lose, but 4 to zero? Seriously?

And I hate the timing for this World Cup. All the good games start when we sleep and ends when we are awake to go to work. The final is on our Monday which sucks, big time. Feel like missing a lot. So I had to watch highlights.

Anyway family made a bet. I bet on Argentina eventhough I will support England for until they get kicked out which they will. But they do play a good clean game.

England Vs Italy; England 1, Italy 2.

Bah humbug. Back to sleep.

Spain Vs Holland; Spain 1, Holland 5.

Ouch! That was as one TV commentator said, spainful. What happened? Saw the highlights and at least 2 blatant mistakes from the goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. Imagine that... I still remember Iker's rise as a goalkeeper. Now it is fall. And Holland's Arjen Robben has been in like what? 3 World Cups? I mean I keep remembering him (bald as always) and it was like how many years ago? Very painful.

Mexico has very good style and players, but not much luck the next time around.

Which means England will crash and burn.

World Cup is starting soon! How's the stadium? How's the grass? How's the protests? 

The timing is all wrong! Middle of the night or rather early in the morning. How to watch?! HOW?!

And who do you support? I forever England first who will most certainly not advance further than sayyyyyy quarterfinals and then will move on to the other favourites. Always the case.

Anyway I never knew there is prize money like in millions! Wow!

I still remember some proposed changes and some actual changes which were all silly, at the US World Cup. Like wider goal posts, video capture to settle disputes (never!) and etc. The one adopted was the super slow way of carrying injured players to the side of the fields; by way of a rather nice looking vehicle thingy. So funny. I also remember one year in Malaysia coins were issued and how madly my entire family was collecting the coins to complete the chart!

Meanwhile, I think most popular football nations are in this year. And so, a classic GIFs of their usual famous tactics and techniques which has been around for many  many years (I remember seeing something similar years ago), and worth repeating because they're so so true! See if they have changed now!

I notice some says Iranian plan, etc etc. Strange why like that?

The video version.


  1. So did you watch the opening match?

  2. I got free laksa from the Spain-Holland match from a bet with friend!!Like my dad said,lost at 0-1 or 1-2 still ok,1-5 is humiliating....

  3. Congrats on your laksa! Bet Italy win this time and another Laksa! Your dad is right but I do feel it was beyond humiliating; it was X-Files. Like what on earth happened? I watched and I still couldn't understand, perhaps Spain's defence was asleep. No one defending, and yes it was raining, maybe slippery but it seems the dutch could fly on slippery grass.

  4. Funn,
    I never thought USA would beat Ghana!! Major upset there....

  5. Well Funn,football is a team sport.A superstar player alone can't carry the whole team!

    1. Can! Maradona did! Messi is doing it. Just that Brazil never showed up or left after 10 minutes. Ahhh the Germans the boogeyman who made the women, children, men AND old men cry in Brazil!